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  1. Red-tailed black sharks sound almost vicious!
  2. Rank of Marshal?
  3. One of those outstanding types in Ring and 25 across finishes with The Stones
  4. Those cocooning with the young boxer Russell
  5. Musicians writing to a tenor in Paris on back street
  6. Take your time, for instance, producing biography rotating regular breaks in the afternoon
  7. Hotel make changes stopping Arabian in tracks
  8. Stop living over barman at address with novice - a faithful follower
  9. Guard of honour perhaps for man confusing Nero
  10. Some time ago confined in detention centre
  11. Charming centaur ran away
  12. Settle bill covering initial travel to Switzerland thats not consistent along the way
  13. Allude to States vision
  14. Secretary gets temporary lease of life - support youd associate from The Elders
  15. Rear admiral dismisses alarm produced by pirate
  16. Part of upsetting dilemma editing what someone using their head thought
  17. Type of toast, in a manner of speaking, in Canada
  18. One doing a job on The Gloss, in manner of speaking, in hospital
  19. The Star-Spangled Banner is obviously a type of country music?
  20. Mitch to take dramatic role in The Fugitive outside school
  21. Suits in 15 across for starting school
  22. Hacks writers forum for academic achievements
  23. Steer clear of English plant audible around church
  24. Funny comedic art is systematic of a structure of government
  25. She is taken off coaches stimulant
  26. Armadillo, for instance, from The Garden State needs no introduction
  27. Sets up personnel schedule limiting time on one copier
  28. A first at university in store - looking back, presumably, that comes with a lot of pain