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29-November-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Turns up at the start of 13 down with one of the Big Cats scratching the head in shock
  2. Its nothing to do with writing by Hitch reviewed in a number of newspapers
  3. Track both sides of human development
  4. Goes here and there after little devil gets back on his feet
  5. Those at The Bar reject petty argument
  6. Get out of bed after midnight to complain
  7. Swearing coming out of watering holes and inns
  8. Caught out initially going with heartless young man to the country for complete withdrawal
  9. Stir up panic - the traditional type thats uncompromising
  10. 100 leaving university department cant be right
  11. Shopkeeper, doctor and mimic taking risks from the start
  12. Reflects music by lead singer covered by greedy, cheesy type
  13. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme arranged in a musical sense by woman associated with extremes of bluegrass
  14. What the waiter is hoping for - rise, fuel, free bitter?
  15. Nabokov dismisses The Van - the one written by the author
  16. Triggered a late get-together for Edward
  17. Its not our agent in Yemen going crazy for notice
  18. Time off in the plantation perhaps for the rest of the brewers
  19. Gets the band back together to see Turin? Tricky!
  20. The Highwayman Bar is for the students
  21. Draws on lecturers advice in the study of the master
  22. Studying punching by most of them in 24 across taking head shots
  23. Banks kicking up a fuss with a light touch
  24. Socialist to spoil vote in General Election
  25. Served up sample of brown rabbit for stockholder
  26. Perfect place to have breakfast in Clare with authentic dish
  27. Youre unlikely to hear this praise if youre late, as typically it accompanies a put down
  28. One of those with a pension from 14 down thats never-ending