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  1. Wrap up some mixed nibbles
  2. Gladstones old French car on motorway going over to Spain for an open-ended duration
  3. Tries a soup produced by Swift, for one
  4. For the pictures of a cream pie
  5. Sides with Henry of Navarre on this spot
  6. Dont forget castle is popular with wits
  7. One of those undermining creators of fiction? Thatll get them talking, honestly!
  8. Creepy sort could be responsible for sour grapes
  9. One of the heroes getting a score? The church warns against this sort of behaviour!
  10. Caught Michael mixing drug
  11. No Lent in East Berlin or in Central Europe
  12. Burst of Speed Starting Off The Marathon - produced by a number of the copies of The Press
  13. Men-only gathering is key North and South to those employed to manage a theatrical performance
  14. Idiom from social media in France
  15. Godlike rule by those people over a church with foremost heretic
  16. Winning Streak, its said, has a part to play
  17. Get a face-lift in city in Nevada with Virginia Lawrence
  18. Skeletons in Russian River back up and it stops running
  19. Fine wool from state on Indian and Chinese border
  20. Records of those fighting a losing battle perhaps produced by those who had a view on The Troubles
  21. Do the people running this firm have a cheese board and food processor?
  22. One of those playing the field with a fair amount of 3 down
  23. Church overlooks old city for some initial bad spell?
  24. Noise of car coming off racetrack
  25. Bet on trouble with editor, the second thats not up to the standard of The Times
  26. New sales around Spain for studio supporters
  27. Its not good for Geordie with no ego
  28. Hang on? Presumably, you can catch this from one of those in hospital!