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  1. Spread out to clear the air broadcasting on top of Derryclare
  2. Cool, eloquent, short letters brought up as likely to go viral in unhealthy way
  3. Serves up fresh starters of salad and wings in European capital
  4. Collected dirt spec - its what Cassandra does
  5. Redevelopment is rare in the mountain range
  6. Boss took over yard in old Asian capital
  7. Passage in tape covering border is cut along with old writing
  8. A desire to expose acts from music stand
  9. Nags outlets? About right!
  10. Look up to one of those with a job in the abbey, for example
  11. Isnt angry over Stanley getting seconds?
  12. What man of letters might be looking for from reserves lists of contacts
  13. Introducing Princess Beatrice in Utah in high spirits
  14. Stop living in Australia or Im off!
  15. Identify the problem with English ballad getting to support all the characters in Revolution
  16. Shrewd bargaining by most of those in 27 across involved in dealing
  17. Constantly changing Rising lacks a leader
  18. Robs in the house with listening device taking in records opening intros to Like a Rolling Stone
  19. Broadcasts to lots of children
  20. Put together by director behind criminal activity in Belgium
  21. A wake-up call for team dumped by Alma Mater
  22. On reflection, is able to go to clubs drunk in France
  23. Managed the police department when one is off for a long time?
  24. Kind of manual for draft-dodging fraudsters
  25. Why run to change whats not good?
  26. Is aiming to get the best out of Russian Don by starting 14 across for one looking after competitive type in Ring
  27. This will give you a start or get you fired?
  28. Intensely questioned local for support in the garden hearing one is cooking on the barbecue