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  1. Sister runs off with sweetheart
  2. In a playful sense, gained a place on all sides today
  3. Rushed off ones feet by us moving
  4. Goes slowly for Speer at castle going all the way back
  5. Ring director took a turn?
  6. Forbids public houses serving drink
  7. Respected heads of army units and air force
  8. Drunk rider admits shooting it up - thats even murkier
  9. What one of those on the range did with selection perhaps was all unnecessarily for show (4,1,4,2,2)
  10. One of those habitually at the bar in uniform
  11. Couple of thousand at academy parodied by one of those in a Pack?
  12. Turn up protected by souwester to do repair
  13. New dealer around square is not the same
  14. Bonaparte loses a bet in a cover-up used by someone taking orders?
  15. This didnt come off Peig, in a manner of speaking, what man of the cloth did to suit himself?
  16. Most of the dispute with cast
  17. The thing is, the writer is responsible for this
  18. Local guarantee of whats produced with nuts from a foreign nation
  19. Some implacable body taking the money off the criminals
  20. Incensed by point, answer and retort, what would Lazarus have done?
  21. Score produced by lead character in The Rock
  22. Handpicked by Charlie Pipe to condemn foundation
  23. Run away from upstart, for example, going around consumed by free jazz?
  24. Gangster leaves one country for another closer to Italy
  25. Revolting characters from Vietnam operating close to Saudi Arabia
  26. First, step away from self-portraits for examination
  27. Where one might want to create a picture of the drawing room
  28. Remove organ from lounge bar for The Navy
  29. Drink with old women from The Field
  30. Turning up to help out in hospitality venues producing the curries?
  31. Not a large person searching for the messages
  32. Came across roses from Somerset
  33. Troublesome times reported on the news
  34. Motorway parking in our country is big business
  35. Theres no cream in Latin America originally from Europe
  36. Look out for this going up in coffee shops
  37. The Edge produced British group
  38. Listening devices included in rehearsals