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7-October-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Opening 15 across is initially hardly diabolical
  2. Life peer loses pile thats unoccupied
  3. Unworried by 24 down and 2 down
  4. Is rare cuckoo from a range of mountains?
  5. The sort of thing that happens in Ring with Jimmy on the radio and box
  6. Get it from cigarette and thats not neglect
  7. Take turns to judge good books inside
  8. European actor in a play
  9. Some eccentric - a vegetarian left holding the wine
  10. Doctor cures with bitter pill
  11. Sharp slope initially for the Dubs overlooking river
  12. Dave retires at end of surveillance duty to work in the black economy
  13. Set play from one friend - a ballpark figure
  14. Amplify the fact old composer isnt finished with orchestral leader
  15. Pitiful Irishman with work ethic
  16. Milk producer takes in part of the forest near Florida with money thats readily available
  17. Leaderless factions in Rome warned about them
  18. This ironic adaptation is melodramatic
  19. Good book but not one for 15 across
  20. The Anchor over hostelry closes for cinematography alumni - the one interested in Trainspotting, for instance
  21. Five paramilitaries leave in Spitfire
  22. Sounds like something youd listen to on a record is close to Elbow?
  23. Ends war amidst group activism
  24. Sings the praises of the man downstairs for opening 22 across at mass meeting
  25. Director from Elvis, Rocky and Spooks?
  26. Severe repercussions for most of 21 down approaching Cork and primarily half of Offaly
  27. Call one being studied in 12 across possibly
  28. Presumably, youd expect The Count to get his teeth into these for BA?