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  1. Dishy type of officer gets fired from the base perhaps
  2. Sunday dinners of grub from Strasbourg
  3. Briefly curdle starter of Manchurian rice dish with aromatic powder
  4. She went berserk after short holiday - expose it by being first to go on Twitter
  5. Ports opening in 14 across near Slea Head
  6. Open to women following a foreign type of music
  7. Where most peat is sourced is where grapes are grown? Thats a load of bull!
  8. Makes available to drink with port and red herrings?
  9. To take gold and a fair amount of emeralds from church worker - a dealer in Bordeaux
  10. Is not very talkative about blunder by one of those in 3 down
  11. The Press fail to win in court
  12. If you follow the advice in 11 down you might go on the road with these little ones
  13. The foreign lieutenant in romance revealing a betrayal
  14. German chap with the last of the clowns parlour pieces
  15. Swindle by new ring in British museum is close to audacious - and the author of suchlike? Presumably 14 across!
  16. Creep chases a stout dealer from a local tour
  17. Strike in Northern Ireland associated with rakes
  18. A glove used by one in the herb garden
  19. Sets up trade agency for tropical fruits
  20. Pick up a few tips from a swinger or go down the route of an autodidact on how to handle a racy type
  21. On the trail of Sue from Features
  22. Trollope dismissed Poe as an ugly monster
  23. Make way for London Police arresting Pole - the one obviously getting walked on
  24. Times broke scandal - the first of a number of hard-hitting blows, poetically speaking
  25. In my opinion, its easiest swimming around current?
  26. The meaty type behind vocal prop
  27. Hides half of Jacobs smokes
  28. The average dandy in America has good intentions