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  1. Institute in old capital set up at the end of day in an easy way
  2. Serves up a grape juice with a top slice of orange
  3. Group no longer dismissed by Rolling Stone
  4. Road, etc., designed in the 1920s
  5. English revolutionary locks up leader of yeomanry? Sounds like you might have heard that a few times!
  6. Question Ulster politician from the assembly bringing up an uneasy feeling
  7. Drain head off jug of beer perhaps
  8. Poor Kate gets answer from strict bar - dont move even an inch
  9. Workout for two of the clubs, for instance, around Dublin
  10. Dawns leaving Wednesday - how is that viewed?
  11. Part of the circle raised in theocracy
  12. Ulster politician - a poster boy perhaps for a lot of them, numerically speaking
  13. Charming centaur ran away
  14. Lorraine lets out roar in bar
  15. Take stock of awful result
  16. Abbey in old city surrounded by couple of religious institutions
  17. Keep that under your hat or veil?
  18. Some control a temper - its long overdue
  19. Its a relief in a way producing Olivier play
  20. Show the ropes to guide
  21. High praise for endless stockings given to woman
  22. Searches for missing human novel and good books
  23. Fabulous bird upset by most of the phone message - the brainy bit in particular
  24. Reserves, in the journeyman sense, on all sides today
  25. Elevated part of the Taj Mahal building is as dull as dishwater
  26. Put on the programme for one of those crafty types making a spectacle in Sky
  27. Describes whats in 21 down as suspect
  28. Plans to get away from cold snap to fish
  29. What a shame it describes the man downstairs
  30. Confesses to father perhaps, the vampire slayers lost the head with most of them getting criticism
  31. One in a cast is familiar with 13 across
  32. Those at The Bar reject petty argument
  33. British said oh to Royal hideaway
  34. Kick up a fuss about receipts from bar in around Ring
  35. Speculate Im missing muscatel for dessert
  36. A period of time going all the way back in early adulthood
  37. Jubilation putting out job for the swimmers
  38. Skiers travelling across Austrian summit and over Germany in the past