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  1. Invoice is charged to Society keeping all the banks afloat presumably
  2. Whats the chances of veterans getting rid of rat?
  3. First-class miner says nothing as a form of self-defence
  4. The young of a sly type from Ring gets cross with copper consumed by Facebook
  5. Does this mean miserable type has their hand in the English till?
  6. Takes out Anne from Minnesota
  7. Dances after drinks in room for refreshments
  8. Stick up for the French school used by the mathematicians
  9. Chill in brand new castle from the start
  10. Sounds excited by description of angelfish perhaps
  11. Caught in Seine swimming with female members of family
  12. Scores an equaliser in line with last defenders
  13. Appreciates missing Capri - an old European capital
  14. Party slump relates to extreme indiscipline - this might come precisely as a shot in the arm
  15. Love whats found in bread? Oregano!
  16. Goes off with head barman on treat to Spain
  17. To be overly enthusiastic with one of the pieces could set off one of the Seven Dwarfs
  18. Failing to take advantage of initially generous bar order, as not keeping up with others
  19. That violent shower in this moral maze
  20. Disturbed by sheik on the radio - a bit of a wit in retrospect
  21. Take another look about for note to Maxine Rock
  22. Confederates of gangster generally arrive in a pack
  23. Standard of Tracys kid running
  24. Ceremonial fire seen changing direction from a height in France
  25. Sign for takeaway completely in the dark
  26. Bar musical type losing the head consumed by a bit of grass
  27. Review of Rising? Irish Republican Council quite upset!
  28. Paper covers swimmer retiring and going overseas to meet rivals