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  1. A French feminine type entertains 150 from the family
  2. One getting letters of distress to stay away interests the geologist, whose crust is in the balance
  3. Manual work for female graduate
  4. Give it a violent shake for breakfast and for lunch perhaps
  5. Writer briefly consumed by sci-fi compilation from the start thats explicit
  6. Exchanged notes on square close to Russian capital - one of those in the red knows all about it
  7. Stonewall without news to distribute
  8. Cops the mysterious type concealed by monitor
  9. Some hijab Armanis selling to his local regulars
  10. College is attempting to get rid of the head - itll end in tears
  11. Second time Charlie Lincoln upset George getting the cold shoulder in the hospital
  12. An issue for animal worker - the type thats immature
  13. Pressure is not as intense as it was earlier
  14. Airs broadcast around America - the worlds largest country?
  15. One of those forgettable types of academicians dropping acid
  16. Music on the boat synonymous with The Cellar
  17. Its the epitome of elitism finishing Pilgrimages with Byron travelling around Belgium
  18. Yard is behind police trap - how mean is that?
  19. Get wind of the fact Tom is not in Montreal
  20. What the politician stands for in The House bolsters those with soft spots for the backbenchers perhaps
  21. Crude torture on backstreet used, for example, by one of those producing 14 across
  22. Sound of car taking roundabout
  23. Consent to AC/DC touring around Spain with One Direction
  24. Sell him out around Belgium and exaggerate the story
  25. Barman produces beers with no head for a number of twists
  26. Recognition of what the scientist was hoping to make
  27. Allotted leading actor from first Shrek and The Omen with English director
  28. Picture what only you are capable of, you poser