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  1. Masterminded in Greene novel about popular writer
  2. Maid from dramatic old vehicle
  3. Woods alarms the golfers on first two at St Andrews
  4. Hasnt been heard in Rome for a long time and past ones prime in South America
  5. United States dismiss audits as ideology
  6. Fair amount of dandelion, for example, beside Crocosmia Lucifer, for instance, raised by a beastly monster
  7. Time to give up on fleur de lis and wild daffodil
  8. Cowboy opens 15 across for heartless young man - hes close to Bishop on board we hear
  9. Stock options having all the characteristics youd associate with family members in The House
  10. Cant put it down to pianists assistant?
  11. Some upsetting language vocalised in Safe Harbour perhaps
  12. Blow a fuse and lose it
  13. Ship factory has no craft job for a hands-on type of person
  14. A subtle difference to Mother Superior protecting a church
  15. One of the people in oxygen tent
  16. Make friends with crowd-pleaser and one posh bloke
  17. Lush birch hanging over sign, for one
  18. Winter vehicle for nurses finishing at the present time and for those on call
  19. Former partner engineering court action - its to do with whether Will gave him a job?
  20. Trouble those with a belief system
  21. Did time in detention centre perhaps and learned a lesson
  22. Take stock from tuck shops to promote
  23. Clothing consumer taken in by upsetting outlandish tomfoolery
  24. Stick up for Dawn on transport with hothead
  25. Breathes new life into mates in a production
  26. Slow type comes out of his shell every so often
  27. An overseas hazard for those involved in December getaway
  28. Saddle someone with producing introduction to inherently bad poems