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  1. Take part in 16 down, for instance, as a course of action
  2. Local curiously has a look around part of the plane
  3. Take a part setting up in neighbourhood nursery
  4. For religious reasons, it was established by our neighbours as a mass medium for old French country
  5. Siege can damage the levers of American government
  6. Chap says doctor doesnt get any credit
  7. Serves up a fair amount of the lentil dish surrounded by rice in choux pastry
  8. A priest writing track for Confirmation
  9. Remove from office piece of spurious technology
  10. Poor result for Leinster neighbour
  11. Particular epics adapted by figurehead in charge
  12. Trees taken from supermarket for profit
  13. Nights travelling around America to political meetings
  14. They take over from loan sharks around port
  15. Mention a play to recommend
  16. Take cognisance of whats in Filipino temple
  17. Knock back bottles of Mimosa, Fosters and popular types in the lounge
  18. Silent treatment from Shannon, for instance, in Hollywood
  19. Concealed beyond a doubt what divides upright types in The House
  20. Short, bloodthirsty type got cold and got sick - otherwise he should be in office
  21. Bug in police department captures assistant commissioner backtracking on answer
  22. Retires after sweeteners supplied by the vegetable man
  23. Press a novel in short supply
  24. Plant with dope taken in by agency
  25. Venetians set off from European capital
  26. Nothing rare in air letters from a number of different addresses
  27. Took to Twitter consumed by bipartisan grievance
  28. Nearly certain initial planning for Easter 1916 not predictable