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  1. See 1
  2. In football, a score by a team member for their opponents
  3. Poem by Allen Ginsberg first performed in 1955
  4. River that flows through Leicester
  5. See 2
  6. Paul , French poet and critic whose works include 1917s La Jeune Parque
  7. Gerald , Lord High Chancellor from 1964-70
  8. See 4
  9. Walter , US film animator who created Woody Woodpecker
  10. Seventh sign of the zodiac
  11. Siren in German legend said to lure boatmen to destruction from her rock at the edge of the Rhine
  12. Author of 1960 childrens novel Island of the Blue Dolphins
  13. Suburb of Birkenhead on the Wirral Peninsula noted for Rovers FC, 2000 League Cup Final runners-up
  14. 2003 novel by Chris Ryan
  15. Daughter of Tantalus in Greek mythology turned into a rock on Mount Sipylus
  16. The , 1970 novel by Claire Rayner
  17. Type of lyric poem composed of couplets in which a long line is followed by a shorter one
  18. Singer-actor whose first starring role was in 1959 comedy-drama film Hound-Dog Man
  19. Michael , actress who played Olivia Walton in 1970s US television series The Waltons
  20. Small tree with edible oval fruit
  21. BBC TV sitcom starring Paul Eddington and Nigel Hawthorne that ran from 1980-84
  22. Capital of Yonne department, central France
  23. Seaport in Primorsky Krai, SE Russia, west of Sapporo, Japan
  24. 1948 novel by P G Wodehouse
  25. Martin Andersen , Danish author of 1906-10 four volume novel Pelle The Conqueror
  26. 2003 novel by Emily Barr
  27. 1953 Benjamin Britten opera commissioned for the coronation of Elizabeth II
  28. Peter , 17th-century painter whose works include Girl with a Parrot and Two Ladies of the Lake Family
  29. Flying insect with a single pair of transparent wings
  30. Wilhelm Conrad , discoverer of X-rays awarded the 1901 Nobel Prize in Physics
  31. The , 2008 film drama starring Jeremy Renner; 2010 Best Picture Oscar winner
  32. British electronics company founded in 1968 by Alan Sugar
  33. J M , author of 1907 stage play The Playboy of the Western World
  34. Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Doctor Zhivago
  35. 11th-century Castilian soldier born Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar
  36. Clifford , author of stage plays Waiting for Lefty and Clash by Night
  37. Jim , star of 2003 comedy-drama film Bruce Almighty
  38. Tomas , 2010 Wimbledon singles tennis championship final runner-up
  39. 2010 novel by Harlan Coben
  40. Male swan
  41. See 17 Down
  42. 1989 romcom starring Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson
  43. 1996 comedy film starring Adam Sandler in the title role
  44. Official language of Pakistan also spoken in India
  45. Walled city in Tuscany, Italy, housing a 13th-century university
  46. Oswald , German philosopher whose two-volume work The Decline of the West was published in 1918 and 1923
  47. See 14
  48. Waterbird of Europe, Asia and North America with a white bill and forehead
  49. Michaela , actress who starred in 2018 BBC TV drama series Black Earth Rising
  50. The , 1937 romcom starring Irene Dunne and Cary Grant
  51. Federico Garcia Lorca stage play first performed in 1933
  52. Hard jet-black coal that burns slowly giving out an intense heat
  53. See 1
  54. 2014 novel by Louise Mensch
  55. Actor and satirist known for his work with Rory Bremner and John Fortune
  56. See 20 Down
  57. Town in Piedmont, Italy, famous for its sparkling wine
  58. Arthur , 1975 Wimbledon singles tennis championship winner
  59. See 7
  60. See 11 Across
  61. Comic actor who played the title role in 1990s BBC TV sitcom The Brittas Empire
  62. Judy , US author of novels Wifey, Blubber and Deenie
  63. Stadium, 1964-2008 home of US baseball team the New York Mets
  64. 1938 novel by T H White
  65. Dennis , 1990-91 WBC Light Heavyweight champion
  66. 2007 biopic starring Sam Riley as singer Ian Curtis
  67. Lionel , Argentina and Barcelona forward; 2010-12 and 2015 FIFA Ballon dOr winner
  68. Very short skirt worn by a ballerina
  69. Highest point on Bodmin Moor
  70. 1988 comedy-drama film starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise; 1989 Best Picture Oscar winner
  71. Toothless mammal with a long snout that feeds on termites
  72. City in the central Netherlands housing the Dom Tower
  73. See 3
  74. 1998 comedy-crime film starring Chris Rea and Ben Kingsley
  75. Christian , French couturier noted for his New Look
  76. Port in Japan; largest city on Okinawa Island
  77. CGS unit of work or energy
  78. Best Picture Oscar-winning 1952 Cecil B DeMille film drama starring Betty Hutton and Cornel Wilde
  79. River that flows into Morecambe Bay at Fleetwood
  80. Graeme , cyclist; author of 2003 autobiography Flying Scotsman
  81. London Underground station on the Central Line between Shepherds Bush and Notting Hill Gate
  82. 1973, 1974 and 1977 Grand National-winning horse
  83. Brightest star in constellation Ursa Minor
  84. See 15
  85. Loretta , actress who played Major Houlihan in US television sitcom M*A*S*H
  86. Childrens card game
  87. Tree with winged seeds whose wood is used for tool handles
  88. Canine companion of Wallace in claymation films by Nick Park
  89. Capital of the Bahamas
  90. Grigori , Siberian peasant monk murdered in St Petersburg, Russia, in 1916
  91. Nell , author of stage plays Steaming and Cancer Tales
  92. See 7
  93. Tree of Africa and south Asia that exudes a resin used in perfume and medicine
  94. Yellow cheese with large holes named after a valley in Switzerland
  95. Small burrowing rodent of North America such as Gunnisons
  96. Son of Telamon; Greek hero of the Trojan War
  97. Market town in North Devon; birthplace of playwright John Gay
  98. River upon which Nottingham stands
  99. See 8
  100. Long-legged doglike mammal of south Asia and Africa

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