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  1. 1965 action film starring Frank Sinatra and Trevor Howard
  2. Standard monetary unit of Nigeria
  3. Colour that lies between yellow and blue in the visible spectrum
  4. Inland port in California, US, on the San Joaquin River; seat of the University of the Pacific
  5. 1999 novel by Andy McNab
  6. Stomach lining of an ox or cow prepared for cooking
  7. Forest of , region between the Rivers Severn and Wye
  8. 1936 family film starring Shirley Temple in the title role
  9. Undefeated 18th-century racehorse after which is named the Stakes, run at Sandown Park
  10. See 5
  11. Merlene , 1990 Commonwealth 100m and 200m gold medallist
  12. Capital and largest city of Papua New Guinea
  13. One-woman show by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Don Black first performed by Marti Webb in 1979
  14. Austrian composer whose works include 1874s Romantic Symphony no 4 in E flat major
  15. Arthur , prime minister from 1902-05
  16. Department of southeast France; capital Grenoble
  17. 1816 novel by Jane Austen
  18. See 17 Across
  19. Stage play by Jean Giraudoux first performed in 1939
  20. 1989 novel by Ben Elton
  21. Alfred , author of poems The Lady of Shalott and Voices in the Mist
  22. See 2
  23. Joe , author of stage plays What the Butler Saw and Entertaining Mr Sloane
  24. Daniel , author of 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe
  25. Middle Eastern sweet made of crushed sesame seeds and honey
  26. See 3
  27. See 17 Down
  28. State capital of Maine, US
  29. Tourist city in northeast Hungary at the centre of a wine-producing region
  30. Joanne , actress whose film roles included Olivia Dandridge in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
  31. One of the two immortal gorgons in Greek mythology
  32. 2009 novel by Nick Cave
  33. Leo , Russian author of novels Anna Karenina and War and Peace
  34. State of northeast India producing large quantities of tea
  35. 14th-century bridge over the River Arno in Florence, Italy
  36. Belinda , actress who played Libby Fox in BBC TV soap EastEnders
  37. Japanese thick wheat flour noodle
  38. Sandrine , 1997 US Open and 1998 Australian Open singles tennis championship quarterfinalist
  39. 2011 action film starring Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard
  40. Frank , former Labour MP for Holborn and St Pancras; Secretary of State for Health from 1997-99
  41. Poker hand of five cards in sequence irrespective of suit
  42. N S , India Test cricketer who made 201 against West Indies in Port of Spain in 1997
  43. See 1
  44. City in Greater Los Angeles, US, housing the California Lutheran University
  45. Secret police organisation in the USSR from 1934-46 (inits)
  46. Kornelia , 1976 Olympic 100m and 200m freestyle swimming gold medallist
  47. 1928 stage play by R C Sherriff
  48. Overseas region of France in the Indian Ocean; capital Saint-Denis
  49. Metric unit of mass equal to one thousandth of a kilogram
  50. Genus of perennial shrubs and trees with stiff sword-shaped leaves and white flowers
  51. Inlet of the Irish Sea between southwest Scotland and northwest England
  52. See 11
  53. Stuart , English golfer; 1997 Europe 1 Cannes Open tournament winner
  54. Second letter of the Greek alphabet
  55. David , actor who played Admiral Boom in 2018 family film Mary Poppins Returns
  56. City in western Ukraine; capital of the former Kingdom of Galicia-Volhynia
  57. Samuel , British diarist and naval administrator who died in 1703
  58. See 4
  59. Actress who played Chardonnay Lane-Pascoe in ITV drama series Footballers Wives
  60. British singer born in 1917 known as the Forces Sweetheart
  61. Salvador , 1980-82 WBC Featherweight champion
  62. Large aquatic bird that stores fish in a pouch below the lower mandible
  63. Microscopic fungus used in beer and bread manufacture
  64. John , 1981 Wimbledon singles tennis championship winner
  65. 2014 novel by Danielle Steel
  66. Highest adult male voice
  67. 2007 historical novel by Robyn Young
  68. Variety of celery with a large turnip-like root
  69. City in Uppland, Sweden, housing a 15th-century university
  70. 1967 novel by Alistair MacLean
  71. 2008 novel by Ruth Rendell
  72. Kate, wife to Hotspur, in William Shakespeare plays Henry IV Pts I and II
  73. See 17
  74. Los Angeles-born Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Peyton Place
  75. Organisation formed in 1961 to administer a common policy for the sale of petroleum
  76. Adrian , 2002 European Championships hammer gold medallist
  77. Genus of plants of southern Africa with white, yellow or pink usually tubular flowers
  78. Muse of comedy and pastoral poetry in Greek mythology
  79. Kenny , radio and television entertainer born Maurice Cole who died in 1995
  80. Monty , Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for The Pied Piper
  81. Clifton , Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Sitting Pretty
  82. River that flows through Leicester
  83. John Wyndham novel published posthumously in 1979
  84. Another name for the lapwing
  85. Cotton fabric woven like satin
  86. Herman , author of novels Moby-Dick and Mardi
  87. Jodie , supermodel and racing car driver; contestant on 2008 BBC TV series Strictly Come Dancing
  88. See 25 Across
  89. Group of some 500 languages of Africa including Shona and Xhosa
  90. Silvery-white metallic element; symbol Rb
  91. Republic of West Africa; capital Malabo
  92. Most northerly of the Shetland Islands in Scotland
  93. The , 1876 novel by Mark Twain featuring the character Becky Thatcher
  94. System of sending text and graphics from one computer to another
  95. US television comedy series starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Anna Chlumsky
  96. Gordon J , English golfer; 1989 Volvo Belgian Open tournament winner
  97. See 1
  98. The , group of chalk stacks in the English Channel off the coast of the Isle of Wight
  99. Internationally recognised distress signal used by ships and aircraft
  100. Graeme , 2006 World Snooker Championship winner

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