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Mirror quiz Crossword Answers - 22-August-2021
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  1. 1987 David Mamet film drama starring Lindsay Crouse and Joe Mantegna
  2. Rum-based coffee liqueur from the Caribbean
  3. Mild powdered seasoning made from a sweet variety of red pepper
  4. John , 2004-05 WBA Heavyweight champion
  5. Bluish-white metallic element; symbol Zn
  6. Mark , US swimmer who won seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympics
  7. Extinct language of ancient southern Italy
  8. Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose
  9. Owl of New Zealand also called the morepork
  10. City in Honshu housing the most sacred Shinto shrine in Japan
  11. 1936 family film starring Shirley Temple in the title role
  12. Ignacy Jan , pianist and composer; prime minister of Poland in 1919
  13. Islands, archipelago in the Bay of Bengal; home of the Sentinelese people
  14. Southern African antelope with a fringe of white hairs along the length of its back and neck
  15. 1999 comedy-drama sci-fi film starring Robin Williams
  16. Zoltan , director of film dramas Cry, the Beloved Country and A Woman's Vengeance
  17. David , actor who played Keith Miller in BBC TV soap EastEnders from 2004-08
  18. Tributary of the River Ouse in West and North Yorkshire upon which Ilkley stands
  19. See 3
  20. European grass, plant often used to stabilise sand dunes
  21. See 22
  22. First letter of the Greek alphabet
  23. Ian , actor who played Stanley Windrush in 1959 film comedy I'm All Right Jack
  24. Body of advisors to the Sovereign of the UK whose current head is Jacob Rees-Mogg
  25. Collective noun for a group of snipe
  26. World chess champion from 1969-72
  27. Genus of vipers named after a horned serpent in Greek mythology
  28. Neil , manager of Cardiff City FC from 2016-19
  29. West Indies Test cricket ground in Kingston, Jamaica
  30. Bird with a crested head also called a green plover
  31. Gete , 2005 and 2006 Berlin Marathon women's race winner
  32. City in Alpes-Maritimes, France, on the Mediterranean Sea
  33. Brownish resinous material obtained from the roots of some plants of the parsley family
  34. See 7 Across
  35. See 15 Across
  36. 1946 novel by Robert Graves
  37. 1972 comedy and drama film starring Michael Caine and Mickey Rooney
  38. 1997 film thriller starring Nicole de Boer and Nicky Guadagni
  39. Plant related to the onion; a national emblem of Wales
  40. Root vegetable of the cabbage family eaten raw in salads
  41. Seabird of the gannet family such as the red-footed or blue-footed
  42. Site in California, US, that hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics
  43. See 5 Down
  44. Yellow corrosive mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid used to dissolve metals
  45. Capital of Manitoba, Canada
  46. Standard monetary unit of Guatemala
  47. See 11 Across
  48. See 19 Down
  49. Hard rubber also called vulcanite used for electrical insulators
  50. Prime minister of Israel from 1999-2001
  51. Royal Air Force officer of three-star rank equivalent to a Royal Navy vice-admiral
  52. 2006 action-comedy film starring Ben Stiller and Carla Gugino
  53. Archaic or poetic name for Ireland
  54. Charlie , WBC Flyweight champion from March-September 1983
  55. 2007 novel by Douglas Coupland
  56. Grey-coloured dabbling duck
  57. In tonic sol-fa, the fourth degree of any major scale
  58. See 23 Across
  59. Trading group established in Europe in 1960 whose members now include Iceland and Norway
  60. See 15 Across
  61. Hebrew prophet of the 6th century BC
  62. the Elephant, childrens song written in 1956
  63. 1909 opera by Richard Strauss
  64. Mat , New Zealand-born rugby union Number 8 at Harlequins from 2015-19
  65. Argonaut in Greek mythology; husband of Marpessa
  66. 1999 Derby winner ridden by Kieren Fallon
  67. Tall tree affected by fungal disease DED
  68. See 6 Down
  69. Genus of plants that includes the wood sorrel
  70. British comic character, leader of The Bruin Boys, created by Julius Stafford Baker
  71. Christian , French fashion designer
  72. Actress who portrayed Edna Purviance in 1992 biopic Chaplin
  73. Card game for four; a forerunner of bridge
  74. S , South Africa cricketer; 1998 Test debutant against England in Nottingham
  75. Setting of 1878 Thomas Hardy novel The Return of the Native
  76. River rising in Macedonia that flows through Albania to the Adriatic
  77. See 23 Across
  78. Rich , 2002 PGA Championship winner
  79. 1927 story collection by P G Wodehouse
  80. Maiden in Greek mythology who agreed to marry any man who could defeat her in a running race
  81. Seaport in Munster, southeast Republic of Ireland, on the River Suir
  82. Claude , Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Mr Skeffington
  83. Gore , US author of novels Julian and Creation
  84. Bernard , presenter of BBC TV and ITV consumer affairs programmes who married actress Barbara Kelly in 1942
  85. S'busiso , Sharks wing; South Africa 2019 Rugby World Cup squad member
  86. See 14 Across
  87. Percy , inventor of the Catseye roadstud
  88. The , 1984 autobiographical novel by Marguerite Duras
  89. 1923 stage play by George Bernard Shaw
  90. Villainous ensign in William Shakespeare play Othello
  91. Strong white metallic element; symbol Ti
  92. Creature in Greek mythology with the head and trunk of a woman and wings of a bird
  93. English poet who authored volumes The Rural Muse and The Village Minstrel
  94. Peter , author of stage plays Red Noses and The Ruling Class
  95. 1999 film drama starring Shirley Henderson and Gina McKee
  96. Alan , American musicologist whose books include Mister Jelly Roll
  97. New Zealand bird of the honeyeater family with a bluish-green plumage and white tuft under the throat
  98. See 18 Down
  99. State capital of Maryland, US
  100. Play without words by Samuel Beckett first performed on television in 1981

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