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  1. 1997 action-comedy film starring and co-written by John Cusack
  2. God of the sea in Roman mythology
  3. Clive —, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Closer
  4. Capital of Turkey
  5. The —, 1948 novel by Irwin Shaw
  6. Perennial grass used as pasture and fodder for livestock
  7. 1939-49 BBC Radio comedy programme starring Tommy Handley
  8. Emil —, painter and engraver whose works include 1913 lithograph The Three Kings
  9. Rene —, French physician who invented the stethoscope in 1816
  10. Holiday home on the Isle of Wight where Queen Victoria died in 1901
  11. God of sleep and dreams in Greek mythology
  12. Ancient town in Asia Minor; scene of a 333 BC battle at which Alexander the Great defeated the Persians
  13. Michael —, late director of films Enigma, Gorky Park and Nell
  14. 1993 crime film starring Eric Stoltz and Julie Delpy
  15. — I, Holy Roman Emperor from 962-73
  16. James —, actor who played Tony Soprano in HBO series The Sopranos
  17. Australian actor and manager who wrote, produced and directed 1916 musical comedy Chu Chin Chow
  18. Small social insect that lives in a formicary
  19. Radioactive element; symbol Ac
  20. Large piece of wood traditionally burnt in the hearth on Christmas Eve
  21. Ben —, Best Writing, Original Story Oscar winner for Underworld
  22. 2001 novel by Gregory Maguire
  23. 1957 novel by Christopher Landon
  24. 1990 UK no 1 single by Madonna
  25. Computer program that sends junk e-mail
  26. Capital of Ghana
  27. Frost formed by the freezing of supercooled water droplets in fog onto solid objects
  28. Republic in southeast Europe; capital Kiev
  29. Golfer; 1990 US Open Championship winner
  30. Asian country; capital Seoul
  31. 1940 Howard Spring novel whose central character is Hamer Shawcross
  32. Father of James and John in the New Testament
  33. Bairro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, known for its beach
  34. Region of southern France between the Mediterranean and the channels of the Grand and Petit Rhone
  35. Republic in southeast Asia; capital Vientiane
  36. Personification of England, from the name of a character in John Arbuthnot's 1712 pamphlet Law is a Bottomless Pit
  37. Cow in children's animated television series The Magic Roundabout
  38. Unit of quantity equal to 12 dozen
  39. Technique of hammering a design from the underside of a thin piece of metal
  40. Robert —, US engineer born in 1934 after whom a type of musical synthesiser is named
  41. Singer and actor who played T-Saint in 1995 action film Tank Girl
  42. Elisabeth —, Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Leaving Las Vegas
  43. Town southwest of Rye, East Sussex, rebuilt after destruction in 1287 by flooding
  44. Nicolas —, painter whose works include 1638's Conquest of Jerusalem by Emperor Titus
  45. Peggy —, comedy actress who played Mrs Bumble in 1968 film musical Oliver!
  46. Jack —, English leader of the Kentish rebellion against Henry VI in 1450
  47. River rising in Ukraine that flows across southeast Poland to the Vistula
  48. Tree whose small fleshy rounded edible fruit contain a hard stone
  49. Unit of measurement of angles
  50. Mammal of the horse family also called a donkey
  51. Island in the Firth of Clyde whose only town is Rothesay
  52. Series of six or more balls bowled by a cricketer
  53. Long-legged doglike mammal of southern Asia and Africa
  54. Cylindrical packet of coins
  55. Lake —, freshwater body of water in Florida that drains to the Atlantic Ocean via the Everglades
  56. The —, 2017 novel by Annie Wilkinson
  57. The —, opera by Dmitri Shostakovich first performed in full in 1930
  58. 1980 Derby winner ridden by Willie Carson
  59. University town in Ceredigion, Wales
  60. 1973 stage play by Peter Shaffer
  61. Flowering South American plant from whose dried root an emetic is prepared
  62. FIFA president from 1961-74
  63. Game of cards for two to four players using a board with pegs and holes for scoring
  64. Jacques —, French writer and critic; author of 1912 collection Etudes
  65. Polysaccharide that occurs widely in plant tissues
  66. 2004 film drama starring Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Perkins
  67. M J —, 2014 England ODI debutant who made 106 against West Indies in North Sound, Antigua
  68. 2008 animated film starring the voice talent of Ben Burtt
  69. Brown and white plover of North and Central America
  70. Territory of northwest Canada; capital Whitehorse
  71. Claudia —, German supermodel who married film director Matthew Vaughn in 2002
  72. Standard unit of currency of Ethiopia
  73. Resort town in North Cornwall
  74. Charles —, French author of fairy tales Cinderella and The Sleeping Beauty
  75. 1985 film drama starring Al Pacino, Donald Sutherland and Nastassja Kinski
  76. Market town in the Scottish Borders at the confluence of the Rivers Teviot and Tweed
  77. Mrs —, character in 1775 R B Sheridan play The Rivals noted for her misapplication of words
  78. John —, actor who played Mr Humphries in 1977 film comedy Are You Being Served?
  79. Marlon —, actor and comedian who played Gawain MacSam in 2004 film The Ladykillers
  80. Commonest basic pattern of the human fingerprint
  81. Large predatory feline mammal of Africa and India
  82. Lowest ranking suit in the card game bridge
  83. 2000 comedy-drama film starring Minnie Driver and Hallie Kate Eisenberg
  84. Fred —, 1874-86 flat race champion jockey
  85. Standard unit of currency of Eritrea
  86. 2009 novel by Jake Arnott
  87. Female sheep
  88. Peter —, British theatre director whose books include 1968's The Empty Space
  89. Ancient galley with two banks of oars
  90. 1997 novel by Harold Robbins
  91. Jurgen —, Liverpool FC manager at Borussia Dortmund from 2008-15
  92. God of thunder in Norse mythology
  93. Colourless gaseous element; symbol Ne
  94. Woody —, Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for The People vs Larry Flynt
  95. Large triangular plucked string instrument
  96. Harry —, US author whose novels include Bill, the Galactic Hero and Make Room! Make Room!
  97. Small mollusc with a spiral shell
  98. Island in the Ionian Sea also called Zakynthos
  99. Lima —, Wasps and 2015-17 New Zealand rugby union fly-half
  100. Variety of lettuce with a long slender head

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