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Mirror quiz Crossword Answers - 21-October-2020
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  1. 1937 novel by John Steinbeck
  2. 2011 adventure-comedy film starring Danny McBride
  3. See 13 Across
  4. National airline of Belgium that went bankrupt in 2001
  5. Boxer portrayed by Paul Newman in 1956 biopic Somebody Up There Likes Me
  6. 1983 novel by Elmore Leonard
  7. See 3 Across
  8. Carol , Scottish television presenter whose credits include Changing Rooms and Wheel of Fortune
  9. Philippe , rugby union centre; 1982 France Test debutant against Romania
  10. Cud-chewing mammal native to South America
  11. See 8 Across
  12. See 6 Down
  13. Charlotte Perkins Gilman short story first published in 1892
  14. US burlesque performer, sister of actress June Havoc, who died in 1970
  15. Genus of plants of the daisy family native to North America that includes black-eyed Susan
  16. Patsy , inaugural winner of the UK Championship snooker tournament in 1977
  17. The , 1797 novel by Mrs Ann Radcliffe subtitled The Confessional of the Black Penitents
  18. The , 1981 horror film starring Bruce Campbell
  19. The , one of three ships commanded by Christopher Columbus in 1492
  20. See 24 Across
  21. Genus of tropical trees with pale purple or blue trumpet-shaped flowers
  22. See 1 Down
  23. Keith , actor who played the title role in 1970 BBC TV historical drama series The Six Wives of Henry VIII
  24. Grand tournament in sumo wrestling
  25. Michael , BBC TV weatherman who retired from full-time forecasting in 2004
  26. Watery liquid that separates from the curd when milk is clotted
  27. 1959-67 England footballer; Tottenham Hotspur all-time top scorer
  28. Seaside resort in East Yorkshire known for its pottery
  29. Scott , author of novels Personal Injuries and Presumed Innocent
  30. Eric , Monty Python member who wrote the book of Broadway musical Spamalot
  31. Jaroslav , 1954 Wimbledon singles tennis championship winner
  32. Small Asian evergreen tree with yellow oval edible fruits
  33. Bowed stringed instrument with two f-shaped sound holes in the belly
  34. Inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin
  35. Strong polymer first produced by the DuPont firm in the 1930s
  36. Town in North Lanarkshire east of Glasgow
  37. Mesoamerican deity after which the first, unpublished version of D H Lawrence novel The Plumed Serpent was titled
  38. City in northwest Texas formerly associated with the helium industry
  39. Lake , body of water in central Africa at the southern end of the Great Rift Valley
  40. Ship designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel that laid the transatlantic telegraph cable from 1865
  41. See 3 Down
  42. Mike , golfer; 2003 Masters Tournament winner
  43. Author of novels In One Person and Last Night in Twisted River
  44. Former Scarlets, Bristol Rugby and Sale Sharks scrum-half; 2001 Wales Test debutant against Japan
  45. Israel striker at Chelsea FC from 2006-09
  46. Character voiced by Roy Atwell in 1937 animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  47. camel, creature with two humps used as a beast of burden in deserts of central Asia
  48. Brown sedimentary rock with a woody texture used as fuel
  49. See 11 Down
  50. Carl , WBC Super Middleweight champion from 2010-11
  51. William , Archbishop of Canterbury from 1633-45
  52. Nigel , Mexico-born actor who appeared in Alfred Hitchcock films Rebecca and Suspicion
  53. Madeleine , actress who played Julie Moore in 2002 film drama We Were Soldiers
  54. In golf, a former name for a No 3 wood
  55. Sandra , 1972 Olympic 100m freestyle swimming gold medallist
  56. Konrad , chancellor of West Germany from 1949-63
  57. Actor and musician who plays the title role in Channel 4 comedy series Toast of London
  58. See 19 Across
  59. 1975 Russell Hoban novel narrated by the characters William G and Neaera H
  60. 1953 film drama starring Barbara Stanwyck and Richard Carlson
  61. 1970 Derby winner ridden by Lester Piggott
  62. 2011 novel by Robert Harris
  63. First magnitude star in the constellation of Centaurus also called Rigil Kentaurus
  64. Ancient region on the coast of western Asia Minor
  65. See 13 Across
  66. River rising in the Swiss Alps upon which Avignon, France, stands
  67. See 24 Across
  68. 1955 science fiction film starring Jeff Morrow and Faith Domergue
  69. C B , Zimbabwe Test cricketer who hit 114 against Bangladesh in Chittagong in 2001
  70. See 5 Down
  71. See 23 Across
  72. 2010 comedy-drama film starring Jim Broadbent and Lesley Manville
  73. Republic in South America; capital Paramaribo
  74. Greyish-brown European moth with a white mark on the forewings
  75. See 17 Across
  76. 2010 comedy-drama film starring Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page
  77. Legendary creature also called an abominable snowman
  78. The , 1986 novel by Richard Ford
  79. See 11 Down
  80. Extinct volcano on the Kenya-Uganda border
  81. Unit of length equalling four inches used for measuring the height of horses
  82. Measure of volume equal to approximately 44 ml
  83. Bovid of North America and Europe such as the wisent
  84. Cold dessert made from thickened cream, sugar and lemon
  85. British name for diesel oil used for road transport
  86. See 9 Across
  87. City in Punjab, Pakistan; home of the Zafar Ali Stadium
  88. 1977 novel by Ellis Peters
  89. See 22 Across
  90. BBC TV sitcom starring Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill
  91. See 12 Down
  92. Dimitri , Russian-American composer and pianist; author of 1959 autobiography Please Dont Hate Me
  93. Domesticated ox with a humped back used in India as a draught animal
  94. Small crustacean also called a beach flea
  95. 1992 film thriller starring James Spader and Joanne Whalley-Kilmer
  96. Friend of Nell Trent in 1841 novel The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens
  97. Actor and presenter who played Mickey Miller in BBC TV soap EastEnders from 2003-08
  98. English actor married to actress Emma Thompson since 2003
  99. Emile , French artist whose works include 1888s Pardon at Pont-Aven
  100. Town that served as the port of ancient Rome

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