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  1. The —, 1980s BBC TV sitcom starring Felicity Kendal in the title role
  2. In ballet, the tip of the toe
  3. Portico in ancient Greek architecture
  4. Paul —, 1988 Olympic 800m gold medallist
  5. 2011 novel by Jonathan Kellerman
  6. District of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames; finishing point of the University Boat Race
  7. Julie —, actress who played Celine in Richard Linklater film trilogy Before Midnight, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset
  8. 1989 novel by Rose Tremain
  9. Nickname of the flag of the United States of America
  10. Flowering plant with white or rose-pink flowers also called the cuckooflower
  11. 2006 animated film featuring the voice talent of Bruce Willis and Garry Shandling
  12. Common —, silvery-grey and white bird nicknamed the sea-swallow
  13. Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Victor/Victoria
  14. William —, English painter whose works include The Golden Age and The Judgement of Paris
  15. 1926 novel by Edgar Wallace
  16. Port on the Gulf of Aden in the Sahil region in the autonomous area of Somaliland in Somalia
  17. Large spiral-horned antelope of eastern and southern Africa
  18. 1998 film drama starring Peter Mullan in the title role
  19. Navigable tidal strait that links Upper New York Bay with Long Island Sound in New York City
  20. 2012 film animation starring the voice talent of Kelly Macdonald
  21. 1892 Sergei Rachmaninoff opera inspired by Alexander Pushkin poem The Gypsies
  22. Probationary rank held by young naval officers under training
  23. 1997 crime drama film starring Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd
  24. Author of novels In Custody and Fasting, Feasting
  25. Common viper with a zigzag pattern along its back
  26. Post-war American financial initiative also called the European Recovery Programme
  27. H H —, India Test cricketer who took 5-28 against England at Trent Bridge in 2018
  28. Sebastien —, rugby union no 8; 2000 France Test debutant against Scotland
  29. Coniferous tree with dark green leaves and rounded cones
  30. Dani —, 2019 Rally Italia Sardegna winner
  31. Branch of the British Police force first set up in Nottingham in 1854
  32. IBF Junior Flyweight champion from May to December 2017
  33. Thomas —, English illustrator whose works include 1785 drawing Box-Lobby Loungers
  34. River in Sussex that reaches the English Channel at Shoreham-by-Sea
  35. Substance associated with a thirtieth wedding anniversary
  36. Large tropical plant bearing an edible banana-like fruit
  37. Second son of Judah and Shua in the Old Testament
  38. English rock band whose no 1 albums include 2007's An End Has a Start
  39. Marie —, winner of the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  40. James —, Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for East of Eden
  41. Lew —, 1956 Australian Championships singles tennis title winner
  42. Television presenter; son of actress Julia Foster
  43. Village in northern Somerset housing an 11th-century castle
  44. David —, New Zealand 1992 Olympic Heavyweight boxing bronze medallist
  45. Golfer; 2011 Masters Tournament winner
  46. In music, a continuously reiterated figure or rhythm
  47. 1983 comedy-drama film starring Peter Riegert, Denis Lawson and Burt Lancaster
  48. K J —, South Korean golfer; 2011 Players Championship winner
  49. Spanish F1 motor racing driver; 2006 Hungarian GP runner-up
  50. Beautiful girl loved by Cupid in classical mythology
  51. Food and sport fish such as the black — of the US Atlantic coast
  52. Author of novels Anita and Me and The House of Hidden Mothers
  53. The —, 1797 novel by Mrs Ann Radcliffe subtitled The Confessional of the Black Penitents
  54. Primordial matter of the universe, according to the Big Bang theory
  55. The —, 1958 film drama starring Kim Stanley and Lloyd Bridges
  56. Ballet suite from Act III of 1876 Amilcare Ponchielli opera La Gioconda
  57. Large mammal also known as a killer whale
  58. Lens for correcting defective vision in one eye
  59. City in Messina, Sicily; a departure point for ferries to the Aeolian Islands and Naples
  60. Cocktail consisting of rum and cola on ice with a wedge of lime
  61. Mark on the floor behind which a darts player must stand to throw
  62. City in Haut-Katanga Province, DR Congo, associated with the mining industry
  63. Type of flaky pastry produced in very thin sheets
  64. Scottish general whose ghost haunts Macbeth in the William Shakespeare tragedy of that name
  65. City in northern Iran, capital of Markazi Province, originally named Soltan Abad
  66. Active volcano in Sicily
  67. 2003 fantasy film drama starring Ewan McGregor and Albert Finney
  68. J H —, South Africa Test cricketer who made 121 against India in Kolkata in 2004
  69. Tree of the genus Antiaris also called the ipoh whose milky sap is used as arrow poison
  70. 1882 Gilbert and Sullivan operetta subtitled The Peer and the Peri
  71. 1984 comedy-crime film starring Harry Dean Stanton and Emilio Estevez
  72. The —, English title of 2009 Henning Mankell novel Den orolige mannen
  73. Small long-tailed bird in the genus Dulus; national bird of the Dominican Republic
  74. Bill —, actor who played Lennier in US television series Babylon 5
  75. Electronic medium of computer networks in which online communication takes place
  76. The —, 1820 novel by Walter Scott
  77. Small European brown flatfish covered with rough scales
  78. Jack —, author of novels The Sea-Wolf and White Fang
  79. 2006 biopic featuring, written and directed by Emilio Estevez
  80. White, grey, brown or pale green mineral found in metamorphic rocks
  81. Bitter alkaloid extracted from cinchona bark used in malaria therapy
  82. Christine —, Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Swing Shift
  83. 2011 novel by Jodi Picoult
  84. Obsolete word for a giraffe
  85. Amy Winehouse 2008 Grammy Award for Song of the Year and Record of the Year winner
  86. 2008 and 2012 Olympic men's singles badminton gold medallist
  87. Officer of the army holding a rank junior to a major but senior to a lieutenant
  88. Soft silver-white metal; symbol Li
  89. Series of children's novels by Enid Blyton featuring the characters Dick, Anne, Julian and George
  90. Jane —, author of novels Moo and A Thousand Acres
  91. Ashleigh —, 2019 French Open singles tennis championship winner
  92. — rose, plant cultivated for its pink or red flowers used to make the perfume attar
  93. County of England bordered by Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset
  94. Roman emperor from 54-68
  95. 1988 science fiction novel by Greg Bear
  96. Board game in which players try to transfer pieces from their own to their opponents' bases
  97. Manchester-born singer and actor in The Monkees; 1963 Best Featured Actor in a Musical Tony Award nominee for Oliver
  98. Kevin —, actor who plays Dr Owen Hunt in US television series Grey's Anatomy
  99. 2006 mystery film starring Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean
  100. Erect annual grass grown for its edible seed

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