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  1. 1988 film drama starring Gena Rowlands and Mia Farrow
  2. 2010 novel by Allison Pearson
  3. Small town in Flintshire, Wales, noted for its 13th-century ruined castle
  4. 1934 children's book by P L Travers
  5. Karl —, Vienna-born philosopher whose published works include 1957's The Poverty of Historicism
  6. City in southeast Nigeria; capital of the secessionist Republic of Biafra
  7. Ancient city on the west coast of Asia Minor now Izmir, Turkey
  8. Former name of Thailand
  9. Small fawn-coloured antelope of African grasslands and bush south of the Sahara
  10. 1941 film starring comedy team Olsen and Johnson
  11. Jack —, Scottish actor and writer; cast member of Channel 4 comedy series Absolutely
  12. People's Republic of —, Asian country; capital Beijing
  13. Poisonous snake such as the banded — or common —
  14. Ancient region of Western Europe
  15. Pakistan Test cricketer who took 5-111 against England in Birmingham in 1971
  16. Lawyer creation of Erle Stanley Gardner who first appeared in 1933 novel The Case of the Velvet Claws
  17. Main constituent of chromosomes; carrier of genetic information
  18. — Championship, golf major won by Brooks Koepka in 2018
  19. Ancient Greek city conquered by the Macedonians, whose ruins lie near the port of Kavala
  20. London Borough of —, district including Palmers Green, Edmonton and Ponders End
  21. European —, small marine food fish also called a brisling
  22. Short fringe on the fairway leading onto a golf green
  23. Species of wild mountain goat of Asia, Europe and North Africa
  24. William —, 1996-97 WBA Middleweight champion
  25. French author of 1933 novel La Condition humaine
  26. Rudolf —, composer of 1925 operetta The Vagabond King
  27. State capital of Connecticut, US
  28. Enamelled or lacquered metalware popular in the 18th century
  29. Roman goddess of the dawn
  30. 1951 novel by Graham Greene
  31. 2009 family film featuring Kelsey Grammer as Mr Cranston
  32. 1958 fantasy film starring Russ Tamblyn in the title role
  33. Line on a map connecting points of equal underwater depth
  34. 1971 film thriller starring Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland
  35. J T —, author of novels Trail Boss and Waco's Debt
  36. Freshwater game fish such as the brown — or rainbow —
  37. Sebastien —, 2013-18 and 2020 World Rally Championship Drivers' title winner
  38. 1962 Vladimir Nabokov novel featuring characters John Shade and Charles Kinbote
  39. Longest river in Africa
  40. City in Virginia, US, housing the man-made Mill Mountain Star
  41. Leo —, Secretary of State for India and Burma from 1940-45
  42. The —, 2010 action film directed, co-written by and starring Sylvester Stallone
  43. Forest —, Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar winner for The Last King of Scotland
  44. Brett —, Australian golfer; 2013 Volvo China Open tournament winner
  45. Louis —, first prime minister of the Union of South Africa
  46. Sandstone formation in Northern Territory, Australia, also known as Ayers Rock
  47. Heavy-bodied fast-swimming mackerel shark whose species are the shortfin — and longfin —
  48. 2010 novel by Jack Higgins
  49. Desiderius —, Dutch humanist whose Greek edition of the New Testament was published in 1516
  50. Japanese art of fencing with bamboo staves
  51. Daughter of Aeneas and Lavinia and mother of Romulus and Remus in Roman legend
  52. Natasha —, 2010 Commonwealth 100m gold medallist
  53. Commune in Ardennes, northeast France, on the Meuse River; site of a 1940 World War II battle
  54. Town of ancient Lycia now Demre, Turkey
  55. 1977 horror film starring Marilyn Chambers and Frank Moore
  56. Town in Mid Glamorgan, Wales, housing Cyfarthfa Castle
  57. Province of Canada; capital Regina
  58. 2010 animated film featuring the voice talent of Will Ferrell and Brad Pitt
  59. Denny —, 1967 F1 World Drivers' Championship winner
  60. Opera by Charles Gounod premiered in 1859
  61. Hereditary title of the head of the Nizari sect of Ismaili Muslims
  62. Berkshire town housing a public school for boys
  63. 1975 novel by Malcolm Bradbury
  64. 1968 Olympic men's pole vault gold medallist
  65. God of the earth in Babylonian and Assyrian mythology
  66. Wales, Ipswich Town and former Cardiff City midfield footballer
  67. 1977 no 2 single by Stevie Wonder
  68. Graham —, 1978 Commonwealth 100 and 200m breaststroke swimming gold medallist
  69. Shane —, Australian former Bristol Shoguns, Northampton Saints and Worcester Warriors rugby union fly-half capped twice by England in 2006
  70. Resort town in Wicklow, Republic of Ireland
  71. 1974 novel by Frederick Forsyth
  72. 1930 stage play by Noel Coward
  73. Long-legged doglike mammal of south Asia and Africa
  74. Domed or vaulted recess at the east end of a church
  75. Leonardo da Vinci painting depicting Jesus sharing a meal with his apostles
  76. 2010 novel by William Gibson
  77. In Greek mythology, the infinite space that existed before creation
  78. Island off the northern coast of Kent whose main town is Sheerness
  79. US author of 1968 novel The Gospel Singer
  80. M J —, former Durham, Italy and Australia ODI cricketer
  81. City of the Philistines; Biblical home of Goliath
  82. Member of the aboriginal people of Japan
  83. Gary —, singer and actor who portrayed Ronald Kray in 1990 biopic The Krays
  84. Carl —, American astronomer; author of 1985 novel Contact
  85. Town and seaside resort in East Sussex between Brighton and Hastings
  86. City in northeast Algeria housing the Ain El Fouara Fountain
  87. 1962 novel by John Braine
  88. Small port and resort in Argyll and Bute, western Scotland
  89. Mardy —, 2004 Olympic men's singles tennis silver medallist
  90. 1979-88 ITV drama series originally hosted by Roald Dahl
  91. 1985 film drama starring Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis
  92. Vivien —, Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar winner for Gone with the Wind
  93. Another name for large marine fish the tunny
  94. The —, 1991 novel by John Grisham
  95. Umberto —, author of novels The Name of the Rose and Foucault's Pendulum
  96. 2006 adventure film starring Edward Speleers in the title role
  97. Rapper and actor, contestant on 2009 Channel 4 series Celebrity Big Brother, who recorded 1995 no 1 single Gangsta's Paradise
  98. Bachelor of Laws
  99. Lake —, body of water in central Switzerland formed by a widening of the Aare River
  100. Unit of length, one twelfth of a foot

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