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  1. French city; capital of the former duchy of Burgundy
  2. Roger , English actor who portrayed V I Lenin in 1981 film drama Reds
  3. Arthur , English artist who illustrated a 1905 edition of Rip Van Winkle
  4. Common brown moth with orange markings whose larvae feed on willow and poplar
  5. Goddess of the dead in Norse mythology
  6. William B T , US painter whose works include 1883s The March to Valley Forge
  7. See 6 Across
  8. 1974 novel by John le Carre
  9. Actress who played Rachel Noyce in 1989 film drama The Rachel Papers
  10. Unit of weight equal to 14 pounds
  11. Seal ornamented with a sunken design rather than one in relief
  12. Roy , US actor who starred in 1960s television sci-fi series The Invaders
  13. Richard , 2012-14 Wakefield Trinity and current Leeds Rhinos rugby league club head coach
  14. See 5 Down
  15. 1968 film comedy starring Tom Courtenay in the title role
  16. Bridget , British artist whose works include 1963 painting Fall
  17. US state; capital Little Rock
  18. Bar or shaft on which a pair of wheels revolve
  19. Metallic element; symbol Sn
  20. Richard , entrepreneur who co-founded Virgin Records in 1972
  21. Radio and television presenter; contestant on 2006 ITV series Im a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!
  22. R J , England Test cricketer who took 6-34 against South Africa in Nottingham in 2003
  23. Russian unit of length equal to approximately two-thirds of a mile
  24. Gustave Flaubert novel published in book form in 1857
  25. Chris , singer and actor who played Special Agent Chester Desmond in 1992 film thriller Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me