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  1. Island in San Francisco Bay that was a federal prison until 1963
  2. Ancient Roman seven-day festival celebrated in December
  3. Ski lift for towing two skiers at a time uphill
  4. Author of 1678 Christian allegory The Pilgrim's Progress
  5. 1892 Sergei Rachmaninoff opera after Alexander Pushkin's poem The Gypsies
  6. Republic on the Persian Gulf whose capital is Baghdad
  7. 1996 Melvyn Bragg novel featuring the character Bega
  8. Member of a Berber people living in northern Algeria
  9. R J , co-author with W C Sellar of the book 1066 and All That
  10. Facial feature
  11. Decoration awarded to members of the US Armed Forces wounded or killed in action
  12. Member of a people of Rwanda and Burundi
  13. Poem or prose work describing an idealized rural life
  14. Large South American rodent resembling a small beaver
  15. African republic whose capital is Kigali
  16. Market town in North Yorkshire on the River Aire housing a medieval castle
  17. Variety of eating apple with a pale green skin
  18. Food fish of the northern hemisphere with an elongated body, large head and two dorsal fins
  19. Bill , actor whose roles have included Lennier in US television series Babylon 5
  20. Initialism for world cricket's governing body
  21. Capital of the Bahamas
  22. Jennie , actress whose roles have included Ursula Brangwen in 1969 film drama Women in Love
  23. Large bottle with a short narrow neck, often with small handles, used in wine making
  24. Almost horizontal passage driven into a mine for access or drainage
  25. Gambler and dentist involved in the Gunfight at the OK Corral in 1881
  26. Coral island of Japan administered by the US from 1945-72