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  1. Cultivated variety of cabbage with crinkled leaves
  2. Playing card with one spot
  3. The , punk rock group whose albums include No More Heroes and La Folie
  4. Council region of South Island, New Zealand, founded by Scottish settlers
  5. Village and fishing port in Highland, Scotland, on Loch Broom
  6. Mediterranean area east of the River Rhone whose resorts include Nice and Cannes
  7. Small wingless blood-sucking insect noted for its power of leaping
  8. 1971 stage play by Simon Gray
  9. Synthetic rubber resistant to oil and ageing used in paints and diving suits
  10. Another name for the European sea eagle
  11. Federated States of , island group in the Pacific Ocean; capital Palikir
  12. Member of a formerly rich cattle-keeping people of southern Africa living chiefly in Namibia
  13. Omar , actor who played Dr Eric Foreman in US television series House
  14. Celia , actress who played Una Alconbury in the Bridget Jones film trilogy
  15. Henny , London-born US comedian known as King of the One-Liners
  16. 1941 Alfred Hitchcock film thriller starring Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine
  17. Torquato , 16th-century Italian author of epic poem Jerusalem Delivered
  18. Fabric whose wrinkled finish is achieved by treatment involving caustic soda
  19. See 16 Down
  20. See 23 Across
  21. Balazs , 1996 Olympic hammer gold medallist
  22. Capital of Japan from 794-1868
  23. Mark , actor who played Friar Tuck in 2010 action film Robin Hood
  24. Former comedy partner of Syd Little
  25. Venomous snake of Africa and Asia with an inflatable neck hood
  26. Seaside town in Dorset north of the Isle of Portland
  27. 18th-century Dublin-born statesman who wrote Reflections on the Revolution in France