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  1. See 11
  2. Positive electrode in an electrolytic cell
  3. Vivien , actress; first wife of playwright Harold Pinter
  4. See 14
  5. Charles , American modernist composer of the four-movement A Symphony: New England Holidays
  6. Robert , actor and comedian whose credits include The Smoking Room and Peep Show
  7. Wes , actor who played Eytukan in 2009 action film Avatar
  8. US humorist whose short stories include The Catbird Seat and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  9. 1956 Olympic mens long jump gold medallist
  10. Number of sheets of paper equal to 20 quires
  11. 2000 Olympic mens trap shooting silver medallist
  12. 1970s US television drama series starring Dennis Weaver as a New Mexico cop in New York City
  13. Charity founded by Chad Varah in 1953
  14. See 22 Across
  15. 1977 film comedy starring John Denver and George Burns
  16. 19th-century English poet who coined the term sprung rhythm
  17. Yutaka , 2004-08 WBA Strawweight champion
  18. 1998 animated film based on a Chinese legend whose title character is voiced by Ming-Na Wen
  19. Artist of the Venetian School born in Pieve di Cadore, Italy, whose works include The Death of Actaeon
  20. Handball-like game of Spanish Basque origin; a variety of pilota
  21. 2001 film drama starring Dougray Scott and Kate Winslet
  22. Fish with a long snake-like body and reduced fins
  23. Market town in the Scottish Borders at the confluence of the Rivers Teviot and Tweed
  24. Hybrid of blackberry and raspberry cultivated for its edible fruit
  25. Actor who played Bill Compton in US television series True Blood from 2008-14