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  1. Glasgow-born British army lieutenant-general mortally wounded in the Battle of Corunna in 1809
  2. Willem , Abstract Expressionist painter whose works include 1955s Gotham News
  3. Staff carried by Hermes in classical mythology
  4. National style of wrestling of Japan
  5. Michael , 1988 Olympic 200m butterfly swimming gold medallist
  6. In criminal law, the act of intentionally setting fire to property for some improper reason
  7. Ken , US television chef whose books include Travels with a Hot Wok
  8. Large extinct flightless bird of New Zealand
  9. Kelly , model-actress who played Sophia Rossellini in 2004 comedy-drama film School for Seduction
  10. Portable box-shaped instrument of the reed organ family
  11. Town in Thuringia, Germany; birthplace of composer Johann Sebastian Bach
  12. Thomas , 18th-century English composer noted for his setting of Shakespearean songs
  13. Town in New Mexico, US, where the first atomic bomb was developed
  14. Yellow-flowered North American plant such as the smooth
  15. 2000 romcom starring Hugh Laurie and Joely Richardson
  16. Emily , US author of 1922 book Etiquette - The Blue Book of Social Usage
  17. 1942 film in a comedy series starring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour
  18. Cultivated variety of cabbage with crinkled leaves
  19. City in eastern Cuba; first capital of the country
  20. Hans , portraitist and court painter to Henry VIII who died in 1543
  21. See 21
  22. 1929 novel by Sinclair Lewis
  23. Graffiti artist and painter whose works include 2018s Love is in the Bin
  24. 2006 musical film drama starring Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
  25. River of central England flowing to the River Severn at Tewkesbury
  26. Third son of David in the Old Testament