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  1. Small curved lake constituting the remnant of a former meander
  2. Monetary unit of Israel worth one hundredth of a shekel
  3. Azumah —, WBC Featherweight champion from 1984-88
  4. John William —, English Classicist painter whose works include 1901's The Tease
  5. Kiichiro —, Japanese entrepreneur who created the Toyota Motor Corporation
  6. New Zealand bird of the honeyeater family with a bluish-green plumage and white tuft under the throat
  7. 1979 film drama starring Richard Gere and Lisa Eichhorn
  8. 1972 Best Music, Original Song Oscar winner for Theme from Shaft
  9. Figure of Christian folklore condemned to walk the Earth until the Second Coming for taunting Jesus on the way to the Crucifixion
  10. Sherilyn —, actress who plays Audrey Horne in US television drama series Twin Peaks
  11. Number represented by the symbol L in Roman numerals
  12. Jacques —, cyclist; 1957 Tour de France winner
  13. 2007 novel by Sebastian Faulks
  14. Soft creamy white cheese similar to Camembert
  15. First wife of Jacob in the Old Testament
  16. Irvine —, author of novels Glue, Crime and Porno
  17. The —, 1963 novel by Mary McCarthy
  18. Musical form originally comprising a play with overture, songs, entr'actes and dances
  19. City of the Philistines; Biblical home of Goliath
  20. Container of the Ashes in the cricket Test series between England and Australia
  21. Common brightly coloured garden bird with a yellow breast
  22. 1997 novel by Garrison Keillor whose central character is John Tollefson
  23. Singer and actor who played Belvedere Rickettes in 1990 comedy-musical film Cry-Baby
  24. Town in Wales northeast of Swansea housing a ruined castle
  25. High altitude semi-translucent cloud