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  1. Close-textured fabric of cotton, silk or spun rayon woven with lengthwise ribs
  2. Musical percussion instrument consisting of a membrane stretched over a shell
  3. Choral musical composition such as 1791 W A Mozart work Ave verum corpus
  4. 2011 adventure film with Asa Butterfield in the title role
  5. Leonhard , 18th-century mathematician noted for his work on the calculus of variation
  6. Metropolitan city in South Korea on the Taehwa River
  7. Jupp , coach of football club Bayern Munich from 2017-18
  8. See 9 Down
  9. Alan , stand-up comedian whose television credits include Celebrity Ding Dong and The Singer Takes It All
  10. Port in central Vietnam; former capital of the kingdom of Annam
  11. 1991 novel by Elmore Leonard
  12. Broadcaster who chaired BBC TV panel show Juke Box Jury from 1959-67
  13. US actor who played Lu Ren in 2018 action film Tomb Raider
  14. Name by which the New Zealand national rugby union team is known
  15. Pen name of H H Munro, author of 1914 short story collection Beasts and Super-Beasts
  16. Village in North Yorkshire north-west of Ilkley noted for Tarn and Cove
  17. Max , entertainer and actor who starred in 1961 film drama Spare the Rod
  18. Wingless blood-sucking insect noted for its power of leaping
  19. Cephalopod mollusc with a broad flattened body that produces a brown pigment
  20. The , 2008 action film starring Gabriel Macht in the title role
  21. Old Testament army captain who put Absalom to death
  22. Mediterranean plant with liquorice-flavoured aromatic seeds
  23. 2011 novel by Josephine Cox
  24. Point after deuce in tennis
  25. Jean-Pierre , actor who starred as Antoine Doinel in a series of films including 1959's The 400 Blows
  26. Large tidal estuary in northern England formed by the Rivers Ouse and Trent
  27. Francis , Chairman of the Conservative Party from 2005-07