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  1. Haitian monetary unit worth one hundredth of a gourde
  2. Large semiaquatic rodent with a broad flat tail
  3. Pseudonym used by Charles Dickens in contributions to the Morning Chronicle newspaper
  4. European freshwater fish with olive-green skin and orange-red eyes
  5. UK Prime Minister from 2016-19
  6. Actor who played Finn Hudson in US television series Glee
  7. — gun, light 9mm sub-machine gun formerly used in the British Army
  8. John —, actor who played Mr Humphries in 1977 film comedy Are You Being Served?
  9. Former province of southeast France on the Mediterranean
  10. Second son of Joseph and Asenath according to the Book of Genesis in the Bible
  11. Sammy —, lyricist who won a Best Original Song Oscar for Three Coins in a Fountain
  12. Mountain range in south central Europe
  13. Irvine —, author of novels Glue, Crime and Filth
  14. High-level computer programming language designed for general commercial use
  15. Author of 1759 novel Candide
  16. Henri —, rugby union scrum half; 1988 France Test debutant against Argentina
  17. Genus of wild and domestic cattle including the gaur, gayal and zebu
  18. City in Emilia-Romagna, Italy; capital of the Western Roman Empire from 402-476
  19. The —, 1955 novel by John Wyndham
  20. Small falcon that hovers against the wind
  21. Another name for a catkin
  22. Author of 2010 stage play Christ Deliver Us!
  23. Gold coin formerly used throughout Europe
  24. The —, 1921 film drama starring Rudolph Valentino in the title role
  25. Jane —, actress who played Daphne Moon in US television sitcom Frasier