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  1. White disaccharide also called milk sugar
  2. Standard monetary unit of Guatemala
  3. The , 1969 novel by Jackie Collins
  4. Period of forty weekdays from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday in the Christian Church
  5. Unit of thermal resistance used to measure the power of insulation of a quilt
  6. Georges , French painter whose works include 1911s Clarinet and Bottle of Rum on a Mantelpiece
  7. 2009 novel by David Nicholls
  8. Leader of the Lycians in Greek mythology who shot Menelaus with an arrow
  9. Eugene , 1904-20 Socialist Party of America candidate for US president
  10. Football club; 1969 League Cup Final winners
  11. Lake , body of water on the Zambia-Democratic Republic of the Congo border
  12. Capital of Syria
  13. 2009 crime film starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler
  14. 1990 film comedy starring Griff Rhys Jones in the title role
  15. Actor who played the title role in 1953 film drama The Clown
  16. Bruce , US photographer; director of 1988 film documentary Lets Get Lost
  17. Bruce , Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Coming Home
  18. Clark , Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar winner for It Happened One Night
  19. Robert , Archbishop of Canterbury from 1980-91
  20. See 1 Across
  21. Cathedral city in Cambridgeshire on the River Ouse
  22. British actress married to Dudley Moore from 1968-72
  23. Colourless gaseous element; symbol Ne
  24. Christian Gottlob , German composer of 1771 opera Die Apotheke
  25. County , area in Leinster, Republic of Ireland, housing the towns Bray and Greystones
  26. Sally , nightclub singer in 1939 Christopher Isherwood novel Goodbye to Berlin