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  1. Plant of the genus Petasites such as the giant or Arctic
  2. Short solo song resembling a simple aria
  3. James , Scottish engineer and inventor who improved the steam engine
  4. Small depression in the centre of the macula in the retina of the eye
  5. Salesi , former Australia, Northampton, Toulon, Gloucester and Cardiff rugby union prop now with RC Narbonne
  6. Sixth note of any major scale in tonic sol-fa
  7. 1970 Grand National winner ridden by Pat Taaffe
  8. The , region of SE England between the North Downs and the South Downs
  9. 1924 stage play by Noel Coward
  10. Published title of 1817 unfinished Jane Austen novel The Brothers featuring the character Charlotte Heywood
  11. See 14
  12. Castle, ruined medieval fortress in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, south of Stonehaven
  13. Al , US motor racing driver; 1987 Indianapolis 500 winner
  14. York-born conspirator executed in 1606 for his role in the Gunpowder Plot
  15. Legendary creature also called the abominable snowman
  16. Crater lake near Naples, Italy, regarded as an entrance to Hades in ancient times
  17. Capital of Azerbaijan
  18. Tactical play in the last few tricks of a game of bridge forcing an opponent to make a particular lead
  19. Wilfrid , prime minister of Canada from 1896-1911
  20. Gina , actress who played Sharla Smith in 2011 film thriller Killer Joe
  21. State capital of Maryland, US
  22. Anatole , winner of the 1921 Nobel Prize in Literature
  23. Old Testament Hebrew prophet of the 8th-century BC
  24. Russian river that flows to the Caspian Sea at Guryev
  25. Ancient capital of Assyria
  26. Skipper of steamboat the Vital Spark in stories by Neil Munro