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  1. Major mountain system of South America
  2. 20th letter in the Greek alphabet
  3. Classic ballet practice posture with back erect and knees bent
  4. Edith , French singer known as the Little Sparrow
  5. 1980 film drama starring Gary Busey and Jodie Foster
  6. 1996 action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Caan
  7. 1999 comedy-drama film starring Adam Sandler and Joey Lauren Adams
  8. London Underground line coloured black on a Tube map
  9. Group or set of twenty
  10. Daughter of Zeus and Leda in Greek mythology whose abduction caused the Trojan War
  11. Another name for a leopard, especially a black one
  12. Digital icon used to express an idea or emotion
  13. 2010 action film starring Josh Brolin in the title role
  14. Lake , body of water in central Africa at the southern end of the Great Rift Valley
  15. Edible red seaweed also known as Neptunes girdle
  16. 1992 horror film starring Virginia Madsen, Tony Todd and Xander Berkeley
  17. Hayley , actress who played the title role in 1960 family film Pollyanna
  18. Electronic machine in ITV childrens puppet series Joe 90 capable of transferring brain patterns from one person to another
  19. Joy , naturalist who authored books Born Free and Living Free
  20. Language also called Siamese
  21. Hayden , actor who starred as David Rice in 2008 sci-fi film Jumper
  22. Gulf of , inlet of the Ionian Sea between the Peloponnese and central Greece
  23. S , West Indies Test cricketer who made 104 against South Africa in Port Elizabeth in 2007
  24. First letter in the Hebrew alphabet
  25. The , stage play by Jean Anouilh first performed in 1953
  26. Tony , Widnes and GB 1985-1988 Rugby League World Cup stand-off