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21-November-2012 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Barge-pushing vessels
  2. Result of two people interrupting each other?
  3. Ne plus ___
  4. How some suspects are released
  5. Wile E. Coyotes preferred supplier
  6. Actor Hank in 2011s short-lived Free Agents
  7. Pumps (up)
  8. Name of several movie brothers that was changed from Wonskolaser
  9. Homer throws one out the window in the title sequence of The Simpsons
  10. Went over time
  11. ___ friend you are!
  12. Panic-study
  13. Monty Python member who renounced his American citizenship
  14. Finishes
  15. They might get smashed
  16. South Park family
  17. Oft-ridiculed ISP
  18. Look natural on a baseball field, say
  19. The green and gold, in Olympic standings
  20. Dogbane family member
  21. I swear its true!
  22. Not calm
  23. Like the Smashing Pumpkins rat
  24. Stable states
  25. Deadly jelly
  26. Lifts at the gym
  27. Size for a printer: Abbr
  28. Chase and Citi rival, popularly
  29. Leprechaun-like
  30. Business designation: Abbr
  31. Scott of Parks and Recreation [The AV Club goes subscription only soon! Sign up at]
  32. It comes in a pear-shaped bottle, ironically
  33. Necktie relative
  34. Big cluster of tildes and cedillas?
  35. Rugby score
  36. Inflatable pilot in Airplane!
  37. Woods might wield one
  38. Adornments for a brutal dictators crown?
  39. Remove, as a page
  40. Namesake of a Chicago pizza chain
  41. How ruthless people play
  42. Whack
  43. 1985 film with the line Two corpses; everythings fine
  44. Party bowlful
  45. Mr. Shostakovich
  46. French painter (youll need the crossing to get the second letter)
  47. Went off course
  48. Yup opposite
  49. One with whips and aprons
  50. Monthly check writer
  51. The NHLs oldest arena
  52. Figure out what Ritz and Goldfish are made of?
  53. Roger that
  54. Obamas faith, according to crazy people
  55. Line on a letter to Presque Isle Bay
  56. STD manifestation
  57. Digging
  58. Dads gonna kill me
  59. Nora who asked her husband Why dont you write books people can read?
  60. Like a famous urn
  61. Smartphone ancestor, for short
  62. Checkered thing, maybe
  63. Lets out, as Festivus grievances
  64. Shapeshifting member of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  65. Busters?: Abbr
  66. Late Beastie Boy
  67. Nickname for a telecom conglomerate
  68. Break from the band
  69. Saturn compact
  70. Intl. buffers
  71. ___ Homme (fashion line)