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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 9-April-2021
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 8-April-2021
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 7-April-2021
  1. Bulletin from channel framing health centre
  2. Scratch cricket side on call
  3. Against cutting identical notes for the present
  4. Nutmeg's theme initially missed, showing lack of perception
  5. Youth leader's clanger, shielding internee at port
  6. Drastic reduction in sales oddly overlooked
  7. Union to scale down working during month
  8. Leave layer covering ancient temple
  9. Some specified article plugged by seaman
  10. Place for father to hide heiress, with plot brewing
  11. Caller from US contrarily set out for another meal
  12. Person writing schedule substitutes second half of month
  13. Propitious start for government in African country
  14. One reveres Ireland's foremost injured soldier
  15. Keenly awaiting release of a poem by PhD in translation
  16. Guy briefly retained by Touchstone to keep watch
  17. Follow a century with another
  18. All there is beneath fertiliser staff dug in
  19. Potential source of wealth in new normality?
  20. I blundered, needing ultimately to go up backwards
  21. Feature, primarily pretence or reality?
  22. Wouldn't part with sole weapon that's proved trustworthy
  23. Work slicing sausages for game participants
  24. Kind person like Vlad once a Guardian worker?
  25. Virtual trade exhibition shortly visiting London suburb
  26. This lady's going to Hull
  27. Pilfer item from nativity scene
  28. Scheme taken up by venal politician
  29. Vice squad heartily entertained — say no more!
  30. Position not conducive to firing CO?
  31. He's out, free to work where 8 is
  32. Time, perhaps, Hamlet returned? So it is
  33. Rows in Costa following this order
  34. Finishing early, read up on boss
  35. An achievement, of course — yes, picked up a good looker
  36. Runs through a tunnel breaking out (not yet discovered)
  37. Mysterious travellers returned from occupying country
  38. Main treatment centre
  39. Fury over Rex playing a stage villain
  40. Suddenly got nasty with a small number
  41. Heading off, one subsidising fellow journalist short of fare
  42. Repeat right away what's left
  43. Spoils look of tin-openers
  44. Deal inappropriately with the Wolverine State
  45. Little boy is holding it
  46. Not on — Telegraph, evidently worried, showed sign of panic
  47. Left with broken heart — man you dumped not wanting to do anything
  48. An animal in bed (one having taken Viagra finally)
  49. Child one is longing to lift up to secure access to Santa?
  50. Strangely resonant — it is loud
  51. Stuff it!' — Queen unhappily entertaining Johnson
  52. Crooked aristocrat caught — one beyond redemption
  53. It should be paid daily (gets 50% off)
  54. When there's no actual fighting, he's great in the gym
  55. Presenter short, so had to show up
  56. A basis for prayers
  57. Round bag
  58. Sailor Bill opens two consecutive letters
  59. At first sight, a campfire's about to engulf one
  60. Neatly replacing one with daughter, Merry
  61. Keeper likely to get a buzz from a new strip to go over international one
  62. Put out drugs for trials
  63. In the outskirts of Los Angeles, snake passes for fish?
  64. Infection of one's darling — getting one shot
  65. Rock group members' initially short tempers
  66. Black-eyed Susan, environmental activist and international ace
  67. Has old bowler possibly arrived at end of pitch?
  68. Wife is a printer? Shows she's not being serious
  69. Dodgy dealer goes in back way for sewing machine parts
  70. Stranger from France reorganised IKEA on return
  71. Aim at spot at centre of token
  72. Surgical procedure means life and beginnings of prodigious sex — yes!
  73. Hair transplant claim involving setters?
  74. Asiatic cooks taking cocaine for painful condition
  75. Disparaging term for a medium asteroid orbiting round America
  76. Rockers possibly making church appearances
  77. Astute, missing nothing, considering disorder
  78. Placed in centre pile: 'Psycho­logical Recurring Attacks
  79. X-ray unit or back specialist hospital department's information
  80. 2 in 100 Poles have a duty to go inside
  81. Native American doctor, one who favours war
  82. Treacherous types: racers, perhaps
  83. Said to be a conflicted character's mask
  84. Father about heartless perform­ance: 'It's supposed to be funny
  85. More than one mountain creature in the same place gets very cold
  86. He's declared sane after treatment, in a state of being mentally alert
  87. More work here, more pleasure here?
  88. Like some roads with bit of confusion — two traffic lights but only one right!
  89. Dense group of trees in which little son hides
  90. Fellow, one left being given time inside, shown to be this?
  91. Portraying an image of a type of chemical bond involving carbon
  92. Trees we'd chopped in small areas of land
  93. Roman emperor, hiding in enclosure, secured position
  94. Spy on street creating trouble
  95. Ban duke? Squabble about some rehashed stuff
  96. Idiots in European port missing an entrance to shipping
  97. Ogle, needing to grab comp­anion? Well he might!
  98. Mess made by quiet group in school
  99. Take a walk, parking vehicle first
  100. A learner missing from practice picks up again?

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