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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 27-August-2021
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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 25-August-2021
  1. Sue found bus tiring, sadly
  2. Not beyond reach, fresh bagel snatched by union member
  3. No one requiring doctor's appointment? OK with some reservations
  4. Half dying to tuck into green food? That's a landmark for Americans!
  5. Arab in country without borders
  6. Squeeze gallons into the tin, furiously
  7. Drink contents of dish?
  8. Warmer vessel spinning on wheel
  9. Race car leaving front of plant
  10. Up until now, fox feasted
  11. Familiar bird, swallow almost caught by coastal mammal
  12. Spanish line on mat for waltzer, did you say?
  13. Sauce regularly guzzled by that woman with meat, unfortunate mistake
  14. Clown feeding odd bits of muck to Republican presidents?
  15. One's joined with soldiers in amendment of that act
  16. China, say, private place under leader of dictatorship
  17. A donkey, virtually wild
  18. God and fool welcomed by supporter in US city
  19. Stoat out gathering commercial food that's fried
  20. Breeze that may result in domino effect?
  21. Fit in dock for computer
  22. Puzzle deception with German drink
  23. Sort of long art gallery in church, perhaps
  24. Something filling skip that obviously doesn't get eaten, initially
  25. Watch character cry out loud?
  26. Ship yet to launch, boat ultimately motionless
  27. Little bit in your houses
  28. Sky feature about Irish sport succeeded
  29. Hail in a part of Orkney
  30. European books bound to keep one inside wanting more
  31. One way to carry goods across India, unsuccessfully?
  32. Greek doctor doesn't finish The Tempest
  33. Transmitting old northern song
  34. Made up name in erudite broadcast
  35. Spooner's cleverly ignoring old eastern riposte
  36. A little French cash wife's kept in the back of Cornwall?
  37. Praises temperature sustained by unit's cold shower
  38. Leave a large group of old boozers about to invade part of pitch
  39. Expected conditions to endure for English actors
  40. US poet improved briefly in paper
  41. Hot dish, then cold, very cold
  42. After torrential sleet cloak glass
  43. It causes climatic changes in '09, westbound around Lima
  44. A carnival bar opening during summer
  45. This compares different sources of interference
  46. Drops first-class navy trousers
  47. Change, say, then ring one's closest friend
  48. Every so often trips by girl matter
  49. Ring round head appearing in encephalogram
  50. Downing Street leader's about to pursue German girl
  51. Dispense with pony on leaving with white horses
  52. Pearly king no use working with chartered accountant
  53. According to some, bank transferred parts
  54. Independent female stops near turbines
  55. Spell of cold weather eventually penetrating the joint
  56. Pop music centre regenerated Mary's classic sitcom
  57. State Republican keen to sup­press independent legislative body
  58. Caper results in country's leader being replaced
  59. No miser needs special finish on everything
  60. Fantastic Mere Man is coming!
  61. Say, rather badly: 'Bread vs rocks
  62. Maybe seaweeds' improbable general age
  63. For this particular purpose, include white wine, it's said
  64. Joke leg manufactured for rambling group?
  65. Brother's Wi-Fi rather dodgy
  66. One's rather old-fashioned cul-de-sac
  67. Drink company
  68. Buckle in lid in defect construction
  69. Has a dated appreciation of accommodation
  70. Art set in amalgam, a rectangular arrangement
  71. Play the bongos again, possibly requiring backing to produce hit
  72. Quickly passes 'Men's Trousers Feature' — heartless youth!
  73. One who fancies commercial muck, right?
  74. Be prepared to shoot transport members
  75. Winter feature spells end of Christmas present season
  76. Give instruction: sun acceptable when hot internally
  77. Message from public transport: 'Introduction of electronic support needed
  78. Joy, it's time to get into breathing out, having dropped an aitch!
  79. Large amount of clubs needing creative work pack
  80. Said 'Don't move decoration
  81. Rise up and fight daughter at the back
  82. Instrument's voice, even used with acoustic of large venue
  83. Originating perhaps overseas, like Kathak, as a dance
  84. Elgar composition for portable organ
  85. Boatman is into rock (a follower of Yes?) with this instrument
  86. Get wrong note out with this instrument
  87. Cutting-edge music, selling well with City hipsters at first
  88. Liable to have start of music replacing run in trumpet
  89. Speculator, denying role in collapse, causes trouble
  90. Outlaws are sent legal IDs, lest these be discovered
  91. Horse around on instrument
  92. Instrument of empty honour
  93. In refrain, trombone leads to start of music
  94. One shows little authenticity in sound of instrument
  95. Instrument, but missing bag
  96. Race with turns that are slippery
  97. Ridiculous orange beast
  98. Notes written here in Home Counties about tax return
  99. Diverting to marina, which is in Sicily
  100. Get another instrument — there's a note missing

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