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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 24-January-2020
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-January-2020
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-January-2020
  1. Seat: I offered support for member not returned PM
  2. See 9
  3. See 20
  4. London borough cut back foreign money
  5. Clifftop home creepy, we hear?
  6. Endless suffering: Boriss heart consumed by power issue
  7. Backtrack twice and workers lit up by party leader? I dont believe you!
  8. Are various small birds travelling west, after starling initially again takes over
  9. Radioactive element in preservative for good health
  10. Middle 2 from 4 (x 2) for shipment
  11. Was PM unprejudiced, where only the elite accommodated?
  12. Discuss roads home
  13. Back to basics here, as Conserv­ative taking drugs?
  14. Where lies circulating around famous Downing Street figure, might this have extra traction?
  15. Mastermind tune for worms
  16. Individual absorbed by course, virtually complete
  17. Guns raised for quarry in glen?
  18. One sport he worked on, nearing defeat
  19. Sloth near Ealing fed last of spaghetti
  20. See 18
  21. Report scale and method as liquid strained
  22. Boris, penning newspaper material thats shabby, is for the practical approach
  23. Stallions back on course whereas this one isnt
  24. Final drink full of street talk
  25. In fun, absolute rulers beginning to splash out he can certainly afford it!
  26. Question put to liquidator by business, seriously?
  27. Those speaking for author
  28. See 16
  29. See 20
  30. Doctor doesnt start working out inspirational woman
  31. Order press to cover key letter from Plato
  32. Periodically fancy that series of old deeds
  33. Roosevelt settled for Republican surveying device
  34. Cretan kings mothers contribut­ion to neuropathology
  35. Sit papers dealing with main god
  36. Wary bishop is hosting Democrat Eddy near Sicily
  37. Lots of deities (female) face a setback
  38. English lad gathers new wood
  39. Check claim involving northern dispute
  40. Playwright succeeded with horror story
  41. Old statesman exercised coercion on leaving
  42. Star characters in Disney film
  43. Circus figures painful back
  44. Ill-fated lovers articles, two of them foreign
  45. One who likes to scorn club first
  46. Rustic forbidden to appear in a French church
  47. A long time to muse
  48. Favourite city medics future wool supplier
  49. Coach amused stinging swimmer, one of 21
  50. Grow crop, last of rye bordering vital ground
  51. Open University book inspires college sequel
  52. High priest of soul maybe told about dancing
  53. Film dog in colour, one interrupting service
  54. Barman tours clubs with a European bunch of boozers
  55. Cryptic clue about providing radical Morning Star
  56. Repulsive women try to cuddle up, hugging Romeo
  57. Promise place on Fringe
  58. Theban king about to rip off trousers
  59. Big money, cigars not one involved in this
  60. Peace and love? Left first to cut through pretence
  61. See 22
  62. Wifes getting frisky with actor on Peaky not a good one
  63. Herberts story entertains a majority of regulators
  64. Exercise in order for man?
  65. Queen stage musical review initially its repetitious
  66. Bird (Romeos second) managed to break bed
  67. Tame! Newcastle after setback having big clear-out
  68. See 10
  69. Selfish being last to come and first to leave
  70. Press release about bishop its explosive
  71. Maneater makes advance prince rejected?
  72. Developed at last the batterys storage capacity
  73. Books turned up in seconds, one after the other
  74. Hosts banquets, taking quick look round inside Dukes not there!
  75. Free bar Im full to capacity
  76. Required to stop poverty, no end to sick states failing
  77. Greeting Henry with hot drink outside
  78. Remain in Mulholland Drive?
  79. Jennifer finally leaving as Johnson was dressing
  80. Guardians German writer taking one in (as I do here)
  81. See 1 across
  82. Strange about a king turning into stone
  83. Poor shot selection at start splits Marks supporters in opening frame
  84. She has nothing over Ruby
  85. Variable working horror cue to act over numbers initially on it?
  86. See 22
  87. Herb Alperts debut, one regul­arly covered by British Sign Language
  88. Complex to explain
  89. Passing time with artist playing tennis
  90. Catholic girls lesson in style
  91. Leaders a supporter of independence?
  92. Wow! Not even posh journalist suffered an attack of the giggles
  93. After dark piece on the radio
  94. Slow boat merely capsized
  95. crew too heavy? Not half!
  96. Dishes a world away, fine for the Springboks?
  97. Up-to-date creep keeps dashing out
  98. Where to stay after golf?
  99. Seducer of fifty-one sexy maidens
  100. One should look thoroughly for trendy magazine wanting adults clothing

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