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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 6-December-2019
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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 4-December-2019
  1. Pudding where wed expect to see tea, its said
  2. What some solicitors do on hearing a charge
  3. Lady from Lisbon hears no evil
  4. Most equable ladies regularly appearing in film
  5. Putting self-portrait on display, bashfully
  6. Skip university in pursuit of love
  7. Patriots withdrawing singular honour for Hollywood legend?
  8. French madame and monsieur have words before ceremony
  9. Boat from south Jersey or Guernsey?
  10. Gather where beavers seen and weather the storm
  11. Nurses treated current stabbing early in the day
  12. Sailor looking fatigued aboard, running back and forth
  13. Playwright once releasing book to be grabbed by males ready for casting?
  14. Judge from Spain comes across the wrong way
  15. One furnishes capital home with more elaborate fencing
  16. Allude to trapping beast coming up from foreign parts
  17. Take out child, heading off after school on vacation
  18. Democrat moving in to make changes for promoters
  19. Merry monarchs order for salad?
  20. Countryman to consider keeping wife and daughter apart
  21. Young peers happily sharing a mistress?
  22. Result of making mini bats for childrens game?
  23. Uneasy and unready to receive, getting out
  24. Careers madly round house for something to put shirt on?
  25. Breed of dog, one lean aggressive type
  26. Bird going up rubbish heap gets very little to eat
  27. Japanese art, complete with fine raised frame
  28. Eastern firm set up by an Indian, perhaps
  29. Primate in role, as protection against the enemy?
  30. The French going after instant sea food
  31. Alloy with which Gypsy plugs opening
  32. Agree about journalist being taken in by star
  33. Structural weakness of fairly big tin potty
  34. Very soft bit of apple expanded
  35. Atmosphere around sort of valley
  36. President once popular, having removed extremists
  37. Legal statement by Welby, maybe as a precaution
  38. Ten fools, cavorting with glee, lose all inhibitions
  39. Very little vigour when ones absorbed bacterium
  40. Musical phrase, last thing from radio station to be played
  41. We hear No 1 songs
  42. Plant thats crimson gets weak in time when secluded
  43. Joke doddery oldie heard in musical form
  44. See 1
  45. Artist has left it for framing?
  46. Athenian character penned by dramatist Im one
  47. Island is area for Greek character to occupy
  48. Pirate out of place in part of ship, be honest
  49. Old comic publication seen as abrasive
  50. Fate encountered after short embrace
  51. Rent flat with floors at different heights
  52. Dish and item of furniture that may be put on list of inventions
  53. Snub in game
  54. Second drink and girls beginning amorous activity
  55. Trendy Parisian quickly making request for company
  56. Tricky roles for one always taking second place?
  57. Was successful, like a reluctantly disciplined child?
  58. See 24
  59. Predict yacht can become a form of psychotherapy
  60. Cordial hospital not in the frame
  61. Weapon religious group deployed round a water source
  62. Items finish in oven
  63. Curious opposites are back-to-back
  64. As tailor, may be? Thats about right
  65. Latch heartless Doctor Faust, wrote von Goethe, bitter at the end
  66. Haughty Louis IV moving forward chasing fancy cup, sire?
  67. Tasty offshoot in book
  68. Hungarys borders accessible
  69. Cultural Revolutions end, in principle
  70. Disappear, having heard comic encore
  71. Tries to be outrageously sassy after early start
  72. Come together with capacity to contain revolutionary chaos
  73. Champion among nationalists turned nuts
  74. Dense fog Central tube station first to get disrupted
  75. Delighted with the Guardians stated time for an economy round
  76. Only one to escape being stamped on?
  77. Stalag ground is filled with hostility
  78. Aware of extremely subversive and evil intent
  79. Trivial as whitebait?
  80. Indigenous person, putting head down among tribe, starts to show superb ingenuity
  81. Firmness and kindness to start hand in glove after outbreak
  82. We are its reincarnation, so to speak
  83. Stop, but not to see the womans frolics in water
  84. Internet mob broken up
  85. Solvent sexy male, fine bottom half
  86. Treacherous, unlike Jacob
  87. Less fresh challenger at first one defeated
  88. Anti-unionism, note, very high
  89. Other than bums may be contracted in this
  90. Hard to please in house: comfortable outside
  91. On the fence, not a prison sentence?
  92. Drug smuggler gets cross
  93. Ship bearing Republican flag
  94. Needleworker also poked into potato
  95. Turn over bread
  96. Naval officer casts losers adrift
  97. Tiny packets, as can hide insect
  98. Running away from such elevated entertainment?
  99. Empty, Charlie can eat cooked sea creature
  100. Ask a person for leave

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