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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 26-May-2021
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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 24-May-2021
  1. What junkies get without fruit-based vitamin supplements
  2. Individual pinching something from the pot?
  3. Wide seat in stalls of auditorium
  4. Mountain peak I start to climb, taking step up
  5. One's failed to settle crew held interminably at sea
  6. Enthralled by Ali's blow artfully done
  7. Summary by editor withdrawn
  8. Amorphous dung heaps not good for spreading
  9. Pleasure boat's working day contributing to a record turnover
  10. Skilful doctor beginning to operate in island
  11. One typically grey or chestnut?
  12. Horseman on vacation kept trousers within reach
  13. Satchmo's sort of music needs to speed up
  14. Special long needle
  15. The usual salmon to serve uncouth folk, it's said
  16. Optimistic attitude further from civilisation in US?
  17. Bodega still stocking Italian wine
  18. Food item is produced by bachelor in hat
  19. Fabric whose reversal's no problem?
  20. Possibly bearded lady's outfit for audition?
  21. Comfortable, attentively awaiting execution
  22. Announcer's fit for office
  23. Two second-grade ratings normal for such accommodation?
  24. Supporter keeping log to stimulate setter perhaps
  25. Royal Navy brought in to subdue everyone in Duchy
  26. Like Nutmeg in character, one's maliciously cast
  27. Crosby heading off in jet, fit for his performance
  28. Glyndebourne company's trip putting off posh conductor?
  29. One's beginning to paint, respect­ing such a technique
  30. Film came out badly? Correct!
  31. Cut actors' pay grade
  32. Walk back from the Capitol
  33. Australian natives and another wasting money — flaming typical
  34. Incredibly ripped? Same fantasies
  35. Pot hidden in this way after short search
  36. Did escort give name away?
  37. Statesman's right — prince upset country
  38. Bit strange having soldiers on square
  39. We worked with Sid originally' (darts officials)
  40. Lackey's hint for Spooner: 'I'm going
  41. Forest burning? That's baseless
  42. Old man with sweetheart in spot — reportedly a very low point
  43. Ducks are in deserted lake
  44. Writer Oscar stops exercises
  45. Plant back without Henry
  46. Look at naughty ladies, getting shock
  47. Jail director with flat in US city
  48. Picked up dark vehicle, briefly
  49. School head's vain — creep!
  50. Foolish! The names Don gets a lot more than this
  51. Cooking is chore, family admitted
  52. Furiously rejected female killer? Not half!
  53. Master taking time over degree was 6
  54. Clue 1: house staff refurbished toilet facilities
  55. Need change, party finished
  56. Can scoff but it saves time in the kitchen
  57. Function (police social) raised slightly less than half
  58. Anger that king has broken a bone
  59. Accomplished teacher has energy
  60. Go to prison? One's a shining light
  61. Exaggerated being in debt . . .
  62. Ate fast, secured door and ran off
  63. I say, look at me — so disreputable
  64. Noted his job is on the slide
  65. Don't show opening of conversat­ion in camp programme
  66. Nervous of attack by a force
  67. Ice creams dropped on the motorway
  68. Poke right inside compartment
  69. Friend from Northumberland hill country
  70. Source of water put in a favourable position
  71. Stimulate a Svengali into action
  72. Not many hands on ghost ship?
  73. Outlaw goat and its offspring
  74. . . . show approval of credit
  75. Stole cab involved in a sort of race
  76. Taking to the air, its members are bonkers
  77. Pictures in large book needing effort
  78. Rude to limit area for protecting
  79. Double-faced couple took part
  80. Delirious, seeing entire chaos in football club
  81. Unhappy about hard race
  82. Notice quail buffeted in such gales
  83. Dishy? No, he may appear like a tomboy
  84. Alexander and eight of the Germans bring sailboat on shore
  85. Small nail with sharp end carefully located
  86. Nick is excellent with top
  87. Didn't include synonym for 'hand' in dictionary
  88. What 1 used get mixed in a pot still, periodically
  89. Two characters going after 1 (not Turner) in shop
  90. With eight sides in National League heading for administration, first month has past
  91. Stiff, cold and unfeeling? Not at first
  92. Finery of sporting gear worn by boxer
  93. Prize crossword compiler needing oxygen intake after cycling
  94. All but first of fires put out leading to charge, if put out again
  95. Pils drunk by nurses? Shock horror, for some
  96. Get gripes regularly: content's missing from supermarket with most small branches
  97. Poet that's written book on composer
  98. Reddish-brown start to autumn, in two different ways
  99. Left part of church in decline
  100. Drawer once containing office PC?

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