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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 21-October-2020
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 20-October-2020
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 19-October-2020
  1. Cast out from here?
  2. Play around in floor in Japan
  3. Training with international aristocrat not off to a flyer
  4. Dancing, it's linked to being the most gracious
  5. Prime Minister familiarly wel­comes northern old city with French greeting
  6. Nurse abandons joining up programme
  7. Informally, we first breakfast over porridge
  8. Without limits, invest in pound
  9. IT company starting to invent new revolutionary clouds
  10. Cars having many applications
  11. Ran away riding a horse that's tired
  12. One has no trouble getting their kids to eat greens
  13. Eats quickly? Not so fast, picking up fine when it's brought back
  14. Planet Earth's becoming over­heated — let's get leaders to retire
  15. Some stars spotted in Poundland, Rome? Daring!
  16. Republican's second in command, please reply
  17. Scientist: rising radical gains success
  18. They're on the top floor or shelf?
  19. Heckle King and Queen's agent
  20. Founding father's honest, nothing being overturned
  21. Glances up, drains third of stout, cheers!
  22. Coward catches bishop's virus regularly on front of mask element
  23. English cricketer is 4 of 16?
  24. Child left scene of confusion
  25. Hospital boy's raised to court daughter with fragrance
  26. Wear down to earth, as Her Majesty might say
  27. Organised crime not building telephone system
  28. After test regarding the country . . .
  29. . . . fellow lied about section's answers
  30. £1,000,050,500 unlimited menu for anniversary
  31. Boss tells Grant to leave
  32. Object displaying kite mark
  33. Playwright: 'That's a wrap!' Not quite
  34. Regular join should include one?
  35. Rotting food swindle' admits épicier, finally, in the middle of Paris
  36. Advantage of wife leaving club
  37. Legendary ruler giving away universal ring case for scarab, say
  38. Como is too wet in the middle!
  39. Conflict causes female to lose stone at first, getting lighter
  40. They have nothing to do with Eric introducing elements of a deal?
  41. Ex-PM, having been given a roasting?
  42. Free entry of one into Grexit arrangement has advantage, initially
  43. No builder's storeyed construct­ion should be by river
  44. A consummate example — end of argument!
  45. No good entering antelope country
  46. Suitable travel make-up
  47. Publicity she wrongly associated with Brummie's sticker
  48. Ratio of a right angle bearing' — jargon!
  49. Tabloid turned up with: 'Ron is terribly camp
  50. King George', a soft old man's tipple
  51. English writer makes US president (silly cow!) cross
  52. Fleeting romp turned into weeping
  53. Large asteroid sequence broadcast
  54. Support (very Parisian) inserted in wobbly bust
  55. You wouldn't expect this bend on trip
  56. Dwelling briefly on final answer
  57. Worn inside the woman's waders
  58. Writer's pulse
  59. Peel, elected after resistance, died
  60. Extended picnic?
  61. Total pressure in reservoir
  62. Returning computer nuisance, it's said, in military operations
  63. Feel excited anticipation in time at fireside
  64. So near sports ground
  65. Newly-weds receiving order for sedatives
  66. In addition, no worse
  67. Son ready for heavy drinking
  68. Sober lad goes wild — he can't take defeat
  69. Scottish design nationalist renegade rejected
  70. Applaud role reversal? Nonsense
  71. Put on an extra court for heroin user, say
  72. Miserable meeting first vicious man
  73. Pass over country road in Arctic transport
  74. Supposedly black comedian malign at heart
  75. A guy's gone off to find a religious assembly
  76. Not required to be forgiving
  77. Poster I designed brings sharp response
  78. Oriental perhaps like a Scotsman?
  79. The edition you pick up in the street?
  80. One may have designs on your body
  81. On a fine day, time for reading here in the garden?
  82. 80s child has shed pounds for a very long time
  83. Post delivered by householder?
  84. Girl closes hackneyed religious ceremony
  85. Bird's circuit over part of mansion
  86. Unwillingly involves person I sacked
  87. Look embarrassed to lose energy, a warning sign
  88. Cutting a crossing
  89. At sea once, a small boat
  90. Charlotte races about in this?
  91. Copy of Two Thousand and One, with music finale
  92. Runs out of air? Oh dear!
  93. Supports bar locks
  94. Tie the knot after most excellent love is given
  95. Get some sleep before family calls for tableware
  96. Each letter is liberal
  97. An underground place of humiliation
  98. 19 artist's work to fade out ultimately, such a recipe for disaster
  99. Meet something funny with B Ford
  100. NY Times singularly spreading hatred

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