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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 14-June-2019
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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 12-June-2019
  1. Ones left foot in bathtub, ask to remove right
  2. Turn out, on being missed by team
  3. Appearing in dungarees, Italian model
  4. Canvas items. I say, with salts at sea
  5. Time of life devoted to bonding?
  6. Is ones engagement a head-turner?
  7. Excellent injecting iodine in the months of pregnancy?
  8. Fur tops taken off, freeze
  9. Expect number and letter on the phone?
  10. Aim to impress girl in skin-treatment establishment
  11. Novel abandoned, unfinished
  12. Wrong coming up with blue for red
  13. Time has no beginning whoops!
  14. Moisture beneath one in river channel
  15. Piece, central to, or on the far side of, banner
  16. Read aloud Pragues hotel register?
  17. Remote location in loop, might you say?
  18. After conversion, 1 x 500 turned into currency
  19. Shame only valuable on the surface, we hear?
  20. Loading heavy weight up, something to sign, marked
  21. Be in charge of career
  22. Hat collections being worn, including first of trilbies
  23. Pompous type, why the overweight appearance?
  24. Do away with cracks above it
  25. To spare a net breaking, fold round it
  26. American English lacking in proposal, zilch in shorthand?
  27. Place throw vertically over fitting, very straight
  28. Pair seen in Texas, perhaps unqualified drug dealers?
  29. Rash came up on legs and heads
  30. Time of special power, perhaps, in recollection of deviant criminal
  31. Cold in head spreading in January, perhaps something needed to keep warm?
  32. See 19
  33. Old Red Belly performing without bass
  34. A lot of money thats forced into the ground
  35. See 9
  36. Record run
  37. Many lands
  38. Shows competence when dropping first black
  39. Live! Hit performers jazz instrumentalist
  40. Enemy broadcast fake!
  41. Bird book released by bailiff
  42. Mark ordered to secure grand opening
  43. Turn on US president (wife getting chop)
  44. Element of organ infection and reduced energy associated with smoker
  45. States true version up front: It was ones first abode
  46. Drive home with knickers virtually unrestrained
  47. Dodgy sun-baked starter removed from eatery
  48. Mall forerunners become tiresome
  49. Its fabulous producing old-hat student humour?
  50. Working to get rid of one part of the percussion section?
  51. Cash substitute, if Kent got hit
  52. Corrupt data etc repaired
  53. Port Washingtons outskirts flooded by river
  54. Indications of office sin: gin-swilling one on one
  55. Metal cruet cast a slight shade
  56. Shady stationer nursing bad back
  57. Health food to eat with bulk
  58. Author includes Mountain King as a perfume ingredient
  59. Gets more friendly with expelled members
  60. Rating indignation as a symbolic thing?
  61. Bonds suspicious about Bellow
  62. It follows it might have to be taken out
  63. Welsh ducks to boost market
  64. Route travelled by boat, tradit­ional follower of fish?
  65. Usual commuters first getting on theres no cure for it!
  66. Students here charm glamorous cooks, shedding uniform
  67. Pre-match requisites at Lords the games a gamble
  68. Wanton global alliance found to be internally sound
  69. Worst witch in Gryffindo keeps chasing the odd owl etc
  70. Royal places for wine to be produced
  71. Fruit drinks to feed primate
  72. Leave cardinal in Rome, breaking heart of deity
  73. Silly billy smuggling article without a thought
  74. Additional area in shop for ceramics
  75. Found fake depot
  76. Pay for social bash where many get their kicks?
  77. Auntie studied what workers feed their youngsters
  78. Academic magnum opus nothing but a chore
  79. Dim criminal fell in and died
  80. Six-footer heading to rear part of plane, perhaps
  81. Teams go off the way one may go up
  82. Bow merchant identified by three coppers, the last retired
  83. Upstanding girl admitted to stress creating hazard
  84. Who in Paris contributes to reduced service in underground?
  85. Bell rung by Jocks compatriot returning home
  86. 2 used by secret agent in revolution
  87. Fears what hairstylist might produce
  88. Elevated cleric unknown to a large extent
  89. Innate ability to grasp reading or writing of ancient language
  90. Guardian backing others with utmost confidence
  91. Repressed, although more vigorous
  92. Players squint
  93. Men replaced in best part of a squadron
  94. American city, say, Sir Ken almost roused
  95. Old man, German, nods and regularly drops off
  96. A painful condition oppresses one rodent
  97. Tenant accepting lease finally to regain admittance
  98. Top of a short run
  99. One up, we hear on course for this cup?
  100. Monastery gambling with a million that is shrewdly invested

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