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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-August-2019
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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 21-August-2019
  1. Spooners wonderful company for social chats
  2. Erstwhile show-off lowering level of European publicity
  3. Time round Great Lake as the final thing
  4. Cover of Elton composer put in bars
  5. Crawling fellow leaves cover outdoors
  6. University course taken up by Poles with no accent
  7. Two boys one persecuted
  8. Really brief speaker shows it
  9. Dashing fellow whos caught up in traffic
  10. Young animal on earth possibly eight
  11. Person sitting on bench drank around warehouse
  12. A letter for free
  13. Finished milk dish thats on the turn
  14. Bubblys cold, getting cooler
  15. Appealing sort of dash, like a 25
  16. Rolling around in muds a revealing practice
  17. Check setters trapped, without a little money
  18. Intoxicating drink from the right prophet
  19. Talk with one criminal shedding ball and chain
  20. Drug case follows that of suicide
  21. Bachelor, defended by two friends with energy, is possibly touched
  22. I dont know what a poor student gets
  23. This person attending dance is a bit of a dish
  24. Leaves to eat in French bar of ill-repute
  25. People of intelligence love to have the last word
  26. One may take flight the day before clash
  27. Compiler of heavenly catalogue thats less orderly
  28. Navratilova triumphantly covering court
  29. Star reversing in luggage van
  30. Is card between pair of diamonds swell?
  31. When twin has dropped in, visiting house, passing comment
  32. Where American car may be a great deal below average, man!
  33. Old Czech dissident, keep left
  34. So-called rubbish artist
  35. Top always top in dominant European country
  36. County politician ousts king
  37. A pain going uphill, plod
  38. Other art, I suspect, is rougher
  39. Politicians baby
  40. Sinister character I back
  41. Not believing when a jerk admits crime
  42. Politician serving suggestion with eggs, reportedly?
  43. Point penned by editor in politicians comic
  44. Beside fire, quivering with anticipation
  45. Politician dismissing case of rabble
  46. Where test may be good after racket covered up by politician
  47. In the end, provocative footwear used, oddly, for pastoral work
  48. See 26
  49. Barking, mog admits arrogance
  50. Warmer on entering flat in south- central England?
  51. Awkward without 18?
  52. Europeans dressed up in lederhosen, a disaster
  53. Politician 18 hit once
  54. Island where politician arrived without me
  55. Before getting squeezed round back of cupboard, leaning to one side
  56. Sweet thing, a Scot unfortunately beset by wind
  57. Self-pitying politician, finally removed
  58. A blunder with fee almost embarrassed to be paid back
  59. Sprinkles powder on tidied hair, both at the back and fringes
  60. See 24
  61. Passes thin line through series of linked posts
  62. County flags
  63. Passion finally erupts when Nutmegs drunk spirits
  64. Earl pursuing several ladies, perhaps of doubtful morals
  65. Small rock singer bringing in millions
  66. Western workers deficiency
  67. Eg USSRs renewed purpose when ethnic revolt starts
  68. Accountant set up countrys legal system, in part
  69. Artists Old Witch in demand
  70. Curvaceous mimic, learner in cast
  71. Type of power US agents tackling annual test reviewed
  72. Left-leaning Tory group, say, turning up in a bit of a pickle?
  73. Singular wordplay concocted
  74. Down-to-earth couple in pack unsuited as tricksters
  75. Successive notes on fruit showing side effect of hard water
  76. Having differed, our men will need time to get on again
  77. Main function of church vessel with gold facing
  78. More than enough from composer, totally drained
  79. M Antonys friend, one reversing vehicle behind obstruction
  80. Be awed by sound of German quartet?
  81. Grecian urn of lead-free pungent mineral on core of alabaster
  82. Hairy rebellious Irish broadcaster
  83. Very good south coast resort out of bounds
  84. Fault in flyers supporting MP over­come by new technology
  85. Resilient component of bridge close to motorway
  86. Leading setters collected works
  87. Cricketing pair in standard first-class team withdrew
  88. Modify mothers offer due to basic human rights
  89. Formal statements from island court received by prosecutor
  90. Catch consists of plaice, primarily
  91. Recommend a solicitor?
  92. Playing for USA, has two identical hands in card game
  93. Like 11 once were, where its 11 v 11
  94. Tuft of hair thats a neat touch?
  95. Mineral primarily a compound of 13, reduced by measure unknown
  96. GP goes berserk, having inwardly longed for some breakfast?
  97. Trumps pesky bugs giving bum steer to extremely sick European?
  98. Metal content of zinc
  99. Plead ignorance initially about right sort of hair remover
  100. Discovered Maharishi is main­taining particular religious beliefs and practices

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