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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 19-April-2019
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-April-2019
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-April-2019
  1. Fatty Arbuckle, initially poised, cracks up
  2. States mean, cutting time
  3. Stump male in role reversal
  4. Cup-and-ball in past helping child in tavern
  5. Cleans feet crossing river
  6. Writers Spanish article pricks faint public interest
  7. Pay for a, say, revolting series of frames
  8. Community on holiday like beds in caravans
  9. Exponent of 14 fell defending a service
  10. He wants things just so ropes etc fit in buggy
  11. A single rocks hiding top ladys shorts
  12. In the Channel Islands everyone has a duty to arrange transport
  13. Black bishop rings Times about Young Conservatives
  14. Notice books in the 19?
  15. Joes over in a small sports bar serving woman
  16. Improved script about western ceremony
  17. They clean tables with excellent mops
  18. Like early 10s, ones rising fast
  19. Wag papers etc during trick
  20. Shed light on old school straddling state borders
  21. Tender chest after scrubbing front
  22. MC occasionally bears gift after promotion
  23. Rogue gunmens state
  24. Friends about to tolerate knockabout antics
  25. Ruler found in school ground
  26. Record first of fifty-one starters for Le Mans
  27. Ollie nervously hosts northern playwright
  28. Hand over a scene describing The Great Dictator?
  29. Dandy perhaps stuffs old note in volume
  30. Transport network for island under discussion
  31. Restraint maintained by pro sent up in novel
  32. Result of sin clear when screwed
  33. Third of colony, a thousand sat together
  34. Revealed where stud may be ditched unceremoniously
  35. Fifty shells initially loading rocket launchers, hope that makes you breathe easier
  36. Pull something thats nailed, did you say?
  37. Previous excerpt from poem, item ostensibly uplifting
  38. Business people, a number getting to grips with shattered dreams
  39. Cold about right?
  40. Tool had been picked out by journalist?
  41. Abroad, I start to eat angel cakes for tea
  42. Tell man from Belfast to stand?
  43. Girl going up and down
  44. Looking at regular intake, conclusions of the provost scheduled, its suggested?
  45. Ship in a bottle, perhaps
  46. Rump of venison possibly festers
  47. Gaze round capitals of Egypt and Morocco with glasses?
  48. Victorias Englishman, hair combed back
  49. Id sent off essay, painful work?
  50. Bound to get hard in prison, this employed with force!
  51. Caribbean islands where snake gets protection
  52. To cover debts, pinch my wages from safe
  53. See 19
  54. Reportedly burn gift
  55. Drink less bubbly, taking lips away
  56. Unbeliever me, suspicious fiend ending in hell
  57. Loose skin punctured by bees, we hear?
  58. See 11
  59. Every other part of tale is so apt for storyteller
  60. Football lover during Fulham tie: Get off!
  61. Endure religious classes with holy man
  62. Its painful to hear what drinks cost, though not poor
  63. At lecture I see (with peachy rear) a vision of loveliness
  64. Medical head going to follow books of worship
  65. At home in hell probing Nazi groups sinister quality
  66. Doubtful The Sting was Peters kind of film
  67. Delay use outside America
  68. Improved second-class accom­modation for priest and daughter
  69. Hired thug carrying drugs proceeds
  70. See 5 down
  71. See 18
  72. Complicated procedure in part current government getting hurt
  73. Makes rotten drinks in big cups? On the contrary
  74. Take home nursing assistant in the van nice!
  75. Makes crazy demand to begin with called in to get it overturned
  76. Prick! Empty rhetoric to Welsh about architectural feature
  77. Departments organised but slow it isnt productive
  78. Noblemans wife coming in to put on show
  79. They offer treatment to those almost past being cured
  80. Did state charity previously lead to scrounging?
  81. Said extra large is better
  82. Dreads person from flats arguing back
  83. Lightweight compiler in trouble with a bunch of pedants
  84. Writers account, one side claimed, not at all measured
  85. Vandalised old peoples tombs
  86. Fell about at first relax!
  87. Upright individual gets nude occasionally
  88. Is it wrong chopping heads off? (Henry at historic castle)
  89. See 1 across
  90. A missile may be basic; itll go off
  91. Withdraw permission to pick up taxi after golf
  92. Silly argument over half a small pigeon
  93. A Nazi group interrupts sexually ambivalent singers
  94. For sale (not united): can and mug
  95. Stew spooned up without demur
  96. Stupid Spectator has lies for news, primarily
  97. Serious about married brothers
  98. Club gets tennis champion further
  99. Danger: people shot in court
  100. Muscle holds back mafia killer

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