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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 7-August-2020
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 6-August-2020
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 5-August-2020
  1. Senior on back end of dinosaur in TV show
  2. Winners detailed in ancient city
  3. Artist missing article in least satisfactory glossary
  4. Good to shave hairy back, twisted or plaited, initially
  5. Just beaten — like apples?
  6. Headbutt PM in dark
  7. Leaders in race on Arctic trek caught by your old husky
  8. Flipped ball catches me going the wrong way
  9. Waste container and lifting mechanism getting a nut turned round?
  10. Able to bounce back well, like billionaires?
  11. Back-stabbing braggart, son a sociopath controlling family
  12. Goddess soon afterward in hospital department?
  13. Rocked — Neptune's slayer, reportedly?
  14. Block of stone in coalpit oddly disappearing in a few weeks
  15. Courtyard, where first of crew lost
  16. Weapon on fire, launched in fight
  17. Certainly rare, yet tragic past
  18. Drink for a man? Relative of Isaac, say
  19. Competitor breaking record in mucky film?
  20. Cloth wiping head from below before massaging under nipple
  21. Prayer used, gain converts
  22. Girl filling empty shoes, slippers?
  23. Tricky, describing wading bird?
  24. Just like that, a crimson rose
  25. Possible killer on board, clue so hot?
  26. Leading lady's retreat just after party goes west
  27. Here Livingstone found father in main road, car being tailed
  28. Develop grand argument
  29. Child introduced to light music, part of suite?
  30. Sew unlined articles together to form bandage
  31. Routers created with British investment less likely to break down
  32. Our bosses reviewed corruption within faction
  33. Former hamper missing in display
  34. Galilean satellite first penetrating rings
  35. Length initially taken off decorative chain
  36. Foremost dons moaned about con­tribution to online address
  37. Sporting contest, though there's nothing in it
  38. Colonel's first to board plane, after troops decline
  39. Doesn't care for rebellious general Celts butchered
  40. US agent skirting shaft dropped litter
  41. Singular sound of cat getting bird
  42. Abruptly stop talk of ransoms
  43. Resolution almost lost in course of recovery
  44. Strikers in this game come to blows
  45. Bachelor scans second item from bakery
  46. Wanting courage primarily to stop fright
  47. It's a little naughty and teases
  48. Consider acquiring inverted nose ring
  49. Where unionised actors met prejudice?
  50. Old Indian currency note turned up, praise be
  51. Ultimate height of a river that amazes me
  52. Exact payment for archdeacon to get old clothes
  53. Root crop and pulse picked up
  54. Cheat to get violin
  55. Islander supplying vessel for underage drinker?
  56. Increase affection for organ stop first
  57. Gloomy start to musical performance?
  58. Strongly opposed to good person having copped it twice before
  59. Speak about march returning sooner or later
  60. Prospect of thug securing nothing satisfactory
  61. Playing piccolo, Lara becomes compulsive swearer
  62. Franklin, say — contributor with poles reversed
  63. America turned into one of its states — not smart!
  64. Northern European permitted to enter, dancing
  65. Indulge Prince and Queen
  66. Opening letter, account for hotel's animal
  67. Passage for big hill and little Dickensian in river
  68. Blimey! Supermarket no longer selling ice cream
  69. That's my lot, eaten by swimmer of evil intent
  70. Mad days out involving Roger in sitcom
  71. Revolutionary with fish head to cook
  72. Crazy for health food
  73. Not obviously ill, wanting mother never to meet
  74. Inactive bone in heap
  75. Second comedian — pedant!
  76. Vessel to drive, empty, at reasonable lick
  77. Manifestation of a French department receiving thanks
  78. Member's got nearly nowhere
  79. Shape of toilet turning round first
  80. Desire confession after tanning naughty boy
  81. New cool shelters additionally for a Great Dane
  82. Fresh concern in place with vermin returning
  83. Joining figure that is prancing in fur coats
  84. Not failing with rugby goal, side's active
  85. Withdraw foreign article by Express
  86. Sage in meat rejected by a European sending starter back
  87. Painter is imprisoned in shock judgment
  88. Philosopher's almost impossible to get into
  89. Tasteless mix is in eg hummus from the east
  90. Set free in space with zero repressive force
  91. Praise cuckoo flying, or leaving north
  92. Like 3 down or like 1 and 9
  93. Star of 1 across?
  94. Little pastries — confections full of corn?
  95. Hyacinth, say, crossing posh street with vigour
  96. Dropping back, dismiss a total flipping idiot
  97. Make a mess of date coated in soya bean paste
  98. Pan with King Edward potato, perhaps
  99. See eg red and white Sierra carrying tonnes
  100. During summer, what kids' film has swearing in

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