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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 26-January-2021
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 25-January-2021
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-January-2021
  1. Legend, very generous sort, Mrs Thatcher — as if!
  2. One's appeal right for inspiring artist
  3. 12 flipping thick, Lewis Hamilton now said
  4. Not totally wanton, I'm saying about woman
  5. Initially nervous: when turning to drink, gains a little extra confidence
  6. Shock for a criminal
  7. Idiot's taken in twice about countryman
  8. Canister could be smaller
  9. Was sorry about making vulgar sound
  10. Bar staff finally on site dressed as pirates
  11. Lawyer with German's money getting in bother
  12. One being spiteful about letter going too far
  13. Associates with right-wing types
  14. Close to rock, gets to swim with a seal
  15. Insatiable drama queen stood up
  16. Easily passes with professor coming round
  17. Queen's in study endlessly drinking alcohol
  18. Increasingly disconcerted by standards in war novel (in more than one way, some might say)
  19. Declare — Lara heading off after leg bye
  20. Wrongly firing Minister without Portfolio at first
  21. Brings back some method of control over Washington?
  22. An oaf at first implying Covid not very problematic — nut!
  23. Awful rubbish! Charlie upset person calling the shots
  24. Weakness with fellow off sick
  25. Labels men as fickle
  26. After not much revision, came top
  27. Proudly show off row of shops
  28. Sponge ass's back — pleased expression
  29. To express disapproval of Mike leads to explosion
  30. Greek character nothing short of brave and gallant
  31. Tell why one is playing well
  32. Getting washed and dressed: after work, better to avoid extremes
  33. Doing really well with a spreadsheet?
  34. Read endlessly as boss
  35. Get rid of bed
  36. Approve art house I rebuilt
  37. In bodies a judge addresses damages
  38. Waddle half back, and don't hurry
  39. Less than a storm at sea? That's lucky
  40. Called up to manage golf
  41. New weapon is limited
  42. Resolve to belt criminal
  43. Mythical bird? It's found in Arizona
  44. Capital lover and capital love
  45. Counting system with a point to it
  46. Giraffes' cousins fine, needing a short wee
  47. Hot meal for this circus artiste?
  48. Searched round area frequently visited
  49. Eminent inspector with poor suiting dropped
  50. After short space nobleman and monarch meet
  51. Painful experience after bathing?
  52. Spanish gentleman concealed goal stupidly
  53. Something considered golden is shut up
  54. As if alternative company could be a complete disaster
  55. Poorest quality terrace put up on street
  56. I'm fed up with the wet country
  57. American drink in French house
  58. Spooner's man with a beard in prayer?
  59. Gone to collect windcheater, finally given a coat
  60. Notice rifle shot
  61. Pay people running competition?
  62. Range one voluntarily holds back
  63. A tree drops on author
  64. Taken before lunch, stuff including black seafood
  65. Creation of 16 across in shade of tree?
  66. Measure of cycles is very painful, reportedly?
  67. Bloke having lemon sole in the end
  68. Space vacated after journey including a trek
  69. Spanish drink — it's okay for the French
  70. Singin' about a creation of 16 across
  71. Creation of 16 across, money
  72. Make bombs to defend old game
  73. A day daughter enters payment for creation of 16 across
  74. Creation of 16 across, cross monitor
  75. Telescope on, characteristic rings appear, ultimately
  76. Creation of 16 across, money
  77. Note obsessive passage
  78. Purple: the mast after rigging containing hint of yellow
  79. Almost twelve taking lift became unconscious
  80. Creation of 16 across, head honcho
  81. Risk a couple of sharp bends, challenging corners
  82. Avoid cricketing failure
  83. Following report of communist, letters must show these
  84. Suffer no fool: Canute misquoted about heresy, initially
  85. Decreed: set gold before man of the North, reported journalist
  86. Old heartless Richard III in feud about filth
  87. Stand for leadership of the youth party in free Yugoslavia
  88. Gave out (caught), left in, left out
  89. Way a man embraces a queen
  90. Renovated seediest part of the North
  91. As at first, Henry VIII was intellectual
  92. In Scotland's valleys, Elizabeth's heart picks up
  93. Plot to murder princes about nothing
  94. Terrible danger, with polit­ical activists at Buckingham House event
  95. Man of the North, as James I was in Scotland!
  96. Boatman, at heart European, in first part of Tory attack
  97. Charles broadcast to listeners?
  98. Lorry then diverted in the direction of Scotland?
  99. Perhaps Victoria is not at fault
  100. Unwashed masses taking king's head

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