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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 28-May-2020
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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 26-May-2020
  1. Society tries wrong random number generators
  2. Empty white sign for flags
  3. Don unknown old pretty clothes
  4. Relish one shot, a boundary
  5. Animal got nourishment, taken in hands
  6. Nanny rating Times covers
  7. Stop talking twice before works close
  8. Suffering from cold, maybe curator has shivers
  9. Bar Council pens instruction for one on the fiddle
  10. One wearing ring turned a pale colour
  11. Briefly want right-wingers ruling state
  12. Mobile phone ring right for loser
  13. Result where French books taken around
  14. Politician with dull look Chinese prepare to fire
  15. Lilys better halfs home, getting frisky
  16. Natural water flowing north
  17. Liable to see red snake burrowing into pine
  18. How explorers are engaged with legal procedure
  19. Inscription I used between record and chart
  20. Jolt from spirits, Irish lagers and wine
  21. Bold wife cutting girdle fastening
  22. The Guardians going to fill top post, offering good facilities
  23. Foolish Sally lifted up jumper
  24. I see rising value in bookmaking familys home
  25. Star with lowered head? A capes in need of a trim
  26. Beat off a gathering of people
  27. Please spread out
  28. Rule out overture to include music finale
  29. Ones into oddly erratic standards
  30. Firm bum? Thats crude!
  31. I see you said, not long ago, to follow skill with eloquence
  32. See 18
  33. Most drunk end with most sleep
  34. Descendant admits returning for stinger
  35. Formal wear for men in clubs?
  36. Mothers in meeting ad infinitum, feeling fine
  37. Part covering right hole
  38. Not frightened of a fraud in development
  39. Launch a steamship thats partly corrupt
  40. City speed beginning to scare the likes of Daphne
  41. Material deftly wrapped to cover Caesarian section
  42. Fan of overlapping Thespians
  43. Tories say locking up Islamist leader means equality
  44. Torment resulting from unsympathetic law? Do a mischief!
  45. Im leaving limo during getaway for some meat
  46. Rose petal arrangement
  47. First to limbo dance outside absolute revelation
  48. Following report of breastfeeding episode?
  49. Home code broken, uncovering Trumps vulgarity
  50. Dont enumerate so much, its dull
  51. Sexercise tension?
  52. At first, Megan upset Harry, throwing away a gift of perfume
  53. See 5
  54. Posture shown by beautifully elevated heads in a square formation
  55. Carmines watery body?
  56. Potential health risks of tailless camel eating earth
  57. Smallholders, historically old, residing in the country
  58. Officers sound heart
  59. Run over on joining head of funeral cortege
  60. Pod formed by like-minded artists?
  61. Vulnerable type of male sadly getting nothing
  62. Book, or a bishop, or a Pacific island
  63. Ones out of time, wearing most unlikely current fashion
  64. Rips off in authentic vengeful act
  65. Tester needs one to probe ape
  66. Very large area of fair dismantled by state
  67. Gutless gents put out with ladies controlled descent
  68. Stately creature, top of stairs, looking sickly
  69. Seafront is for crew forced to abandon leader
  70. Saw road agent removing wings
  71. Vivaldis first sonata ending in not moved by love
  72. Register wedged in between rollers
  73. Scrap arrow
  74. Male with rough leathery sort of skin suffering from redness
  75. Habit of dipping injured toe in fat
  76. Hose gets kinked, see, when stored in pans
  77. Elect to fix fences? How?
  78. Buck up king with bitter underneath throne
  79. A rule cited to make an accusation
  80. Pacino goes to stage right, getting round quickly?
  81. Country getting first-class return on its capital
  82. It takes cold skin to lecture
  83. Hull is supported by good English fat
  84. Mead brewed with American and European bean
  85. Peculiar dialect used in a Salvat­ion Army meeting hall
  86. Pattern knitted into popular anorak
  87. Free bananas came in savoury paste
  88. Clothing from soldier turned up during disorderly retreat
  89. Monkey died in tree
  90. Fruit found by animal in the edges of cultivated wood
  91. Bird (chicken) not caught
  92. Trick where fruit turns into stone
  93. Plant in enclosure confused tailless monster
  94. Old-time singer and performers meeting retired sailor at end of oratorio
  95. Note covered in pieces of rice cake
  96. Vessels seen by navy entering bay for celebration north of the border
  97. Cricketers garment
  98. Rats in areas of wasteland
  99. Get furious about 5 being cut
  100. Muslim ascetic put Queen Victorias head in bowl

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