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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-October-2019
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-October-2019
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-October-2019
  1. See 10
  2. Party with sister Ruby, perhaps, back in Australia?
  3. Outlandish point by Times, relating to the Listener
  4. See 16
  5. Making threefold part for high voices (mostly home key)
  6. Mechanic agrees: roughly £500
  7. See 16
  8. Small booth with Observer and Time Out
  9. My regular visits to Gateshead
  10. Working with 10, new 14 15 pens article for the net
  11. See 18
  12. Things assumed to be true by singer, actor and model
  13. Desert shade
  14. Singer Rod, extremely raunchy male (article by 1 down)
  15. Reticent about two newspapers appearing evasive
  16. Notably two-in-one record player
  17. Male paid by performance, not at first unaccompanied
  18. Fast food from Bake Off? Nonsense!
  19. Architect from 15 14 repeatedly visiting Iceland
  20. Happy, oddly, caught up in extremely northern storm
  21. Search round for small band
  22. Unemotional person clings, with space needed
  23. Fool clenches fist, knocking out posh Aussie
  24. Team raving about fan
  25. Actor and singer cast in a chimerical revue
  26. Drink not right for social gathering
  27. See 25
  28. Supply kit, not primarily for a team of 3 15 15s?
  29. Succeed the first time? Dont be ridiculous!
  30. See 8
  31. Hat priced badly, going for a song
  32. Keen exhibitionist just starting run under arrest potentially right away?
  33. Clear case, unpacking middle
  34. See 25
  35. English chap not entirely into American broad beans
  36. Hypocrisy in Lesson One doubly affected
  37. Moon named Calypsos core, eg rocky
  38. Its perilous to cross immoral leader invested in Greenland after meltdown
  39. Person climbing down depends on people flying up
  40. Dish Chinese lawyer served up
  41. See 26
  42. More understanding issue in Europe?
  43. Maybe note is me?
  44. Old player in game breaking bank
  45. Nicely shortened business degree secured by force a walkover for entrants?
  46. Show skinned peach
  47. Political party made to pay, shut up
  48. Republican impressed by topless model too
  49. Jumble sales ending after dash to fill car
  50. Very old houses set to be de­molished thats a blow
  51. His words exhaustive, deprive our leader of power
  52. Ill wind arising, innumerable common criminals initially punching dandy, officer on the way?
  53. Infestation of children, it seems?
  54. See 12
  55. Dog left to bite bespectacled nebbish, one nowadays missing a lead?
  56. Call on falling bombs more, in opening shot
  57. Inward-looking solvers ordered masks
  58. Go in the corner of this room, pal having nobody to play with
  59. See 2
  60. Refinement in Chopins words?
  61. Calculated harm to banning e-cigarettes
  62. Plenty in support of amalgamation
  63. In France, you read Italian
  64. Isnt he wrong breaking into ministers residence not long ago?
  65. Stand in line to hear writer die as such
  66. Once an island bird losing half its tail?
  67. See 1
  68. Strong as Poirot?
  69. Keen to welcome both long and terribly grand plot for production
  70. Natural ability to pick up a distress signal
  71. Extremely undemocratic to interrupt the development of nearly green power generation
  72. See 1
  73. A number are into computers
  74. Bristol sounds like a French port
  75. They say solver had dinner late to lose strength
  76. He sips any cocktail thats hard and fruitless
  77. From the East, an aroma is emerging
  78. Tour Iran, plus half the planet
  79. Sticker permitted troublemaker to enter
  80. Religion is a bit of a growth industry
  81. Car built to run on the ultimate in engine oil
  82. Frustrating skin defect in article
  83. Vessel manoeuvre: starting to go about
  84. King has a change of heart initially, having to trample over crusader
  85. Here Ryde is an American
  86. See 28
  87. Inverting upside-down explosive
  88. Right fuss after outrageous speed: its criminal
  89. See 7
  90. Turned up really loud, music essentially is pants
  91. Speak ill of topless Lesbian?
  92. Request tree-lined square borders
  93. Run through Kama Sutras middle one: climax in new positions!
  94. Feels soft clothes
  95. Help drivers to find remote places
  96. Turn over paper and study plot
  97. Runway show? Take clothes off
  98. Extra papers in the Guardian
  99. See 11
  100. Call for attention, woman in lift well below this?

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