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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-February-2019
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 15-February-2019
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers - 14-February-2019
  1. Final steps up to roof? Excellent
  2. Build up, or knock down, we hear
  3. Irritated, being married, to lose husband
  4. I dont remember getting this
  5. Dont interfere before time: lets go wandering
  6. Folding hat, she carried out dextrous manoeuvre
  7. Ones up for trial
  8. Mediators attempt to risk small point
  9. Lousy MP ruined a divine home
  10. In bowl, a new pastry
  11. Served to perfection?
  12. Removes difficulty with brief direction
  13. Appear soon, seen wrongly to sneer
  14. Taking photo of son asleep
  15. Love notes (two)
  16. Chuck small fish
  17. Wow! Does it say theres a new pope?
  18. Due to travel in carriage to buy larger house
  19. Great-grannys hair arrangement
  20. Lying near a jacket, a coin
  21. Chase employment
  22. Conservationists with the confidence of the country?
  23. Youll be there, unawares: take the consequences!
  24. Strong resentment, as peril is headed off
  25. Pale actor cast for darker-hued beauty
  26. Ambulance staff use this elastic
  27. Airline meal?
  28. Boy could be jolly
  29. Extra covering good on bird
  30. Not too serious then birdie perhaps unlikely to swallow last of poison?
  31. Maths centre relocated from the UK, IT gone
  32. Why North-South divide not entirely inspiring Holyhead
  33. Gathering chap raised in US state, address found online
  34. Reportedly path allowed, part going underground
  35. Change address, did you say?
  36. Pull up briefly before a portico
  37. Dye retains fluid
  38. See 25
  39. Is an intruder out? Lock chains!
  40. Noted art critic ignorant, some unique Mondrians originally rejected
  41. A grateful man rescued by twerp?
  42. State that was under my command?
  43. Fibre in unopened drawer
  44. Card game somewhat spirited?
  45. Channel screening home of everyday country folk, possibly Washington-backed, a concern managing data?
  46. Realm of old leader in general­issimo drastically knocked over
  47. Area where a team drops back
  48. One caught in blast, air exploding?
  49. Stop before opening
  50. Indeed a cold person
  51. Communist city of old stifling sound of disapproval
  52. Second bottles always for sauce
  53. Using bathroom product, soap on him foaming and popping at last
  54. With roof of gold, a blue chapel
  55. Mount Rushmores peak gone down the tube?
  56. One perhaps dressed up a part for song
  57. Defined by flipping raucous sort, a black bird
  58. Pulse brisk ultimately in one obsessed with material gain?
  59. Up before cockcrow, toiling starts
  60. Stone precious metal eroded
  61. Notice about Queen Victorias delivery in court
  62. Courtesy of chief rival wounded close to Burgundy
  63. Cutter travelled north to save Italian
  64. Stalls stocking Times replacements
  65. Lancasters collecting new rate for relatives
  66. Helping a person to keep dry
  67. Business leader does, perhaps, return stock
  68. Magistrates rise to defend a marine boss
  69. Predict toll-free trips
  70. Contented double parking in grass
  71. Passed front of harbour, also English port
  72. Constant regret follows Tory leader
  73. Garden rubbish primarily encourages sloth, maybe
  74. Duke hates novel offering more than one ending
  75. Fall over in middle of breezy Oval
  76. Most daft stories appear in random list
  77. Let Liberal relax with daughter
  78. Name place for 50 in corres­pondence
  79. Strip for these gaunt ducks
  80. Behind main square
  81. German city church makes one concentrate
  82. Female soldiers lock castle
  83. Music group releases record Let It Be
  84. Tory hunt victory
  85. What Ive got here contributes to ancient history
  86. The Spanish fly around conflict
  87. Broadcast unsettled John
  88. Opposed to profits at banks
  89. Entertains, wanting top source of inspiration
  90. Qualification from writing about movement in European arts
  91. Passion in a lot of 2 not broadcast
  92. Correct conclusion is to embrace yours truly
  93. Where to eat pasta twists with staff
  94. Dash at a clip round horse, then old banger
  95. Powder, coke, rocks? It comes with a large bill!
  96. Maybe red grouse, by the sound of it
  97. What about back pain?
  98. Honest poets entreaty to write?
  99. A bit of sex is taped live
  100. Cabaret setting from songwriter

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