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15-March-2023 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Old left-winger is in grip of drink after upholding the very thing
  2. Off-colour article repeatedly found amongst lingerie?
  3. Chapter Four about the Durrells' home?
  4. Soprano wrong to interrupt French king and composer
  5. Belgian? Flaw sees Belgium replaced by France
  6. Informal market offering mostly crap, perhaps: footwear, booze
  7. Submarine dunes are dispersed
  8. Eat out: get Chinese (just a serving thereof)
  9. Crews hit out after pressure from Glasgow airport
  10. Bland caper occurring around start of month
  11. More convenient, that is, with Chinese doctor coming round
  12. Certain to miss holiday handout on island
  13. I follow it through first bit, but not the last section
  14. Fail in attempt to maintain break?
  15. Crowd in rear of brasserie getting very good coffee
  16. Pin-up about to tuck into a lot of raw food
  17. It delivers arrival that hurts!
  18. Unruly Second Sex recalled in French fantasy?
  19. One repeats surprised comment about dessert
  20. Live backing group appearing in later audition — an historic time
  21. Large body of French turned up, collapsed in laughter
  22. Significant eccentricity observed in bloke in Gulf working
  23. Singer, a large guy, tucking into booze
  24. A lot of cane turned into a cot
  25. Skimpy swimsuit: object I discarded in favour of nothing
  26. Energy discharging around wharf, making a racket
  27. Good things to be put on penalty lines
  28. Be enough for holding popular strike
  29. I will avoid disturbance, or location of revolution
  30. Immediately suggestive of boater going down?