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7-October-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Thatchers rival, so-called? Leading rebel
  2. Americas first couple on aircraft discarded material
  3. Not conversant with name for a mathematician and physicist
  4. Bring up a time and a place for spectacle
  5. Article Cameron edited, con­suming one kind of coffee
  6. Line in column on Northern or Eastern city
  7. Some propagandist not operating in good faith?
  8. No Trump action about WMD material? Hes crazy
  9. Like position of moderate, as shown in recent rally
  10. Sets about Republican involved with hard copies
  11. Clean house again
  12. Knight, say, capturing rook to make a breakthrough
  13. Like some music or, perhaps after initial cuts, like some poetry
  14. First or last name, or character of Oxford writer
  15. It parallels Number Ten as its occupants do in todays solutions
  16. GOP argues falsely they break people down
  17. Kind of desk disreputable female just needs time to shift
  18. Playwright, for audience, author of meaningful work?
  19. Allow wild speech supporting head of government
  20. Phrase otherwise concerning Washington, for example
  21. Top man in legendary dining circle
  22. See 10
  23. Driver of one vehicle or another over short period
  24. Muscle 19 down turned to right
  25. Reds fan, perhaps, I help when distressed after 1-0 upset
  26. Predecessor of 1 down on both sides of the pond
  27. Astronomer has star confused with this star, oddly
  28. Write backing melody for final movement of suite
  29. Driver may change into this kind of party clothing
  30. More confident as litigant, suppressing resistance
  31. After briefly not working, a head is in school again
  32. Provided with assistance, having shaped up the dole