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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 18-January-2021
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 11-January-2021
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 4-January-2021
  1. A runaway horse is on the beach
  2. Flaps of skin wobbling in big gowns?
  3. Bank upset about court orders
  4. Aromatic vein of ore turning up in fissure
  5. Account book found by shelf on right
  6. Entertainment offered by naughty priest carrying drinks?
  7. Swollen bananas go green — close to bad
  8. Tuck sides of robe into luggage
  9. One renting basic accommodation outside centre of Monaco
  10. Mediterranean island the French cry about
  11. English fighting over Germany to get daughter to an old king
  12. Intense part of standard entertainment
  13. John has master's weaving equipment
  14. Letter by grand American conservative is worthless
  15. Fellow on farm given a scarf
  16. Stenographer's instrument
  17. Retired queen has surprising tale to tell
  18. Assembly dismissing University document
  19. Daily sex sorted out learning difficulty
  20. Try to back clubs
  21. Sponges found by climber heading to slopes
  22. Raised money for speakers
  23. Bad painting taking in north European river
  24. Enthusiast served up perfect example of spice
  25. Large kind of bag containing real dancing bear
  26. Unsympathetic country offering unpleasant cure for addiction
  27. Unconventional nineties genius
  28. Monitor about to resort to drink
  29. Occasions for home positions
  30. Wet weather front of many colours
  31. Holiday dump
  32. Sign spotted in time to turn back
  33. Record revolutionary coming to a point
  34. Somewhere in Belgium is missing an idiot
  35. Send a signal about fresh bread found on the beach?
  36. Cause a stink, having barked about securing victory
  37. Officialdom requires extremely rare draft copy
  38. Fishtail seen on a badly built fish
  39. Language used by lousy leader ain't working
  40. Woos Ms Williams and Mr O'Connor
  41. Endless charm shown by heavy drinker, indicator of what comes next
  42. Love, kiss me madly — we're Northerners!
  43. Misusing it may cause bad credit
  44. Watch out, monarch gets a beating
  45. Bribe sometimes taken with coffee?
  46. Complains aloud of strained sinew — it's the booze!
  47. In retrospect, realise it's a ghost
  48. Saw cottage, for example, within Scotland's borders
  49. Carl and Betty designed a slogan
  50. To the audience a line from the more popular song
  51. Thoughts and principles left out
  52. True from the time of Roman Empire origins
  53. Like Bridget Jones, divulge secrets twice!
  54. Homage to muscle, amongst others
  55. Harsh after Tory squeeze
  56. Scandinavians born in a backward miserable setting
  57. Regularly tack in top sail
  58. Top section having skill
  59. What Giuliani used to do is not solid
  60. Stand for hire, top to bottom
  61. Harp on about fragment found in wreck
  62. Rambling work emails get skipped initially
  63. Wine seller's very trendy having the Queen on flipping books!
  64. Organising fishing, gutted after young salmon head off
  65. Elizabeth knights old boy, long having earned top honour
  66. State has endlessly dry area with dam in the middle
  67. Act badly, losing lead in a board game
  68. Outside broadcast follows golf tournament
  69. Rep confused old lady, pocketing first insurance payment
  70. Seed diet oddly not for songbird
  71. On way to thrashing after Everton edges second penalty
  72. Kept back popular book
  73. Special celebration for Socialist landlord, always pursuing end of need
  74. Sad when leader's taken away to be thrown out
  75. Museum manager's almost rude about schedule
  76. Nowadays on edge about lover
  77. Top grade carbon copy's acquired quickly
  78. Luxury extension can perhaps ruin housing
  79. Be grateful husband's abandoned cap and jumper from the 1970s
  80. Novel appears heartlessly mean about journalist
  81. Play tune by artist originally labelled 'unremarkable
  82. Strategy also included a group of soldiers
  83. Hard to follow abridged article from beginning to end
  84. With team short, reserve comes on and equalises
  85. Give short change in error
  86. Reasons to control allowance of beer
  87. Push church seating back to accommodate end of cortege
  88. Now and then, during poetic evening, gets extremely mushy about love
  89. Settled anger in parody
  90. Toy with operation on small lumps
  91. Toy lightsaber Ewoks gave Obi-Wan initially
  92. Skilfully control worker and work
  93. Loathe getting low grades on exam
  94. Called out robust greeting
  95. Voluntary platoon dispersed around island
  96. Lead giant troops astray
  97. Decided to repair bottom of shoe split by tips of umpteen tacks
  98. Love rues dancing on top of stool for us
  99. Contemplation of mirror image
  100. Connected regularly at that time

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