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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 23-May-2022
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 16-May-2022
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 9-May-2022
  1. Proceeds with instruction to enter after part exchange
  2. Gather with capacity to contain returning chaos
  3. Stress from 'sexercise
  4. Five he-men stripped into skimpy underwear by the roadside?
  5. Changes suitable to feature in publicity
  6. Unique ruling as ordered
  7. Providing assurance on the way to protect northern tree
  8. Letters from interesting people
  9. Everything you say is never wrong
  10. Remember finally: offer the public the lot
  11. Most absurd to get poorly during a short nap
  12. Swimmer's hairstyle
  13. Height and distance from the equator after a tweak
  14. Kind offer
  15. Home position, for example
  16. Window dressing all over?
  17. Care for chief isn't commonly included
  18. Static on the radio provides material for writers
  19. Turn green with envy in the end — that's life!
  20. Volkswagen buzzer let loose
  21. Blackmail previously upset communist
  22. Stressed editor after cooking pies and mash
  23. Timetable for school: 50% escape to head north
  24. Elaborate hindquarters indeed
  25. Switch to sailor mode
  26. Aggressor starts to raid Ukraine, still stuck in action
  27. Flower arranging — love it!
  28. Male or female first' — person showing prejudice?
  29. Switch edges on dresses? That's rational
  30. Ambition to have job that's upright
  31. In no time, a local concocted soothing medicine
  32. For example, add young parsnip tips to dish from north Africa?
  33. Stressed from being off centre? Au contraire!
  34. Big band playing around Long Island, performing without rehearsal
  35. Pick up hot dog
  36. Joint that with added grease helps hard work
  37. Desires to have apprentice replace new young horses
  38. Dealer made to return revolutionary painting?
  39. Semi-verbal, say, after drinking too much of this?
  40. Jail sentence still active after death — that's disproportionate
  41. One following whiskey carrier in this detective story
  42. Star I'm backing to take off?
  43. A place to go after hidden traitors
  44. Truncheon William shortened, adding wedge perhaps
  45. Rescind brief authority
  46. Tailor (tiny and agile) creates warm atmosphere
  47. With skill, you can take odd bits off fat belly
  48. Strong face lacks depth but shows some promise
  49. Find fault with shot when the temperature drops dramatically
  50. Iron-based swings sound like suitable fairground attractions
  51. We blogged about having slight limb deformity
  52. Cluster of small pellets thrown at gophers
  53. Roman team leader's small change with first game coming up
  54. In parts of Ottawa, shops are inundated
  55. Without hesitation, the smallest note
  56. Bird will resist eating nuts, initially
  57. Agents following in this way Liberal Party
  58. North Warwickshire town where sister misplaced a note . . .
  59. . . . covering round character with enough money to keep going
  60. Dreadful dump entered by two bishops touring island
  61. Top actress gained ally in play about drama's opening
  62. License first person at work showing enthusiastic interest
  63. Progressing like a rail passenger?
  64. Star is given fixed allowance for festivity
  65. Parking in beginning in front of garage— it's an offence
  66. Person in familiar sense, say, associated with a wine shop
  67. One missing a book dispatched by European conglomerate, finally
  68. Establish residence in US city overlooking eastern tip of Florida
  69. Seasoned sausage with starters of stuffed aubergines lures friend in Paris
  70. Lout in a mob rampaging is individually exposed
  71. Play featuring titled figure generally marginalised by holy books
  72. Ring before work on board ship to get seafood
  73. Firm with a spell in trouble has to fold
  74. Neighbour set up brass instrument
  75. Requirement for work in a bakery, it's said
  76. Staple Western character nursing leg when shot
  77. Clear set of policy proposals with nothing eliminated
  78. Flood in a French department at the end of June
  79. Episode going wrong in end? It encapsulates Conservative
  80. Wading bird fluttering at cove
  81. A country once losing money — or a number of countries
  82. Disorder found in room, essentially
  83. DNA playing part catching armed robber
  84. Many appeared before Arthur's court
  85. Report may serve short-term
  86. In France I get discontented wife large gemstone
  87. Finished receiving commercial success
  88. Post-lunch get a paper, nobody around to hamper reading
  89. Exhausted, having ridden a storm
  90. Dangerous obstacle has the Italian horse retiring
  91. Get the better of inappropriate comedian
  92. Huge admiration expressed for birds
  93. Blame left's incompetence, with election finally lost
  94. Long film got abridged for release
  95. Queen's broken toe is tender
  96. Carry on, leaving after quick look back
  97. Team always has large number following
  98. Taken plenty turning over both of 18's banks
  99. Made a mess of the cod, awfully black on top
  100. American actor, Matt, becomes a drifter

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