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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 2-December-2019
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 25-November-2019
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 18-November-2019
  1. No way for solid opportunity
  2. In agreement for a French crash diet
  3. Referee taking time to think
  4. Retreat welcomed by queasy lumberjack
  5. Imminent arrival primarily seen as not too athletic
  6. Motivation to share drink
  7. Temple locking up sea dog apparently
  8. Still not odd then
  9. Significance of devils work?
  10. Gets rid of bags
  11. Capricious leaders of Wyndhams hail iconic non-U musical
  12. I am sadly returning a sausage
  13. Prosaic and dull, cart off roughly
  14. Unlikely of thief to pocket whisky and cream
  15. Pair taking in two points havent a clue
  16. Find elevator potentially too big
  17. Privates stealing bananas
  18. Baked tortilla by the seaside
  19. Broadcast substandard feature image
  20. Matilda will say it: shes being held up by current Yankee leader being a bastard
  21. Spoils include new spats
  22. Ive gone after ghastly shade thats tacky
  23. Pull gag
  24. Usual street with a road adjoining
  25. Push part of bike, we hear
  26. Fake Monet, one returned in tasteless frame, showing flowers
  27. Half frugal item three and a bit euros for a dessert
  28. Care to sound like a bird?
  29. Recklessly harms last coastal ecosystem
  30. Restrict dog following dog
  31. Dont vote using a black mark
  32. Small group shows energy
  33. Tells where pupils can be found
  34. Spurning failures sadly lacking independence
  35. Man I flipped in posh car
  36. Enlists misanthrope sinking bottles
  37. Criminal uproar reheard regularly
  38. Go in using lever to be adventurous
  39. Merciful Russian leader embracing European traditions, initially
  40. Pass old lover on island
  41. Harshly criticise long dash
  42. Reject revolutionary outcast
  43. Poor Charlie, when hes dropping ecstasy, gets caught
  44. Rows about holding second sitting
  45. Free wild mantled lemur
  46. About to present book
  47. Left kid upside down with wreath
  48. Office workers, tipsy, stumbling across street
  49. Popular and more confident provider of cover
  50. Decorates gargoyles face with glazes after head is lost
  51. Reprimand actors one found by entrance
  52. Exhausted everything included
  53. Blokes mirth is killing
  54. Roughly admit us into sports venue
  55. Money covering article as atonement
  56. Look unhappy, returning after a spray
  57. Botch getting bug out of bed
  58. Try getting 500 aboard vessel before last of tide
  59. Outside broadcast, with beavers active around lake that can been seen
  60. Old fashioned quadrangle
  61. Forced companys short order to be returned
  62. New Delhis sub-post office is elegant
  63. Urge church to follow debate, taking in points for meeting with journalists
  64. Wreck briefly compromised ships company
  65. Make amends for issue arising previously
  66. Interpret a French composer
  67. Substituted agent left, having delivered great service
  68. Pale ales drunk after masters supper, perhaps
  69. Cause sadness by putting ricotta topping into a veggie dish
  70. In Greece, perhaps, describing Thessalys capital as lively
  71. Good mans modest, giving up leadership for trip
  72. Leaving Leeds not entirely in high spirits
  73. Fruit beers containing emptied-out pulp
  74. Question family getting Halloween decoration
  75. Quantity of information in flyer disheartened lobby blocking it
  76. Second vehicle went over river and got away
  77. Analytical exercise incites bathroom cleaner to be recalled
  78. Again rub cold shoulder
  79. Setback regarding good university cutting languages
  80. Untroubled when article on British lifes half missing
  81. Reith broadcast for them
  82. to find cooker covered in pesto verde
  83. Could fantastic bird come to rest in a dream world?
  84. Look after athletes running, some in retirement
  85. She inspires weary author occasionally
  86. Legend next to Bond?
  87. Chance of finding furry creature in outskirts of Laxey
  88. Invite trouble when preparing early bird meal?
  89. She cant grasp novel I mused about
  90. Extra! Extra! Leaders concealing crops loss
  91. Female spirit essential to sonata Grieg made
  92. Not the main way nurses get assigned to teams, reportedly
  93. Note stink over ball delivery
  94. Outburst, as I get stuck in traffic
  95. it starts mostly in response to humour
  96. Rawness surprisingly can give you what youre looking for here
  97. Calculate moth deaths resulting from mutation
  98. Only half of them wait for discharge
  99. It gives potter one after table ends secured
  100. Career knock will slow your progress down

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