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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 18-February-2019
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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 4-February-2019
  1. Drives in and out of American streets
  2. I am nuts swimming in a dangerous wave
  3. Short cuts for escaping spies?
  4. Special rate covers 10+
  5. Regret mans 24 hours under energy-blocking routine
  6. Kind of paper case
  7. Be entitled to leave time to gos half five
  8. Could be a nightmare, when tot swallows drug
  9. Found popular leader of this South American countrys revolution to be losing heart
  10. Priests to run physical training in unpolluted setting
  11. Guessed date and times are wrong
  12. Choose a parking place
  13. Charged agent with obstruction and evasion, initially
  14. Animal has good fair treatment and fine housing
  15. Building slowly absorbing earth goes off-white
  16. Join organisation providing end to poverty
  17. Daughters note taking back insult about king proves false
  18. Nibble at some meat in tortilla
  19. Cushion chair to raise height of Queen behind composer
  20. Report of rogue animal
  21. Discharge of English judge by European court
  22. Preserve condition restricting weapon a boys after
  23. Quite sour cocktail is a shade of blue
  24. A semi-virgin oil ruined Italian dish
  25. Love party games retro whiff
  26. About half the population has cut back on space
  27. Reasons for acting in some ITV play
  28. Cast for fine fish
  29. Wifes rented ragtop punctured and spun noisily
  30. Looked happy going round new church
  31. Left Lincoln with second-class ticket
  32. Chaps coming round, so I straightened line in stockings
  33. Touched middle of disc in overturned writing table
  34. Small matter involving national industry leaders
  35. Obtain playground equipment to get overwhelming election victory
  36. In favour of politician having time for cause
  37. Former journalists oddly disown word or phrase
  38. Watch voyeurs playing without ball
  39. Hang Duke by corner
  40. Sat following drink and considered
  41. Forge perfect bundle
  42. Small jugs forming waste disposal system
  43. Tree is one of five on borders of college
  44. Negative about time of day
  45. Thing engineered to hold sort of joint
  46. Dreamer I trade with first
  47. Post Office buries clues
  48. Joined forces with strangely adorable clot
  49. Deliver detective inspectors commendation
  50. Suspicions of Heather being covered in tattoos
  51. Spanish wine and Brazilian port getting positive response from Germany
  52. Entertained by commercial featuring Clio, perhaps
  53. Choice of the Spanish in part
  54. Unhappiness of sadists upset about international group
  55. Lives comfortably in outskirts of Dungeness
  56. Popular feature of church deacon originally encouraged
  57. Dish with notches on angle
  58. Laze around, showing enthusiasm
  59. Tolerate rotten deadlock
  60. Management blunder created complete spectacle
  61. Sex club opening in town upsets spiritual leaders
  62. Centres of this bakery product become raised
  63. British libertines put on record they will slow things down
  64. Come together at Oval for dessert
  65. Early Christian beneficiary when Peter gets fleeced
  66. sounding annoyed as it came to a head
  67. that socialist then incorporates in dodgy forecasting method
  68. Clothing from years ago thats partly making a comeback?
  69. Potential client? Or maybe just a gold-digger
  70. Unconventional air thats missing A flat
  71. Widely applied code that cant be read
  72. Family matters can help doctors diagnose health problems
  73. Poor reason to have king deposed
  74. Moron had misinterpreted doctors prime directive
  75. Standard saddle regularly found in old fort
  76. Broadcasting code in Israel prohibits communication
  77. Creative use of some lingos provides fresh things to say
  78. Second victory for love rat
  79. One panics, shoving weapon into a tip
  80. Format for images created by magistrate for example
  81. Put together talk about Republican case
  82. Confident type more open to reject answer
  83. A nightmare location for Elstree, hosting movie opening before time
  84. Recreating similar page endlessly is definitely not original
  85. Accept offer to go into A&E
  86. Intelligent assistant on the phone gets flower sent up
  87. Detector has section replaced with one thats older
  88. See 16
  89. Transport for Bryan?
  90. Uterus repaired with small stitches
  91. Twenties sheet music
  92. Correct pen by the sound of it
  93. Frank, call the shots!
  94. Rattle copper, as an example
  95. Compilers always spending recklessly on champagne hit!
  96. Extremely literate and eager editorial
  97. Fifty-one pounds held in cash
  98. Expressed anger as wanton lodger embraced wife
  99. Mob allows production of natural fibre
  100. Writer sues miserable publication

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