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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 28-November-2022
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 21-November-2022
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 14-November-2022
  1. Could be a Mexican fancy chair ornament
  2. Someone getting even with a vice principal before green revolution
  3. Upstart is temporarily hiding performer
  4. Start working with clique
  5. They hang around it or reel around on Sunday
  6. Protection for first of ministers to be airbrushed from explosive images
  7. Undertaking talk about school sport
  8. Grips mouths
  9. Gun lobbyists accept first rate funds in Nigeria
  10. Understanding an address about workers
  11. Reportedly remained sober
  12. Antique pamphlet clipping
  13. Opening in it, I joined up with a novice
  14. Solids hardened, so doc set to work
  15. Government error
  16. Tense little bird hiding garish wings
  17. Laura goes mad, according to hearsay
  18. Candidates name exes I harassed
  19. Almost all at sea?
  20. Corridor is drenched in beer
  21. Probability governs this torture for a wage slave
  22. Freedom fighter lends a lone man ingredients
  23. Separate people struggle for universal supremacy
  24. Musicians put together alternative cabinet in conjunction with artist
  25. False mitigation strangely lacking in gravity
  26. Components of immigration quota
  27. Opener for Kent is dismissed from dodgy wicket more than once
  28. More diffident heirs relaxed
  29. Unclear how unfortunate cubs got covered in mineral
  30. It's much taller, said Spooner, getting confused
  31. Top class haven for millions — it can't be bettered
  32. Small actor excited by order to fight
  33. University gets kudos, having cracked this puzzle
  34. Inspection finds minuscule attachment to fastener, reportedly
  35. Food colonists found initially inside wood
  36. Pedestrian being initially very fussy
  37. Plain clothes include a couple of accessories lacking finish
  38. Singer paid thief, when compromised
  39. Approved adding spicier centre in cheapest meat
  40. Careless agent retaining cut
  41. French author going after ugly woman for cheese
  42. Colour of extremely comfy afghan
  43. Pull back piece of dustcart taillight
  44. Theatre worries, showing cheap TV programmes?
  45. The reason inquisitive children get eventually
  46. Company boss integrates R&D as an article of faith
  47. Tell the story of disputed election result
  48. Agents dropping fine group of players
  49. Liberal Party wet a renowned law enforcer?
  50. Right old passion for country
  51. Disorganised NHS lab flooded with body parts
  52. Quite large digit can cause input error
  53. Open and happy face
  54. Willing to put everything one has under tension
  55. Regularly pass up rest to get the black stuff
  56. Constant pessimist has no yen for alfresco dining
  57. When to act? As soon as union gets involved
  58. Woman in vehicle (old make)
  59. Rush to convey a shout of joy
  60. Provides coal for scientific unit
  61. Joyful Anglican Church turning lifeless?
  62. Urge for food?
  63. Defeated king is stern — nothing left in possession
  64. Tolerating Jolson sounding like a cow?
  65. Dearth of gold in quiet conurbation
  66. Fuss about Romeo becoming a monk?
  67. Cut in advance to be ready?
  68. French writer — some of his art renowned
  69. Tax vessel containing booze?
  70. Worry about Gath, troubled old city
  71. Walk and talk at length
  72. Go away and ask for money when it's time for lunch?
  73. Danseuse cavorting for Africans
  74. Leave job to produce serial publication
  75. Failed to hear sound of film
  76. Wild gales around north-east country
  77. Music maker who painted his mother?
  78. Notice wife going into retreat — somehow fail to make progress
  79. Virtue of Patricia, exceptional niece
  80. Rower and duck on a river
  81. Short flight is hard work
  82. Violent action: coup leading to control by enemy forces
  83. Prince William gestures audibly? They bring us a broadcast
  84. Domestic rows?
  85. Grass in one of the Cinque Ports
  86. Contrary daughter immersed in a bit of poetry?
  87. Virtuous type to go on bike or walk?
  88. Bill has club set up
  89. Woman in picture a man fashioned with oils
  90. Crave starter of burrito with melted cheese
  91. Inclined to back gloomy report
  92. Irritate English fellow retiring after tea
  93. Turning up with money trouble after Jack's sent down
  94. Long Island artist has night working outside in drizzle
  95. Hate half hour sitting in seedy bar
  96. American soldier banks on Zoom with old device
  97. Worsen cute tail on horse in avatar design
  98. Hiding tear, convinced King to admit defeat
  99. Cover victory in outstanding final part of report
  100. Some take a sedative to be made more comfortable

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