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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 15-April-2019
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 8-April-2019
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 1-April-2019
  1. Anticipate temper cracking under pressure
  2. Give up position of a Brexiter?
  3. Carefree group talking nonsense
  4. Tube-like shape is artful?
  5. Moderate report on reservoir after drought?
  6. Didnt remember to retain act after delaying play
  7. Investment insurance lacking hard limit
  8. Its OK following procedure that guarantees passage
  9. Man at home is excited getting it
  10. Friendly question about setters competence?
  11. Inexperienced defender makes money in the States
  12. Potty clue?
  13. Look hard at long clue thats oddly deficient
  14. Centre with flat, where pupils are situated
  15. She contributes to article on Orangism
  16. Spains answer to pasta bake?
  17. Club Med, for example, found in south London
  18. Good luck to player from a supporter on holiday
  19. Weak sister exercised to get warmer on the slopes
  20. Supports I invested in troubled financial institution, initially
  21. Unload bananas with burst centre getting lumpy
  22. Central area owners vowed to make fresh again
  23. Whisky measure is an insult
  24. Old poet repulsed male singer
  25. A sailor grips top of weapon when fighting
  26. One who perhaps leads as cast take over rehearsals
  27. Henchman boarded without ticket stub
  28. Class make simplistic gender choice
  29. City where furry animals have their tails up!
  30. Cover fool returned, saying its completely knackered
  31. Everywhere is very disorganised
  32. Broken toe? A Band-Aid? It could work!
  33. Rural gripe after bureau cleared out
  34. Experimented, got bad back and haemorrhaged!
  35. Rubbish learner abandoned three times
  36. Reckon visitor introduced second couple after one
  37. Silly nan leaving indication out
  38. Bottom of pop singers hips
  39. Squirm from naval war commander (retd)
  40. Waits for sexy specs etc (use without frames)
  41. Party animals composed texts about dog
  42. OTT elite outlandishly attending to appearance
  43. therefore organs flaccid
  44. Working class pocketing drug balances
  45. Administer religious rite to defraud business
  46. What a big bird has following dinner at the Ritz?
  47. Mind your head in 12?
  48. Disneys classic tear-jerker switched on for little one
  49. Informant poking dubious charity
  50. To rig a microphone involves special paperwork
  51. Country club hotel is not allowing starters
  52. Leading law report
  53. Citys stumble over refined oil
  54. French fry a little bit
  55. Setter clued puzzle for mathematician
  56. Poets value of expressions
  57. Put an end to hard liquor
  58. Two embrace five found on a bed
  59. Boys were excited to produce facial hair
  60. Drink kept in percolator
  61. Fruit container, nearly new, in boat
  62. Less experienced party leader brought back before September 1939?
  63. Taking part in climb, I begin to drink
  64. Red nose turning back
  65. Feature describing life after death?
  66. Doctor Who following teams not the main event
  67. Most recent West Coast city trial
  68. Thoughtless fat man on throne?
  69. People seen to order port
  70. A group of directors on a ship
  71. Put in prison, we hear, one after the other
  72. Former station employee, one with customers overseas
  73. Tree abandoned after heading off for Sex and the City
  74. Find fault with fish
  75. Translation of annual said to be Spanish
  76. A letter marking the spot, we hear, for extension
  77. Matins, as sort of devil worship
  78. Birds start to whistle in pussy willows
  79. Monster devouring old mounted soldier
  80. Reform Act anagram for historic document
  81. Saint having last word in prayer? Thats a bit of a bloomer
  82. Corporal, say, with little brother on an unbroken horse
  83. Funny thing, the sound of an owl
  84. Manuels employer, Spanish gentleman somewhere in Essex
  85. Everlasting cross goes inside and outside
  86. Those left to take a break
  87. Shabby trunk emptied contents
  88. Rising Cam before long draws in a thousand fish
  89. Utopian cities laid waste
  90. Join queue to get something for a manicure
  91. Comprehensive is gone and Academy is taking students
  92. Meals about done
  93. Sootys pal Soos beginning to cry
  94. Spread fear about cheat in a brimmed hat
  95. Grave disease consuming old man
  96. Very trendy young ladys first record
  97. Party as part of special event is in need of a lot of work
  98. Pass on advice for putting out candle
  99. American oxs crossing point
  100. Heard I could be wisest to hide name of person at the scene

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