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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 11-October-2021
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 4-October-2021
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 27-September-2021
  1. Number 10 cut directive originally taken on board
  2. Not even a famously patient person is right to be a handyman
  3. Leader described by prominent journalist as 'conceited
  4. Used to make drink when working late each first Friday
  5. Cut up joint that's not top grade
  6. Shock in underworld after rising Mafia boss cleared out
  7. Flying down the touchline?
  8. City trimmed part of garden to do post-retirement activity
  9. Saleswoman recalled trouble over carbon copy
  10. Empty seat next to nobleman's finally sat in by church founder
  11. Tourist needs face mask going round city centre
  12. Unconventional Tory ally — one long excluded from privileged family
  13. Validated on social media almost the same day
  14. Although small, couple accepted sandwiches . . .
  15. Vital for credit union agents to be online
  16. Turn to see ladies joining king's circle
  17. Catch up on rest, missing island feast
  18. Look, I'm not sure about coming in as substitute
  19. Nutrition doctor's writing stuff on low-calorie soda
  20. Son feebly playing alone
  21. Honour East German city backing end of coal energy
  22. Model basically embracing rejection of fur
  23. Set up support for Special Branch
  24. State-backed broadcast interrupted by Love Island
  25. Rubbish drug experience with ecstasy
  26. Lend SMS a hidden meaning
  27. Several problems with our visa
  28. Luxury line includes zit treatment
  29. . . . and little Edward eating roll expressed gratitude
  30. Do my best trick banishing boy's shyness
  31. Release international organisation's credit
  32. Set sail, turn craft east heading for Okinawa
  33. Small, small person may be cross
  34. Thought supreme deity initially mad
  35. Toy filled with wrong fuel, sadly
  36. Finish close second in race
  37. Spreadsheet: advanced and superb
  38. Romeo forced out and cast aside
  39. Nation's wicked slandering — no sir!
  40. Highly obvious to vocalise about pick of the bunch
  41. Mother looks over home publications
  42. Make a friendly gesture, we're told, to obtain pet
  43. Wreak havoc over drug being less potent
  44. Determined individual finally loses heart
  45. Get on with five in a whirl?
  46. Came to sorry end, swallowing pigment
  47. Some offer a reward — definitely not well done!
  48. Politician covered in sauce rises suddenly
  49. Give out when time's up
  50. Look into Mafia to come back and thrive
  51. Dig starters of parsnip, liver and octopus — yuck!
  52. Article abolishing right of secular organisation
  53. Send off old wine
  54. Not as many women get into free running
  55. This could be the apple of the teacher's eye?
  56. Very little money provided by New York to support a writer
  57. Needed some paper in colour
  58. How's your father upholding higher education for all?
  59. Impressed? Not me! Rubbish web designers
  60. Proves company is involved in fraudulent activities
  61. Still taking in first piece of information
  62. Buy off a very soft moderate
  63. Boring and reserved, slip inside for a drink
  64. Share out treatment for serious type of film?
  65. Bring together tips for making ancient thatched cottage homely
  66. Staff reportedly thriving — except for this bullied Spanish waiter
  67. Drug best known initially to keep dancers going in trance
  68. Shrink gets paler as husband moves back
  69. Rude man is crazy for nanny
  70. Annual payment for looking after kids?
  71. Play away? It will turn into farce
  72. Significant island wrapped by Christo somehow!
  73. Stopper's team come together for opener
  74. Fan removes uniform for closest mate
  75. Withdraw sequence of notes
  76. Bread filling that is dull
  77. Small share of profits for what's at risk?
  78. We're paying for liability
  79. Try reading out opening bits of Secret Agent
  80. Strong leader for Greeks takes time to make mark
  81. Oven has opening with leather on top
  82. Properties that provide disappointing rents for the owners
  83. Abroad for a long time due to lack of services
  84. Training is going as intended
  85. Individual weight of one diamond, perhaps
  86. Abandons the run, gutted to be behind
  87. How one checked authenticity of old money, then some new
  88. Ale and prawn cocktail? It could kill you
  89. Warning given by European after live conflict
  90. Dismissal for adding copy into middle of notes she typed
  91. False part of folio omitted from professor's academic writing
  92. Source of bubonic and different plague?
  93. Roger excited about brilliant visitor to Newmarket?
  94. Dispute reaches many regulars
  95. Thorn from small tree
  96. Trump initially seen dithering about start of narcissistic visit to state
  97. Group of soldiers in club initially train a brave individual
  98. What's been shot put in regular frying pan
  99. Start of line crossed by bird
  100. Academic soldiers are upset over low mark

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