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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 14-October-2019
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 7-October-2019
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 30-September-2019
  1. Some of mezes typically full of beans
  2. Sort of quite like morning by river, still and noiseless
  3. Old seabirds regularly able to get outside
  4. Step in when Bury against Everton ends ultimately in violence
  5. Torys contribution to party flyer
  6. Usual practice to have volunteers set up living area
  7. Leaves fellow changing oil to get on
  8. Soldiers prompt resistance brings someone to get us out of trouble
  9. The heartless rich I suspect to be more irritating
  10. In St Lucia you are travelling with care
  11. Money received once Im working
  12. Dance with the French chaps in fine company
  13. Liked to see Joey jumping around in goal
  14. Holiday snap
  15. May watch a special game at other teams ground
  16. Camera set to show off some delights of Cornwall
  17. Good books contain everything top-class and noble
  18. Evening with film stars ahead
  19. Goes round renovated bistro
  20. Man is one of those Ill report
  21. Employers backing unions resurgence to some extent
  22. Difficult time after babys head is delivered
  23. Poem about unknown ship on year-long journey
  24. Quietly set up goody-goody
  25. Stares open-mouthed at girl taking on monkeys
  26. Spotted cat in car
  27. Dream home in picture
  28. Challenged wicked superhero
  29. Lease covers to become sick, retired and dependent
  30. Where in France husband leaves stuff for trips
  31. Merit increase having eliminated new impediment to hearing
  32. Poor family dumped in street
  33. Submarines first captain comes up to deliver warnings
  34. Painter has mouth turned up its nothing to cry about
  35. In the bellies of whales, science finds something strange
  36. Moves carefully inside overseas establishment
  37. One tempting English with time in more pleasant surroundings
  38. Become aware of union cutting voucher
  39. Denounces drunk not in good condition
  40. Energetic start to play occupies everyone performing
  41. Ladies note cleaning implement
  42. Treatment area charge creates political division
  43. Worried a couple is supporting green extremists
  44. Win a set, playing while upset
  45. Arrest leaders of All Blacks on rugby tour
  46. Cover when one or other is caught not working?
  47. Creating order to hide almost depleted uranium in dump
  48. Youd hope fast gets broken with this variable dish
  49. Work out one approach lacking information
  50. Establishment that should provide you with a brown cover
  51. Work spade into lands down south
  52. More pull out when court is dismissed
  53. Spring initiates this forward movement in clocks
  54. Adventurous sweetheart dropped line
  55. Fake news about king that teenagers now repeat constantly
  56. He insured treatment getting introduced
  57. Settle for drop in customer numbers
  58. March to secure jail reform? He might send you there!
  59. Try to date report of one doing reconnaissance
  60. Sweet air I must circulate
  61. Serious cut close to ankle
  62. Touch female fish
  63. Domination shown in good bowling spell by new chaps at last
  64. English radical taking overdose crumbled away
  65. Actors furious about opening in unisex garment
  66. Died in home drunkenly clutching top of Jameson bottle
  67. Staff do nothing about instrument
  68. The end of almost great drink
  69. Chief ordered demise of Greek mathematician
  70. Foul-smelling row of soldiers
  71. Hoodwinked airlines doctor about alcohol left in
  72. One considered out of date is around after broadcast
  73. Spotty headgear capturing ones heart
  74. Weedy plant cut
  75. Greatly daring, I printed translation
  76. Mist envelopes rare creature
  77. Spot a tortoise eating a tuber
  78. Nit-picker removing end of chain from necklace
  79. Drop lecturer with old degree qualification
  80. One leaving medicine out for native
  81. Load beer clumsily with device for restricting sideways movement at sea
  82. Tanned suspect going round old island smeared in oil
  83. Smuggled pictures returned after trick associated with group
  84. More nasty fellows surrounding a queen
  85. Setters given a long time to make pictures
  86. Rex is ideal playing old 23 leader
  87. Inept Conservative in a huge muddle
  88. After turbulent weeks, start to drift out of line
  89. Torn anorak? Go get a jumper!
  90. Soaked up six-pack, then got bored somehow
  91. Exhausted campanologists double?
  92. 22 against potty principal
  93. Thirsty, leaderless, terribly annoyed
  94. Catch partner? Coming up right away
  95. Here a coins wasted
  96. Blooming buttocks said to be a sign of health
  97. Fox first to feature in rewritten fable
  98. Loud and summery event
  99. Dull food supplied by member, shortly after the end of business
  100. Starts to pull hair out, being in abject fear

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