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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 3-August-2020
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 27-July-2020
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 20-July-2020
  1. Interpretation matters in books, for example
  2. Unsettle the frail old dictator
  3. Hung over, forgets name and gets delayed
  4. Sexual attraction starts to overawe one meeting personal hero
  5. Give men lean stew for supper
  6. Return once more with artist to where river is falling
  7. Woman compiling three articles
  8. Sample is lacking the second time? That's a shocker
  9. Nice friend goes after old engineer for paperwork
  10. French polish made partly from melanin
  11. Criminal said much to show ability to acquire gold
  12. Mean ruse perhaps needed to get online access
  13. He's smart to keep true line in dangerous surroundings
  14. One just starting to make extremely nice web income
  15. Old stink journalist dug up
  16. Chuckles afterwards about awkward hug
  17. Work of art showing priest in dog collar
  18. Aristocratic young couple needed to maintain the succession
  19. Love talking about trivial stories
  20. Call up first lady to get outside approval
  21. Step up can be nasty when moving right to left
  22. Carry empty grip on your bike
  23. Twice a year is enough for father
  24. Type of ritual practised before start of congress?
  25. The idiot dumping child for her
  26. What the following numbers show
  27. Female alien is hot; a thing that gets you going!
  28. Perfect time to get down
  29. Okay welcome in the heart of Laos
  30. Matildas magic not starting, backfires and smokes
  31. Moving right up the rat menace
  32. Certainly no inflatable in difficulty
  33. Studs in tatty clothing not for them
  34. Dodger may be lucky
  35. Nows the wrong time to constrain mass communications
  36. Took no action on rent stupidly I tried!
  37. Guilty partys rip-off concealed by religious group
  38. Warning! Tiger possibly bitten half the street!
  39. Think about head of rival firm
  40. Commandos on hotel window
  41. Mock the art set without frames and colour
  42. Gold beats yttrium in stiff test
  43. Seized power held by American, rude bastard
  44. Kiss on Mothers Day in December?
  45. Socialiser in 1009 the Queen!
  46. Enquire after barrier material
  47. Alter in the case of quiet mimic
  48. Back soldiers with the wild distinctive mark
  49. Wonderful magazine, incompletely edited
  50. When life begins to be a bit like a stronghold?
  51. Did you pen best composition? Absolutely!
  52. Currency unknown following gold standard
  53. Going to a restaurant, or dine at home, with painful disease
  54. Consider the same sick lady outside as well enough
  55. Castrate violently without using a spray
  56. Sense corruption by church centre
  57. Oblivious in Cameroun a war expected
  58. Fabric salesman in church
  59. One called initially to step up to create glacial mass
  60. Licensed cat herder in action
  61. Brute causes a disturbance internally
  62. Dances about with tool
  63. Angel travelling in Asia to provide relief from suffering
  64. Artwork is attractive but lacking in force
  65. Last word about section tenor delivers flat
  66. Pirate victory over independent ruler
  67. Start violent attack
  68. Bone queen buried in compost
  69. Flying ace primed to live for the moment
  70. Stories of fish rising on poles
  71. Demure love note for wild beast
  72. Laid back about praying regularly for organ
  73. Bug old boy before meeting
  74. Letter of thanks following article
  75. Blast top of orange to get zest
  76. Mythical creature somewhere in Arizona
  77. Begin with famous sheep
  78. Sorcerer returning natural hair
  79. Small hens killer
  80. Strip guy smuggling drug to Norway
  81. Weep about husband I am able to engage initially in deceit
  82. Annoyed by Dire Straits, unfortunately twice missing start of song
  83. Steal books for mechanical man
  84. Strength of some grain containing whiskey
  85. Emotional reaction shown by rich state in transition
  86. Difficult to swallow odd bits of Viagra in this university
  87. Storm about in circle
  88. Fund defender to get revenge
  89. Lustrous, quiet, fashionable and unknown
  90. Good intentions involving god
  91. Bad time of year to make babies?
  92. Member raising support given gin cocktail at get-together
  93. Responded to article by son and wife before daughter
  94. Had scene rewritten to include analyst getting malicious pleasure
  95. Fine pass for unruly boy at centre of row
  96. Service man licensed by bishop to brew dreary ale
  97. Hit barrier at work
  98. No longer around, former partner can go to court
  99. Trials new English and Scottish flag
  100. Lark about with doctor in prison

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