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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 5-July-2021
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 28-June-2021
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 21-June-2021
  1. . . . time I linked with a beautiful young woman
  2. That salamander of mine sounds so small
  3. Watering can create inconvenience, when getting time in for golf
  4. Ship requires check-in before this
  5. Absurd poem in difficult setting — so modern
  6. Reprimands dashed racer's hope
  7. Develop green site as a place for animal sanctuary
  8. Clean out natural gas producer!
  9. Greet men excited to be coming out
  10. Attack head demonstrating evolutionary survival principle
  11. Non-national enemy seizes power with queen
  12. . . . disgraced monk's status, perhaps, for not following the rules
  13. Die from excitement if information is missing
  14. Suffer stomach nick
  15. Paltry sum socialist said was mailed
  16. Standard part of working is negotiating to get promoted
  17. Lost again in reverie about the past . . .
  18. Being ignorant, I abandoned everything on date
  19. Formal person you can become in posh company?
  20. Proper support for journalist's text can stop others using it
  21. Nice earner I'd abandoned to become comedy act
  22. Sell important means to create capital
  23. Stripped almost without thinking
  24. Work hard with women in constituency
  25. Girl embodying Margaret Thatcher's single-minded approach
  26. Fashionable ring snatched by father as a publicity stunt
  27. Gone on central Iraqi food
  28. Some clergy attack centres enforcing vow of silence . . .
  29. Research facility in Switzerland retains first reservoir
  30. Patriarch begins investigating some American alternative cults
  31. Limits of taboo stopping pleasure in bed
  32. Philosopher climbing old mountain outside Turkish capital
  33. Bird near foot of mast on vessel
  34. Covers for songs
  35. I soon chat freely, as part of a conspiracy
  36. Setter ingesting ecstasy and heroin got nasty bug
  37. Vehicles crossing America in convoy
  38. Piece of music at service primarily for common people
  39. Composer crossing heart on island
  40. Net found twisted round foot of body in river
  41. Retired thespian ignoring head of casting's staffing schedule
  42. Perfect hit to leg
  43. Bamboo thatch covering market stall
  44. River stopping quiet monster's advance
  45. Ice originally put in china bucket
  46. Note found amongst burnt remains of US sect
  47. Female supporter rejected as vulgar
  48. Conservative bishop entertained by old artist
  49. Priest called to road accident
  50. End up having sleepover away from home
  51. Letter following complaint?
  52. Closure of zoo interrupting bear's routine
  53. Stone container with drug-free contents
  54. Transport initially included in price of holiday
  55. Journalist finally in digs broadcast news
  56. Censor woman with no husband
  57. A male line broken in battle
  58. Radio broadcast by Elvis' first crew member?
  59. Hit cross back with handle
  60. Admirer and crook go to a dance
  61. Vegetable in painting perhaps seen on tip of Irish clog
  62. Jerk following a tenor into room
  63. Bird very upset by game
  64. After time, those in need return to parade
  65. Doctor bused in to provide media-friendly comment
  66. Clean ersatz stool
  67. Mark, surrounded by water, is prisoner
  68. Say Pluto's death is an unexpected blessing
  69. Grades lines of soldiers
  70. Heads of international committee indicted lying youth without feeling
  71. Pawn in game partially providing cover
  72. We initially welcome song and dance performance without uniform that's quaint
  73. Flips out about foot joint
  74. Stare intently before old boy returns to summerhouse
  75. Without signal around lake that's very small
  76. Ask who in France follows English knight about
  77. Declare it, perhaps, in front of church
  78. Artist in eatery getting bottle
  79. Correct last word by director
  80. Top perspirer
  81. As part of agreement demand ridiculous platitudes lacking depth
  82. Green, natural, timeless
  83. Upright house and home
  84. Stone put in place for A-listers?
  85. Wealth of cane fuel distributed around France
  86. Type of pen with exterior of lime
  87. Keep quiet and polish plant
  88. Underlying theme of U-boat book?
  89. Choir resigns in distress
  90. Source of fruit or vegetable
  91. Lock up bloke covered in wine
  92. Modified square containing 51 oddly depleted offices
  93. Boy reportedly checked for hit on the head
  94. Batting's cut short after appeal for a new start
  95. Instrument played by Difford and Tilbrook's band on TV
  96. Look for good clean resort
  97. Top tennis player reportedly to give up
  98. Without stopping, negotiate Leeds, crossing north to south
  99. Some folksy arts are on the rise but getting lost
  100. Bloomer spread with cheese and pickle tops posh filling

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