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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 19-August-2019
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 12-August-2019
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 5-August-2019
  1. Quiet order became smaller
  2. Reportedly go off bird
  3. In speech Id name an egg-laying mammal
  4. Janitor finding joyrider around the middle of Leeds
  5. School mums involved in reform
  6. Pair accepts ongoing army training to begin with for Thames battle
  7. Fish can be obtuse
  8. Change law or gambling could get us all heated up?
  9. Trip from drug mostly horrid time
  10. Man-made or plastic notes
  11. Unfairly blames husband for awkward gait
  12. Loyalty for Proust admitting penny dreadful
  13. Be capable of potty dance
  14. Get over Brexit rapidly or Kents economic leaders lose their shirts
  15. Step off around axis of sorts
  16. Nap, then shower editors calm!
  17. Insects shell-like rug?
  18. Meat provided by standard mother (one who overacts)
  19. Pretend drug put down bog, in the main
  20. Trendy cool hat is childish
  21. Silly Superman ran out of froth
  22. See 2
  23. Mark a bit of headscarf
  24. I go and call afresh, being reasonable
  25. Nag daft wife and cause distress
  26. Expression of joy could be the last
  27. Delight for mad cats? Yes!
  28. Stop twerp undressing in part of castle
  29. A guess? A cuckoo? A dog?
  30. See 22
  31. Change over hands
  32. Put off holding stick when rising in repeated performance
  33. Alpine sun melted strip of land
  34. Antagonise wayward sergeant
  35. Accompany old car
  36. Almost sit in gum
  37. Look around terraces in outskirts of Basingstoke
  38. Stern about left showing return to old habits
  39. Daughter admitted being drunk
  40. Blackens small and medium corncobs
  41. Air film with that woman
  42. Worthless attempt to cover up remains
  43. Hard atmosphere at party in Barnet
  44. Repossess frothy coffees
  45. Insulating material, like top of seals heads
  46. Bird living in lodgings for sport
  47. Determined to keep trick unpredictable
  48. Bookies never returned to cover bet
  49. Story with house deserted initially by one
  50. Miserable wife gagged
  51. Overpriced contract to include church in cross-country race
  52. Disillusion sailor surrounded by neglect
  53. Heads to slay King Edward with enormous rolling pin
  54. Hard-working boss promises to pay back money
  55. Teeth make an impression on your outspoken son
  56. Count caught us hiding three bridge players
  57. Humble home with acre in front
  58. Bend track for flyer
  59. Disgruntled whips rage set aside
  60. Feverish son flushed and made a noise when sleeping
  61. Press document made public after someones passed on resolution
  62. About to back blocking MSG fermented bacteria
  63. Dangerously crossing monarch after judges vote in favour of law change
  64. Hear large mammal howl
  65. Initially the good silver acquired by additional loan
  66. Divine creature endlessly associated with gold colour
  67. Praise blazing log fire, almost cosy at last
  68. Offer for short final work climbing
  69. Bridal showers hilariously rude
  70. Flight attendant served as waiter on way
  71. Catch small horse
  72. Girl banks on love in Paris for excitement
  73. Online scam has zero claim to work for saving money
  74. Thief taking new Mini Cooper emptied out nearly everything
  75. Sticks around, being self-satisfied
  76. Northern vicar organised a large street party
  77. Cut timber with fine bark
  78. Chap keeled over, ouch!
  79. Notable persons number
  80. Chapter before exercise gives general idea
  81. Entrance which is reportedly south of every other part of abbey
  82. Last can be best
  83. Brave noblemans aboard iron ship
  84. Managed to comprehend doctors jargon and waffling
  85. Its strangely allowed to obtain dagger
  86. I dont believe you have setters measure
  87. Thanks to Calvin Klein, young are tasteless
  88. On the ground, holding small upright
  89. Russian states vice president asked to reply in French, initially
  90. Essentially, clunky chapter is not suitable
  91. SF writer announced when Im leaving
  92. She wastes every second in larking around
  93. Comedian running school in settlers caravan
  94. Lacking leader, Britain is to run riot for starters
  95. Dirty joke perhaps is the last thing a bride needs
  96. Lab equipment containers tossed into river
  97. Expanded drying material extracted from metal casing
  98. Where merry men gathered to play with each other
  99. Property of a judge thats missing in Lords?
  100. Fantastic notice on debut and theres more to come

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