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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 1-June-2020
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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 18-May-2020
  1. Uninspired by Dickens last work of fiction?
  2. Artist in hut upset about climbing equipment
  3. Choose to get most of ice for drink dispenser
  4. Pierce top of skin on fruit
  5. Debris scattered around a possible casualty of oil slick
  6. Jerky movement made by tense sorceress
  7. Tool for nailing shellfish containing white meat on either ends
  8. Scouts camp is pinching pinching seafood
  9. Half-finished rudimentary accommodation
  10. Clumsy fish mated strangely
  11. One who votes for the ultimate reader
  12. Live with son during retirement
  13. Popular food said to be from a limited gene pool
  14. New arrival concealing cocaine dependence
  15. Shout to provide blanket for extremely deaf earls sleeping partner
  16. What may be said to photographer about insect larva turned into fast food
  17. Polish dermatologists second-stage acne treatment
  18. Managed to get gold box valued
  19. See through empty promise to catch judge
  20. Ship with a protective inner layer
  21. Permitted to indulge without constraint after wifes gone off with editor
  22. Edit evolutionary legislation
  23. God returning to cross
  24. Disease claiming a flipping unpleasant pleasure-seeker
  25. Last dances arranged in temporary beach construction
  26. Cold places where bees make honey with herb
  27. Carefree youth with a woman trapping American lawyer on board a ship
  28. Compete to trap unpleasant child in swing
  29. Terrible noise made by alien undergoing torture
  30. Drug mules relative?
  31. Is it the fashion to get very cross?
  32. Less occupied with identity, Lear loses Cordelia, finally
  33. Hippy gear?
  34. Fruit grew to be fashionable
  35. Wary of motoring organisation backing fuel modification
  36. Fresh direction with actors producing programme
  37. Grease spilt over cheese cloth
  38. Be passionate about teachers initial suggestion for sacrifice
  39. Hard to make out behind replica designed by European
  40. Create film music from scratch
  41. Shape emerges from half-hidden recess leading to confusion
  42. Accessories worn with kind of shirt striking on first sight
  43. Freshly made hot flan gets an enthusiastic response
  44. Unfriendly, when a clown shows up
  45. Design of poster etc is hush-hush
  46. Send back a large piece of lightweight material
  47. Skip start of funny visual
  48. Lead singer rehearses The Sound of Music
  49. Distribute loot due by arrangement
  50. Dairy product church head decrees is off
  51. Tape of call capturing point at which company doctor returned
  52. Specialist used it with chancel refurbishment
  53. By and large this garments unfinished
  54. Showing no restraint, boy grabs daughter
  55. The whole team made the cut
  56. Whats used to sweeten pudding courses when processed
  57. Finding gift thats absolutely right makes one tense
  58. Experimental equipment for examination underground
  59. Write directions for pasta
  60. Pivots camera around, getting luckier, happier better, perhaps
  61. Fruit is unusual archery motto
  62. Accounting for former level in government
  63. Stock image of kind of record player?
  64. Rubbish old Republican is part of machine
  65. Explosive and endlessly powerful European dish
  66. Want number associated with topless act
  67. Agree to cover up unfortunate mess in appraisal
  68. In favour of US soldier getting very fit its easily excused
  69. Instrument is gong with hole in
  70. Meetings in revolutionary health resort involving pressure and lotion
  71. Left profession lacking very special positions
  72. Whistleblower holding back accessories
  73. European horse consumers adopting British kitchen utensils
  74. Rule a girl breaks for freedom fighter
  75. Found out detectives get protected
  76. Chooses towpaths regularly
  77. Sleep party ends with impetuous infants complaint
  78. Studied colour on the radio
  79. Prep dishes hes cooking for meal
  80. Side dish found in Christmas hampers
  81. Daughter after special educational needs post
  82. Lift paper found under man
  83. Deer have small black sinuous tails
  84. Bird Sean ogles endlessly
  85. Firm, therefore, accepts emergency regulations, initially in agreement
  86. Spooners time aroused is expressed articulately
  87. Blend egg in cake mixture initially, then beat
  88. Notice jumpers are going up
  89. At your send-off, bishop and I included a short life history
  90. Forage in underground chamber cutting tin and germanium
  91. Swear love in a Volkswagen
  92. Abandon castle when kings left protected by another piece
  93. Ones quiet about plans unhappy outcome
  94. Caught and gently treated missing large young bird
  95. Heartily enjoy mums sisters outings
  96. Reckon online price cut has affected tea
  97. Songwriters catalogue includes riches, half unknown before
  98. Knock art made with a couple of bits of junk
  99. Hesitate to free up article trapped inside
  100. Live long, occupying time with dog

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