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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 4-December-2023
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 27-November-2023
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 20-November-2023
  1. Little Mama gets the smallest portion
  2. Ripple disturbed twelve outside space centre
  3. Subtle differences detected in new blended sauce with hidden name
  4. Violently elbowing wife out is contemptible
  5. Fewer at sea follow coast
  6. Moving about 30 centimetres
  7. Ease off rent increase
  8. He fought good boy in addition to frontrunners for gold
  9. Romantic deception involved no therapy
  10. Gospel writer's letters
  11. A portion of crab bisque for teacher
  12. Scenery of country's headland
  13. Wife gets poorly beforehand and afterwards, leading to animosity
  14. It stops the flow of dry hair
  15. He doubts retracted chest muscles twitch
  16. She gets to choose electronic reader
  17. Aware of Miami's banks and primarily Lloyd's absorbing slush fund
  18. Listener to be found in snug right next door
  19. Colourful flyer made audiences come and watch overtures
  20. Don't shoot him for telling you jam's weirdly green
  21. Eddy outgrew fifth bikini for full bottoms
  22. Wanton damage made by truck to dismal building
  23. Little dog's fur for scientist's protection
  24. Someone posting on social media is quaint, taking the lead with hesitation
  25. Carbonated sac reportedly produced by someone like Marie Curie
  26. Software program log out takes time identifying attachment
  27. Cries, 'Oh!' about ostentatious antics
  28. Utilize a lube nozzle piece in reverse to form dust clouds
  29. It's digitally displayed data ... dear?
  30. Second summit attended by those spearheading economic research and Sir Lindsay Hoyle, perhaps
  31. Tree sample provided by stuck-up botanical illustrator
  32. Unrestrained self-indulgence of corrupt peers
  33. Lift best flipping prize
  34. Uncontrolled sheep gasp
  35. Dance and drink with beau regularly
  36. Denounce celebrity accepting help making a comeback
  37. Popular detectives sat incapacitated
  38. Rankles runner taking in run around ...
  39. ... till sightseer crashed into vehicle
  40. Britain above changing short form
  41. Blood group often reported erroneously at first
  42. East German hurried to keep Iceland excluded
  43. Commute in coaches lacking one class
  44. Slow Greek vessel following line
  45. Artist going to crappy hotel gets squalid room
  46. Partners returning concessions holding value
  47. Idiot wearing sleeveless jacket
  48. Shy about setter and director producing something amusing
  49. After taking ecstasy she appeared strangely bottom heavy
  50. Body part in doctor's office
  51. Act as salesman with grudge
  52. Coerced servant loudly
  53. Eagerness of Cyril at a review
  54. Love is almost completely true and certain after time
  55. Posh car with new instrument serving drink
  56. Applauds quality in ball of ice
  57. Mirth of liberal offspring losing head
  58. Wandering sailor and worker concealing blunder
  59. Assumes America excited about king getting success at last
  60. Overdose promises to be foul
  61. Climbs right before noon to get additional note
  62. Old London players returned to capital
  63. Kilts set in motion as they get sent flying in alleys
  64. Come across an equal in audition
  65. Abandons all hope in a spider's web
  66. Clears out the white of the eye
  67. Christmas dinners have no starter for old prison officers
  68. What should be taken if wise man turns up after party?
  69. Intoxicated and given to be overbearing
  70. Gaining ranking after draw is announced
  71. In the morning, speaking with no sense of right or wrong
  72. Test size ingredients are the most piquant
  73. Shelled facility is twisted and sloping
  74. Anaesthetised foot has feeling but it's lowering
  75. Realise rubbish left out is not so problematic
  76. Enigmatic sweetheart gets drunk with Ernie's other half
  77. Dignified meeting of lovers under superbly elegant covers
  78. Protect and toughen around top of skull
  79. Credit the one who portrayed F Gump?
  80. Sir Bradley cycled around those who got there first
  81. By hacking, clear top of the chest
  82. The setter, we hear, is able to outwardly decry something aesthetically pleasing
  83. Listener in tears hits back
  84. Messenger is absorbed by game that's fast
  85. Element found in a cholesterol-reducing drug and vitamin
  86. They learn choral arrangement in two seconds
  87. Pessimistic, for example, in domestic surroundings
  88. Greatest duty is essentially to lead the largest number
  89. Old cronies abandoned leader and fell into disarray
  90. Characters in Macbeth? Nice and traditional
  91. Pub blasted into space? That's not the main story
  92. Jeweller initially employed on fantastic work unit
  93. Host reluctant to provide name that's real?
  94. Researching optimistic outlook
  95. Disturbs a lunatic, one saying silly things?
  96. Determined to attack
  97. Poet's starting yearly excursion around the Shetlands
  98. Elegant but would become loud if Charlie replaced George
  99. Put additional backing into call; it's quite an attraction
  100. Consume with worry when facing judge

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