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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 19-October-2020
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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 5-October-2020
  1. Commanding officer taking short nap after lunch is most comfortable
  2. Thrash lightweight after first of two rounds
  3. Search mountains for somewhere to practise shooting
  4. Tales of woe when fortune's dividing solid Conservatives
  5. Papa's in error ignoring wife's point
  6. Second-hand American edition
  7. Cheer try before catch is reviewed
  8. Fibre for rope mats is a leaf extract
  9. Rest of soldiers given uniform in camp
  10. Some of Veronese's paintings mounted in east end of church
  11. Article in news strangely peters out
  12. Criminal in trouble, run in by US city's Republican leader
  13. Fouls aplenty and fight lead to sin bin
  14. At home, might be running things
  15. Trendy lawyer's to sum up
  16. Choose to adopt girl after partner's lack of care
  17. Way of working in ink transformed old robe
  18. Normally a second inspection secures uranium
  19. Slow to get moving having left street map back in city
  20. Issue over family with poorly disposed money's not a problem for me
  21. Next in line for gold on back of victory
  22. Chum regularly improvised music outside with me in hot tub
  23. Stay with boy to include day in France
  24. Notices doctor returning without drug and is furious
  25. Instinctively ring home about spasmodic heart beat
  26. Fear old man's about to be imprisoned
  27. Nudge sheep's behind with stick
  28. Crazy colourful scarves daughter's chucked out
  29. Quiet religious house reportedly in poor condition
  30. Met friends having liaised to come out after football's first half
  31. Made up for being poorly prepared
  32. Ghastly look of some municipal lorries
  33. Place is upside-down by half-term
  34. Pacific islands import south Indian food
  35. Hard work is pointless — but it's where setters begin
  36. New unopened volumes found in hiding places
  37. Clerical assistant gets right up to the margin
  38. Irritation of one in short sleepover
  39. It keeps one going when all at sea
  40. Hardy heroine receives letters from all ten, without a single gift!
  41. One demands the best — often priciest — variety
  42. Bias against programme in black and white, for instance
  43. Son confused as mice ate feline
  44. Goodbye said to old rogue on Tube returning
  45. No one should meddle with this internationally sensitive case
  46. Put one's foot down when presented with energy charge
  47. All eager for a try before start of game
  48. Taken aback from the outset, having been in charge
  49. On the way out, concluded careful inspection
  50. Shape of both clutch and headlight
  51. Frowning, one of Fab Four heard brother was in debt
  52. Scrutiny of very particular year sister joined
  53. Insect damage is found on backstreet, reveal researchers
  54. Christian symbol remains a reminder of mortality
  55. Run-in with leading girl band
  56. Reaching across tabletop, partygoers spilt gin
  57. Girl, I gathered, finds something creepy in the forest
  58. Delight when life model goes to town
  59. Rapidly oppose easy money
  60. Tailless bird is in shade — it's a pain in the neck!
  61. Pile of spin?
  62. Quiet, fortunate and courageous
  63. Tasmania, lacking a renewable energy
  64. Was at home when Yeats created noise
  65. We hear how urinary infections start
  66. Hat for 13?
  67. Cathy's kinky island sailor
  68. Is Keir Starmer like a household appliance?
  69. Pants tucked up into mega bra? Goodness!
  70. Car bomb will explode finally within earshot
  71. Offer alien something in the bathroom
  72. Seen at Wimbledon: new skincare tent
  73. Take in some swabs or bandages
  74. Stays up playing, collecting 100 for the kitty
  75. Pair bananas with initially cherries or tangy fruit
  76. Told not right to be joyous
  77. Giving a nudge to pig whose heart is moved by a distressed 'oink
  78. American politician leaving note for innkeeper
  79. Circular field left undone
  80. Silly Mack did not annoy anyone
  81. Happy end not quite come to pass
  82. It's all in the head of one famous mother downing a ruinous drink
  83. No better copper to infiltrate underground
  84. Guard toilet, king not there
  85. Engineer tightens guard that's not being used
  86. Brave types appear outside for one statement before risky venture
  87. Elbow Song broadcast — it contains a winter scene
  88. Dealer acquires woven mats for author
  89. Fed up eating cheese? Find out what happened
  90. Intimate view of operation's final act
  91. Outstanding report on fight that's endless
  92. Moved on board, spearheaded by players
  93. Moronic sap fabricated likeness
  94. Soap company that is providing cover for Republican right
  95. A cold sea ruined what a doctor has on
  96. Temple no location to hide retreating officer
  97. Copied it totally, but only a part is the same again
  98. Immediately under pressure there
  99. Light film location performing brilliantly
  100. Impractical advice for someone trying to economise

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