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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 10-June-2019
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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 27-May-2019
  1. Tool runs into dryer
  2. One of three allowed to follow tour
  3. Put bird products on inferno to produce fine porcelain
  4. Left holding stiffly formal article, getting severe reproof
  5. The French way to holiday spot is only course available
  6. Let up on revolting rich
  7. Southern private investigator has custom thats unworldly
  8. Overcome echo in club
  9. Bird dashed into church
  10. Engaged epic duo to dance around clubs
  11. Male animal on air is weary
  12. Trespasser in time gets less polite
  13. Bank clerk accepting rupees and vatu, initially for tourist
  14. Dull carpeting returned by European
  15. He wears fools garments
  16. Sharp petty officer popular outside of Torquay
  17. Row about German feline
  18. Atmosphere heard to hang over family treasure
  19. Avoid removing top after length to gatekeepers house
  20. Wheres tradesman travelling for charity?
  21. Something hanging from roof in untidy attic with musty surroundings
  22. European sailor managed to return report
  23. Entrance with a posh pud
  24. Old boy with new cow, perhaps, promises to be offensive
  25. Idiot to ring spies Edward joined
  26. No longer healthy to breathe out
  27. Run into nook to find plant
  28. Stretch a point to include male
  29. Oddly deficient importation logo
  30. Treat with pills a doctor swallowed
  31. Artist returning without painting finally dropped
  32. Fear evident in the manner of soldier at sea
  33. Insect swallowed by black American bird
  34. Difficult ship for one reluctant to compromise?
  35. Endlessly creating names for waterproofing product
  36. Fish, unusual British trout?
  37. Man goes gathering fruit
  38. Surviving son leaves navigational instrument
  39. Ante up change for a kind of butter
  40. Office holder, one new to money, secures university degree
  41. Cause of casualties in account given by police to hospital department?
  42. Popular Canadian dip is red-hot
  43. Cheats accepting punishment for nonsense
  44. Setters wood for making model
  45. Turn up, wearing tie, having a common plan
  46. Bench for sport to exercise bust
  47. Meet a ship with man excited by drugs
  48. Draw deceased PM without husband
  49. See 23
  50. A boss set out to produce heat-resistant material
  51. Chaplain boarding earlier ship
  52. Seeds coming from small openings in the skin
  53. Sane people worried by a snoring problem
  54. Teacher of English taking old coin (gold)
  55. Sort of sour-tasting liquid ruined diving career
  56. Paste soon turns to mineral
  57. Mysterious Houdini finally caught in strange magic net
  58. Go ahead carrying my French energy drink
  59. Turn up with new mesh box for strawberries
  60. Take bag containing article and lose job
  61. Some reversal in Tyne docklands decline
  62. Scouts do stick first of badges on right sleeve in the middle
  63. Heading off, Dave picked up new road
  64. URL for Guardian Lives put in
  65. Elated having finished in front of cycling field, including Tour leader
  66. Crop both sides and finally ease into alcove
  67. Penultimate bus at Barking left before time I arrived
  68. Companions carrying very large truncheon
  69. Intended to reflect
  70. Revels in ruin of VAT files
  71. First off, get rid of irritation
  72. Compliment is less spirited
  73. Object to incense as risk
  74. Handy having editor back on newspaper
  75. Majority gutted about Klee work lacking oomph
  76. Mums fine coming back without Edward to manage
  77. Get very excited when second XIs promoted
  78. Calm about vote breaking new deal
  79. English reporters tucked into very strong coffee
  80. Reportedly intended to fill hills with badgers
  81. Not as troubled against weakened top grade football team
  82. Lots of dogs quietly disappearing
  83. Stretch out, then squat to keep out of sight
  84. A line crossing Italian streets home to birds
  85. Large insects under tip of pampas grass in tub
  86. Tough position perhaps as a result of lying?
  87. Holds in custody having broken up arms den
  88. Sort of weird male who features in the Bible
  89. Online discussion of weak setting for Bach variation
  90. Back section of laser-based weapon
  91. Bound to cover slip, if alarmed
  92. Fat cow messing in back row reveals something special
  93. Pretty ordinary, yet oddly mourned, painter
  94. Stranger picked up beside station seat
  95. Encourages Spurs fans
  96. Intense and awfully rude, but well groomed
  97. Take short run with addict
  98. It is drawn out for one supporting evolution
  99. Rotten worker and so rude!
  100. Is it played by romantic speculators?

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