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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 20-January-2020
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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 6-January-2020
  1. Working after shift carrying large club
  2. Analyse grammar written by English Zoroastrian
  3. Basic triangle redrawn
  4. Transaction, involving award for woman getting head on a plate
  5. Place tee for golf shot
  6. Mobility aid for part of foot caught in toilet lock?
  7. A kings taken in by charlatans religious retreat
  8. Designs alternative wrapper for right material to apply to a wound
  9. Veto token circulating as legal tender
  10. Goes off to catch fish with smart retired PR person
  11. Group meeting brave man with a swelling
  12. Wash poor saint found in church
  13. Hamper not going north with polar explorer
  14. Devastating impediment for prince
  15. Keeps plough stationary
  16. Good little fairies getting hold of old Dutch spells
  17. Man with inside information close to government
  18. Pulling vehicle back into complex
  19. Starts to prune around large mulberry tree
  20. Serious little creature swallowing soldier at sea
  21. Cat first found by English river thrown back
  22. Sailor in trouble changing course
  23. Swimming at great event on the water
  24. Money won from bet after wicket falls in spell at the crease
  25. Extremely hot day finds recorder in church? On the contrary!
  26. Apprentice saving money for accommodation
  27. Distress signal to leave ashore?
  28. Not old enough to destroy deer with a gun
  29. Regularly gave wino rum for them
  30. Match power with attitude
  31. Manoeuvring flaps used a lot
  32. Service provided by leading store
  33. Its behind atrocities these Russian extremists create
  34. Died ignored
  35. Goodbye note found on floor in Japan
  36. Working to create a large base for theatre event
  37. Severe judge imprisons learner
  38. Decline to raise grand for film
  39. issue some would prefer to observe in silence
  40. Single bar, played on lute initially, sounds familiar
  41. Friends perhaps come on site, having absolutely no English
  42. Eggs are declared done
  43. Journalist Poirot identified going back inside
  44. Floral tribute carried by Raleigh
  45. Influence American to abandon holiday passion
  46. Reduced numbers affect towns referral centres
  47. Social outcast is a bit of a people person
  48. Socialist driving side in the UK
  49. Decide to have new leader for plant
  50. Rogue angel burned? Its just not true
  51. who got arrested by constable for having spots
  52. Woman engaged in live data streaming it could swamp her
  53. One following US soccers development
  54. Key line in legal contract
  55. Its right to discuss at tedious length
  56. Brilliant soldier hacked into computer
  57. Business mass market leaders entered in force
  58. Image primarily printed on rag has quality
  59. Soldiers right: a pistol backfired
  60. Never smoked but still sick
  61. Team for quiet films
  62. Wilder race, by and large
  63. Scruffy Uncle Fin, with hesitation, is a trendsetter
  64. Fancy mash, Your Grace?
  65. Andrew and I get on its a match!
  66. Reportedly I spill the beans on the cake?
  67. Country carrying paper bouquet
  68. Trees could be 10
  69. The way to get a six-pack? Its in drinks
  70. Venerable part of tragedy
  71. Second to right car
  72. Jam and a piece of cheese?
  73. Know-how that hurts in the media
  74. 12 with a madness for captains
  75. Some salad dressing seen at 16
  76. Designer admits fashion finally is sound
  77. Trio not right for you once
  78. Can Simon Armitage drive with this?
  79. Primarily, chimps, orang-utans, monkeys, macaques and suchlike found here?
  80. Wee! - rubbish clue
  81. No 1, Douglas Street?
  82. We part at revolting Adams Ale
  83. Again, come out for self-styled VIP
  84. Caress most of bottom frequently to begin with (ones amenable)
  85. City bird on the water
  86. Moves up since first of challenges is over
  87. Calling nurse to inject drug
  88. Blight that is overshadowing New Jerseys old city
  89. Knowing when to express disapproval on a point
  90. Live on own and stay out of trouble
  91. Eventually popular issue comes up
  92. Rogue presidents behind swindle
  93. Dress for retirement party outside with jacket top when worn by old lady
  94. Gangsters power with young is massive
  95. Races in to purchase a sandwich
  96. Ring section from multiple choice
  97. Little fish in rivers following daughters line in current
  98. Thanks housemaid heartily coming in with drink
  99. Kind of information outlet
  100. Ignoring odd bits of wordier poem

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