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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 5-April-2021
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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers - 22-March-2021
  1. Several getting by, supported by deliveries repeatedly
  2. Strictly accurate cutback by court
  3. Euros sold out as nothing to be sniffed at
  4. Carpenter with a coat of many colours?
  5. Woman showing compassion in a Beirut hotel
  6. Meet, for example, grabbing fist somehow
  7. Helping a learner to be sensible
  8. Grant sound and colour
  9. Green fare movement encourages food products compatible with animal welfare
  10. Criminal destruction of half of Salzburg cellar
  11. Descartes has a disfigurement
  12. In case, run out and find cover
  13. Film studio ultimately competes in cinema
  14. Professor could be rocking
  15. Finally trek leader follows maps in a book
  16. Anticipating being in the club
  17. Home poetry by sailor
  18. Press pitch regularly ignored, which is funny
  19. Juliet in same but different fragrance
  20. For a start, how are you feeling? Always sneezing?
  21. Was there to observe material
  22. Trained in secret as underground opposition
  23. Demonstration of the month
  24. Allowed to carry thin glove
  25. Mash of poorest quality, but not quite
  26. Powerless to accept the Guardian is not fit for purpose
  27. Declare why make money for long
  28. With a flourish, shows a selection of fibre-rich food offerings
  29. PM seen in a newspaper with the Queen and now gone, essentially
  30. Shopkeeper kneading her bread round remains of fire
  31. Man in garden determined to eradicate insect
  32. Republican in reflective frame of mind visiting downtrodden individual
  33. Noah may be relaxed about source of gopher wood
  34. Left share covered by legal agreement
  35. Drink for drunk not starting to get cold during snooze
  36. Beautiful lass taking drug to party
  37. Lecturer joining end of impromptu party game
  38. Drug used in game turned up in sweet
  39. English king upset large part of church before start of divorce is declined
  40. Humanitarian crisis caused by a 25 in unoccupied France
  41. Traditional story about collecting a penny tax in Anglo-Saxon England
  42. Rebel with pointed object intercepting letter from abroad to the Queen
  43. Style worn by new Danish king
  44. Elevated position embraced by parent's artistic movement
  45. Like retired Victorian PM maybe after a 13?
  46. Boy cycles to end of platform to help Southern train attendants
  47. Best-dressed males standing trial
  48. Small drink that's for shooting party's guide in Scotland
  49. Closure of pub in old hamlet somehow put on hold
  50. Cop guarding god leaving hospital in Texas city
  51. Creatures eaten by giant spiders
  52. Menial worker follows lad smuggling diamonds
  53. Team getting victory launched revolutionary air-to-air missile
  54. Water found in edges of Charlie's hat
  55. Dictator imprisoning Sudanese leader in warehouse
  56. Speak softly when recalling spirit double
  57. Put out when end of schedule's unknown due to fog
  58. Against American behind abridgement of poetry
  59. Lingerie's on stand with soft toy
  60. Put window in and looked over lake
  61. Wild horse regretted biting
  62. Material in provincial theatre restricted by Church
  63. Regularly asked Siri about flowers
  64. Curious question is not badly put
  65. Quash urge for snack
  66. Row about who to start first getting more complex
  67. Go out for air by river — quarter's not suitable for everyone to see
  68. Needed to fly when staying with Dad and sisters on vacation
  69. Record those signing up for competition
  70. Solved mystery about opening of minister correspondence
  71. Notice Craig Revel Hall, for one, has leading dance decided
  72. Taking road in, sadly notice market's half abandoned — used to go there
  73. Doctor not sure cutting into wound is common sense
  74. Cocktail with orange juice and vermouth is swallowed in an instant
  75. One's call for help delayed in quarantines
  76. Artist's provided with injection of capital — all back to normal
  77. Island country sides with president, almost certain to make a comeback
  78. Really long to inhabit tent in retirement
  79. Can phone fellow in advance to get carpet, say
  80. Clever Idle play Guardian previously critically acclaimed
  81. Go without paying for court case after release
  82. Satisfaction from doctor team working in hospital department
  83. Son's intro to record, memorable without being irritating
  84. Passion of artist turning grim
  85. Daughter having bad time in dry spell
  86. Crow costume turned up
  87. Barge in Bury free to move around
  88. Weep about European record being unsettling
  89. Blur lost on radio
  90. Behaviour management
  91. Singer in argument after footballers left
  92. Modest talent written about in books
  93. Engineer set a time to assess
  94. Coup, induced almost entirely in error, is doing nothing
  95. Plunder fire axe
  96. Doctor behind plan
  97. Heads of the wealthy elite rabidly praise buffoon
  98. First man with a set of religious texts is resolute
  99. No limits to damp and haze on river
  100. Unsteady river animal in banks of Tay

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