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The Guardian Speedy Crossword Answers - 19-January-2020
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The Guardian Speedy Crossword Answers - 5-January-2020
  1. Part of a church containing the seats of the clergy
  2. This or that (person or thing): stinker
  3. Informal name for the FRG, 1949-1990
  4. Flat surface on top of a cooker
  5. Auberge; tavern
  6. Based on hypothesis or theory rather than experiment (Latin)
  7. Give vent to; disclose, reveal, confess
  8. Designate
  9. Reverse current of air or water
  10. Annual climbing plant with edible seeds
  11. Atoning; purging
  12. Hit by a feeling of mixed reverence, wonder and dread
  13. Branch of aerospace engineering (its not!)
  14. Conflict; hostilities
  15. Moths sing (anag)
  16. Marshy offshoot of a lake or river in Louisiana
  17. Commencement; outbreak
  18. Grim, sardonic jokes
  19. So-so
  20. Eminent
  21. Series or book of illustrations, visual images; collection of themed portraits
  22. Dish of thin slices of raw meat or fish
  23. Scottish island with links to the spread of British Christianity
  24. Surf: effervesce
  25. Lose ones emotional or mental composure
  26. Personal freedom of thought, word or action
  27. Be attacked by artillery or other ordnance
  28. Spotted wildcat
  29. Examination of the English and Welsh General Certificate of Education
  30. Hike; yomp
  31. Horse-drawn folded-top carriage
  32. Welsh county town and castle on the English marches
  33. Punctuation mark which opens up a quotation
  34. Sharp side pain as a result of running
  35. Film or novel featuring the exploits of a swaggering hero
  36. Gradually; little-by-little
  37. Lie in wait
  38. Totally change, transform
  39. Lyrical style of opera singing
  40. Classical German songs
  41. Blood relationship
  42. Former Scottish county town, now part of Highland
  43. Fix or set securely or deeply; embed
  44. City and province of Spain, birthplace of St Teresa
  45. Specially minted silver coins distributed by the Queen in the approach to Easter
  46. Severe disapproval; rejection by God
  47. Art originally created in simple material to design bird forms
  48. Venues for a particular indoor sport
  49. Basic requirements; essentials
  50. Russian edict
  51. Grip; charm
  52. Go deeply into (something)
  53. Japanese cartoon film genre
  54. Natural or synthetic fertiliser
  55. Arguably the defining weapon in the English wins at Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt
  56. Unlimited freedom of action
  57. Sharp vibrating sound
  58. Listlessness; boredom
  59. Analyse
  60. Instrument for which Mozart wrote 27 concerti
  61. In tennis, a stroke hit beyond the lateral reach of an opponent
  62. Taking into account
  63. Commonest ore of lead
  64. HD ---, US essayist and poet (1817-62)
  65. 1970s war in a desert area of Ethiopia disputed by Somalia
  66. Slow Italian music and dance in 3/4 time
  67. Falling short of some prescribed norm
  68. Ancient British tribe ruled by Queen Boudicca
  69. Large lemon-like fruit
  70. Normally; in general
  71. Sent message with a click
  72. Basque or Spanish racquet-ball-wall game
  73. Gamble, betting the sum at stake in an attempt to win back that previously lost
  74. Small terrestrial Old World lizard
  75. Avoid; circumvent
  76. Because of
  77. Play by Henrik Ibsen (1891)
  78. Affectionate nickname for Elizabeth I
  79. Scottish archipelago, chief town Lerwick
  80. Temporary confirmation of insurance
  81. Eurasian rose; the sweetbrier
  82. Talk incessantly: drag
  83. Croatian city, the Italian Ragusa
  84. Inflame; spark off
  85. Run ones eye over: understand
  86. Fays so lax (anag)
  87. Effervescent, bubbly
  88. Prima donna
  89. Modern times; recently
  90. Informal gathering
  91. Interrelated; reciprocal
  92. Opportunities to catch up on sleep
  93. Black mark
  94. Strategy; agenda
  95. In a particularly poor state
  96. Exemplar
  97. Campanile
  98. Monk or nun who has taken vows
  99. Appeal to; goad
  100. Light meal; snack

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