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  1. Serb row? (anag)
  2. Available: draught, as in beer
  3. Pertaining to, or consisting of, riverine materials
  4. David ---, suave British actor in Hollywood in the 1940s and 50s
  5. Window with a gable projecting from a sloping roof
  6. Mammal of an order which includes sloths, anteaters and armadillos
  7. Fruit of a tree containing caffeine used in the flavouring of beverages
  8. Often ironic reference to a hopeful period in history resulting from major changes in society
  9. Adriatic resort; any swimming pool complex
  10. Extensive grassland of E Europe and Central Asia
  11. Heinous wickedness; wanton cruelty
  12. Engender; sire
  13. In Greek myth, half-man, half-horse
  14. Anglicized term for a metrical foot of two syllables
  15. Ice crystals forming a white deposit, as in frost
  16. Type of goose named for its colour and its late migrating habits
  17. Humiliating failure; debacle
  18. Blissful innocence; a work of art in this character
  19. One of the original 13 United States, capital Dover
  20. Regard for the honour and interests of a body to which one belongs
  21. Coolness and composure under strain
  22. In Norse myth, the father of Balder
  23. Lateral spread of an aircraft or aerial creature
  24. Crawl; grovel
  25. Spiritual board
  26. Make a fuss: sea mist
  27. Pronounceable word or name formed from initial letters of others
  28. Bother; song and dance
  29. Sentence of a court not involving imprisonment
  30. Relating to the soul, mind or spirit
  31. Umbilicus: central point
  32. Disqualification of a particular demographic from doing something
  33. Gershwins vehicle for Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (1937)
  34. Severe hindrance or crippling encumbrance
  35. Most-populous city of Illinois, the third-largest in the USA
  36. Aquatic bird which gives Louisiana its nickname
  37. John -- (1513-72), Scottish Protestant reformer
  38. Nigerian native whose tribe was in the majority in Biafra at the time of the 1967-70 conflict
  39. Commences a game of rugby or football
  40. Indian diamond, part of the British Crown Jewels since 1849
  41. City and province of Spain, birthplace of St Teresa
  42. Take pleasure; lie in warmth or sunshine
  43. Gee-gee?
  44. Hotline? (anag)
  45. Buff: stir up
  46. Simply, the King of Rock and Roll?
  47. Lowest deck on ship, above the hold
  48. Back side (scruff) of the neck
  49. Austrian composer (1824-96) of ten symphonies and four masses
  50. Long period of years; longest division of geological time
  51. See 13 Across
  52. Catch-22, perhaps
  53. See 3
  54. Ship used in the quest for the Golden Fleece
  55. Of galactic proportions
  56. Blaise? (anag)
  57. Diminish; slacken
  58. Caesar (54-68 AD), infamous purger of early Christians
  59. China clay
  60. Site of the Taj Mahal
  61. In England and Wales, the Crowns nominal chief executive in a county
  62. Overcome completely; take by surprise
  63. Tease; irritate
  64. Tack on; take over
  65. Underground alcoved tunnel for burying the dead
  66. In the recent past
  67. Megalithic burial mound; tumulus
  68. See 15 Across
  69. Allocation; apportionment
  70. Geographical region of W Europe
  71. Carefree; cheerful
  72. Pertaining to ancient Greece and Classical Greek culture
  73. Make void: retract
  74. Laded? (anag)
  75. Fever carried by Rickettsia-bearing lice
  76. Item of furniture: kernel of government
  77. Brown tint associated with vintage photography
  78. Predatory insect which awaits prey in a prayer-like pose
  79. Indulge in publicity; voice ones support for something
  80. Rebel; defy an order
  81. Short form for a native of a Caucasian republic
  82. Extras belatedly added to a book, article, etc
  83. Transfer responsibility
  84. Native American who migrated from Canada to SW USA
  85. Jean --- (1889"1963), French dramatist, novelist and film director
  86. Curtain: execution
  87. Hindu incarnation; personification
  88. Sore: bid
  89. Scene of great battles in 1916 and 1918
  90. Feudal lord " or subject?
  91. Admiration society
  92. Compensate for; counterbalance
  93. Part of a battle line that projects closest to the enemy: striking
  94. Addition to title reflecting some event; nickname
  95. Mother-of-pearl
  96. -- Panza, esquire to Don Quixote
  97. Mafia code of silence
  98. Misappropriated
  99. Concerning the Law of the Jews from Mt Sinai
  100. Porch

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