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The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers - 16-February-2019
The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers - 9-February-2019
The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers - 2-February-2019
  1. Moscow park where Martin Cruz Smith found three frozen bodies?
  2. See 9 Across
  3. State where Stephen King located the Overlook Hotel?
  4. City where Henry James found the Wings of a Dove, but Thomas Mann found Death?
  5. Animal featured in William Blakes Songs of Innocence (1789)
  6. Name given to the aircraft from which the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima
  7. Country hotel where Daphne du Maurier located her thieves?
  8. Molecules that contain hydrocarbons and make of the cells of, for example, fats, oils and waxes
  9. Where Grahame Greene found Our Man?
  10. Shorthand for an internet address
  11. Strip where Joe Sacco made Footnotes?
  12. Continent whence Karen Blixen, or at least her memories, came?
  13. Indonesian city, site of the 1955 Afroâ€"Asian Conference
  14. Activity on Elizabeth Gilberts to do list, along with to eat and to pray?
  15. __ Bogarde, actor who plays the hero in the 1971 film adaptation of the Mann book in 18 Down
  16. 1989 science fiction movie by James Cameron about a race to find a lost submarine
  17. Hebridean island on which Julian Barnes drew his Marriage Lines?
  18. Where Jean Rhys said Good Morning Midnight?
  19. Borough where Colm Tóibín found a home for Irish immigrants?
  20. Where John le Carré recruited his publishing house?
  21. City where Orhan Pamuk has his Memories?
  22. Where Dominique Lapierre found a City of Joy?
  23. Country where John le Carré has a Tailor?
  24. Indias national tree
  25. Disney character whose dog is called Stitch
  26. Obelixs pet?
  27. Singer whose albums include Lemonade (2016)
  28. Lead singer for Fleetwood Mac
  29. City on the French Riviera
  30. Encoding system used by the Macintosh OS to transmit binary files
  31. Shorthand for Cliff Clavins employers?
  32. A state and a musical?
  33. Patti __, singer-songwriter whose albums include Horses (1975)
  34. Harvey __, one of the stars of the Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction
  35. See 6 Down
  36. The __, collective noun for baptised Catholics
  37. The lead singer of the Eurythmics
  38. __ for Doomed Youth, poem by Wilfred Owen
  39. __ Turner, American rock legend
  40. Peter Paul __, Flemish artist (1577-1640)
  41. Founder and lead singer of The Pretenders
  42. The muse of history
  43. See 22
  44. See 18 Across
  45. Comedian, actor and writer who played the vicar of Dibley
  46. See 8
  47. Nickname for the US city of New Orleans
  48. Pontius __, once the prefect of the Roman province of Judaea
  49. Jacob and Wilhelm __, German collectors of folk tales
  50. Mountain range in South America
  51. Whence came Ali Gs Massiv?
  52. Composer whose works include Das Lied von der Erde
  53. Port in Yemen
  54. Trademarked polystyrene used for insulation - or disposable coffee cups
  55. Opera by Bizet
  56. Eric __, producer of Darkest Hour and Four Weddings and a Funeral
  57. __ 21 - how Pele described football?
  58. See 7
  59. Arthur __, prime minister 1902-1905
  60. __ Star, also known as Sirius
  61. Russias real objective in 7/21?
  62. __ Fail, Irish conservative political party
  63. The capital of Malaysia
  64. The Hindu goddess of wealth
  65. Shorthand for the contest between the British and Russian empires over 19
  66. See 1
  67. European country that became a republic in 1946
  68. South American rodent
  69. A suburb in London but a province in Canada?
  70. Country bordered by Iran and Tajikistan
  71. __ Abbey, William Beckfords folly in Wiltshire
  72. The __, comic novel by George and Weedon Grossmith
  73. Lebanese city divided by the Green Line?
  74. Proof-readers instruction to printers to ignore a previously marked edit
  75. Mike Leighs 1977 comedy of suburban manners
  76. Term, sometimes derogatory, for an Afrikaner
  77. An illegal delivery in cricket
  78. The narrator of Ferrantes Neapolitan novels
  79. Medical test involving the extraction of sample tissue or cells
  80. Union representing public sector workers
  81. Love story which won the 2012 Palme dOr at Cannes
  82. Nickname of Robin Goodfellow?
  83. See 6
  84. See 15
  85. The capital of the Bahamas
  86. Hinge joints between the cannon and pastern bones, especially in horses
  87. Scandinavian city in which Palestinian and Israeli negotiators met following the Camp David accords
  88. Ancient counting frame
  89. See 11
  90. See 6
  91. River and country in west Africa
  92. Luxury brand of General Motors
  93. The Secret __, short story by James Thurber
  94. See 20 Across
  95. Irish county in Connacht
  96. Beach in Dorset
  97. Style of language in which Mr Collins wished to inform Elizabeth Bennet of the violence of his affection?
  98. 2 separating mainland South America and Tierra del Fuego
  99. 2 separating Oman and Iran
  100. The __, 2 separating the mainland Scotland from Lewis and Harris

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