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The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers - 20-April-2019
The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers - 13-April-2019
The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers - 6-April-2019
  1. Birmingham nightclub, founded 1972
  2. What, according to Donne, is no man?
  3. Sir Anthony __, stalking horse whose 1989 leadership bid led to the downfall of Margaret Thatcher
  4. What kind of morning greeted Joni Mitchell?
  5. Voluntary organisation working to save lives in the UK seas
  6. From which part of Spain did Don Quixote come?
  7. Honduran coast to which Paul Therouxs hero fled in 1981
  8. On what did Arnold hear the seas eternal note of sadness?
  9. The actors trade union
  10. What Blake saw in an hour?
  11. What Kiplings dead statesman did to please the crowd?
  12. Israeli city on the slopes of Mount Carmel
  13. See 3
  14. See 4 Down
  15. A thing of what, according to Keats, is a joy forever?
  16. Islams central text
  17. What secret task does Coleridges frost perform, unhelped by any wind?
  18. Dominic __ MP, briefly Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union
  19. Which poet anticipated his death in a foreign field?
  20. Above what did Wordsworth hear the still, sad music of humanity?
  21. By the light of what will Byron no long go a-roaming?
  22. Pack to which Emilio Estevez, Demi Moore and Molly Ringwald belonged?
  23. Turkish city on the Bosporus
  24. An intergovernmental organisation whose members include Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland
  25. Name given to the alliance of Germany, Italy and Japan during World War II
  26. The son of Daedalus, who died attempting to flee part of Europe
  27. The Russian parliament
  28. Easternmost tip of an island off the coast of Essex
  29. A 1976 song by Bob Dylan - or a people from southern Sudan
  30. Foolish pride?
  31. Location of former South African president Zumas controversial home
  32. Rebel slave who fought with Spartacus
  33. __ Jane, American frontierswoman known for her work with Wild Bill Hickok
  34. One of three men, according to the Book of Daniel, thrown into the fire by Nebuchadnezzar
  35. Colour, also known as shelduck
  36. Italian name for the nativity scene
  37. __ Meldrew, who would not have believed it?
  38. What awaits one guilty of 8?
  39. 6 June 1944
  40. The Thames at Oxford
  41. Coppola movie based on Conrads Heart of Darkness
  42. __ Armstrong, the first person to set foot on the moon
  43. Yesterdays news - or tomorrows reality?
  44. 18th century term for Royal Navy vessels of the sixth rate
  45. Italian town on the river Arno
  46. What one might say to a horse that has bolted in the wrong direction?
  47. Members of the empire based in Byzantium
  48. The __, Hemingway novel set in Cuba
  49. Carthaginian general - or Clarice Starlings nemesis
  50. See 11 Across
  51. An agreement in which a third party keeps money or property until a contract is fulfilled
  52. See 8
  53. Confectionery after which a childrens literary prize was named
  54. See 8 Across
  55. Football team nicknamed the Potters
  56. Seccecionist state in Nigeria, scene of a bitter civil war (1967-1970)
  57. Hemingway novel set during the Spanish civil war
  58. Name given to the phenomenon in which the current between two points is proportional to the voltage across the two points
  59. Danny __, actor who plays Mick Carter in EastEnders
  60. Island in Orkney
  61. Hemingway novel set in Pamplona
  62. Musical direction to play slowly
  63. The highest mountain in Wales
  64. __ Mole, Sue Townsends secret diarist
  65. See 6
  66. See 11
  67. See 6 Across
  68. Greek hero created by Nikos Kazantzakis, and later played by Anthony Quinn
  69. Japanese martial art
  70. __ Amadeus Mozart
  71. Country - and one of the so-called Brexit options?
  72. Franciscan friar known for his law of parsimony in problem solving
  73. Video game featuring a girl called Madeline climbing a mountain
  74. 9 plucked in the childrens song Alouette?
  75. Doris __, author of The Grass is Singing (1950)
  76. The colour of Tayari Joness 9?
  77. See 3 Down
  78. Walter __, journalist known for his 1867 work, The English Constitution
  79. Balkan republic; capital Pristina
  80. Acknowledgment that one has been hit in fencing
  81. A quality or feature found in moments, railway lines and cowboy boots?
  82. The colour of Donna Tartts 9?
  83. Edna __, author of The Country Girls trilogy
  84. Stage name of singer Marie Lawrie?
  85. Condition in which Maya Angelous 9 nevertheless sings?
  86. Nationality of Dashiell Hammetts 9?
  87. Hebridean island
  88. Jack __, author of On the Road (1957)
  89. 9 over whose nest Randle Patrick McMurphy flew?
  90. 9 owned by Flaubert, according to Julian Barnes
  91. 9s made up of the Walker family, according to Arthur Ransome
  92. Francis __, lead character in House of Cards, played by Ian Richardson
  93. Ceature used by Harper Lee as a metaphor for innocence
  94. Alabama city where Bob Dylan got the Memphis Blues (again)
  95. The second self?
  96. East German city where allied leaders met in July 1945
  97. New Yorks third airport?
  98. Christina Georgina __, poet whose works include 23
  99. Childrens TV series whose stars included Chris Tarrant and Sally James
  100. Ralph __, US campaigner and frequent presidential candidate

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