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The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers - 19-October-2019
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The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers - 5-October-2019
  1. Poet who grieved for his boy Jack?
  2. Borders town where the Tweed and Teviot meet
  3. Counting frames
  4. Nevadan city - or the US Attorney General at the time of the Waco siege
  5. Constituency once represented by Martin Bell
  6. Robert Frost poem which ends, One could do worse than be a swinger of... ?
  7. Poet who charged us to honour the Light Brigade?
  8. The art of persuasive speaking
  9. Country once ruled by King Idris I
  10. Laura __, middle-distance runner
  11. Hot, dry wind blowing north from the Sahara
  12. Affliction causing severe joint pain
  13. Poet who foresaw an Irish airmans death?
  14. __ Ephron, writer of When Harry Met Sally...
  15. Pattern of rhythm and intonation in poetry
  16. Poet who mourned the Union dead?
  17. Book giving the regulations for the celebration of the Mass in Western Christianity
  18. The __, sculpture housed in St Peters Basilica
  19. Scottish mountain higher than 3,000 feet
  20. Poet who observed the poppies in Flanders Fields?
  21. Poet who mourned the man he killed in the Boer War?
  22. Poet who mourned a dead Boche?
  23. Poet for whom the Enclosure Acts trampled on the grave of labours rights?
  24. Country bordered by Namibia and Zimbabwe
  25. __ Allende, Chilean author of The House of Spirits
  26. The Germanic god of thunder
  27. Polynesian state once known as the Ellice Islands
  28. The Hellenic Republic?
  29. Singer and actor who won and actor for Moonstruck
  30. Scoring system used in duplicate bridge
  31. Egyptian goddess, the wife of Osiris
  32. Chemical element, atomic number 76
  33. Beethovens bagatelle No. 25 in A minor
  34. Pulitzer winning novel from 1983 by William Kennedy
  35. Popular name for Beethovens Sixth Symphony
  36. Beethovens only opera
  37. A city in Germany - and a film by Steven Spielberg?
  38. A darts players target - or a hardboiled sweet?
  39. The youngest ever prime minister of Great Britain
  40. Mediterranean island coveted by 23 and Turkey
  41. Dame Shirley __, one of the original members of the Gang of Four
  42. Poem by Schiller used by Beethoven in his Ninth Symphony
  43. __ Davis, star of The Office
  44. __ Land, Damien Chazelles 2016 musical
  45. Desert covering much of North Africa
  46. Alf __, former MP rescued by the Kindertransport in 1939
  47. Hertfordshire town and studios where EastEnders is filmed
  48. The kind of thought in which the slayer of the Jabberwock stood awhile?
  49. Mahmoud __, president of the Palestinian National Authority
  50. A measure of the speed of communication over a data channel
  51. Religious sect which flourished in southern France during the 12th century
  52. Chapel in the Vatican once known as the Cappella Magna
  53. Not the only fruit?
  54. Didos sister in Roman mythology
  55. Area of Atlanta associated with rap music
  56. 1978 musical starring Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta
  57. __ Hague, wife of the former leader of the Conservative Party
  58. A citizen of Almaty?
  59. Indian city sometimes known as the 18 city
  60. French city after which the crusade against the 11 was named
  61. Earl of Leicester and prominent leader in the crusade against the 11
  62. Dame __ Mirren, actor
  63. Collective term for anti-fascist activists in Germany and elsewhere
  64. Dorset town known for its Lighthouse arts centre
  65. Wellingtons nickname
  66. Food of the gods in Greek mythology
  67. Pierre de __, French mathematician famous for his last theorem
  68. The Prime of Miss Jean __, novel by Muriel Spark
  69. French city and scene of a massacre of the 11 in 1209
  70. Country bordered by Iraq and Turkmenistan
  71. Gustave __, French civil engineer whose eponymous tower stands in Paris
  72. See 17
  73. Country bordered by Yemen and UAE
  74. Theatrical style, also known as Late Baroque
  75. __ __ __: how Joni Mitchell now sees the world, on her album Clouds
  76. Musical based on the life of María Eva Duarte de Perón
  77. Willy __, Miller late salesman?
  78. See 7
  79. Whence came Shakespeares Two Gentlemen?
  80. Mia __, star of Rosemarys Baby
  81. A famous Russian battleship or village: both represented the decaying state
  82. See 13
  83. School qualification one up from GCSE
  84. H G Wells classic from 1897
  85. Chest pain usually caused by restricted blood flow to the heart
  86. The capital of Lithuania
  87. Empire of pre-Columbian America
  88. Religious community who live mostly in Pennsylvania
  89. Transnational educational organisation based in Paris
  90. Instrument favoured by contestants on Im Sorry I havent a Clue
  91. Former Labour cabinet minister known for his indiscreet diaries
  92. Victorian plumber remembered with every bowel movement?
  93. See 1
  94. See 1
  95. Losing horses
  96. Type of hat with a wide brim and an indented and pinched crown
  97. The Israeli national airline
  98. Major branch of Islam
  99. Euphemism for a vasectomy
  100. __ Prize, the UKs premier award for political writing

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