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The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers - 15-June-2019
The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers - 8-June-2019
The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers - 1-June-2019
  1. See 14
  2. Units of measurement for speed in nautical miles per hour
  3. And inspirational goddess
  4. Animal from which ermine is harvested
  5. __ Fitzgerald, jazz singer
  6. A double reed woodwind instrument
  7. John __, former England spin bowler
  8. Epic poem by Virgil
  9. The newly appointed 2/20
  10. __ Radcliffe, three-time winner of the London Marathon
  11. Office to which John Dryden was appointed in 1668
  12. Speech in praise of those recently dead
  13. See 2 Down
  14. Novel by Graham Greene featuring Sarah and Henry Miles
  15. What Tom Drake would have Judy Garland do in St Louis?
  16. Country bordered by Zimbabwe and the DRC
  17. Fictional Radio 4 character known for her work in the community
  18. City on an island in the Saint Lawrence River, Canada
  19. John __, 2/20 who longed for friendly bombs to fall on Slough
  20. __ Blahnik, shoe designer
  21. See 14 Across
  22. Semi housetrained animal to which Michael Foot compared Norman Tebbit
  23. 6s predecessor as 2/20
  24. Canadian province, capital Toronto
  25. Former South African president
  26. 1986 sci-fi movie starring Sigourney Weaver
  27. Sea separating Italy from the Balkan peninsula
  28. Tributary of the Seine, scene of two major battles of WWI
  29. The former East German secret police
  30. Condition caused by iron deficiency
  31. __ Off, comedy by Michael Frayn
  32. The largest continent
  33. Battle fought near Ypres towards the end of WWI
  34. An option for any second referendum?
  35. French river, scene of major battle in WWI
  36. The capital of Zimbabwe
  37. __ Brangwen, character who occurs in D.H. Lawrences The Rainbow and Women in Love
  38. US state, capital Salt Lake City
  39. Danish peninsula, scene of a major naval battle of WWI
  40. Host city for the 2014 Winter Olympics
  41. Glacial lake known for its turquoise water in Banff National Park, Alberta
  42. Ptolemys treatise on the motion of the stars and planets
  43. A people in South America - or a brand name in Decathlon?
  44. Town in Greater Manchester between the Irk and Medlock
  45. __ for Strings, Samuel Barbers best known work
  46. Kingsley __, author of Lucky Jim
  47. Poet and literary editor whose works include The Wasteland
  48. How many times Peter denied Jesus before the cock crowed?
  49. __ Musk, tech entrepreneur
  50. The process of soaking meat in a salt water solution
  51. Jeffrey Eugenides 2002 novel about gender identity
  52. H.E. Bates wind stood fair for here
  53. See 7 Across
  54. Steinbeck placed the Trasks and Hamiltons east of here?
  55. City in 13 to which Aimée Sommerfelts Road led?
  56. See 22
  57. Where Jan Morris explored the meaning of Nowhere?
  58. Where E. M. Forsters Passage led?
  59. A county in Ireland, a town in Suffolk or a college in Cambridge?
  60. How Led Zeppelin might get to heaven?
  61. Where Elisabeth Giffords Good Doctor worked?
  62. Where Hunter S. Thompson found Fear and Loathing?
  63. Where Martin 21 found his murderee?
  64. State - although it wasnt then - from which Mark Twain wrote 25 letters?
  65. What kind of Boys are Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe?
  66. See 12
  67. Where the immigrants in Colm Tóibíns 2009 novel settled?
  68. City in which Armistead Maupin set his Tales
  69. Flanders and __, music hall partnership
  70. See 19
  71. Greek island, close to Turkey
  72. Currency adopted by 19 EU countries
  73. River running through Dublin
  74. See 7 Across
  75. See 25 Down
  76. Swedish chemist after whom a series of prestigious prizes in economics, literature and the sciences is named
  77. King 10s middle daughter
  78. Eves second son
  79. Island on which David Balfour and Alan Breck were shipwrecked
  80. Edward __, writer of nonsense poetry
  81. Country which existed between 1965 and 1979
  82. Financier and founder of the Open Society Foundations
  83. James Stewarts name when he went to Washington?
  84. Harriet __, Radio 4 newsreader
  85. City at the junction of the Blue and White Nile
  86. British-Sudanese philanthropist who created a prize for Achievement in African Leadership
  87. The worlds third largest island
  88. See 5
  89. See 3 Down
  90. Biome covering much of northern Siberia
  91. Spielberg movie telling of a revolt on a slave ship
  92. Extinct animals, similar to elephants
  93. __ Stevens, character played by Katherine Heigl in Greys Anatomy
  94. Micronesian state, capital Tarawa
  95. Novel by Charlotte Brontë
  96. European research centre, home to the Large Hadron Collider
  97. James __, author of Finnegans Wake
  98. Ray-finned fish that migrate between the rivers of Europe and the Sargasso Sea
  99. A savoury hors dÅ"uvre
  100. Animal with whose jawbone Samson slayed his enemies

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