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The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers - 24-October-2020
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The Guardian Weekend Crossword Answers - 10-October-2020
  1. Religious festival remembering the exodus of Jews from Egypt
  2. Zimbabwe, pre-liberation
  3. Building at the junction of 12, Park Row and Chambers Street
  4. The wife of Eros - or a deliberately deceptive bid
  5. Setting for the final sprint of the Tour de France
  6. Courtney __, musician who named her memoir Dirty Blonde ( 2006)
  7. Common name for Dermacentor variabilis, a bloodsucking pest
  8. Road and recording studio in London's St John's Wood
  9. Neologism for the use of e-cigarettes
  10. Val Kilmer's nickname in Top Gun (1986)
  11. Humanoid of whom Mr Spock is one in Star Trek
  12. German philosopher, known for his Lectures on Aesthetics
  13. New York avenue passing through Times Square
  14. __ 100, London stock exchange index
  15. Iconic Japanese mountain
  16. The capital of the Central African Republic
  17. German weekly newspaper of record
  18. The __, celebrity restaurants in London and Los Angeles
  19. Chemical element, atomic number 30
  20. Vivien __, star of Gone With the Wind
  21. Hollywood avenue, site of Chateau Marmont and the Viper Room
  22. Name given to the presumed original matter at the time of the Big Bang
  23. Bond novel and film
  24. Island on the Blackwater estuary in Essex
  25. __ 5, novel by Hemingway
  26. Novel by John Banville (if once) or Iris Murdoch (if repeated)
  27. Term for the political phenomenon that began in Tunisia in 2010
  28. US Army slang for a mess
  29. What Harry Champion, Peter Sellers and many others advised us to seek before we go to bed tonight?
  30. Jean __, author of Good Morning, Midnight (1939)
  31. 5 as described by 1 in a prequel to Jane Eyre
  32. Obelism instructing a typesetter to ignore an edit
  33. Crime investigators' term for a criminal's working habits
  34. Where Rachel Carson described 5 in 1951
  35. Dam and city on the Nile
  36. __ Codex, manuscript containing the unique copy of Beowulf
  37. Japanese industrial conglomerate whose name translates as Sunrise
  38. Leaves of the bay tree, on which one should never rest?
  39. Number of leagues travelled under 5 by Jules Verne
  40. International vehicle registration code for South Africa
  41. Karen __, fashion designer and brand
  42. Bobby __, jazz musician known for advising us Don't Worry, Be Happy
  43. City where Matthew McConaughey bought antiretroviral drugs in 2013?
  44. Nigel __, Welsh rugby referee
  45. City where Tom Hanks couldn't sleep in 1993?
  46. Where John Mills dreamed of ice cold beer in 1958?
  47. City where Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx battled vice in 2006?
  48. Renaissance artist whose self-portrait (1562) hangs in Madrid
  49. City where a Baghdad servant had an appointment with Death?
  50. IATA code for international visitors to 16 across
  51. City that did not believe in tears in 1980?
  52. __ & Sprüngli, Swiss chocolatiers
  53. Market town in Gloucestershire
  54. Hampshire - and New Hampshire town
  55. Town where Frances McDormand put up three billboards in 2017?
  56. Yemen port city
  57. Scholar for whom the EU's student mobility programme is named
  58. City where Scarlett Johansson was lost in translation in 2003?
  59. Low class wool - or high class musicians in Spandau Ballet
  60. City where Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney were briefly out of sight in 1998?
  61. 2005 South African gangster movie
  62. Elliott __, Marlowe in The Long Goodbye (1973)
  63. Ob tributary
  64. City where Macaulay Culkin was left home, alone?
  65. Actor who defended Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly in 11 in 2002
  66. __ Monye, rugby player and broadcaster
  67. Emily __, star of Sicario
  68. Town to which Russell Crowe and Christian Bale took the 3:10 in 2007?
  69. James Cameron's 2009 sci-fi film
  70. The blood of the gods in Greek mythology
  71. 2017 movie starring Glenn Close
  72. The protagonist of Gone With the Wind
  73. William Brown's lisping nemesis
  74. Tom Sawyer's "fiance"
  75. Dana __, birth name of Queen Latifah
  76. Rock band whose hits include Why Does It Always Rain on Me?
  77. __ Boyd "Red" Redding, character played by Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption
  78. German for council or a sign in the Chinese zodiac
  79. A city in New Jersey - and a borough in London
  80. Palestinian enclave on the Mediterranean
  81. John __, head of an eponymous inquiry into shootings of suspected members of the Provisional IRA
  82. __ Wormwood, hero of one of 12's books
  83. Office stationery created at the 3M laboratory in the 1970s
  84. Author of Tales of the Unexpected (1979)
  85. Yoko __, musician and performance artist
  86. Don Corleone to his friends?
  87. Greek currency before the euro
  88. South Korea industrial conglomerate
  89. Barbara __, Labour politician and minister in the Wilson governments
  90. Scotland's trade and investment agency
  91. Phrase used to remind newly crowned popes of the fleeting nature of life on Earth
  92. Isles of __, archipelago off Cornwall
  93. Frankie Howerd's catchphrase - perhaps an admonition against 6
  94. A bullet or a garden pest?
  95. __ High, Sandy and Danny's alma mater in Grease
  96. Fire god in Hinduism
  97. The overseas development agency of the Catholic church in Ireland.
  98. A - one hopes - coherent set of ideas, typically economic or political
  99. Luxury car brand based in Crewe
  100. Road in London, NW6 after which a bridge club and bidding system are named

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