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The Guardian Crossword Answers - 3-January-2018
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The Guardian Crossword Answers - 1-January-2018
  1. Ancient Andean
  2. Apart
  3. Bedcover
  4. Brought to an end
  5. Embroidery ?€” I neednt lope (anag)
  6. Farewell
  7. Get rid of
  8. Improved morally or intellectually
  9. Land of the pharaohs
  10. Less than the required amount
  11. Parasitic insect
  12. Renowned sculpture in the Louvre
  13. River nicknamed Big Muddy
  14. Rotate repeatedly
  15. Settlements smaller than a town
  16. Small edible crustaceans
  17. Talk very quietly
  18. Tightly packed
  19. Ubiquitous
  20. Young bird
  21. ... novel by Sitwell and an ex-PM
  22. Antique from ancient city, one with firm casing
  23. Better rail transport brought back, impossible earlier
  24. Book ?€” almost completely useless ...
  25. Bowler not right to bend it?
  26. Chart for walkers aid, mountains and plains primarily added
  27. CO cuts route devised for green excursion
  28. Colour of princes blood?
  29. Counterfeit offering ?€” any odd bits must go
  30. Distinguish between lines embraced by far right group ?€” almost
  31. Distressed tenor given a wigging
  32. Engineer, say, up to late examination
  33. Food from buffet car? This wont normally cover it
  34. Fuss over British cooks seasoning
  35. Grouse, perhaps beginning to rant with more spirit
  36. Hospital injection needed in wrenched spine
  37. How a username is arranged for storekeeper?
  38. Little piggy sheltering at home with old ram
  39. Macho guards fighting Trojans et al
  40. More cunning Times puzzle ultimately rejected
  41. Phone contact habitual drinker often makes?
  42. Plant that comes with strings attached
  43. Soldier in country area, Italian student centre
  44. Spineless type upset by puppy in middle of speech
  45. Steep terrace unoccupied behind mooring area
  46. Thieves pinching 50 speakers
  47. Unofficial Irish king holding a gun up
  48. Where habitual drinker goes, suffering a loss, too?
  49. (Of a ship) behind
  50. Absentees from school
  51. Animated film
  52. Attacked
  53. Author of The Pilgrims Progress
  54. Backhander
  55. Capable
  56. Carmen, for example
  57. City on the Rio Grande
  58. Corresponded
  59. Daytime performance
  60. Drink noisily
  61. Evening meal
  62. Free of charge
  63. French wine region
  64. General agreement
  65. Heavy ?€” plodding
  66. Internal secretion ?€” moorhen (anag)
  67. Little angel
  68. Paper fasteners
  69. Skin of the head
  70. Stroll
  71. Take (an exam) again
  72. Unpredictable
  73. Very
  74. Weatherproof jacket
  75. A lot of jealousy over ones final words
  76. A lot of pressure: Im not sure youngster will accept it
  77. Almost out of new porridge, one will surely get the breakfast
  78. Comprehensive school had Serbo-Croat Society
  79. Confused fellow felt desire to embrace men in uniform
  80. Diagnose suffering in such a state
  81. Does one do yoga and do they bear the suffering?
  82. Extremely serene and steady
  83. Fruit man loaded into blue van
  84. Gets on stage, scared to undress
  85. Gold colour wheels around Fiat
  86. Hack off foremost of oenophiles, tucking into supermarket bubbly
  87. Ill be welcomed by Stefan Edberg out drinking
  88. In which to strip off layers of apparel, with chests heaving
  89. Inferior doctor has name at the bottom of roll
  90. Its as touching to be candid
  91. Jackets for keen army about to show pluck
  92. Militaristic state, country after power
  93. Not going straight like Oliver?
  94. Parties with French wine, gallons put away
  95. Person whos no good for one, flipping bum
  96. Regulation rejected by nitwit who lives in southern Belgium?
  97. Setter up for nude modelling
  98. Soldier welcomes a coarse Italian hero
  99. US writers feature about rock band making a comeback
  100. What I do to keep Angelica or Rosemary sweet

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