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The Independents Jumbo General Crossword Answers - 24-October-2020
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The Independents Jumbo General Crossword Answers - 10-October-2020
  1. Florida city founded in 1791 as Cowford
  2. The capital of Benin
  3. US-born Greek operatic soprano whose original surname was Kalageropoulos
  4. Obsolete name for sodium, hence its symbol
  5. Lead singer of Tyrannosaurus Rex, later T Rex
  6. The virginal Roman goddess of the hunt and the moon
  7. Musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz and a book by Winnie Holzman, based on a 1995 Gregory Maguire novel set in the Land of Oz
  8. African country whose capital is Freetown
  9. A small teleost fish of the family Gasterosteidae
  10. The sixth-largest city in Israel
  11. Footwear retailer founded in 1981 as a single shop in Edinburgh
  12. Bernie ___, magnate replaced as chief executive of the Formula One Group by Chase Carey in 2017
  13. US inventor of the sewing machine
  14. 1981 film about Allied prisoners of war featuring Michael Caine, Sylvester Stallone, Bobby Moore, Osvaldo Ardiles and Pelé
  15. 1985 Stephen Frears film starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Gordon Warnecke, with a screenplay by Hanif Kureishi
  16. The administrative centre of Wiltshire
  17. American singer and actor known as "the King"
  18. Large suburb of East London in which the Ford Motor Company opened a factory in 1931
  19. Greek island in the Aegean that is the largest island of the Northern Sporades
  20. County whose administrative centre is Morpeth
  21. British aircraft manufacturer founded in 1910 whose designs include the Lancaster bomber used in World War II
  22. Capital city of the Free State Province of South Africa
  23. The smallest of the Channel Islands that is open to the public
  24. Letters emblazoned on the standards of the Roman legions, from the Latin phrase Senatus Populusque Romanus
  25. A freshwater cyprinid fish of the genus Abramis
  26. A fighting axe used by Native Americans
  27. Nickname of Sir Henry Percy
  28. Tin-glazed earthenware made in a town in the Netherlands since the 17th century
  29. African country whose capital is Kampala
  30. The third largest of the Balearic Islands
  31. Israeli designer, artist and architect whose designs include the Rover chair and the Bauhaus Museum in Tel Aviv
  32. System of five graduated levels of readiness for the United States Armed Forces
  33. In music, a recitative with the lyrical quality of an aria
  34. Jockey who rode Shergar to victory in the 1981 Derby by a record 10 lengths
  35. City in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, 12 kilometres from Santos, noted for its pollution
  36. German city that is the leading administrative centre of the Ruhr
  37. 1968 film starring Frank Sinatra, based on a 1966 novel of the same name by Roderick Thorp
  38. In yoga, any of the seven major energy centres in the body
  39. The capital of Egypt
  40. George Eliot's first novel
  41. In Norse mythology, the great hall of Odin where warriors who die as heroes in battle dwell eternally
  42. Variety of China tea flavoured with oil of bergamot
  43. Road running from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square
  44. Small market town in North Yorkshire with a racecourse
  45. Unit of weight equal to 14 pounds
  46. Plant of the genus Linum from which linen is made
  47. Vegetable of the onion family that is the national emblem of Wales
  48. Russian city at the confluence of the Irtysh and Om rivers
  49. Song associated with George Formby first performed in the 1937 film Feather Your Nest
  50. Pen name of Charles Lamb
  51. 1983 film about a Cuban immigrant turned drug dealer starring Al Pacino
  52. William Gladstones middle name
  53. Best Actor Oscar-winner for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump
  54. Nickname of US president Andrew Jackson
  55. 1988 film for which Jodie Foster won a Best Actress Oscar
  56. Identical twin brother of the MGM cartoon dog Droopy
  57. Tight-fitting garment named after a French acrobat
  58. Javed ___, former Pakistani cricketer between 1975 and 1996 who is the uncle of Faisal Iqbal
  59. 1942 David Lean that gave Richard Attenborough his first screen role
  60. Work on astronomy by Ptolemy containing a description of the geocentric system of the universe and a star catalogue
  61. Dick ___, American tennis player who won both the Australian and Wimbledon mens singles championships in 1951, at the age of 24
  62. Another name for carrageen
  63. See 57
  64. Region of Italy that includes Naples and the islands of Capri and Ischia
  65. The small ferocious carnivorous marsupial also called an ursine dasyure
  66. Clear acrylic resin used chiefly as a substitute for glass
  67. The dominant political party in Mozambique, founded in 1962
  68. The fourth Premier of the Peoples Republic of China, 1987-98
  69. The worlds first purpose-built motor racing circuit, which opened in 1907 in Surrey
  70. Oasis single voted the best British song of all time in a poll conducted by Virgin Radio in 2005
  71. Jari ___, former captain of the Finland national football team whose clubs included 11 Down , Barcelona and Liverpool
  72. The father of Jacob and Esau in the Old Testament
  73. Tropical plant of the genus Sinningia with bell-shaped flowers
  74. 1985 single by Dire Straits that reached number two in the UK charts
  75. Song that was a hit for Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes in 1975, Thelma Houston in 1977 and The Communards in 1986
  76. Island in the SW Pacific, east of Australia, whose capital is Noumea
  77. Best actress Oscar-winner for The Rose Tattoo
  78. Novel published in October 1847 under the pen name Currer Bell
  79. A high-level computer programming language developed by IBM in the 1950s for scientific and engineering applications
  80. Blondies fourth UK number one single
  81. A large vein that conveys oxygen-depleted blood to the heart
  82. See 44
  83. Cheshire town whose non-league football teams include ___ Victoria and Witton Albion
  84. US state whose capital is Salem
  85. Dutch football team based in Amsterdam
  86. In baseball, the player who throws the baseball towards the catcher to begin each play
  87. The property of a system that enables it to store electric charge
  88. West African republic whose capital is Dakar
  89. Plant of the genus Centaurea with spiny purplish flower heads
  90. 1971 Top Ten hit single by Family that spent 13 weeks in the UK charts
  91. Japanese-sounding name introduced by Currys in the 1980s for its own-brand electronics goods
  92. City in Thuringia, Germany, that gave its name to the republic that replaced the German Empire in 1919
  93. A bird such as Apus apus
  94. River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that gave its name to a deadly virus
  95. The technique of laying on paint or pigment thickly
  96. Family of birds known as finches
  97. Country whose capital is Baku
  98. The national flower of Austria
  99. Surrey town with rail links to London, Brighton, Reading and Tonbridge
  100. Posthumously-published autobiography by Australian actor Errol Flynn

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