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The Independents Jumbo General Crossword Answers - 16-February-2019
The Independents Jumbo General Crossword Answers - 9-February-2019
The Independents Jumbo General Crossword Answers - 2-February-2019
  1. ___ Hird, English actress and TV presenter made a Dame in 1993
  2. Mike ___, assistant manager of Manchester United from 2008 to 2013 and from December 2018
  3. A bird of Central and South America with small wings, a heavy body and an inconspicuous plumage
  4. Board game that takes its name from the Greek for jump
  5. See 55
  6. The end of the days play in cricket
  7. Francis ___, a bellows-mender in Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream
  8. The North American tree Acer rubrum
  9. Shakespeare tragedy based on the life of a legendary Roman leader
  10. Dinosaur-like character who made his debut in the video game Super Mario World in 1990
  11. Arachnid of warm dry regions with a long tail terminating in a venomous sting
  12. Language also known as Old English
  13. 1981 single by Godley & Creme that reached number 7 in the UK chart
  14. Greek hero of the Trojan War who killed himself when Achilles armour was given to Odysseus
  15. In Muslim belief, any of the nymphs of Paradise
  16. A narrow tube inserted into a bodily cavity, for draining off fluid, introducing medication, etc
  17. A former Indian copper coin, worth one sixteenth of a rupee
  18. Another name for a plant of genus Rhexia
  19. American director whose films include Paths of Glory, 2001: A Space Odyssey and A Clockwork Orange
  20. Spanish city on the River Tagus famous for steel and swords since the first century
  21. Official currency of Germany until the adoption of the euro in 2002
  22. ___ Park, home ground of Yeovil Town FC
  23. 1983 autobiographical book by Lucy Irvine about her year on Tuin Island
  24. A large neck ring usually made from strands of metal twisted together
  25. A unit of capacity used for measuring fresh herring
  26. Darren ___, former Yorkshire and England cricketer who won the TV show Strictly Come Dancing
  27. Opportunity Knocks winners who topped the charts in 1973 with Welcome Home
  28. A person claiming to have the power to foretell future events
  29. American TV series set in the fictional Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital
  30. William ___, York-born English painter best known for his nudes
  31. Town in Lincolnshire for whose football team cricketer Ian Botham played
  32. Song written by Willie Nelson in 1961 and covered by Patsy Cline
  33. One of a pair of short-handled oars, both of which are pulled by one oarsman
  34. T S Eliots middle name
  35. A partly arboreal tropical African venomous snake of the genus Dendroaspis
  36. In Greek mythology, the ship on which Jason sailed from Iolcos to retrieve the Golden Fleece
  37. An ancient Egyptian fertility goddess, depicted as a woman with a cows horns
  38. See 24
  39. The capital of Chile
  40. Duncan ___, Conservative MP who served as Defence Secretary in Harold Macmillans government and whose first wife was Diana Churchill
  41. Warwickshire hamlet with an Augustinian priory and a medieval moated castle
  42. The most populous city in the Canary Islands
  43. Elisha Graves ___, inventor of a safety device that prevents elevators from falling if the hoisting cable fails
  44. Market town in Lincolnshire whose 13th-century St Marys Church boasts one of the best-preserved lead spires in England
  45. Colourless odourless poisonous flammable gas with the formula CO
  46. Long-running BBC radio series set mainly in Ambridge
  47. French city whose football team won the 2010/11 Ligue 1 title
  48. English actor who narrated the 1975 BBC TV series Paddington
  49. Breed of domestic fowl that originated in America and lays brown eggs
  50. In the Old Testament, Moses successor who led the Israelites in the conquest of Canaan
  51. The capital and chief port of Paraguay
  52. The common plant Bellis perennis
  53. Comedy partner of Gareth Hale
  54. The fruit of the oak tree
  55. Mario ___, one of only two drivers to win races in Formula One, IndyCar, World Sportscar Championship and NASCAR
  56. The ___ Islands are a group of islands in the Pacific, off the N coast of Irian Jaya, the largest of which is Biak
  57. English poet best known for his Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
  58. Brother of Jacob in the Old Testament who exchanged his birthright for some lentil stew
  59. Market town in Gloucester on the River Churn
  60. Brass musical instrument that is the tenor of the tuba family and used mainly in brass bands
  61. 1980 Rupert Holmes song that was a Number 1 hit in America, later known as The Piña Colada Song
  62. A name, originally Shetland, for the great skua
  63. Czech javelin thrower who won the gold at the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympics
  64. Athol ___, South African dramatist whose plays include Sizwe Bansi is Dead
  65. Pokémon monster that evolves into Piloswine
  66. Winged sandals such as those worn by the Greek messenger god Hermes
  67. The chief port of Spain
  68. Dutch city associated with a treaty that led to the creation of the European Union and the Euro
  69. 1994 film, based on a book of the same name by Tom Clancy, starring Harrison Ford
  70. Bird of tropical and subtropical marshy regions also called a lily-trotter
  71. 2004 animated film featuring the voice of Holly Hunter as Helen Parr/Elastigirl
  72. Conservative MP for Salisbury since May 2010
  73. ___ Matsuhisa, Japanese celebrity chef and restaurateur who has appeared in the films Casino, Austin Powers: Goldmember and Memoirs of a Geisha
  74. A dish of leftover boiled cabbage, potatoes and sometimes cooked meat fried together
  75. Area of Birmingham that is home to Warwickshire County Cricket Club
  76. In Greek mythology, a Sicilian shepherd who loved the nymph Galatea
  77. An extensive grassy treeless plain, especially in South America
  78. A valved brass instrument of bass pitch
  79. Leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  80. The former fishing trawler Sir William Hardy, acquired by Greenpeace in 1978 and sunk by the French intelligence service in 1985
  81. Bassist in Blur who produces the cheeses Blue Monday, Farleigh Wallop and Little Wallop
  82. In the Old Testament, any of the 12 precious stones used in the breastplates of high priests
  83. US state whose capital is Tallahassee
  84. Port city in California situated around the Golden Gate
  85. 1985 Peter Weir film starring Harrison Ford
  86. An oriental pipe also called a hubble-bubble
  87. Vladimir Ilyich ___, first premier of the Soviet Union
  88. Gabriello ___, Italian anatomist who first described a pair of slender tubes through which ova pass from the ovaries to the uterus
  89. A ___ brain was conceived by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov as a central computer for a robot
  90. Irish province whose counties include Dublin, Kildare and Kilkenny
  91. Mexican-American actor who played Lt Martin Castillo in the TV series Miami Vice
  92. Novel by Ernest Hemingway set during the Italian campaign of World War I
  93. See 29
  94. Free newspaper launched in London in 1999
  95. 1960 collection of short stories by Roald Dahl
  96. Another name for the mountain ash
  97. Italian city that is the setting for most of the action in Shakespeares The Taming of the Shrew
  98. Drink consisting of liqueur poured over crushed ice
  99. Media player computer program launched by Apple in 2001
  100. 1986 Peter Weir film, based on a novel of the same name by Paul Theroux, starring Harrison Ford

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