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  1. English drummer and founder member of The Stranglers born Brian John Duffy in 1938
  2. City in Volusia County, Florida, that is the headquarters of NASCAR and the Grand American Road Racing Association
  3. Song by Stevie Wonder, from his 1976 album Songs in the Key of Life, celebrating the birth of his daughter Aisha
  4. West African republic on the Atlantic whose capital is Dakar
  5. A rodent of the genus Dasyprocta
  6. The cgs unit of magnetic field strength, equivalent to 79.58 amperes per metre
  7. See 4
  8. ___ acid, another name for phenol, especially when used as an antiseptic or disinfectant
  9. Parenthetical part of the title of an Andy Williams hit single with lyrics by Carl Sigman added to Francis Lais instrumental theme from the 1970 film Love Story
  10. A sudden violent or illegal seizure of government
  11. See 50
  12. The lowest temperature theoretically attainable
  13. The nickname of Portsmouth FC
  14. Underground vaults, especially those used for burials
  15. In Norse mythology, the ash tree that was thought to overshadow the world
  16. Small town in Essex on the North Sea coast, north of Clacton and south of Harwich
  17. City in North Brabant in the Netherlands that is the home of Philips and DAF Trucks
  18. A part of Antarctica, between Wilkes Land and George V Land, under French sovereignty
  19. Nickname given to the witch Nannie Dee in Robert Burns poem Tam o Shanter
  20. Irish poet and dramatist awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 1923
  21. Steve ___, captain of the Australian Test cricket team from 1999 to 2004
  22. See 14
  23. Technical name for the big toe
  24. English actor-manager and Mencap campaigner noted for his Whitehall farces
  25. The capital of Pakistan
  26. ___ Field, home base of two Boeing VC-25A aircraft with the call sign Air Force One when the US president is on board
  27. George Michaels third studio album, released in 1996
  28. 1983 Michael Jackson single that reached number 3 in the UK chart
  29. American novelist, screenwriter and biographer who lost the 1941 Cincinnati Masters mens singles final to Bobby Riggs
  30. Piece of embroidered cloth nearly 70 metres long depicting the Norman conquest of England
  31. UK Overseas Territory whose capital is Hamilton
  32. Home video game console released by Sega in 1998
  33. 1990s BBC1 sitcom that starred Kevin McNally and George Cole
  34. Former member of Roxy Music who was one of the principal innovators of ambient music
  35. English novelist best known for his childrens fantasy novels such as The Owl Service and Red Shift
  36. Irish golfer who was Open Champion in 2007 and 2008
  37. County Cricket Club with three pears on its badge
  38. See 36 Across
  39. Town in Campania that was the centre of Garibaldis campaigns for the unification of Italy
  40. Jimmy Webb song that gave Glen Campbell a worldwide hit in 1968
  41. Village west of Chichester in West Sussex noted for its Roman Palace, a major archaeological site
  42. Another name for an anemometer
  43. Binomial name for the coal tit
  44. Swedish name for a commissioner who investigates complaints of maladministration
  45. The lowest adult male voice
  46. Genus of aquatic plants whose superhydrophobic leaves exhibit what is called the lotus effect
  47. An isolated, steep-sided, flat-topped hill in the western United States and Canada
  48. Card game for two played with 32 cards and king high
  49. Protagonist of Rudyard Kiplings Jungle Book stories
  50. Group who won the 2008 Mercury Music Prize for their album The Seldom Seen Kid
  51. 1964 Richard Lester film featuring The Beatles
  52. 1960s American sitcom starring Elizabeth Montgomery
  53. Human Sesame Street character played by Will Lee from 1969 until his death in 1982
  54. Province of the Roman Empire containing parts of modern-day Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy
  55. Bud __, stage and film partner of Lou Costello
  56. Garment worn around the waist in Bangladesh and other Asian countries
  57. Restaurant on West Street, near Cambridge Circus in London, which is very popular with celebrities
  58. Part of the body that includes the medulla oblongata and the pons
  59. Genus to which scops owls mostly belong
  60. American lager first produced by Carl Conrad & Co of St. Louis, Missouri in 1876
  61. A 1977 UK number one single by Brotherhood of Man
  62. A mountain nymph in Greek mythology