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  1. 1997 James Cameron film that won 11 Oscars
  2. A broad-faced grinding tooth
  3. The technical name for scarlet fever
  4. Pen name of Belgian comics writer and artist Georges Prosper Remi
  5. Latin expression meaning "from the beginning"
  6. Landlocked republic in eastern Europe whose capital is Chisinau
  7. A written acknowledgment that payment or delivery has been made
  8. François ___, French Baroque composer noted for his harpsichord suites and organ music
  9. In J R R Tolkien's stories, the female hobbit who bought Bag End from Frodo when he moved to Crickhollow
  10. In geology, an outcrop of older rock surrounded by younger
  11. The capital of Western Australia
  12. Sam Curran became the first English cricketer to get this at Lord's in the Second Test against India in August 2021
  13. American city where Motown music was founded
  14. A 1972 top ten hit for the New Seekers
  15. Egyptian goddess of fire, war, vengeance, healing and medicine
  16. A gigantic prince in a 1534 Rabelais satire
  17. Play by William Shakespeare featuring the characters Prospero and Miranda
  18. Country whose capital is Podgorica
  19. Former Welsh county formed in 1974 from most of Monmouthshire and part of Breconshire
  20. Gottlieb ___, German engineer and car manufacturer who collaborated with Nikolaus Otto in inventing the internal-combustion engine
  21. Perennial saxifragaceous plant cultivated for its ornamental spikes or panicles of pink or white flowers
  22. Jeremy ___ , Chief Executive of Channel 4 from 1981 to 1987
  23. Egyptian pharaoh called Khufu in Egyptian
  24. Young British Artist who won the 1998 Turner Prize
  25. A legendary sea monster of gigantic size believed to dwell off the coast of Norway
  26. The eighth planet from the sun
  27. English name for the football team beaten by Everton in the European Cup Winners' Cup final in 1985
  28. Icelandic post-rock band fronted by Jónsi Birgisson
  29. Dexys Midnight Runners' second UK number one single
  30. Billy Ray Cyrus single that became the first single ever to achieve triple Platinum status in Australia
  31. The brightest star in the constellation Virgo
  32. The capital of Greece
  33. Technical name for the breastbone
  34. The secret intelligence service of Israel
  35. 1931 Western that was Best Picture at the fourth Academy Awards
  36. Tone poem written by Jean Sibelius in 1892
  37. An instrument for varying an electric resistance
  38. Wiltshire town associated with the carpet industry
  39. The Sport of Kings
  40. Swiss sports club based in Bern
  41. English pop duo featuring sisters Shelly McErlaine and Karen Poole
  42. An oleaceous shrub of the genus Ligustrum
  43. Popular song by Michael Edwards and Bud Green that has been recorded by Tommy Dorsey, Patti Page and The Chimes, among others
  44. The eighth sign of the zodiac