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  1. Official language of India, now used only for religious purposes
  2. 1945 Alfred Hitchcock film starring Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck
  3. Composer who won nine Academy Awards and was nominated 45 times
  4. 1968 instrumental by Fleetwood Mac that reached number one in the UK singles chart
  5. Valved brass instrument with a tube of conical bore coiled into a spiral
  6. Full first name of the baseball player who was nicknamed "The Georgia Peach"
  7. Formerly, an extended journey through the major cities of Europe, especially one undertaken by a rich or aristocratic Englishman to complete his education
  8. Area also called selva
  9. Former US ten dollar gold coin withdrawn from circulation in 1934
  10. Another name for the card game hearts
  11. A domed or vaulted semicircular or polygonal recess, especially at the east end of a church
  12. Nickname for the city of New Orleans
  13. ITV comedy drama series starring David Jason, based on books by David Nobbs
  14. The Muse of love poetry
  15. German name for the River Danube
  16. A group or series of six
  17. Ukrainian city that is the chief industrial centre of the Donbass
  18. The second-largest island in the Mediterranean
  19. A cruciferous plant of the genus Raphanus cultivated for its edible root
  20. Welsh industrialist and social reformer who formed a model industrial community at New Lanark
  21. American soap opera that starred Jane Wyman as tyrannical matriarch Angela Channing
  22. Lead singer of the pop group Mud
  23. Nedo ___, Italian fencer who is the only man to win a gold medal in each of the three weapons at a single Olympic Games
  24. A non-theistic ascetic religion founded in India in the 6th century BC
  25. 1967 film written by and starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
  26. Suburb of Liverpool that is the site of the racecourse over which the Grand National has been run since 1839
  27. English county whose administrative centre is Dorchester
  28. The administrative centre of East Sussex
  29. A mixture of hydrocarbons, chiefly methane, formed in coal mines
  30. 1958 novel by Leon Uris about the founding of the State of Israel
  31. Canadian rock band formed in 1969 that has released over 20 albums
  32. A small gem cut as a long rectangle
  33. Gottfried Wilhelm von ___, German mathematician and philosopher who developed calculus independently of Isaac Newton
  34. BBC1 children's TV series that was presented by Phillip Schofield and Sarah Greene
  35. Comedy by Aristophanes about a woman's mission to end the Peloponnesian War
  36. Inland port at the confluence of the Ouse and Don rivers
  37. First name of the composer Stravinsky
  38. English royal house that reigned from 1399 to 1461
  39. German Formula One driver who won the drivers' championship in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013
  40. Pat ___, former jockey who rode Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe winners Detroit, Rainbow Quest, Dancing Brave and Trempolino
  41. Drink Vice Admiral Edward Vernon introduced into the Royal Navy in 1740
  42. Type of Mexican salamander of the genus Ambystoma
  43. Painted backcloths, stage structures, etc, used to represent a location in a theatre
  44. Series of books that featured random dot autostereograms, published in the US from 1993
  45. Robert ___, Archbishop of Canterbury 1980-91
  46. 8th century Bishop of London who was preceded by Eadberht and succeeded by Ceonwalh
  47. Tree of the genus Fagus
  48. Protozoan of the phylum Rhizopoda able to change shape because of the movements of cell processes
  49. Céline ___, Canadian singer who represented Switzerland in the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest
  50. In Air Force slang, an unidentified or hostile aircraft
  51. New Zealand city that hosted the 1990 Commonwealth Games
  52. Luigi Dallapiccola's last opera, premiered at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin in 1968
  53. Milton ___, president of Uganda deposed in both 1971 and 1985
  54. Irish snooker player who won the 1997 World Championship
  55. Kenyan city in which Lord and Lady Baden-Powell are buried