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  1. American lager first produced by Carl Conrad & Co of St. Louis, Missouri in 1876
  2. Beyoncé song whose video won Best Music Video at the 63rd Grammy Awards
  3. Eccentric American tennis player who won the men's singles at the US Championships in 1950
  4. The brightest star in the constellation Lyra
  5. Lord who founded the company Amstrad in 1968
  6. Roman author of five books of Latin verse fables, based chiefly on Aesop
  7. The flesh of the European dogfish when used as food
  8. A small pillar supporting a stair rail or a parapet coping
  9. Italian bicycle racer who won the 1966 Giro d'Italia
  10. A small rented farm, especially in Scotland
  11. Sir Henry ___, English actor manager whose real name was John Henry Brodribb
  12. A martial arts instructor
  13. An invigorating hot steam bath originating in Finland
  14. Mexican dish comprising minced meat mixed with crushed maize and seasonings, wrapped in maize husks and steamed
  15. The first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree
  16. Shrub of the genus Elaeagnus with an olive-like fruit
  17. French name for the Romanian composer, violinist and conductor featured on the Romanian five lei note
  18. Spanish tennis player who won the men's singles title at the US Open in 1975
  19. Region of France whose principal city is Strasbourg
  20. The religion of Muslims
  21. A wine which may be sold in the same year in which it was harvested
  22. Romanian tennis player who was World Number 1 between August 1973 and June 1974
  23. Common name for the Italian football team also known as I Nerazzurri
  24. Song that gave Marie Osmond a top ten hit in both the US and the UK in 1973
  25. 1978 film starring Richard Burton as a priest who teaches at a boys' school
  26. Russian elective legislative assembly established by Tsar Nicholas II in 1905 that was overthrown by the Bolsheviks in 1917
  27. The supreme god of the ancient Greeks
  28. The largest municipality in Trøndelag, Norway
  29. Port in SE Iraq, on the Shatt-al-Arab
  30. Communications code word for the letter P
  31. Philosophical movement in which an individual is seen as a free agent in a deterministic and seemingly meaningless universe
  32. English actress and model who found fame in a series of TV commercials for Campari in the 1970s
  33. The primary collection of sacred texts of Zoroastrianism
  34. Latin legal team meaning 'with equal speed or progress
  35. White crystalline alkaloid used as an analgesic, a sedative and to relieve coughing
  36. A herbal infusion made from anything other than the leaves of the tea bush
  37. 1998 top-five UK hit single by Will Smith
  38. Mineral form of mercuric sulphide that is the main commercial source of mercury
  39. Egg-shaped wind instrument with long mouthpiece
  40. Home ground of Crystal Palace FC
  41. Secure area at a motor racing circuit in which the cars are placed after a race
  42. English rock supergroup formed in 1981 whose original lineup was John Wetton, Carl Palmer, Geoff Downes and Steve Howe
  43. American golfer who won the 2007 Masters and the 2015 Open