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  1. Roman emperor who was the adopted son and successor of Trajan
  2. Government by three people
  3. The capital of Austria
  4. Port and resort in Campania, Italy, between the Bay of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno
  5. The county town of Meath, Republic of Ireland
  6. 16th-century Onondaga Indian chief credited with the organisation of the Five Nations
  7. French daily newspaper founded in 1826
  8. Sudden loss of consciousness caused by rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel in the brain
  9. See 25
  10. See 22
  11. Another name for the herbaceous perennial plant Salvia dorrii
  12. American minimalist composer whose works include Drumming and Music for Large Ensemble
  13. Soft fine-grained white sedimentary rock consisting of nearly pure calcium carbonate
  14. Literal translation of the word aardvark
  15. The only tennis player to win the mens singles title at Wimbledon as a wildcard
  16. See 47
  17. Scottish economist and philosopher whose book The Wealth of Nations advocated free trade and private enterprise
  18. The capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia
  19. Popular song, subtitled Here We Are Again, composed by Raymond Wallace in 1931
  20. American stand-up comedian who hosted NBCs The Tonight Show from 1992 to 2009 and from 2010 to 2014
  21. Don McLean song about the day the music died
  22. City near Paris that is the site of an elaborate royal residence built for Louis XIV
  23. Vitamin of the B complex, occurring in milk, liver and yeast
  24. George Michaels third studio album, released in 1996
  25. The capital of Chad
  26. Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Booth Tarkington published in 1921
  27. Large wolflike breed of dog also called German shepherd
  28. A highly toxic protein derived from castor-oil seeds
  29. American film producer whose creations include Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
  30. 1990 film starring Cher, Bob Hoskins, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci
  31. History play by William Shakespeare adapted for film by Laurence Olivier in 1944 and Kenneth Branagh in 1989
  32. 1963 single by Roy Orbison featured in David Lynchs film Blue Velvet
  33. Japanese city that hosted the first Winter Olympics held in Asia
  34. Epic 1962 Western which follows four generations of a family as they move from New York state to the Pacific Ocean
  35. Single by The Pogues, released in 1987, featuring Kirsty MacColl
  36. The principal town on the Isle of Bute
  37. Another name for the flowering plant Oxyria digyna
  38. Horse that won the Derby in 1789
  39. Philadelphia-born jazz pianist who led his own trio as well as working as a sideman on recordings with Dizzy Gillespie and Benny Golson, among others
  40. The 38th president of the USA
  41. In Greek mythology, seven daughters of Atlas whom Zeus placed among the stars after death
  42. Popular song by John Blackburn and Karl Suessdorf that has been covered by many artists, including Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, and Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
  43. A game involving guessing a word or phrase one letter at a time
  44. A broad-faced grinding tooth
  45. 1944 film starring Mickey Rooney and Elizabeth Taylor, based on a novel by Enid Bagnold
  46. The capital of Portugal
  47. American composer and lyricist whose songs include Night and Day and I Get a Kick out of You
  48. Large wasp such as Vespa crabro, which can inflict a severe sting
  49. The god of the sea and of earthquakes in Greek mythology
  50. US state whose capital is Richmond
  51. The ancient Greek goddess of peace
  52. Johanna ___, Swiss author best known for her childrens story Heidi
  53. Mountainous state of Austria whose capital is Graz
  54. American playwright whose works include Glengarry Glen Ross and Speed-the-Plow
  55. Opera by Benjamin Britten, with a libretto based on a section of George Crabbes poem The Borough
  56. Mediterranean umbelliferous plant with liquorice-flavoured seeds