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  1. The final opera by Richard Strauss
  2. Another name for fructose
  3. English actor whose TV series include Casanova and Bouquet of Barbed Wire
  4. Scottish actor whose films include Trainspotting, The Full Monty and Angelas Ashes
  5. Former Australian batsmen who has scored more runs than any other Australian opener who never scored an official Test match century
  6. English band whose founder and only constant member was Mark E Smith
  7. Minor prophet in the Books of Chronicles who composed a history of King Rehoboam
  8. Novel by Mary Shelley subtitled The Modern Prometheus
  9. Another name for the goatsucker, from the harsh noise it makes
  10. The state capital of Texas
  11. Maincrop potato variety originally imported to the UK from France in 1850
  12. Roman ___, Czech athlete who won the decathlon gold medal at the 2004 Olympics
  13. A circular temple in Rome dedicated to all the gods, used since 609 AD as a Christian church
  14. The last UK top ten hit for Hermans Hermits, from 1970
  15. The capital of Armenia
  16. South American country whose capital is Quito
  17. Home ground of Queens Park Rangers
  18. In computing, a character or set of characters in an instruction that specifies the action that is to be performed
  19. City on North Island, New Zealand, noted for volcanic activity
  20. Atoll in the Indian Ocean that is the largest of 60 small islands comprising the Chagos Archipelago
  21. In Norse mythology, the ash tree that was thought to overshadow the world, binding together earth, heaven and hell with its roots and branches
  22. Ancient Phoenician city that is the legendary birthplace of Elissa, or Dido
  23. Country whose capital is Kabul
  24. A spongy substance made from certain fungi, used as tinder, in medicine to stop bleeding, and by anglers to dry off dry flies between casts
  25. American singer-songwriter and political activist best known for her songs Little Boxes and Morningtown Ride
  26. Popular houseplant with tough, sword-shaped leaves
  27. Area of Oxford where Morris Motors was originally founded
  28. German author, poet, screenwriter and satirist whose best-known childrens book is Emil and the Detectives
  29. John T ___, central figure in a 1925 trial related to the teaching of the theory of evolution
  30. 2005 animated film about a group of pigeons in World War II
  31. Hampshire village that is home to the National Motor Museum
  32. The king of the fairies in medieval folklore
  33. Beetle from the Curculionoidea superfamily that feeds on crops
  34. A small strip or cube of pork fat
  35. London hospital founded in 1721 by a philanthropist who had made a fortune from the South Sea Bubble
  36. Scottish actor whose films include The Flight of the Phoenix, Braveheart and Waking Ned
  37. Lucas ___, French international left-back who joined Everton from Barcelona in 2018
  38. Basketball player who was the first Puerto Rican national to play in the NBA
  39. Brazilian Formula One driver who was world champion in 1981, 1983 and 1987
  40. Climbing palm of the genus Calamus whose tough stems are used for wickerwork and canes
  41. Epic 1847 poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow subtitled A Tale of Acadie
  42. Canadian TV series starring Paul Gross as an an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  43. The largest island of the Netherlands Antilles
  44. Oil painting by Édouard Manet that caused shock and astonishment when it was first exhibited at the 1865 Paris Salon
  45. Former Aston Villa, Bolton Wanderers and Trinidad and Tobago defender killed in a car crash in 2018
  46. Large fish of the family Carcharhinidae, characterised by a nictitating membrane and a heterocercal tail
  47. Month whose birthstone is the peridot or sardonyx
  48. Football pundit who was assistant manager of the England team from 2012 to 2016
  49. English actress who played Catherine Howard in the 1970 BBC serial The Six Wives of Henry VIII
  50. The main character in Neil Gaimans 2001 novel American Gods
  51. Phrase that entered popular usage after it was used by Cabinet Secretary Robert Armstrong during the Spycatcher trial in 1986
  52. The soft fibrous tissue lining the inside of the rind in citrus fruits