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  1. King of England, 1042-66, who founded Westminster Abbey
  2. Hans ___, controversial German-born psychologist whose works include Uses and Abuses of Psychology
  3. British romantic poet who drowned in the Ligurian Sea while sailing from Livorno to La Spezia
  4. One of Italys oldest magazines, established in Milan in 1939, whose name is the Italian for Today
  5. See 8 Down
  6. English actress who was co-creator of the TV series Upstairs, Downstairs and The House of Eliott
  7. The flat top surface of a stove used for cooking
  8. Greek god of love whose Roman counterpart was Cupid
  9. English writer best known for Three Men in a Boat
  10. English model, actress and singer born Lesley Hornby
  11. Country whose capital is Pyongyang
  12. Another name for the McDonald Mansion in Santa Rosa, California, used in the filming of Walt Disneys Pollyanna
  13. Airline that is the flag carrier of Israel
  14. The hereditary title of the head of the Ismaili sect of Muslims
  15. American singer-songwriter whose hits include Only the Lonely, Crying and Oh, Pretty Woman
  16. Dwight ___, Trinidad and Tobago football player whose English clubs included Aston Villa, Manchester United and Sunderland
  17. Italian cyclist who won the Giro dItalia five times and the Tour de France twice
  18. A practitioner of a pseudoscientific discipline developed by German physician Franz Joseph Gall in 1796
  19. A symbol on a stave indicating the pitch of the music written after it
  20. The supreme god of the ancient Greeks
  21. Animated TV series that featured Captain Troy Tempest
  22. The fungal infection tinea pedis
  23. The European plant Lychnis coronaria, also called dusty miller
  24. Joni Mitchells third album, featuring the songs Big Yellow Taxi, Woodstock and The Circle Game
  25. English actor who wrote and directed the 1970 film The Railway Children
  26. The lowest temperature theoretically attainable
  27. The Arabian gazelle Gazella arabica
  28. Clarified butter used in Indian cookery
  29. In Greek mythology, a Sicilian shepherd who loved the nymph Galatea
  30. Type of classical composition used by composers such as LeoÅ¡ Janácek, Bohuslav Martinu and Antonín Dvorák
  31. The last native Welshman to hold the title Prince of Wales
  32. Herman ___, Pulitzer Prize-winning author whose novels include The Caine Mutiny, The Winds of War and War and Remembrance
  33. American actor who played Ike Turner in the film Whats Love Got to Do With It
  34. London street that is home to Fortnum & Mason, the Royal Academy and the Ritz Hotel
  35. English punk rock band fronted by vocalist Charlie Harper
  36. Songs of a ___, usual English translation of Gustav Mahlers song cycle Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen
  37. American golfer who was runner-up in the Open Championship in 1983
  38. Actress who played Dorien Green in the BBC sitcom Birds of a Feather
  39. Tourist resort area of Sunderland
  40. 1973 martial arts action film released six days after star Bruce Lees death
  41. Poet and playwright whose works include The Waste Land and Murder in the Cathedral
  42. Poem by W B Yeats describing a fictional conversation between the Easter Rising leaders James Connolly and Padraig Pearse
  43. French tennis player who was nicknamed the Crocodile
  44. One name for A A Milnes most famous creation
  45. 1975 Norman Jewison science fiction film starring James Caan
  46. American heavy metal band who collaborated with Lou Reed on the 2011 album Lulu
  47. A table game played with short cues in pubs
  48. Private detective created by Raymond Chandler in the novel The Big Sleep
  49. Earl of Mercia remembered as the husband of Lady Godiva
  50. Art term describing how much painting can be done in a single day, from an Italian word which means a days work
  51. 1880 novel by Émile Zola, the ninth instalment in the 20-volume Les Rougon-Macquart series
  52. 1944 novella by Colette adapted for the stage by Anita Loos in 1951