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  1. Italian city in Emilia-Romagna noted for food such as ham and cheese
  2. 2001 Ben Elton novel set around a reality TV show
  3. 1978 single by Ian Dury and the Blockheads
  4. Cambodian temple complex built in the early 12th century
  5. Scottish TV presenter and former model who was married to Toploader guitarist Dan Hipgrave
  6. What the I of BFI stands for
  7. In biology, a substance such as vitamin C, vitamin E or beta carotene
  8. Alfred, Lord ___, poet who succeeded William Wordsworth as Poet laureate in 1850
  9. Official language of Pakistan
  10. Mineral also called fool's gold
  11. California city on San Francisco Bay damaged by an earthquake in 1989
  12. The first man in space
  13. African country whose capital is Abuja
  14. Garlic mayonnaise
  15. French racing driver who won the Targa Florio in 1928 and 1929
  16. Colour of the ball worth three points in snooker
  17. Genus of Late Cretaceous period dinosaur whose name means 'egg thief
  18. River, forming part of the border between Scotland and England, that enters the North Sea at Berwick
  19. Herbivorous dinosaur with a very long neck and tail
  20. A newborn child, especially in the first week of life and up to four weeks old
  21. Another name for Sirius
  22. West Sussex seaside resort town at which Sir Billy Butlin opened a holiday camp in 1960
  23. Singer and fiddler who is the daughter of singer Norma Waterson
  24. A 1993 collection of short stories by William Sleator
  25. Sir Walter Scott's longest novel, set during the English Civil War
  26. Genus of carpet moth in the family Geometridae
  27. Stephane ___, jazz violinist who founded the Quintette du Hot Club de France with guitarist Django Reinhardt
  28. Sir Joseph ___, Nobel Peace Prize-winner who was the only physicist to leave the Manhattan Project on grounds of conscience
  29. One of the basic patterns of the human fingerprint
  30. Spanish city on the River Tagus famous for steel and swords
  31. Hebrew prophet of the 9th century BC who was the successor of Elijah
  32. Dancer and actress who partnered Fred Astaire in ten films
  33. A carved channel or groove, as on a Doric frieze
  34. A German prisoner-of-war camp in World War II
  35. Robert ___, singer and musician who was the original drummer in Soft Machine
  36. The imperial dynasty of China from 1368 to 1644
  37. 1980 top ten single by the Specials
  38. The largest living anuran
  39. English racing driver who was 1958 Formula 1 World Champion
  40. 1954 film starring Frank Sinatra and Doris Day
  41. American country music singer who died in a plane crash in 1963
  42. Any of the 23 political divisions of Switzerland
  43. A communal meal in the early Christian church commemorating the Last Supper
  44. Aquatic salamander of the North American genus Ambystoma
  45. US city that hosted the 1996 Olympics
  46. The capital of Western Australia
  47. Russian province on the Baltic, divided between Estonia and Latvia in 1918
  48. Largest of the Ryukyu Islands in the North Pacific that was a scene of heavy fighting in World War II
  49. Communications code word for the letter A
  50. Fictional heavy metal band fronted by David St Hubbins and Nigel Tufnel
  51. A musical composition that is free in structure and highly emotional in character
  52. The 16th novel by Ngaio Marsh to feature Roderick Alleyn, published in 1951