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  1. 1941 novel by James M Cain made into an Oscar-winning 1945 film of the same name starring Joan Crawford
  2. Supergroup formed by Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr
  3. Alloy based on iron, containing carbon and small quantities of other elements
  4. Darren Aronofsky film for which Mickey Rourke won a BAFTA
  5. Former Arsenal midfielder appointed head coach of Crystal Palace in 2021
  6. City in Fife whose ruined palace was a former residence of Scottish kings
  7. 2005 film starring Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette as sisters whose grandmother is played by Shirley Maclaine
  8. Sergei ___, Russian ballet impresario who founded and directed the Ballet Russe in Paris
  9. People who sacked Rome in 410 under Alaric
  10. Large town in Greater Manchester between the rivers Irk and Medlock
  11. Country whose capital is Port-au-Prince
  12. Another name for marjoram
  13. Rail at waist level used in ballet practice
  14. Queen Consort of William IV after whom an Australian city was named
  15. In classical legend, a serpent that could kill by its breath or glance
  16. The capital of Ghana
  17. The second-largest city in Norway
  18. First century BC Greek author of fables in which animals are given human characters and used to satirise human failings
  19. 1975 film starring Warren Beatty as a successful Beverly Hills hairdresser
  20. Jewellery item containing a seal
  21. The standard currency unit of Myanmar
  22. José ___, Spanish dramatist awarded the 1904 Nobel Prize for Literature
  23. Stephen ___, Scottish snooker player who is a seven-time World Champion
  24. 1980 Martin Scorsese biopic about boxer Jake LaMotta
  25. French midfielder who joined Chelsea from Leicester City in 2016
  26. General Certificate of Education exams replaced in 1988 by GCSEs
  27. 1967 hit single by Van Morrison
  28. Horse that won the 2000 Guineas and the Derby in 1968
  29. Brightest star in the constellation Aquila
  30. A fighting axe used by Native Americans
  31. White crystalline compound, made by purifying argol, used in baking
  32. Disruption of normal propulsive gastrointestinal motor activity due to non-mechanical causes
  33. An ointment for wounds, sores, etc
  34. Chicago's primary airport
  35. The capital of Switzerland
  36. 1982 single by Elton John which reached number eight
  37. Snooker ball worth three points
  38. Scottish Borders town at the confluence of the Slitrig Water with the River Teviot