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  1. The capital of Latvia
  2. Shakespeare tragedy believed to have been written between 1588 and 1593
  3. Shakespeare tragedy believed to have been written in 1602
  4. Disputed territory in the Balkans whose capital is Pristina
  5. Horse that won the 1999 Derby
  6. Small island in the Inner Hebrides on which St Columba founded a monastery in 563
  7. Irish nationalist who led the Irish Home Rule movement in Parliament with a policy of obstruction
  8. Singer who received the Brit Award for Best British female solo artist in 1999
  9. Type of fishing tackle consisting of a weighted board attached to hooked and baited lines
  10. Black athlete who won four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics in 1936
  11. Constellation also called the Great Bear
  12. Town that served as the port of ancient Rome
  13. 2000 Number 1 single by Eminem featuring Dido
  14. The brightest star in the constellation Gemini
  15. The pochard, scaup, redhead or canvasback, or example
  16. A member of a Chinese youth movement that attempted to effect the Cultural Revolution
  17. Ozzy ___, heavy metal singer who originally found fame with Black Sabbath
  18. BBC TV series that starred Ray Brooks as small-time London gambler Robbie Box
  19. William ___, General who commanded US military operations during the Tet Offensive and served as US Army Chief of Staff from 1968 to 1972
  20. Overseas region of France on the North Atlantic coast of South America whose capital is Cayenne
  21. Country whose capital is Lima
  22. 1982 hit single by Irish duo Foster & Allen
  23. 1963 exposé by Jessica Mitford of abuses in the funeral home industry in the United States
  24. Province of central Canada whose capital is Toronto
  25. The winged goddess of victory in Greek mythology
  26. Republic in SE Asia first united as the kingdom of Lan Xang ("million elephants") in 1353
  27. A mythical water bird of Scottish Highlands folklore with the ability to roar
  28. Egyptian cross
  29. Manchester City starlet who made his England debut against Iceland in 2020
  30. In Greek mythology, an immortal winged horse which sprang from the blood of Medusa
  31. A highly saturated green-blue, used as a primary colour in printing
  32. Landlocked nation in Western Africa whose capital is Bamako
  33. ___ Woodhouse, title character of a Jane Austen novel
  34. A dome-shaped den constructed by beavers
  35. 1964 Alfred Hitchcock film, based on a novel by Winston Graham, starring Tippi Hedren and Sean Connery
  36. Nicola ___, Italian sculptor noted for his pulpit in the baptistry of Pisa Cathedral
  37. Fort ___, 1948 John Ford film which starred Henry Fonda and John Wayne
  38. Welsh resort and university town in Ceredigion, on Cardigan Bay
  39. Algerian city that is an oasis on the north edge of the Sahara Desert
  40. Arabic acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
  41. Country whose capital is Warsaw
  42. US state whose capital is Augusta
  43. A large juicy yellow-skinned citrus fruit of the Caribbean
  44. British celebrity chef, television personality and restaurateur who died in 2009
  45. 1985 Top 10 hit for Queen
  46. Cud-chewing South American mammal closely related to the llama
  47. The state capital of Wyoming
  48. A form of music for Scottish bagpipes, consisting of a theme and variations
  49. Genus of South African flowering plants, sometimes also called sugarbushes
  50. 2018 film based on a DC Comics character of the same name starring Jason Momoa in the title role
  51. Jean ___, French pirate and privateer in the Gulf of Mexico after whom a town in Louisiana is named
  52. Musical direction meaning loud or loudly