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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 25-August-2021
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 24-August-2021
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-August-2021
  1. Outstanding piece of plum pudding!
  2. On which the shades of time are cast
  3. Among various padres, I will be commended
  4. Start of space flight when the elevator is not working?
  5. Being abusive and wicked in a telephone call
  6. Maybe I retain a passive state
  7. Describing one who personally owns up?
  8. Partisan to leave in a little while
  9. Noticed the cotton factory has become a timber-yard
  10. Grumble about the meat
  11. More than one lot of pups makes the place untidy
  12. A bounder will get knocked about in this sport
  13. Campaigned valiantly to convert the voters
  14. Its answering no good purpose to employ a smaller number
  15. The girl to write a postscript, we hear!
  16. Lend a poetic ear to the inventory
  17. Its a turn involving one in the nudist colony
  18. They give loud warning of owls
  19. Just what will make a man hate inordinately
  20. Young serviceman could make a truce
  21. Sound attachment at that time made of clay
  22. Climbing device to fasten tightly on
  23. Parade leader partly a singer
  24. Jules never changes
  25. Its no longer used for a fight
  26. To put somebody in a grave situation
  27. Amended range of French missile
  28. An expert in his own field
  29. Smart answer about something wrong in law
  30. The sort of valve to take the pressure off
  31. Use vile arrangement - thats dodgy
  32. He predicts the bank clerk will be after a large sum of money
  33. Taunted about a drink Des returns
  34. Fast enables me to get involved in personal mortification
  35. Steward ever so upset by the end of the voyage
  36. Made into one tune Id transposed
  37. Sounds like no animal noise
  38. Port is used for a toast
  39. Series of lectures produced by culinary experts
  40. Forbid access to the cathedral precinct
  41. He retains an employee at the zoo
  42. Many different types will be employed in operating this
  43. Temporarily secures a levy, we hear
  44. Seize a bit of air
  45. Made things go round
  46. Scientific time-recorder
  47. Tumbler seen in the window
  48. The melody that makes first-class start to Rigoletto ...
  49. Make it possible to convert Ben Lea
  50. Confection in which the main course follows the dessert!
  51. A recurring theme that will confuse the donor
  52. Balance the Roman pound
  53. Guards ordered to proceed on different lines
  54. One whos entitled to an old gold coin
  55. Flexible section of gun carriage
  56. Educated at home?
  57. ... because theres a nice variation after the end of the chorus
  58. Shoot me in great disorder
  59. Fish about half an hour, using bait
  60. Headache keeps the girl inside
  61. Get in one trap
  62. Cigarette obtained for lighting?
  63. An automatic saw!
  64. Place of action
  65. Suddenly everything with Act One going awry
  66. The wood is left brown
  67. Offhand and possibly laughing
  68. Military policemans bird
  69. Beginner without bad habits?
  70. It takes photos in judges private room
  71. Quietly tell the bishop
  72. Member brews tea for the envoy
  73. Doesnt catch the spinsters
  74. Miracle that a student leaves upset about the scene of the war
  75. Nobleman from Victorias firm has a nut cluster
  76. Fear of winter Rory has
  77. Plant in distorted line round church
  78. East European and American involvement in Irans revolution
  79. Some Brecon victory for the prisoner
  80. Metal coin
  81. Its silly when a number is put back in
  82. Observe fewer to be perfectly clean
  83. Unyielding pop star?
  84. Obtain legendary bird in clean cage
  85. An American in Paris, maybe, or elsewhere in Europe
  86. And Evas changing state
  87. Wine from pubs on account
  88. Feeler leant over etc.
  89. Hides the saints remains
  90. Singers number goes gold
  91. Victorious now and in reverse
  92. Give counsel about five new ideas
  93. Stone in one sign
  94. Gear Len used to expand
  95. Discuss how wrongly I get no tea
  96. Complain about record of craftsman
  97. Derek Slaters new hat
  98. Tense story leaving Richard in suspense
  99. Aggravated by the necessity to be guided
  100. Confronts loud experts

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