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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 15-June-2019
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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 13-June-2019
  1. Signs in at the womens hostel
  2. A duty we no longer owe to the church
  3. Hes slow but sure
  4. Induce to become religious?
  5. Engine gives out before the French come up
  6. Once erect I state my piece
  7. Its worn with ones arm inside
  8. What I should have done, if I were in your position!
  9. Its used to lift - or bring down
  10. Unlikely to keep out of trouble long?
  11. Broadside of some colossal volume
  12. Maintain theres some body in the beer
  13. Fit girl given body-building exercises
  14. Land in the States
  15. Royal symbols from Algeria
  16. A lighthouse casts it across the vessel
  17. Reorganised Delhis defence
  18. It just goes to show how time passes, currently speaking
  19. Everything unqualified
  20. Governors help schoolboys with their lines
  21. Possibly run and see to make certain
  22. Seating is never enough with such chairs
  23. Brown as pie, perhaps
  24. Instruct in art, perhaps
  25. Kind of note required for the tonic
  26. Disagreement in record company
  27. Price lists read in court!
  28. Parts also recast for bucolic compositions
  29. Its pointedly one-eyed
  30. Be quiet about many showing laziness
  31. Almost benevolent members of the family
  32. Miltonic piece the company must cut short
  33. A mount, one hears, for the local dignitary
  34. First person incorporated within meat dish
  35. Hes likely to be above ground - but look in the mine!
  36. Where sycophants show a nonconformist attitude within
  37. Lively rate - at which the naughty child gets smacked?
  38. Spoil some of the firm arrangements
  39. Drinking vessel seen in the window
  40. Responds to a hundred in tears, very upset
  41. Timber fire will leave this
  42. Trial marriage is an important sporting occasion!
  43. Fish after tea - for seaweed!
  44. Food-grinder
  45. A requisition for a skyscraper, for instance!
  46. Theres bound to be a charge for this current treatment
  47. Suitably arranges the star score!
  48. Is mindful about those in society
  49. Weaken the spirit
  50. Expressed at even greater length
  51. Sayings of modern times
  52. Its not hard to hold out
  53. Learnt, perhaps, what the charge for hiring is
  54. Didnt lack a place to land fish
  55. Stern test or transaction
  56. Friend tucked in, showing relish
  57. Most air services provide these flights
  58. A narrow defile left for getting from one country to another
  59. Where the Ark went fast
  60. They dont play principal parts
  61. Turned to trade, perhaps
  62. Try to make a little yarn go a long way?
  63. Sources of print?
  64. Irritable if made to go inside to give evidence
  65. Hip seams split by stress
  66. They suit their customers
  67. Is present and listens
  68. A dramatic attempt to include the elderly
  69. Equip a girl with ships
  70. Chew up a thousand fish
  71. Thoughtless advice to those who are over-worried
  72. High church feature
  73. Those who have resown in a different way
  74. Shoots, maybe, and recoils
  75. Almost captured as well
  76. Yes, its the first person we hear
  77. Agree to a rise, one hears
  78. Describing the soldier returning to battle area the wrong way round!
  79. Goods in this are neither here nor there!
  80. Kind of caddy needed for golf equipment we hear
  81. In the event I exercised a certain restraint
  82. Ring a district round the north
  83. Air force!
  84. Supervise some of the riotin spectators
  85. To banish a coster is dreadful
  86. Bridal path
  87. He is forced to serve in a private capacity
  88. One-time speakers dont do this - i.e. retreat in disorder
  89. Sacks many taking nothing in
  90. Sees lions moving around without a sound
  91. Deals with the woodworm and has no more nonsense
  92. Isnt able to be in the reserves - has second thoughts
  93. Neither limbless nor weaponless
  94. A match for a noble lord
  95. The prospect for the sentinel
  96. Part-time deed was planned beforehand
  97. Eastern harbour looks up - a figure of speech
  98. How many have less feeling?
  99. Graduate smashed train from another planet
  100. Big glare

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