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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 5-December-2019
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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 3-December-2019
  1. One should tolerate such an animal
  2. Dont fail the clever ones even if mediocre
  3. Waves that make waves, perhaps
  4. No signs of approval in these corners
  5. Discovered in fresh ground in North America
  6. Poor outcome of a press mix-up
  7. Hit out the night before and steal
  8. Most distressing tendency in auditory function
  9. Concerning a fight
  10. Spanish leader takes tearful person to be a cleaner
  11. It could rapidly bring fine result!
  12. Take a bow and fiddle, perhaps
  13. Seen wrongly in drinking spots in undecorated state
  14. Let a lamb initially sound like a cow
  15. Graduate got up and was told to go away
  16. Having only one worker - oneself, presumably
  17. Colour that is taken by young guide
  18. It is not difficult to take
  19. Took exception to mad monster being scolded
  20. Paltry rag by leg
  21. Mean about a single flower
  22. Its bars might occasionally be for heavy drinkers
  23. Partly claim pell-mell drive was necessary
  24. Fish with a deep voice?
  25. The postman gets the sack - this one!
  26. Strike a hooligan after the beginning of crime
  27. If great reconstruction is carried out, it becomes a warship
  28. Whats the punch-drunk astronomer doing?
  29. Not the best form for training boxing assistants!
  30. What is housed inside to give satisfaction
  31. Put down what is correct, we hear
  32. Drop high explosive near a road, as artillerymen do
  33. Everybody involved in small railway reunion
  34. Refer to everything with due variety
  35. Is allowed to put the tuber back
  36. The stronghold, one hears, went into action
  37. Is scornful about street comics
  38. Delicate piece of material in sheaf of papers
  39. Discovering the verdict
  40. Hire one different female to take the leading part
  41. Not in fixed start
  42. He writes for a bed in the south-east
  43. Where hearing really counts?
  44. Made the attempt in 1Ac. perhaps
  45. Course for the officer commanding in journalism
  46. From which the driver gets his directions
  47. Twice 16Dn.?
  48. Become an apostate amongst brethren, eg embrace heresy
  49. The sad state of a niggard?
  50. City band round wheel
  51. The skill needed to fly it?
  52. Moving towards title
  53. Disturbed an elevated group
  54. Right in the middle of lifeless moderates?
  55. 100 exist because of him
  56. Nude quite disordered by frenzy wasnt old enough
  57. Making use of the office keys?
  58. Beat learner lost in the mist
  59. Assert length of life to be the normal run
  60. Unbroken like elastic near breaking point?
  61. The plight of an apologetic country?
  62. Ignore the trade reduction
  63. Tell how rare tan may be acquired
  64. A one-way ticket for those who have not walked up the 19Dn.
  65. Beer is included in this part of the church
  66. Benevolent sort
  67. A place of animals in the first year
  68. A method of conveyance to produce ecstasy
  69. British Bill cant go to law without it
  70. The charge if one goes from one side to another
  71. Where people preserve outbursts about a queen
  72. Small fish to put in the pan
  73. Heaven usually reveals the morning star
  74. Initially, any regular male member
  75. Instruments that will produce a ring
  76. A trial audition!
  77. Not just removing the top from an amusement park
  78. Whats the welder doing? Enlisting in the forces
  79. A business undertaking, one hears, to make a declaration
  80. Produces a secret arrangement
  81. The prison sentence is up - send out
  82. A colonist in a Canadian town
  83. Notice sport in self-contemplation
  84. The normal banner
  85. Turns in the New Testament?
  86. Mother, for example, sees father get his split
  87. Gallop easily to prepare....
  88. .... delicious beverage to produce ecstasy in 2 down
  89. Include me returning with a corpse
  90. Number needed for a singular game?
  91. Leaving expenditure
  92. Tackle the boss about laundry container
  93. Start Here I had a meal
  94. See 14 Ac.
  95. Like a single letter, it has many languages
  96. He had ace, causing a worrying problem
  97. Tension produced by shower on the street
  98. Was defeated and disappeared
  99. Get to the next page in the cookery book?
  100. Imperil with indignation at the finish

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