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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-January-2021
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-January-2021
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 15-January-2021
  1. Wildes film award?
  2. Weakened by being denigrated
  3. Rages at chemical weapon
  4. Drew up the lines of control
  5. Getting goose up - has injured gullet!
  6. I am a game girl though showing irritability
  7. Get into some trouble between terms
  8. Evergreen, racy
  9. Thrown out, but not completely downcast
  10. Protect the 100 remaining
  11. Corresponding administration
  12. Fight a bit
  13. Boast attire hung up
  14. Wall painting of forces in disarray
  15. Unfortunately taking chair can have lawless result!
  16. Artwork put up in illegal location
  17. Revelation souls cried out for
  18. Wholeness of being about again
  19. Rashly picked out?
  20. Does get upset about copper money abroad
  21. Permission to go
  22. Group of thieves holding all the cards?
  23. Terrible pest in inn having one over the eight
  24. Girl whose return is unnoticed
  25. Another view of clairvoyance
  26. Came to rest and paid the bill
  27. Not the same part of the Bible given to the girl
  28. Make certain to follow right inside
  29. Trouble with lashes?
  30. Scare about land
  31. Go back to give further medical attention
  32. Some of the actors remuneration?
  33. Remains of burning tree?
  34. Somehow estranges military men
  35. Anger of some of those fired
  36. Group of experts from Nepal?
  37. Ones Id sort out at the end of a rugby match
  38. Possibly soaring like an Italian woman
  39. Establish the context in a theatrical way
  40. Continually returning about the electricity
  41. Chose part at random - thats a disaster!
  42. Cry when a headrest is out of place
  43. Alternatively breaks taken outside holiday towns
  44. Right to support the Queen
  45. Season, say, with a herb
  46. A louse egg can return
  47. He goes into Conservative party principles
  48. Unfortunate accident caused by his error in plan
  49. Rake up the sole problem to stay up longer than most
  50. Note without artificiality
  51. Sound from stable attributed to lamb
  52. Sifter is put back by the first woman...
  53. ...getting a hard look and tears out
  54. A measure in progress
  55. Pariah joins striking actors
  56. Tearing mine to bits in military discipline
  57. He pays rent for article used in temporary home
  58. Steps in an actors career?
  59. Gaining control, thanks to monarch
  60. Is it noted as being potentially shocking?
  61. From whom one expects a measure of control?
  62. Live there according to custom
  63. Demolition of residence is a crime
  64. Old currency subject to a steep fluctuation
  65. Use delaying tactics at the point of sale
  66. Essential food substance prepared in mini-vat
  67. Vegetable decay on vehicle
  68. Committed to spring
  69. Paradoxically they may have seats in them
  70. A characteristic of portraiture
  71. He corresponds with an author of character
  72. On which a child may play jazz?
  73. A self-deception is untrue
  74. I will be unwell
  75. In which you might find note in car?
  76. Condition of holding a number by the river
  77. Six vehicles for clergymen
  78. Cause trouble about canaries without one
  79. Person in command
  80. Begin with a small pastry
  81. Put your foot down!
  82. Sad and rather confused conclusion
  83. Get bored and get less money back
  84. A biblical priest among the Israelites
  85. Wogans changing vehicles
  86. Rate of price rises can be a blow
  87. Girl for the Spanish man
  88. Speaking for giving again
  89. Loans out a hairdressing establishment
  90. He may be used to smooth plane travel
  91. Intended me to help out
  92. Patient restaurant employee
  93. I am on time for the picture
  94. One going out for a long time
  95. Colour thats unusually clear in the street
  96. A meal, we hear, is set out in the garden
  97. Mr Yates will show skilful control
  98. No longer a dock area to dispatch freight
  99. Some led a Spartan way of life
  100. Say nothing? Just the opposite

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