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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 3-June-2020
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 2-June-2020
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 1-June-2020
  1. A revolutionary series of steps
  2. Its impossible to connect with these services
  3. Lady killer
  4. Replace points in a car engine
  5. It enables one to turn ones hand to many things
  6. Frequently cuts off half the score
  7. Gathering food
  8. They may be used to make a stool
  9. God that comes in somewhat horrific guise
  10. Locks are the key to its existence
  11. Made a record and was famous
  12. Spring past
  13. Abuse an awkward seed box
  14. Ground needed for play
  15. Ways to show Turkish emblems
  16. Possibly pots palms for brightening up the street
  17. Feeling welcome to editors?
  18. A command to avoid
  19. He sums up a snake
  20. Stop and take into custody
  21. This oven has a ring outside for roasting
  22. High horse?
  23. Tried to get a hand
  24. Record-holder
  25. Stars as roof-raisers?
  26. Range of a policeman in the South-East
  27. Was on horseback so returned for the riding displays
  28. Eastern lake found in the West - thats strange!
  29. Hes not blind to the future
  30. Readers plea for original expression
  31. Shoot game
  32. Dont give up getting the unit back into shape
  33. Standard feature of Saturn or Mars
  34. Banished and, indeed, left at sea
  35. Presumably the odds are weighted in his favour
  36. He cruelly controls new depots
  37. American officer shows the flag
  38. He sent a cable setting out accounts
  39. Time soon modifies feelings
  40. Sicilian hothead
  41. Showed that ones judgement as an angler had become clouded
  42. The best-known surviving creatures?
  43. Use hands to make some protection from heat
  44. High lines to take
  45. A prose version of musical performances
  46. He performs extensively on a sliding scale
  47. In the garden it reinforces saltpetre
  48. Objects and doesnt go on
  49. He has a burning desire
  50. Writes ones first letters
  51. Show sluggishness, i.e. train sloppily
  52. Angry outbursts in play
  53. Got up a national emblem for England
  54. Greek figure among the Cherokees
  55. It costs nothing, its simple, its informal
  56. Let main disease emerge
  57. The correct side?
  58. Body of men who believe in coercion?
  59. Expect the actors on strike
  60. Get up tree, somehow, to show esteem
  61. Spread out in crisp, raw lettuce
  62. Cultivation up to decline of life?
  63. Fire-raising by clergyman who lost his head
  64. Animal from Eastern land
  65. If as far as matters go
  66. Character-type no liars could have
  67. Head of state to get the measure of things?
  68. Make egghead allow men to enter in proper state
  69. Observe it isnt frozen water
  70. Merits what listeners give Poles
  71. Soaring like a lady?
  72. Relation in semi-religious order?
  73. The majesty of a ship belonging to the nationalised fleet?
  74. Plunder pithead fort in 18
  75. Sportive like an inspired dramatist?
  76. Get back for example in wet weather
  77. Also two points in the mountains
  78. The artifice of a relay of workers
  79. Its found in the laboratory, but try the Underground
  80. Nothing wed failed to settle
  81. Help a sailor finish off the claret
  82. Shows some evidence in court
  83. Old instrument comes before a modern one
  84. Not a straight musician?
  85. Successfully persuade others to have a private road built?
  86. An admission to charm one
  87. Throw light on a building
  88. Nothing left from the galleon
  89. Command a fraternity
  90. They may be pierced or just pricked
  91. His praises are sung in the services
  92. A current recession
  93. To agree completely
  94. Carton of biscuits that goes with a bang?
  95. Owl with unusually inflamed growth
  96. Make a mess of things perhaps but does try in a way
  97. Im lewd, perhaps, a sign of decay!
  98. It should have a safety pin in it
  99. Gossip later, perhaps, about a non-drinker
  100. He may well appeal to the public

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