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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 19-April-2019
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-April-2019
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-April-2019
  1. Thomas loses article to funny insect
  2. Evil grins indicate coating with precious metal
  3. Pare while the abstainer is inside
  4. Plot to put fifty in the pot
  5. Up in London a gaping heathen
  6. The French worker rested
  7. The very best directors are right
  8. See a secret agent
  9. Why the songbird couldnt sleep?
  10. Part of a plough no single person can own?
  11. Observed a cutting tool
  12. He must be a bully!
  13. How overweight associate came to his end?
  14. Oppose because is amongst the others
  15. I cannot go because of infection
  16. Was prostrate in narrative poem
  17. Sympathy strike at harbour
  18. Bashful, but will have a fling
  19. In favour of calling - something to make one angry
  20. Bring up the tail
  21. Didnt make a will, but had a meal during trial
  22. Be perplexed about right relation
  23. Restrict ones movements in the winter nowadays
  24. Ive changed to western outlook
  25. Explicitly, how verbose speeches are made
  26. Throw light, maybe, on the outbuilding
  27. Cause agitation in particular location, we hear
  28. One trial involving a member of the family
  29. Petty-officers fixed the drink
  30. Celebration for nearly everybody in Georgia
  31. Those caught napping are not affected by this!
  32. Old priest in suitable vicarage
  33. Courageous fellow with flu disorder
  34. Think it can be seen in the company entrance
  35. A paragon of virtue or an errant type!
  36. Number of pupils in college yesterday
  37. Fifty in conflict may be put to it
  38. Provide entertainment for those on the watch!
  39. Winger not to be trusted, by the sound of it
  40. Prospecting for oil is monotonous
  41. Long live the community showing animation
  42. They make holes and soldiers are put through them!
  43. Patch of water returns to the pit - way of escape needed
  44. Chair who deals with the joint
  45. Get in the gin - a parent is upset
  46. All long Benedictine surplices, initially
  47. Put a restriction on freedom in punishing at Eton
  48. What a grind when this was operating under sail
  49. Black-coated worker
  50. It was spoken in Ulster, seemingly
  51. Peculiar child, but very much a favourite!
  52. Europeans as far away as can be!
  53. He may get told to stick em up!
  54. Very small matter for a pipers son
  55. Take midday meal around a vessel
  56. Having angelic associations, it needs some pluck!
  57. Famous biologist in Northern Territory
  58. Cuffs a hundred ill-mannered boors
  59. Died last month, relieved of pain
  60. Journeymen
  61. In a shop a lustrous jewel is seen
  62. Take umbrage at a restraining device
  63. Fish not yet caught, one hears
  64. History is made in Pennsylvania Street
  65. A number are too old for the scope insurance risks
  66. Wager article is letter in Greek
  67. Out of which love shines?
  68. There could be no sense in unity
  69. Engaged couples expectation after breakdown?
  70. Thanks ship for news agency
  71. There will be no repetition - because no profit was made?
  72. The tidiest street on the French Riviera?
  73. Its stupid to begin in an easy job
  74. Hothead joins American company - hes married, of course
  75. Lied over wicked person
  76. The chief road to progress
  77. The captains game?
  78. Flower or kitchenware given to youth leader
  79. It produces a fine sort
  80. Naval sword wounded girl
  81. He will knock lots down for people to pick up
  82. The manuscript about beer is not for the fair sex
  83. Where certain chessmen are bred?
  84. The tree is not so young
  85. Looked angry when milk producer got in sleigh
  86. Telephone teacher - hes needed in the circus
  87. Free to negotiate with new tenants
  88. One had crashed - in this way?
  89. This will give some edge to the news, in a way
  90. Embellish part of Gateshead or Newcastle
  91. A cosy place for a new life, one hears
  92. Unconventional description of policeman having finished duty
  93. Objects to disturbed nights
  94. Could possibly be a synonym of power
  95. Lily produces a drink
  96. For which the Frenchman will say Encore
  97. To do this, be a member of a coven
  98. Charge for freight - mind about the label
  99. Piece of fish when the French girl comes to tea
  100. The range of a sedan, maybe

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