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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 24-October-2020
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-October-2020
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-October-2020
  1. Dishonour seed order put on packing case
  2. Nothing you and I are bound to pay
  3. An offer in favour of social standing
  4. Augur wager will be all right, even 50 per cent more
  5. Unconcealed implication puts one out
  6. Hothead leaves smokers requisite on the wrong path
  7. Something to fight with in awe - a pony perhaps
  8. More subtle penalty exactor?
  9. Perhaps dispel great anger through an atrocity
  10. Find free tin not very good
  11. Boy appears before long without ring
  12. Seriously, be the breadwinner with new style
  13. A third of 23 given in audience
  14. Criminal held by bishop
  15. Foreigners in sale problems
  16. Embodiment of almost epic volume
  17. Think about confidence trick at entering church
  18. Contrition offers half-hope for a number in pleasant surroundings
  19. Not settled - extraordinary!
  20. A jolly good time at fen base, perhaps
  21. Shorten a spanner
  22. Discuss taking one from tree
  23. Subject of article by yours truly
  24. Theres nothing in being penniless
  25. Hoard turns out to be female
  26. Rustic gives vegetables to worker
  27. Old soldier puts wrong tree in vehicle
  28. Currency drain
  29. Mariners closely guarded bit of knowledge?
  30. Mascot for a family emblem
  31. Area of Singapore, almost
  32. Victory by monarch with one eye closed
  33. Not well matched in fortune, qualities, etc.
  34. Spell causes injury to 100
  35. Transport for the ordinary soldier?
  36. Weeks of freedom on the run
  37. Light-coloured article in tree
  38. Unlock the door to freer speech?
  39. Made yard untidy in reverie
  40. Apparently the French have wet washing
  41. Rue garment torn in second leg of fixture
  42. So huge, could give us no more
  43. Nude in awful act in floor show
  44. A material produced when one wants
  45. Clergyman puts half a dozen on vehicle
  46. Siblings girl loses heart in resort
  47. The girl with a hole in a footwear item
  48. Becomes conscious and pays a visit
  49. Dud horse could be covered
  50. Blue feathers?
  51. Hang Glenda, perhaps
  52. Female animal seen in sashes
  53. Spoil a little devil with a tune
  54. Some bacon for the more impetuous
  55. A burden upon America
  56. Of the theatre?
  57. Killjoy ruins the drink
  58. Possibly care for some land
  59. He caused hold-ups for road travellers
  60. Resounding noise from the choir
  61. Mug Des breaks due to smear
  62. One teams whispered remarks
  63. Virtue! My word!
  64. Need to get out of paradise
  65. Litter appears wet, somehow
  66. Hide Billys family
  67. Is among the others that stand firm
  68. Get cover for home again
  69. Expel some famous troublemakers
  70. Jot down A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I
  71. A matter of life or death for Hamlet
  72. Infers it makes us remiss
  73. Consumes some meat savouries
  74. He tries to get a lot
  75. The French examination is the most recent
  76. Not acclaimed like an instrumental work
  77. Leave the Sahara
  78. Complaint about meat
  79. Over-concerned with Grand National horse-killer
  80. Fashionable indication if I cannot be unimportant
  81. Possibly into soul - thats the answer
  82. Appeared to catch sight of the sea
  83. A bit of an eye for a girl
  84. Comforted when ones cold clears up
  85. Road tester, perhaps
  86. Assist with a wager
  87. Military unit getting a course of therapy on time
  88. See Grant becoming a soldier
  89. Its not just a funfair that wont start
  90. Draw a small sailing vessel
  91. Ones out for a long time
  92. Widespread fire, perhaps
  93. Brave enough to apply a tourniquet
  94. Tremendously keen to go!
  95. A role Irenes adapted in Africa
  96. Make an allotment or just a part, we hear
  97. No noise from the stable is heard
  98. A certain amount of time with one nymph
  99. Clothes container installed in the car
  100. Parent saying nothing

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