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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 10-April-2021
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 9-April-2021
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 8-April-2021
  1. Fledglings covering in lower part
  2. Do things separately perhaps to behave hypocritically
  3. Border on which one is nervy
  4. Thorough training in hole-making?
  5. Reap dividends from concern about lottery result?
  6. Elation felt when in a rising elevator
  7. Unethical when spoken in the morning
  8. Rather poor finish causing much sorrow
  9. Narratives found in the books
  10. Money-making herb
  11. Rib Beryl about fruit
  12. 500 years old? Thats very old!
  13. Doctor finds feudal system terrible
  14. Happy dog? No, a bird
  15. Dog made a meal of parson
  16. Temptation for everybody to find false men true
  17. A girl gone wrong
  18. Clothes from heads of the old German states
  19. M represents melody? Bad luck
  20. Shattered lamp in bed
  21. Abuse of part of fence
  22. Author sounds more correct
  23. Slippery customer, about 90, will do better than most
  24. Young animal devoted to essayist
  25. Are they performed by grafting doctors?
  26. Young animal always allowed out
  27. He works on the pitch with a fork
  28. Concise translation of trees
  29. A domestic row?
  30. Attempts compositions
  31. Carriage seen in Brazil and Australia
  32. Not prosaic? Just the opposite!
  33. Performing dingo perhaps
  34. Reel round in circles
  35. Remix album and leave with a back complaint
  36. Byron asks me about cold weather
  37. Right to have finished with a traveller
  38. Where you may find the blooming children?
  39. It can be chipped, but not broken
  40. Moving stair perhaps
  41. Vessel or military vehicle on a road
  42. Unaccommodating rejections?
  43. One in charge of branch operations?
  44. Various forms of redeemer
  45. Terribly bad sign for the belly
  46. Wrongly blamed for state of uproar
  47. Flowers for the girls
  48. Silly Annie is going out
  49. Not embodied in unusually cheap memorial
  50. Catch sight of the top of the obelisk in little seaport
  51. They do the scoring for string players
  52. Being roped in after breakdown
  53. Too old, so finished before time
  54. Made a bad start, but allowed to remain in the job
  55. Run back until tar is spread
  56. A word of greeting for a kind of ship
  57. In Israel a manservant must be back by four
  58. A symbol put back in Long Island
  59. To get away about the present time is a risky venture
  60. The cost is an indefinite amount of small change, we hear
  61. Distant station offering open-air job
  62. Fifty-two knaves?
  63. Planted in rings, a varied range of marjoram
  64. Disagree with the genealogy, we hear
  65. Make Megan change direction in horse-training
  66. Doesnt tell the truth about a little drink - thats an understatement
  67. One of two supporters at the front
  68. To perform I have to be on the move
  69. Things are decidedly hazy in this first course!
  70. Outraged by a current charge
  71. Go and fix
  72. Caress one of the rowers
  73. Ore railmen discovered
  74. Food taken by the doctor?
  75. The sailors shouted in triumph
  76. Sounds like those who pay for cattle sheds
  77. Fair and not heavy
  78. One side thats abandoned
  79. Animal from an Eastern country
  80. Disgusting din without order
  81. Not much time for a boxers assistant
  82. Daniels refutation
  83. Unpleasant expression of a stern expert
  84. Textile worker and cricketer
  85. Brief change of material
  86. It joins things with new plaster
  87. Plays cricket or another game
  88. One mending a drain
  89. Prop?
  90. Trying to get a lot?
  91. Down payment for topside, perhaps
  92. Sloping like the French spire
  93. Rental contract for an easel?
  94. Observe the timepiece
  95. School punishment for rows?
  96. Naval force to escape the first of the torpedoes
  97. Those who dock sailing vessels
  98. Could be a topical source of fuel
  99. Have greater success in an open-air celebration
  100. It sounds like part of a gun location

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