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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 3-August-2020
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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 31-July-2020
  1. Handled millinery material
  2. In a serene mood, produced some noted work
  3. A lot in a version associated with South East Asia
  4. Renovate about three bearings
  5. Exorbitant assessment - its time to serve a different order
  6. Literally scramble
  7. Complain by sending two drinks back
  8. Brave when suffering from a fatty cardiac condition?
  9. Back among the paraphernalia, valuables to be of use
  10. Suggest a little work in plain English
  11. Could it be described as a discredited transaction?
  12. Lose ones balance when winter comes
  13. Mislay a ring inside - not properly fastened
  14. Chased gold with unusually neat finish
  15. One will provide transport for a small charge
  16. Can and must supply a private room
  17. Prepared stiff drinks for both sexes appearing in court!
  18. Negotiating it involved with danger could be an uphill task
  19. Ignore a girl producing a weapon
  20. Place rebuilt round the capital of Holland as a base for the services
  21. So the mix-up is caused by the people over there
  22. A constituent of oriental cosmetics
  23. Imagined what the favourite is
  24. Allows access to the ring enclosures
  25. Declares a piece of poetry remains unfinished
  26. They brawl, but the noise fades away
  27. Communication to the newspapers becomes printed matter
  28. The essential attribute of the Beatitudes
  29. Unpleasant expression of a stern-faced expert
  30. Indicate willingness to remove the top from the money box
  31. Metal worker to come to grief
  32. Deal with the joint, as woodworkers do
  33. A hundred in a panic - thats not often found
  34. Margaret turned over this stone
  35. Webster the snooker player uses it
  36. Where rhymes are found upside down
  37. She has the highest score
  38. Extend custodial sentence
  39. Explain that the conifer must be put back in heavy soil
  40. Theyre found in canteens or clubs
  41. A southern bird, grey in colour
  42. Cabin where the captain keeps his diary?
  43. Spread the remainder around Pennsylvania
  44. Tangled reeds near a trade route to the East
  45. An ally makes the commanding officer aggressive
  46. Train me to change gear
  47. One caught in diabolical trap is a South American ungulate
  48. He defeated Montcalm back among the flower-beds
  49. Father has upset the governor
  50. Lift shafts, we hear
  51. Soft wood worker
  52. Considerable amount of craft needed going from bank to bank
  53. Reason to speak about the return of the money
  54. Direct arrangement for favourable bank balance
  55. Put down what the criminal has
  56. Collective view of those in the local?
  57. Tray with no end of ointment
  58. Pick an artist for Sophocles play
  59. Brush off all the chessmen and be completely victorious
  60. Not in the forefront in any craft
  61. Piece of harness that needs to be adjusted right
  62. Apprehension about eastern cargo
  63. Carefully examines soft garments
  64. Rings up for a film
  65. Good health for one engaged in sport, maybe
  66. Brown removes the top from useless stock
  67. Kind of race that goes from coast to coast?
  68. Play the part of Cassandra, maybe
  69. Time shown on the score-sheet
  70. Its a monster bird, we hear
  71. Rebel cant divert one in charge of the masses
  72. Sacking required, one hears, for filling up the cracks
  73. Monk losing top of rosary - that means trouble
  74. Successes for six hundred Conservatives
  75. Initially sombre and downcast
  76. Called young Edward around before noon
  77. Box cart re-routed to the East
  78. A non-runner you might put your shirt on!
  79. Existing expenditure
  80. The main stratum is unfinished
  81. Ring and get together by word of mouth
  82. In which people jot down musical pieces?
  83. A drink before the sailor returns to the dance
  84. One who qualified by correspondence course?
  85. French nobleman gets at the money
  86. Harmony at Vatican agreement
  87. Hurry to plant high explosive round a street
  88. Good snooker players dont fail to take a hint, we hear!
  89. One used to desert conditions arrived and left
  90. Timber for making a kind of tray
  91. Pardon the girl without a home
  92. Hold the admiral
  93. Quite an unusual old thing
  94. Midshipmans cigarette
  95. Shouts Which person works
  96. Hold onto the drink as a souvenir
  97. Quiet worker and resistance fighter
  98. Head tipster?
  99. Used to be her ring
  100. Photographic equipment can be a scream

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