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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 1-December-2022
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 30-November-2022
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 29-November-2022
  1. Fifty in high wind on the ship
  2. See 21
  3. Suddenly appear when the arrival of the fizzy drink is announced
  4. Crazy craft in disarray
  5. With which the timorous may approach the settlement
  6. The Montgolfiers who rose to fame
  7. Exact prices fluctuating one point
  8. Take off operatic heroine by the middle of the act
  9. Subject to insurance, so not exposed to the elements
  10. Favourable deal the innkeeper hopes to make
  11. No hired transport returning in rasher fashion
  12. Different clues about a part of the sentence
  13. See 20
  14. Headgear made of good French open fabric
  15. Book from which I study Roman law first
  16. It's hard work to keep on the track of Virginia inside
  17. Feelings of conscience about key form of communication
  18. Snipping off pieces around one coupling?
  19. One who secures the strongbox
  20. Objects when there are veiled hints about the leader of the gang
  21. Tackle I had to make unyielding
  22. Container wagon attached
  23. Stallholders badly affected by rich stores
  24. There's nothing in this reconstructed lift
  25. Some of the clients call openly for shellfish
  26. They shun society before the times are disrupted
  27. Give notice of conflict before mid-morning
  28. See 12 Down
  29. Do they loaf at their work?
  30. Slender sounding right to another's property
  31. Predestine the concoction of more food
  32. Sail support three feet long?
  33. Hybrid feline got in trouble
  34. Tim upset about two fellows causing damage
  35. See 12
  36. Unreservedly away to starboard
  37. Sent out to be supplied by the army
  38. Hardwood joint with the top missing
  39. Free to make a new tenure agreement
  40. Provide complete encouragement in a joyful way
  41. See 12
  42. Devises a suitable sentence?
  43. Mother is confused about the beginning of Euclidean proposition
  44. A piece from Pinero - 'A Merry Wanderer
  45. Should be anything one hears
  46. A delay upsets the festival
  47. One who makes excessive consumer demands
  48. Feverishly suffering from a vague disability
  49. To produce an insect the little dog consumed
  50. Quality of sound varies on a screen
  51. Tradesman to supply crew for this vessel
  52. Ground grain that comes up on its own!
  53. Resigns, maybe, after an outburst of displeasure
  54. The ticket agent will supply a label
  55. Neil returns with a stranger
  56. Hypersensitivity makes everything unusually grey
  57. See 15 Across
  58. See 9 Across
  59. Go to sleep - it's almost twelve
  60. Inelegant arrangement of the sweet briar
  61. Old soldier or cadet transferred
  62. Ethical practices not written in the manuscript
  63. For each erstwhile actor
  64. They have links with Charles round at home
  65. We hear the officers are surrounded by shells!
  66. Load a hundred on Jason's ship
  67. Seaman found in the cellar
  68. This is used for spraying aircraft
  69. A means to taking a certain line
  70. Cure film of being compassionate
  71. Sage mixture gets old
  72. Didn't make a bid but was successful
  73. Bad treatment of poor Sue after being unwell
  74. Lay emphasis on the strain
  75. Nothing from one bad deed is required
  76. Notice lids put back
  77. Don't shift your position: continue to deceive
  78. Do the reverse of creating a diversion?
  79. Assist, but don't grab it all!
  80. Positions of about fifty steps
  81. Part of betrothal festivities
  82. Male animal is last out with carnivore
  83. Untidy writing goes from speedy start to go-slow
  84. Give up some misplaced enthusiasm
  85. Reveal record will show a deficit
  86. Explain in detail charm is not worth considering
  87. One of two or one in three, roughly
  88. Lands taken from Eastern country
  89. Pass time pleasantly in drama
  90. The archer got up sore
  91. Express firmly
  92. Published correspondence from frank landlord?
  93. He values roses chewed up by donkey
  94. Give the right help in surprise police visit
  95. Pulverised earth
  96. Onward movement of 12 used in race
  97. Increase the tension to conclude
  98. The son is wrong to be truthful
  99. An equal in nobility
  100. Disproved had acted like a goat again?

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