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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-January-2020
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-January-2020
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 21-January-2020
  1. Justifiable reasons for entertainment venues
  2. Produces something imaginative and prepares to go on the stage
  3. A thicket will hold the vehicle back
  4. Temporarily stay at the gatehouse
  5. Radio aerial for flying concern?
  6. Its virtuous to punish endlessly
  7. Pay to become a colonist
  8. Main adversary is out of reach
  9. Behaved in a bovine way - thats the charge, we hear
  10. Kind of room used for entertainment
  11. A rule, one hears, to call publicly to account
  12. Attending every function no matter what happens
  13. Made an application for a different desk
  14. This sort of ability is worthy of esteem
  15. This is arranged after the draw has taken place
  16. The colour of a topless figure!
  17. Daily Recorder
  18. No great cost for an infant being looked after
  19. Coming to no conclusion
  20. Old, broken tin-can found round the back of the garage
  21. Increase the general disorder
  22. Discount to be put back in price
  23. Some of the stuff at a lecture is deadly
  24. The middle part is lying unused, by the sound of it
  25. Restrain an attendant making industrial trouble
  26. Study about a theologian
  27. With ribbons attempt to make ornamental textile
  28. Concerning a municipality with a hundred and four in charge
  29. This clue shows lack of care
  30. Presumably this tradesman is not particular!
  31. Vets idea for concocting a tranquilliser
  32. Can only be unfermented wine
  33. Its clear Ive returned with depression
  34. Stair-post not yet used by the Spanish
  35. Learned whats used for stuffing
  36. De-creasing is urgent
  37. Thoughtful writers I have briefly used at the end
  38. Machinery for one who wants to raise corn
  39. Nothing at breakfast, for instance, but what is needed for porridge
  40. Light twinkler!
  41. Youll find me including a change of gear thats scanty
  42. Fuel on fast planes providing sources of heat
  43. Showing one is in agreement with falling asleep
  44. In some degree a word of preference
  45. Having been dismembered is not urtful!
  46. Chinese, maybe, showing a tenser disturbance
  47. About acts in variety provided with a new group of performers
  48. Catch a parent in trouble
  49. This will keep the sheets in place
  50. Being cast in a devilish mould
  51. To hold some esteem as a nobleman
  52. Its a great deal, by the sound of it - make a share-out
  53. Afraid I omitted a characteristic expression inside
  54. Provide medical attention for a special occasion
  55. A seat belonging to the Turkish Empire
  56. Jenny provided him with work!
  57. Subject to tests of adequacy for the film world
  58. Didnt go wearing corsets!
  59. Get ready for the picture again - one should adopt a comfortable attitude in this
  60. Splendid piece of correspondence initially needed to make your name
  61. It gives warning of a dangerous female
  62. Saw a description of plain cake!
  63. Come to the end of cash flow!
  64. I will be in the political faction to show equal status
  65. Albert used to be attached to this
  66. Toured madly round the ring and excelled in horsemanship
  67. Old-fashioned punishment for bloomers!
  68. Humid haze enveloping the circle
  69. Its innate in staple food, we hear
  70. A perverted inclination to distort
  71. One may have to take a rest before hitting it
  72. A sudden movement to disturb the game
  73. Gone, surprisingly, to a location in Italy
  74. Fish turned back for shelter
  75. Rehearsed a script translated by the editor
  76. Newspaper article about wine...
  77. ...contained in this?
  78. The French studies could produce languor
  79. In the competition I lost, showing a blank scoresheet
  80. Drive off to a film about the capital of Portugal
  81. Strap made out of waste
  82. Outclassed oneself?
  83. A sound deterrent to the intruder
  84. The middle name of Enid Anderson
  85. Cane and beat the traitor first
  86. As an indoor game, its of little significance
  87. Rows will mean extra work for the schoolchild
  88. The girl takes the stairs for first air-trip
  89. He cleans up the lottery
  90. Not entirely a piece by one friend
  91. Kind of green variety
  92. Indulged in gambling, as the footballer did
  93. Raise palms - youll find the blooming thing inside
  94. Unendingly on the watch for hostilities
  95. Makes an entry, a footnote about fruit
  96. He has the skills to make a suit
  97. Really look on the exam as trial of ability
  98. I creep around helping in the kitchen
  99. Looked deeper, perhaps
  100. A personal representation

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