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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-February-2019
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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 14-February-2019
  1. He takes each issue as it comes
  2. A striking example of an evil personality
  3. This way wont get you anywhere
  4. Made up the fare from Holland
  5. One girl is not changed by an international body
  6. Sew lots, perhaps, but be the last to finish
  7. Prize awarded for a zero mark?
  8. Ruler held up by extra-strong opposition
  9. Bound to have reached the same result
  10. Why we consult reference books, of course
  11. Speedy help for a forgetful actor
  12. Puts out a seat and has a meal
  13. Lets out that the radios a gift
  14. Just a moment!
  15. Equipment in what must be a warship
  16. A habit socially acceptable and wise
  17. Released - or shot
  18. Tessa came up with something useful
  19. Not a subject needed by most schoolchildren!
  20. Its hot being a leading performer in heavy going
  21. Innocuous meat preparation
  22. Be of service when a few grow sick
  23. Nevertheless last
  24. Departed after hours
  25. Theres no smoke without it!
  26. Not standing for falsehood
  27. Shoot to start some underground movement
  28. This shows possession of the proprietors joint!
  29. Religious observance is not at fault, by the sound of it
  30. So Don refashioned the fillet
  31. Fertile spot in Samoas islands
  32. Many a Roman assumed this
  33. Built to accommodate people
  34. Be effusive in escorting us home
  35. One who lies and gets a tanning
  36. News revised about right wingers
  37. Loses wild fruit
  38. What is carried out if theres a possibility of measles?
  39. Part of a teach-in generally is giving distress
  40. Destroy a method for secession
  41. Plumbers may be all at sea when taking them
  42. Road hog to go quickly before the rest, maybe
  43. Curtis travels from the countryside
  44. Exchange prisoners of war the other way
  45. The colour of a topless figure
  46. The additional building is an unknown quantity, we hear
  47. The kind of orator to nonplus
  48. An odd personality part in the play
  49. Sound one gets in prominent feature
  50. Did some twisting - the result is injury
  51. This once provided light cloak
  52. Shrewd bowman without any hesitation
  53. Reverse the style for Old Testament location
  54. Its often tied up in property
  55. Paraphrased?
  56. Her wit is enough to make one squirm!
  57. Early sailor had to climb down when he landed
  58. Right in the cooking pot theres a pennant
  59. Players during feline absence
  60. Vocal item from a boy at midnight
  61. Uproar caused by 150, having a love affair
  62. Fans follow up a sign of winter
  63. Burn the tea
  64. Coating on a roll
  65. From which languages are born?
  66. Inflammatory action by workers?
  67. Open above letter
  68. William is able to have a bushmans teapot
  69. Shingle in 17
  70. Solaces company with a thousand strongholds
  71. Give a greeting to surprise the workers
  72. Rose is making shoots for basketwork
  73. Hurried to get 500 to join the tribe
  74. Staminas needed to get the decimal part of a logarithm
  75. Hated examination indeed!
  76. Published memo, perhaps, produced from unstopped pipe
  77. Like money, it shows a rise
  78. Grammarians state of mind?
  79. Excessive inflation will destroy it
  80. Not doing much business providing fuel
  81. Account shortened by American money - this may be grave!
  82. Susie could be the product of the marriage
  83. Easterly gale disturbed the winger
  84. A bitter mixture goes to the priests head
  85. Cover for me in case of train crashing
  86. The attachments of companion vessels
  87. Cuts off the port facilities
  88. At the moment its a gift
  89. The car gears are ruined by an intruder
  90. Monastic heads
  91. Leading lady takes drug before the end of the scene
  92. Think much of present-day source of mineral
  93. Be back in appointed time for discussion
  94. Arm one in society
  95. This yields oil for a little work in car readjustment
  96. Father in delineating a claim is meticulous
  97. Torch bearers?
  98. Substitute tough material with a flimsy one
  99. Not at home to adapt the equipment
  100. Imitating a noise of a bullet

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