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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 25-May-2022
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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-May-2022
  1. A colleague and I upset a chivalrous type
  2. Pacific characters promote it for a bit, we hear
  3. Quick to show naval power
  4. Restrict the movement of Maclean
  5. The ranks in America showing regal dignity
  6. Merely wastelands one may fairly expect to get
  7. They are related to southern politicians
  8. Not fit to sleep in it
  9. Interrupt a succession of shots
  10. Decoration for a sound receiver
  11. Get together to stage a recovery
  12. It's clear father needs temporary accommodation
  13. Container for kind of foil
  14. Keep the retina active
  15. It's his job to deal with troublesome pupils
  16. Everybody in disorganised side plays triflingly
  17. What the director in charge of transport did
  18. Watches those in the chase
  19. It's used for making a red hat
  20. Men with pitch-forks?
  21. This will prickle the back
  22. Apparatus to cool an ardent supporter
  23. 6 making the lecture twice as long?
  24. Couldn't keep still through emotion?
  25. Discreet under protection
  26. Learnt to become forbearing
  27. It could be in pride, of course
  28. Capital fighting implement
  29. Association of people a guest might join
  30. Revolt to get increase in pay
  31. Reject solid law
  32. The ghost of 14
  33. Change to 10 not out for a change
  34. How one learns to walk gradually?
  35. Lived up to wicked image
  36. Beginning to move beneath path
  37. Foot's position according to traditional tale?
  38. Evidence of sorrow for the rip
  39. Being firmly fixed in temporary accommodation
  40. Would one look vacant when asked to spell them?
  41. Drudgery only an ass would do?
  42. Devised a role so as to be made special
  43. Sceptre engenders high regard
  44. My 17 making great unhappiness
  45. Be more lenient and allow to 17
  46. Prevent crockery going up
  47. The bard is so wide
  48. Open, the voter changes
  49. A tune in fairness
  50. Insincere person appears to copy their mistake
  51. Remote enough not to bother one any more
  52. Rural area provides national team
  53. Incidentally, while overtaking...
  54. ...vehicle in front
  55. He will ring in greeting
  56. Came down and hurried round to court
  57. Profit about right for corn
  58. Wanda appears pale at first
  59. Remain in support
  60. Settled bosses' business expenses
  61. Cutting implement from the Far West
  62. 1000 shout out using them
  63. Revolutionary platform
  64. Shun or attack
  65. Opposite where one is served
  66. Presented learner with hammer
  67. What the papers get from all quarters
  68. Not reversed to make weight
  69. Everybody leaving army commander with biblical book
  70. Girl in Italy
  71. Solitary bit of material on editor's desk
  72. Hate to heal
  73. Ban due to river
  74. Maintain castle tower when built
  75. Improvement concerning structure
  76. There was only one runner here
  77. Churchman requires stiffened paper and bent nail
  78. Confident greeting as company workers take fish
  79. Allowed to be beaten round ring when released
  80. Rue being right over heron
  81. Drink taking in a profit
  82. Put off the last one taken in as guardian
  83. About fifty make casual visit to get material
  84. Go quickly round one partly destroyed building
  85. Particular mixture of spice and ale
  86. Prohibit instruments of torture in army quarters
  87. A graduate on a vessel in the canal
  88. Fear fathead correct
  89. Right help for surprise police visit
  90. Be transported in a car, ideally
  91. Bill takes Diane back a chemical
  92. It's very sharp, the blazer Dora ordered
  93. Blades that are not used for cutting
  94. It sounds painful to touch when headless
  95. As Pete changes old currency
  96. A singer good at darts?
  97. Hopeless sailor caught in a plane
  98. Depose when a tune's rewritten
  99. Creatures backing a celebrity
  100. Fashionable supporter for a score of soldiers

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