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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 19-October-2019
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-October-2019
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-October-2019
  1. What keeps wives happy?
  2. Leave a gang with no comeback
  3. Done with being in 10s cage
  4. Good sportsmanship and not bad drama
  5. Set teasing questions full of holes?
  6. Popular girl gives drug to egghead
  7. A way out youth leader gets sovereign for bestirring himself
  8. 100 too old for insurance?
  9. Play with something to make Ted wild!
  10. Song of the year I assume
  11. Such fear is mostly a mistake
  12. He faces facts about a catalogue
  13. Syncopation when clothes are worn out?
  14. With just claim - not with punches from the left!
  15. It is essential for six with half a talent
  16. The degrees to which boredom is dispelled?
  17. Help with a wager
  18. A gentle correction in good taste
  19. Confess to being mad about it
  20. On the surface its a disturbance
  21. Prohibition on string causes explosion
  22. Imply there is no conflagration
  23. Wedding - spoil one in anger
  24. Sea-legs not affected by time
  25. Smiths of Mediterranean villas
  26. Crazy headgear for a hothead
  27. Without delay I am out to act as umpire
  28. Flatten up and down
  29. Fix on a stake since I have lost colour
  30. Murder results when two idiots put one over the people
  31. Heather in the morning to leave the US
  32. Pack up the tents and make off?
  33. Offers in excuse could have lapsed
  34. The first man finds worker to be extremely hard
  35. No ale is made without help
  36. Name of the editor to be Victor
  37. Dont leave because its black and sticky?
  38. Takes half-term in a hurry
  39. Set fire to editing material
  40. Players cause titter in class
  41. Oriental flower festival
  42. Made a knight in the film industry?
  43. Mated, but didnt get beaten
  44. Lodgings at the point of embarkation?
  45. It begins with love and proceeds to match
  46. Opposing proposal for movement in the shop?
  47. Pale like a layer
  48. Bits of rock reflect the mood in the ship?
  49. A minor grant
  50. A come down, but not a disappointing one
  51. Say the wrong thing
  52. Flag officer?
  53. Has turned into wood
  54. He hawks round an inexpensive item for motorists
  55. Ice-cream cake?
  56. Appear on stage to record
  57. They mark time
  58. A leading bed-maker?
  59. Possibly the bankers or philanderers produce them
  60. Watch the first man to take over - it will surprise you
  61. Times for recreation
  62. Breach caused by a wide divergence of opinion?
  63. A girl or man disguised
  64. Where people go on eating
  65. He savagely attacked Roman civilisation
  66. Her sister is a superior person
  67. An engaging answer, perhaps
  68. Did little after Id made the running
  69. Check the advance of a sick man who returns
  70. Course must be if you steer wrongly
  71. More or less important player
  72. It stands out for help for the poor
  73. Arent in order to go by rail
  74. Gets the better of the teachers?
  75. Smart thing to have in the garden
  76. Needle without an eye?
  77. If you lose them then youre lost as well
  78. They may well appeal to the public
  79. Where to obtain a degree in common talk
  80. A bird to fight and squabble
  81. He makes things hot for his employer
  82. They werent worn long during the Sixties
  83. Car owner in distress - and showing it!
  84. Determined to do no more roaming?
  85. This by itself is only a gradual process
  86. Worn out garment
  87. Drop it, perhaps, being apathetic
  88. Fired - yet treated leniently
  89. The pattern of old China
  90. Characters that are inclined to be distinctive
  91. Foresee six coming in to eat
  92. It may be of untold value
  93. They take orders and form a circle
  94. Establish oneself in bandsmens concerts
  95. This state is too good to be true
  96. Really can fit when adjusted
  97. Putting in an appearance and acting as a servant
  98. The arrow from the cross-bow will make a row
  99. They are located in the dead centre of the community
  100. This instrument is an object of terror to the French

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