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The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 24-May-2021
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-May-2021
The Irish Independent Cryptic Crossword Answers - 21-May-2021
  1. Charitable donation to a worker on strike
  2. Run away to sea
  3. Possibly thin gloom produced at night
  4. Change clothes in a car?
  5. Aim to get out of gaol
  6. Animal thats good in a row
  7. Sense that it takes place in court
  8. He makes sure that people vote for a party
  9. Somehow adhered to having auburn hair
  10. Lead character giving the girl love
  11. Person entertained by achieving some league status
  12. Out of condition and unsuitable
  13. Begs grown-up for farm produce
  14. Not even strange
  15. Like a quiet snake
  16. It carries evidence of spending
  17. Concerning a seaman not at home
  18. Accommodate for three months
  19. Crayon to staple up
  20. Some friend in gaol reaches a conclusion
  21. Generous manner in letting cars go
  22. Are returning for a long time
  23. Top removed from playing surface may cause one to scratch
  24. Precisely locate the end of the fastener
  25. A tearful relation
  26. An aptitude for making money at one time
  27. Target handled by the rifleman
  28. The science of dealing with pupils!
  29. Free to reveal a secret
  30. River battle in the far north
  31. Dont extend this kind of bridge
  32. To remain uncommitted, physically depress the receiver!
  33. The first of the seamen is able to use radar equipment
  34. Marine food that could conform to our taste
  35. The stage directors get together to make these
  36. Could it be a drink that leaves one lying on the floor?
  37. Bridge hand stretched out
  38. A good person has the last word, but makes a bit of a bloomer
  39. Insignificant piece of homespun yarn
  40. Do people go to pieces when puzzling over this?
  41. Impending danger of fellows getting a hole in one
  42. Collapsible lid seen at Covent Garden?
  43. One inside posh new bottle store, maybe
  44. Father interrupts sleep for a good meal
  45. What one has to do to everybody else to get a lot
  46. German it turns out is one leaving his country
  47. Enter horse which could prove a liability?
  48. Moderately good charity sale
  49. Put ten in the goal immediately after!
  50. Stopped talking when put in prison?
  51. Hurried to Gateshead and tried to telephone
  52. Locate ties this way
  53. Broadcasting one in another programme
  54. Steal platoon leaders broken rifle
  55. Where apt one has been recorded?
  56. Stroke resulting from uprising by abstainer
  57. Throw nothing away from the edge of the sea
  58. Ancient deity has nothing to gain by an election
  59. Every bit of fury that is currently fashionable
  60. Get the lips to form wishes for sound rest
  61. Armband or two allowed
  62. Split yet refuse to be separated
  63. Fortune made by nuclear scientist?
  64. Military man in play, perhaps
  65. Give a searching look to ones equal?
  66. They are expected to make sound judgements, of course
  67. In this car certain things are difficult to find
  68. Girl got back after six in capital
  69. The opinions of various wives
  70. He takes his time in trivial pursuits
  71. Military body to show aloofness
  72. Survived the return of Lucifer
  73. Hints about the right jaunts
  74. Across an oarsmans seat
  75. Used for making pupils come clean? Rubbish!
  76. She gives voice to one strain after another
  77. Get rid of freight - the plane is not to be diverted
  78. Chimney went up into the air, by the sound of it
  79. Volleys of shots from widely spread teams
  80. The leader of the battalion commands the frontiers
  81. He broadcasts one of the parables
  82. Old priest installed in suitable vicarage
  83. Succumbs to overwork, as the analyst does
  84. Fashionable doctor has particular kind of food
  85. Stuffy description of one with no successor, we hear
  86. He tries a wind instrument
  87. In the film, the first of the partisans to counter the onslaught
  88. Temple of Jupiter is an optical illusion
  89. Aspire to reform the old country
  90. Detached from acting assignment
  91. Achievement by the girl in getting a plume
  92. Moved quickly and pinched
  93. He keeps all his money in Reims
  94. Tinas out of material
  95. He has a lot of interest in his job
  96. Girls follow procedure to get syrup
  97. Man said to be appreciated by hippies
  98. The girl with a hole in a footwear item
  99. A lecture taken by astronauts?
  100. Contact a worker at the parade

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