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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-June-2019
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 15-June-2019
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 14-June-2019
  1. Act as a dismantler?
  2. Some credit goes to a sailor for providing seafood
  3. It may be pledged to a future partner
  4. He often lifts his glass to each
  5. Sound reflection
  6. A tax return to distribute
  7. Fail to keep up a legend
  8. Get involved in someone elses business?
  9. Is it never found in light cavalry?
  10. Cut from the wedding cake
  11. They cut dashing figures
  12. Thinks time and dates are wrong
  13. Employer states with hesitation
  14. Decides not to go on producing burnt sack
  15. Canned - as sardines are!
  16. Its employed in various editions
  17. Two companies joining together on a silk product
  18. Soft melody for two
  19. Compare fifty-one with knowledge
  20. Holy commands?
  21. One of a crowd of actors - no less!
  22. Something wrong with a knot?
  23. Hostile fire one can and does get involved in
  24. Finishing off a cake?
  25. The character to fix the pitch
  26. His instruction is brief
  27. Presumably theres a sound reason for it
  28. Almost drain a pitcher
  29. By which the fishermans catch is measured?
  30. Ban a professional writer
  31. At the same time they were instructed to rearrange solo matches
  32. Not bound to be licentious
  33. Give the wrong directions?
  34. Start badly, but get a jewel, thats the plan
  35. Worried about being implicated?
  36. Officer over many a sailor
  37. Also mostly the one on a plate perhaps
  38. Stress aid is required for such calamities
  39. Anyway, watched the whole of the athletics meeting
  40. Such an examination will mean people will be called to account
  41. They feature mainly in churches - bad men, we hear
  42. Time to make things palatable
  43. Apparent, but not in a sisters concern
  44. Finally forego ones own personality
  45. Arrange a star part in a Western?
  46. Strictly applied its neither easy nor slow
  47. Building up afresh whats left before formal talk
  48. Take a chance
  49. Sign of nerves in a stickleback
  50. Its used in cooking asparagus
  51. The male sort includes females as well
  52. Salt in the mustard!
  53. Filter the air
  54. Yet they may form a large part of the weekly wash!
  55. A case for a seamstress
  56. Turn a blind eye when an employee wants to leave?
  57. Deck that is trouble to the Royal Navy
  58. It will help one to count
  59. There are all types in his trade
  60. Idleness indeed
  61. Incredible doctrine of a bygone age
  62. Bearing the cost of transport
  63. Possibly the last word in France
  64. Cancels an article from the yearbooks
  65. It helps if you require a frame-up!
  66. Gilbert and Sullivans craft?
  67. Time soon modifies feelings
  68. Stronghold never to surrender
  69. Accelerate promotion
  70. Buy up all the stocks of grain with hesitation
  71. Work for those too careless for regular employment?
  72. A quiet little craving for food?
  73. Fabric of the law?
  74. A bird watcher never hides it
  75. So hope began for part of London
  76. Lowest sort of price one may pay for a piece of the seabed?
  77. Supports, yet doesnt allow to proceed
  78. At liberty to be generous
  79. Where the servicemen take turns in exploiting a racket!
  80. Describing the enemy army with a shocking lie
  81. Fathers attempt to be a kind of cook
  82. Discipline needed for instruction
  83. He compels payment from a retired performer
  84. Turns the propellers
  85. Change of air to produce sense of proportion?
  86. Being part of a payment, it helps the levy
  87. Person obviously featured in a USSR reshuffle
  88. Current of the short river used in source of power
  89. A group of actors, we hear, showing social distinction
  90. Surely not one who loses his balance participating in moon project!
  91. Erect - fasten up properly
  92. Needing no proof - since the personality is apparent?
  93. Members of an ancient civilisation in unfinished lawsuit
  94. A supporter of the board disconcerts the settler
  95. An alarming personality!
  96. Concerning ones birth in South Africa
  97. One shot or a great number of shots together
  98. Even a contented one would look down in the mouth
  99. Lazy man experiences dire change about fifty
  100. Prime conifer seen near the street

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