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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 3-August-2020
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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 31-July-2020
  1. Routine instruction unsuitable for nightwatchmen
  2. Lead when I get out of step
  3. In a high position at work
  4. Walking free of pain outside
  5. A car, or a person in it
  6. Mercy makes one look big
  7. Unconscious stupidity?
  8. Payment made for an old servant?
  9. Ordered a bed, perhaps
  10. First sanction it in writing
  11. Demand for miners after a strike
  12. Scarf in the window
  13. Riding school discipline is a habit that comes with time
  14. It might be tedious being without
  15. Sleeping fish?
  16. He has nothing new for sale
  17. It gets down to sorting the list
  18. Looks at with an expression of friendliness
  19. Last point must be won by the cup-winners
  20. Ship gets round characteristic difficulties
  21. Numskulls can return with intelligence
  22. Bring out in a felicitous way
  23. Irregular deliveries!
  24. Sliding about, moving sideways
  25. Absent-mindedness on the sheep farm?
  26. Directly put 5 out on the street
  27. Jokes to stop people talking?
  28. They take things as a matter of course
  29. Topics used in light science
  30. Half manage and alter items of business
  31. Observing nothing puts hothead out
  32. Happy to see the last of of the darling boy
  33. Left some, indeed!
  34. Equips then begins spasmodic movements
  35. Silly fish 12 inches long
  36. Petitions easily initially satisfy
  37. Prohibit string in explosion
  38. Closure because shed has fallen by sleepyhead
  39. Correctly a just claim
  40. Put weapons up, being comfortable
  41. Those with sedentary jobs could not achieve such a status
  42. The enclosed gives satisfaction
  43. He ekes out a bare existence
  44. The rat is a menace
  45. Fifty get help but are put down
  46. Overtake father on ship
  47. The rest adopt a new attitude
  48. Having left the rink for an administrative post
  49. But theyre not usually soldiers quarters
  50. Distort a dance
  51. Somehow raise a sign on high
  52. Consent to be friends
  53. Residents at home with companions
  54. Escaping from a tight situation!
  55. To quit is a considerable waste
  56. Noun is used for noted agreement
  57. In here put everybodys good name
  58. They see that sentences are kept to proper length
  59. This clue is not good English
  60. Are they caused by those who rise from the ranks?
  61. A trees used for this festival
  62. A comfortable place to moor
  63. A loud one may be connected with a certain set
  64. Rule out a place to lie with spikes on
  65. Not to the fore in some craft
  66. Some longing to find fruit inside
  67. His records will have earth-shaking significance
  68. Capital is needed after the standard rate
  69. Chapel open? Bolt inside!
  70. It occurs in earlier ages
  71. Slightly injured - withdrawn from the team
  72. Dispatched by the railway guard!
  73. Think of a logical explanation for the cause
  74. Drinks that went to peoples heads!
  75. To be in poor health - sounds as though potent drink is required
  76. Prone to be misrepresenting the facts
  77. Hearty rogue, maybe!
  78. Ladies who take part in needle matches?
  79. Didnt become a member of a union
  80. Spoil the appearance of a tailless horse
  81. They cant be accused of profiteering!
  82. Pre-eminent ability estranges in a peculiar way
  83. Be quiet about many showing idleness
  84. Presumably they produce illuminated texts
  85. Lacking attractive features, to be outspoken
  86. Deceptive plan to put something precious under the beds
  87. Criticise old fashioned school equipment
  88. A disturbance should be skilfully handled in court
  89. External appearance of the fellows, we hear
  90. An expert that has the beating of 19 Across
  91. Drinks lacking body?
  92. An egg I scramble, obviously not new-laid
  93. Floor covering getting tangled up
  94. They are barred for natives
  95. Was abusive, yet guarded?
  96. Bill going to a parson is correct
  97. Its not a close-up, you can bet on it!
  98. Detonated explosive, but not convicted
  99. Back numbers at a musical performance
  100. It enhances an auctioneers standing

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