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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 3-June-2020
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 2-June-2020
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 1-June-2020
  1. In good form
  2. Total issue
  3. It has been known to be tickled to death!
  4. Keeper has a dog on the hill
  5. Naval officers who might be stepfathers?
  6. Hard-working oil drillers do
  7. Enclosure for sport
  8. One way to shoot game
  9. Confirms, though almost opposed to it
  10. Granted, it can set many free
  11. Deficient, to be concise
  12. Neat evergreen
  13. Quite a lot of ice goes into this drink for Alice!
  14. Such gems are deceptive
  15. Indeed its not indicated
  16. Weak, and liable to get the wind-up!
  17. Institution providing outlet after study
  18. Save up to get engaged
  19. What the unsatisfied audience shout!
  20. Lingerie that is not here to stay
  21. Checks up and notices something
  22. Current measure gives a start to a politician
  23. They need an air cushion when travelling
  24. Its consumed in tea tents
  25. Orchestra observed a wood-instrument
  26. A train driver
  27. Very keen to do a turn as a singer
  28. Outcast with a song in his heart
  29. The price of freedom, perhaps
  30. Got up in bloom
  31. He sees to a minor charge
  32. Ties the rest in knots
  33. Love to make an entrance, we hear
  34. Alternative choice of size expressed in round numbers
  35. An odd lot he provides lodging
  36. Blind man?
  37. It eliminates a deciding game
  38. Called for part of a ladder
  39. Theyre stone dead!
  40. Side given drink for morale?
  41. One must be firmly resolved not to be this!
  42. Aunt Sally, for example, may be easy prey
  43. Its root may be made into a stew
  44. Cavalryman that may teach us sartorial splendour in part
  45. Decreases?
  46. You might say it when offering a gift, or present
  47. Deteriorate and become a drug-taker
  48. Give the last cry of pain
  49. Go and cause irritation
  50. Homes were rebuilt but the locations vague
  51. Onslaught by Cupid, perhaps, could be fatal
  52. An attraction to excursionists on a diet?
  53. It may bring couples together at Christmas!
  54. Time to end the opera
  55. Youll like it if you like fruit tart!
  56. Not a large measure of spirit, just a little one!
  57. French river I have knowledge about
  58. The best or one of the worst things a golfer can do
  59. Game explorer
  60. Not very good at cornering, apparently
  61. Punish in the right way?
  62. Exist with just a part interest
  63. An inference that should attract more custom?
  64. How one danced when not quite sober?
  65. Free to make a speech
  66. Deck or dock
  67. Classical author Id nothing against at first
  68. Some very early grain
  69. One of the strings, we hear, will produce harmony
  70. The boss goes to 10 where the broadcast come from
  71. Doing what is necessary to prevent rows!
  72. Delivered complete collection without charge
  73. First to get ready to fire
  74. This gives warning of a temptress
  75. More than one open carriage goes tediously along
  76. Rouse oneself for a festival
  77. Inert, but I have to qualify first
  78. What the bride is taken for
  79. Stampede on the long grass
  80. Droll nonsense may well bring the house down!
  81. Help a vessel before its wrecked!
  82. Catastrophe in the royal household - look for trouble
  83. Two-way means of location
  84. Horseman who knows all the oaths?
  85. This gives the motorist hindsight
  86. One interrupts the dreadful ogres in the revels
  87. Office workers after a secret sign!
  88. Bereft of pupils
  89. Make a disapproving cry about a doctor and get the cane
  90. Film a petty officer in the sun
  91. Leave the fruit, by the sound of it
  92. This will remove the waste from the dressmaker
  93. Not always a contemporary role?
  94. Arrests about a thousand supporters
  95. Pockets prizes
  96. This style of architecture has its points
  97. Throws away useless bits
  98. Bids for chests without number
  99. States differ - so do these!
  100. Turns and leaves

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