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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-August-2019
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-August-2019
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 21-August-2019
  1. What the guard is doing - not losing time!
  2. Not on the wane
  3. To assign to a particular grade is offensive
  4. Very necessary for one wishing not to lose the scent
  5. A short length of hose?
  6. They take away the reputation of French farm equipment
  7. A hundred on trial question the verdict
  8. Advanced before Easter
  9. This may recount part of an oriental exploit
  10. Fruit the cornstalk covers up, we hear
  11. Drag along the track
  12. Observe it once perhaps
  13. He has received no commission, but its not generally known
  14. Those having guests around a long time as prisoners
  15. Dianas accused and acquitted
  16. He keeps the beastly company together
  17. Is this performed with the aid of a spelling book?
  18. A piece of garden ought to be sufficient
  19. Taking industrial action is impressive
  20. Men of chivalry making a noise among friends
  21. This should provide adequate cover for capital
  22. Chastise this pet - a dog
  23. A translation of Proust will produce torpidity
  24. Get the boat reconstructed at home
  25. Immediately erect road
  26. Part of the roof showing a blend of styles in part
  27. I am in pursuit in a carriage
  28. Overhead lines
  29. Stadium near a ruin
  30. Dependable form of alloy
  31. Possibly a tropic fruit
  32. Its the latest one can do
  33. Highwayman intent on cleaning up?
  34. No ordinary member of the force
  35. Best sort of capital investment!
  36. A negative in any trouble
  37. Smouldering anger?
  38. Fell, but kept quiet
  39. Money, enough for a purée, perhaps
  40. Animal comes from the pet shop and accepts food
  41. I turned badly, not yet having taken the test
  42. Demanding, like royalty?
  43. Statement of principles from company in the red? Just the opposite
  44. His life may be in the balance
  45. Strict hand drafts a new order
  46. What a nursery may ask for looking after one!
  47. In fact a point of view
  48. People with such depressions may still be happy
  49. Warms up for the opening races
  50. Fighting doctor in a coat
  51. Great ambition of the pyromaniac?
  52. ... and she might deal with your complaint!
  53. He has a habit of taking things
  54. See air, perhaps? Its not so difficult!
  55. See ice does make it
  56. Refuse from almost everybody
  57. The theatre gets a new production
  58. Some glad donations to join to the list
  59. Gives out wrong times
  60. A race he organised gives pain to the listener
  61. It means the end of a union
  62. He believes in new tithes
  63. As transmitted, it signifies agreement
  64. Be too self-indulgent
  65. One must be patient with it for a long time...
  66. Trees evidently of some antiquity
  67. Religious split?
  68. His work is above most people!
  69. Gets engaged when he is in a bit of trouble
  70. Figures its a game!
  71. Not likely to change horses
  72. Its right to punish
  73. It helps to make a room attractive
  74. Watch someone chasing animals?
  75. Past a green light?
  76. One having a sea view, perhaps?
  77. Conceal half of it as secret
  78. Its not long young!
  79. Steps on the granary floor
  80. A Bosnian gang is crazy and maddening!
  81. What an expert in depreciation makes?
  82. Quality, but rate it differently
  83. Grasp every other space
  84. Grieve for a doctor with a pot!
  85. By whom hotel guests may be taken in
  86. Organised in pompous fashion
  87. Nothing further on Rome, strangely enough
  88. An inspiration to entertain
  89. Where they deal with complaints?
  90. Time for music
  91. Turn away a sick man who came back
  92. Kingdom thats genuine to many
  93. Keep away from a hole, perhaps
  94. Blind ones wont be able to lead you anywhere
  95. She inspired the lyrics in the opera Tosca
  96. A party diversion that gives rise to conjectures
  97. Failing to see whats not there!
  98. State reorganised the French seaport on Elliott Bay
  99. The craft for a tailor
  100. An edict about the words of the play

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