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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 26-May-2021
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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 24-May-2021
  1. He returns help in a tavern
  2. A venue in which sports are naturally held
  3. Burly Pat got reformed in a very sudden way
  4. Most woe-begotten pair?
  5. Not at home in the open air
  6. In age erect as a relatively young woman
  7. The route of extravagance
  8. Not brought up to be rude
  9. Transport system invented by a one-track mind?
  10. Possibly a tree top entertainment
  11. Astronauts come from health resort with endless adhesive
  12. On paper he has an important job
  13. Outstanding manager
  14. Makes a resounding comeback
  15. Not a figure of speech!
  16. Possibly mean to call
  17. Well, its near a disturbance
  18. Spoils for the war-god
  19. Where those for the ferry were always late
  20. He may go to pot!
  21. Went to another house when ousted
  22. Not an area of growing importance in Asia
  23. Poor average?
  24. Attractive perch on top of the world
  25. Wives will change opinions
  26. North African bird?
  27. Clubs - they are used for evening out
  28. Not the same parent losing her head
  29. At which pot-shots are taken
  30. Punctilious pattern followed by nearly everybody
  31. Its a ban that may be revised - dont!
  32. Incomplete description of one who shows bias
  33. Suffering from lack of money, but drunk
  34. The difference achieved by outstanding examination candidates
  35. Failing to notice what supervisors are doing
  36. As fliers, they may come to the end of the line
  37. Take over the security arrangements and remove anxiety
  38. Railwaymen who prepare the tables for a meal?
  39. Name one in love, maybe
  40. This acts as a destroyer when put to sea at great speed!
  41. Carry out a put up job
  42. Italian city is almost without sleep
  43. This provides support after the partnership breaks up
  44. Sample some of Ritas tea cakes
  45. They build a nest on moss, maybe!
  46. This sheet keeps moving - and its very cold!
  47. The skinflint is trailing back
  48. Knowing the score is essential to one who play in these
  49. Youll find me returning to the ship to do this
  50. This bird is a loud hooter
  51. Preparing the leather - and using it!
  52. Dogs cause a quarrel in the crowd
  53. Not kept neat
  54. Notice a strange poisonous plant
  55. They cast some light in the target area
  56. It may come from having a shave
  57. Where one may find rhymes upside down!
  58. In which musical compositions are recorded?
  59. Its obvious Ive been set back by depression
  60. Sounds as if a soldier without any promotion will cause acrimony
  61. Celebration that produces festive song round the States
  62. Indigenous types in vast disturbance round the East
  63. A certain amount of tobacco for a pound
  64. Celebrated bare back rider
  65. Not yet out of pocket!
  66. Had no hesitation in saying tea-dress needs restyling
  67. Corresponded with everybody in restricted surroundings
  68. Road transport - or train!
  69. What is usually accepted in mensuration or mathematics
  70. Certainly not hard at the core
  71. This will painfully affect the listener
  72. The sailing tackle I had is not pliable
  73. Untrue statement about raw material
  74. The melody one hears before
  75. The very thing to stifle in a strange way
  76. What a cry o delight partly consists of!
  77. Boccaccios collected tales of French romance, maybe
  78. In the paper a sentence to delete
  79. This couldnt be farther from the peak
  80. They bring about changes in electrical components
  81. Can manufacturers?
  82. Sister kept in order
  83. To reform local populace a number of choices are required
  84. More than one spoke
  85. Young troopers
  86. This will control the horse a little
  87. No friendly state
  88. Bird showin signs of exhaustion
  89. A sign in a simple order
  90. Kind of stick needed for a shrub
  91. But an unusual version of African language
  92. Duck down
  93. Have a meal around a motor boat
  94. Refreshment counters side by side are a feature of the gymnasium
  95. Sister kept in order
  96. Can manufacturers?
  97. To reform local populace a number of choices are required
  98. More than one spoke
  99. Young troopers
  100. No friendly state

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