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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 20-January-2022
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 19-January-2022
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-January-2022
  1. It raises the whole tone extremely quickly
  2. Abstainer drinks nothing? Well - just a drop!
  3. Removal of obstacles to clean race?
  4. Helps since wager taken in
  5. Hopelessness I spread around
  6. Rule: G / N
  7. Emphasize the strain
  8. Took food after examination with a will
  9. Malis religion
  10. Getting undressed for landing?
  11. Is able to produce tin
  12. A guide to how much liquor has gone flat?
  13. Frequently have nothing to measure
  14. Gives support to players in defence
  15. Makes corrections and finishes after turning me over
  16. Callous group, having completely lost fluidity
  17. Campanologist to strike a sympathetic note?
  18. Immediately find a route without any turning
  19. When taken presumably it makes new men of us all
  20. Listen for secrets, partly bringing the roof down?
  21. Player giving an encore?
  22. Dont give in to sister!
  23. The point in dispute is the children
  24. Hint taken by cannon-shooter?
  25. Many are to issue a challenge
  26. One who trains regularly?
  27. It is very boring and is due to be altered
  28. A point always separate
  29. How one knows immediately that someone is surprised
  30. Wit from a priest
  31. Is elected to boards?
  32. An infant prodigy, which is hardly surprising
  33. It comes in the tax
  34. Strangely one isnt under stress
  35. Stopped sorting out retreads
  36. Escape and feel confused
  37. Under no obligation to observe the customs?
  38. Set method of communication
  39. Love duets freshly turned out
  40. Fail to understand decimals correctly?
  41. Servant trouble makes them harder to run nowadays
  42. Unusual way to serve meat
  43. Woman of letters
  44. Charm ones way in
  45. Hint for a dog
  46. Decide to stay
  47. Try to get well
  48. Volcano in Vietnam
  49. A poor fiddler outside the door
  50. Crouch down - its an illegal occupation
  51. A number of them give you the time of your life!
  52. Leaves high and dry on the beaches
  53. Washing may depend on it
  54. Superintending, but missing something?
  55. Piece of bread the French break into bits
  56. Get even?
  57. Its irritating getting only a little credit in support
  58. Hes not a particular person
  59. Tighten up on ones salary?
  60. A gunsmith adds it to his stock
  61. Its line is straightforward
  62. It will come as a sudden blow
  63. It ends a flight in two ways
  64. Bacons lines
  65. Makes slow progress by streetcar
  66. It makes a man keen on money, and a woman on food
  67. Stay to put mother in control
  68. Its a necessity to want to exist
  69. A description of one found wanting
  70. The last thing one aims for
  71. A motive to set forth logically
  72. Very small secretarial note
  73. No longer hold a clique without charge
  74. Slight prevarication about material texture
  75. Dear Thomas, make the circuit safe inside
  76. Plan to engross one aviation expert
  77. Passes on information when representative has a meal
  78. Distinctive dress for this kind of stable
  79. Before the team take control at the meeting
  80. Im surrounded by dough - its a hobby!
  81. To collect treasure is difficult if you have nothing inside
  82. A collection of pieces sounding melodious
  83. Appears to be a diocese manuscript
  84. Records showing peoples voice ranges
  85. Live with the commanding officer - just routine
  86. Communication causes a mix-up a long time after
  87. This provides enchantment for a certain length of time
  88. The girl will produce a fruit tree
  89. Rings up for a film
  90. Clearly the old boy takes six lousy changes!
  91. This way of doing things is not completely up-to-date
  92. Barks at crush in informal images
  93. Contracted a gluttonous vice
  94. Play court?
  95. Bury in plain terms
  96. A group of three patriotic songs is included
  97. In a sense one can hardly be aimless about it
  98. Almost nobody has time
  99. Shaking like a writer
  100. Dark thing

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