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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 6-December-2019
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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 4-December-2019
  1. Part of the construction I considered to be of Greek origin
  2. Remove some of the charge to produce a flashy effect
  3. The stronghold offered military resistance, we hear
  4. A container for a variety of cakes before tea
  5. Watch the teleprinter
  6. Country in which I didnt dawdle
  7. This clue will give you some choice
  8. Lacking the potential to be famous
  9. Shackles used by those who wish to drive a long way
  10. In sleep etc. it could be a serious nuisance
  11. Firing place a set distance from the target
  12. Make sense of French code
  13. Settlement only modified by the company
  14. Ophelia, Goneril and another Shakespearian character inside
  15. Radio set-up necessary for trawlermen?
  16. Sid coming back with a piece for biological analysis
  17. He has a life interest in his subject
  18. Splitting up a body of soldiers
  19. State affected by the French city in US
  20. What the campanologist produces, we hear, to evoke sympathetic interest
  21. This holds the victim in fatal suspense
  22. Lend support to a speculative venture
  23. Everybody was in debt - its not forbidden
  24. Timber needed for shafts
  25. A New York word
  26. The right alternative for the proofreader
  27. I made orders for desert transport
  28. Venus is no matinee idol, apparently!
  29. Slightly injured - withdrawn from the team
  30. Aim in a given direction
  31. Monetary securities producing personal restrictions
  32. I strive to make another call
  33. Cast used for supporting a weak member
  34. This sly creature is a loud bellower
  35. Money needed to settle the account, we hear, in this way
  36. Inconstant, like a planet
  37. Im ready for the picture to be put on
  38. Wedding belles
  39. They certainly couldnt be accused of having too little spirit!
  40. A stick-up with me around constitutes a threat
  41. One who ousts the Eastern conqueror
  42. Point at which metalworkers strike
  43. Poetic end to the day is calm and unruffled
  44. Short writing can be illuminated
  45. Putting back in the icebox? Its terrifying
  46. They prevent low joints being exposed
  47. What one has to do for tax
  48. Remained sober, we hear
  49. Consumer round the south associated with eggs
  50. He originated many current devices
  51. There is one on both sides of the capital where services are held
  52. Strikes back to prepare for a fight
  53. They follow on at the back to show what is coming ahead!
  54. Made out to be illustrious
  55. Full of life, but secretly abducted
  56. Among those who give the verdict for damage
  57. Some of the elder cardinals hold the measure back
  58. Mens tips badly used
  59. Oars used by the cutter
  60. A tough piece of wood giving a negative result, one hears
  61. Got in and changed to acting as a benefactor
  62. Altered the size of the shot
  63. Moves conceitedly - members taking the strain!
  64. Harry the underground worker has a short way for traffic!
  65. Soft melody - two in fact
  66. Lily shows a certain spirit
  67. Being in another country, I repeat tax fiddle!
  68. Fellow craftsman?
  69. Shocking scares - the gentle touch is needed
  70. The record will require only a small amount of time
  71. Was consistent with a bad habit at table
  72. Gaming piece built to withstand attack
  73. A kind of box, but not for clothing
  74. Having no rash
  75. Those blooming plots!
  76. A bit of joint ownership for a sizeable community
  77. The correct aspect is a matter of precise degree
  78. To be in full cry?
  79. To strike father back causes a shock
  80. Current line of fast-moving vehicles
  81. Breaks up the orchestras?
  82. A number of cards providing a kind of hand
  83. Stock market display in which bulls but not bears will feature!
  84. Sounds as though I scan through the books, but theyre a little above the pupils
  85. Not a fertile place to leave
  86. Mob round the East shouted triumphantly
  87. A natural aptitude is present
  88. Survive after everybody else
  89. A payment for a coral island
  90. Moral consideration of little weight?
  91. Hold in great affection
  92. Emblem of the brave
  93. They promise good, but bring none
  94. Makes a translation the printer set all wrong
  95. Retreats at lack of positive responses?
  96. Not to agree to a full reorganisation
  97. He hopes to have a successful run
  98. A fascinating creature newly risen
  99. Weapon held up by two men, as Alexander was
  100. Its charitable to give its benefit

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