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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-February-2019
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-February-2019
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 15-February-2019
  1. Records an attempt to provide curtains
  2. Turns me slap into trees
  3. It may act as a warning, once it has been put round
  4. It stands out for help for the poor
  5. I put a politician on each charge
  6. One will be sorry to do it
  7. Half Africa gets help but is feeling insecure
  8. Game virtue
  9. Takes things the wrong way
  10. You can tell when a players at his best
  11. Say your piece?
  12. This signal leaves you speechless for a time
  13. Figures theres some point in status
  14. A small departments skilled personnel
  15. Malicious gossip lads can become involved in
  16. Fall that impairs vision
  17. Its message is a grave one
  18. Outsize catches for birds
  19. Noisy game?
  20. If people are not to, vaster redistribution is required
  21. He profits even when told to sell at a loss
  22. Possibly face up to a hot drink
  23. Poverty led to being irritated
  24. Necessitate being in late perhaps
  25. Relatives of a pawnbroker?
  26. There are many sides to it
  27. Scowl when let down
  28. Saint and sinner in a newspaper cartoon
  29. Room for astronautical exploration
  30. Style of architecture that may be dropped
  31. Scene of combat a long time back
  32. Raise to a higher position, but some given no blessing
  33. Break a hole in a wall
  34. Cow-catcher
  35. Sing in French first to delight
  36. An all-round measure
  37. Did some evening work, perhaps
  38. Go out of your way to show how supple you are?
  39. Ideal sort of stage for Pinafore ?
  40. Unaccustomed to being in mint condition?
  41. Frequently decimal
  42. Copy paper
  43. Craft in which wives seldom excel
  44. A plumber and fitter
  45. Love to make an entrance, we hear
  46. It may restore the current by fusing
  47. Lay out and consume
  48. Food for Dad among others
  49. Essential fastener
  50. Languages no guest use
  51. It goes round and round in reverse, too
  52. Lively metal
  53. Poetically upside-down
  54. No huge amendment, but sufficient
  55. Sort of key used by young musicians?
  56. Strict moralist is rescued from wreckage of up-train
  57. No Malay irregularity
  58. Many have underwear, but strip
  59. Professional material, perhaps
  60. Novelist who could stand all sorts of weather?
  61. Dunderhead hasnt got married - give her the sack!
  62. Improvements are naturally to be expected in this institution
  63. 50 have fallen for somebody whos affectionate
  64. Prevents rash coming back
  65. Arrive with ready ending for dramatic production
  66. One can apparently cajole with more weight about fifty
  67. Own strong company jointly with Nazi police
  68. Study kind husband or wife
  69. Loudly announce what was previously staked
  70. High explosive round a street - quick movement required
  71. More than just what the doctor ordered
  72. Sends a post card, as the fisherman does
  73. Business undertaking produces anxiety
  74. Describing a hooter blinking well!
  75. A copper collection!
  76. Italian love affair unfinished
  77. Fence near the ground for the corncrake
  78. Two and one in standard score
  79. Depicts father in back-street
  80. Provides the necessary fare
  81. Wise Shakespearian king comes to bad end
  82. Hopes obviously to hide some money
  83. One of high birth, but not a member of the House of Orange!
  84. Staff appointment in which youll find a man of letters!
  85. Makes a record of books in the Bible
  86. Accommodation having no stairs, presumably
  87. Fleet manoeuvres are carried out in this way
  88. After a sentence, shut up!
  89. Briny vegetable? Look for a drink, we hear
  90. Hair fastener
  91. Directed ones efforts to disrupting the media
  92. Aspirations to disconcert the ladies
  93. Lifting the top cover is frightening
  94. How many will be involved in disastrous events?
  95. Metal, one hears, acted as a conductor
  96. Moving house
  97. Nude in art, maybe, needing to be taught a lesson
  98. Does it come from a main source of fuel?
  99. Examine closely what television beams do
  100. Favour nothing in untidy street

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