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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 19-April-2019
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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-April-2019
  1. Royals appear in unique ensembles
  2. Its found in tribal songs, too
  3. Manage to show the way
  4. Admit - or just the opposite!
  5. Travel permit for six to South Africa, initially
  6. Its used on watch
  7. Honest, as the chairman of the directors should be
  8. Study poetry, so to speak
  9. Toiler disposed to belie his nature
  10. Do as youre told and become a priest
  11. Side line for the artist?
  12. Its a wine thats coming back
  13. A particular piece of white marble
  14. This system worked in medieval times
  15. Leaves about fifty counterpanes
  16. Quake in the centre, more or less
  17. An everyday conclusion
  18. A father, for example, in better surroundings
  19. Not quite perfect thought
  20. Yet an organ wont go without it!
  21. Dreaded being deafer, perhaps
  22. The head cook may make it
  23. Forced to be a servant, we hear
  24. Light wit, perhaps, but slightly illuminating
  25. Bob saves the travellers time
  26. Note from me to the doctor
  27. Appears wet, perhaps, but may be salvaged
  28. Turn away a sick man who returned
  29. Continue with the ironing?
  30. An animal that could become richer soon
  31. Well-produced paintings?
  32. Stumble on crude oil in N. Africa
  33. Some politicians up in exalted positions are lethargic
  34. Knowing theres a fight to get a point
  35. Take notice of the French ship being inattentive
  36. They take no end of towels
  37. Battle suit
  38. It supports a climbing animal without comment
  39. It stands to reason
  40. Priest very disposed to waywardness
  41. Or a part, perhaps, in proportion
  42. Not a subject needed by most schoolchildren
  43. Scope of anger
  44. In such agreement cash, too, is involved
  45. Support the strange seer
  46. The opposition of different ancestries
  47. Speeds regulated by local authorities
  48. Special gifts of money
  49. Information that is to be found in the Arabian Nights
  50. Out to make one uneasy?
  51. Feel in for a change, like a cat
  52. Huge portion of Norwegian trout
  53. Circles a strange sloop
  54. Doesnt encourage delays
  55. Humble a good man, after a fashion
  56. One may slip and fall into it
  57. Cured in a rough way
  58. A possibility of power
  59. Some people face it with resolution
  60. Escape from a rifle encounter
  61. Conversation becomes pointless if you do
  62. The head cleaner!
  63. Even turned up its the same
  64. Get out of bed
  65. Worked to rule?
  66. Small cask for fresh water - or sea water
  67. I left first followed by a Shakespearian heroine
  68. Flower in my control
  69. Legally prevent poets being translated
  70. Hotel employee brought to book
  71. Appears to look at some writing
  72. Sew lots, perhaps, but be the last to finish
  73. One girl is not changed for an international body
  74. Prize awarded for a zero mark?
  75. Why we consult reference books, of course
  76. Sure to upset an employer
  77. They secure no decisions on the field
  78. Speedy help for a forgetful actor
  79. Puts away in great style
  80. Lets out that the radios a gift
  81. Just a moment!
  82. Equipment in what must be a warship
  83. Habit makes us grow old
  84. Fired, yet treated leniently
  85. Its made to measure
  86. Tessa came up with something useful
  87. Its not being a great performer in heavy going
  88. Domesticated, thanks to me!
  89. The staff came to be disorganised
  90. Be of service when a few grow sick
  91. Apparently is not to be satisfied with just part, nevertheless
  92. Theres no smoke without it!
  93. Not standing for falsehoods?
  94. He takes each issue as it comes
  95. A march for the devil
  96. This way wont get you anywhere
  97. Made up cheese
  98. It counts as a hazard for ramblers
  99. Sprinkle water on a small bouquet
  100. It has to be negotiated in flight

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