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  1. Fell in love, but became discouraged
  2. An encore from the choir
  3. Is perhaps disposed to produce objects of worth
  4. He preaches equality before a member of the younger generation
  5. Tessa returned with something useful
  6. Cares about competitions
  7. Words of wisdom with bite
  8. A sign differs very largely
  9. Row about a custom
  10. Plain net
  11. Concerning a morning's papers
  12. Ruin a metal bird
  13. Press fastener?
  14. Unpleasant film on the surface
  15. Not bubbly, but nevertheless a grape product
  16. Self-restrained, though consumed with anger
  17. Novel personality
  18. Love followed a certain course in North Africa
  19. Thin strips of paste
  20. Eastern team the French made outcasts
  21. Rush in three directions at once!
  22. Thus America produced a composer
  23. Wrong a young lady
  24. Check an open invitation to shoplifters
  25. Experts in it will tell you if a stray moon is about
  26. A bit of a punch-up
  27. Make something known for the prodigal
  28. Parrot gives a Scotsman an awful start!
  29. It's held to a be a quick way to lose weight
  30. The air in Amiens
  31. Charge for a ring
  32. It may form a strong attachment to a craft
  33. A credit note for some land
  34. Flinch because of a handicap
  35. You may like a nip from this dog
  36. Minister a sport, perhaps
  37. An artist who may be other things to a woman
  38. Possibly Reg thinks of a red card
  39. A mammoth beast
  40. A storyteller
  41. New version of a decent love story
  42. A guest has a fever
  43. A cross section of the church
  44. They carry heavy burdens in many ways
  45. An abnormal appetite, no argument about that
  46. It's not often the present combines with the past
  47. Seat of learning?
  48. Creatures obtained from a whelk-stall
  49. A powerful grip, useful in defence
  50. Keep making jam
  51. It may show she's married - but it's fishy
  52. Keeping up an empty compartment
  53. Publication for children
  54. Nelson held her in high esteem, maybe!
  55. Evidently doesn't suffer in silence
  56. Takes a plane seat via resorts
  57. Record score
  58. He has a paying job in store
  59. All waiting - to be signed?
  60. Repair at last
  61. Ring again to cancel
  62. It gives pain to the listener
  63. Coach - or coaches
  64. Make a speech to only half the electorate
  65. They may be tied up with postal deliveries
  66. It throws light on what has been written
  67. Improve spiritually when I defy changes
  68. Fired with real reform and no exaggeration?
  69. Selected to play, but not on the wing?
  70. Animal comes from the pet-shop and accepts food
  71. Concentrated on a point in tennis perhaps
  72. He probably doesn't engage in serious pursuits
  73. Rows in forms that will please the eye
  74. Line of defence that makes lawyers angry
  75. Put into bonds, on account of great interest?
  76. Continue being eager to hold work up
  77. A solemn profession
  78. A light across the ship
  79. Ulster is disturbed in consequence
  80. Splits remaining in the Civil Service
  81. Private trials, maybe
  82. Provide new gear as compensation
  83. The French money regularly used by Caesar
  84. Assistant pitman is one who makes the tunnels
  85. Mabel changes to a leisurely pace
  86. Afternoon meal served on the flight?
  87. Is it judged by experts on figures?
  88. Jockeys on contract
  89. He is in charge of ecclesiastical tolls
  90. Make a note of a fine achievement
  91. An acoustic device for discovering the opinion of the directors!
  92. Put a match to high explosive - moving with alacrity!
  93. German temptress producing a different role by the French one
  94. What the girl who wishes to be a blonde hopes to receive?
  95. Such a protracted time to say goodbye
  96. Be quiet about mother's financial failure
  97. One who throws out a safety seat
  98. He attends to the top dressing
  99. To outrage the feelings with a mass of untidy hair
  100. Nothing removed from the drawing box

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