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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 24-October-2020
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 23-October-2020
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-October-2020
  1. The endless fascination of river fish
  2. Merrymaking, like Berlin!
  3. Fail to notice so much thats unsullied
  4. Pinches small quantities of spirits
  5. Not in the habit of being out of employment
  6. Service address
  7. Make known Im getting the role
  8. What one did with letter to the editor!
  9. A mother - he didnt have one!
  10. Game of chance allowed in the itinerary
  11. They are used for carrying out spot checks!
  12. In fact a skilful kind of master
  13. As angry as a man able to use only one leg!
  14. Take notice when the finale occurs, we hear
  15. When framed they improve ones looks
  16. Certainly not secret weapons with which people are welcomed
  17. Appropriate restrictions for hereditaments
  18. Massing together and doing some climbing
  19. A formidable character for one sailor after another
  20. Youll be fully committed if you take this
  21. Battlefield account written by a sapper
  22. In the debate a strong point
  23. The old boy used the only perfume going out of date
  24. Segregate, although is nothing behind time
  25. Follow Susan to the end of the garden
  26. Where one can take the water in healthy drops
  27. He has time to fill when at work
  28. Put money in undergarment
  29. Does he record what the players get in twenties?
  30. Suitable word to describe account of fire?
  31. Song in suitably rich style
  32. Steal the smallest
  33. Can I be attractive?
  34. Dealer in confidences?
  35. Think anxiously about the chicks
  36. Presumably theyre not the sort of people to be lost for words
  37. Improves the conclusions about me
  38. Many tend to be spotless
  39. Rent is a more disagreeable alternative
  40. Why the songster was glad when morning came?
  41. Try insect for international game
  42. Alive to change
  43. Occupation that involves making visits
  44. Appalled because some rag has taken place
  45. Bury as mutual action without play
  46. Bird almost getting dressed
  47. Eject Conservatives completely
  48. A convict returns to a festivity
  49. Is doubly a god
  50. Mother takes the French back into the city - what a disaster!
  51. Dont go away - its black and sticky
  52. Gun 3ft. long on ships?
  53. Its enough to send one round the bend!
  54. The end of part of the American school year
  55. Kind of print
  56. Add to tame gnu
  57. Frequently decimal?
  58. Little Edward in a whirlpool
  59. Monocle with which to examine what the drink is in?
  60. Parvenu is out of bed to begin with
  61. Perhaps be a waiter again through shyness
  62. Presumably it cant offer light work
  63. Disturb stone round it
  64. Some of babys malicious deeds are unfathomable!
  65. Cart causes brawl in pub
  66. When seated I consumed enough to cloy
  67. Made very angry by grenade explosion
  68. Used abusive language because travelled by train?
  69. Odious amount gained included maimed eft
  70. Say something fast!
  71. Scared about trees
  72. Pitch three times the size?
  73. A job done for nothing?
  74. Comes into force?
  75. Pole with a certain amount of charm
  76. The extent of endless ambition
  77. Convicts used to pick it, but not from choice!
  78. Shape altered a great deal
  79. A bone from Munster
  80. Having the wisdom not to get excited?
  81. What water pipes should be kept behind?
  82. The number increases in emergencies
  83. A number bid for a chest
  84. Ambiguous combination of nobleman and guide
  85. Speeds that go up every year!
  86. The stone archaeologists treat so cryptically
  87. Does this heat make metalworkers swear so?
  88. Northerner installed in the desk Im ousted from
  89. A case in point? Finish with just the opposite
  90. Waiting for you where you shop
  91. Man goes over the Spanish place of worship
  92. Legally prevent poets being translated
  93. Yet they may form a large part of the weekly wash!
  94. Hesitation about the substance used in the theatre
  95. Its dated even before use in the office
  96. Prepared to explode - or not to explode!
  97. A sudden blow and nothing more gives zest for life
  98. Manage to smuggle
  99. Its given to provide relief for the sick
  100. Turning balls offer chances

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