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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 19-October-2019
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-October-2019
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-October-2019
  1. Seize material to get promotion in law?
  2. A fireman, but not a member of the fire brigade
  3. Closure because southern shed has collapsed
  4. Catch sight of stain
  5. Fat and included to be conspicuous
  6. Survived like a cobbler?
  7. Put bar in confusion, quick!
  8. She becomes shy when Sally follows her
  9. Retain a fortress
  10. In auction theologian gets seat
  11. Smart rehearsal of trickery?
  12. Give the verdict before the court president, perhaps
  13. Race round an area of land
  14. Wall decoration from the Ice Age?
  15. Worker has dance in game
  16. Father could make big strides in the insect world?
  17. Be the top man at the centre
  18. In the manor, a knights garment
  19. Hide letter: its secret
  20. Spoken from the floor, always
  21. Certified steed broken by an abstainer
  22. Fresh desire to live
  23. Run around the vessel
  24. He wont buy the same article twice
  25. Noted and objected
  26. Extort in precise fashion
  27. Give short change, its a mistake of sorts
  28. Only a personal impression, but admissible as evidence
  29. Trade died perhaps, if workers were so weary!
  30. They should get whats coming to them
  31. Salary? Spend it for a change!
  32. Its for putting on colour
  33. Women tend to alter a permanent income
  34. Cautiously asking why the plumbing is wrong
  35. Take slight action
  36. Wines blended for strength
  37. Set out and consumed whats left
  38. A monkish uppercut?
  39. Fundamental shifting in cargo
  40. Late tenders?
  41. A custom, somewhat abused
  42. Finishes - a sentence, perhaps
  43. Have prospects?
  44. Runner begins skilfully
  45. Ivan has a novel need for this garden tool
  46. Having poor taste
  47. Its material for the clergy
  48. Unusual seaside shingles for example
  49. What a judge may do with a man in debt?
  50. Alter round afterwards
  51. A place to be occupied in the Albert Hall
  52. An impressive sign of temper
  53. Point to a wood from the window
  54. Rushes to find vocations
  55. People who live near it have little latitude
  56. Attitude taken by a navigator
  57. Ladies may become such models
  58. Run true to form in training
  59. Not what landladies should do to boarders!
  60. Ask for another search?
  61. A leader perhaps, but he wont lead
  62. Its easily taken by sensitive people to be a crime
  63. Hear about a flightless bird
  64. Later included in the draft erroneously
  65. Unlikely to be outwitted or feel pain
  66. Such panic may be started by fire or burglar
  67. Short, but not necessarily sweet, so to speak
  68. Bob could be English
  69. Illicit way to transfer stock
  70. Back at sea? Grim!
  71. A burning romance somehow holds it up
  72. Ugly in an awkward way
  73. Steps a brave man wont take
  74. Saucy vessel?
  75. Opera featuring just one player?
  76. Dog food?
  77. Unusual threats really surprise
  78. A case for travelling light
  79. No answer?
  80. It just goes to show how time passes!
  81. Colour and leave the dance
  82. One may slip and fall into it
  83. Made allowances?
  84. The ship that ended the embargo
  85. A helicopter needs it, going up and down
  86. Look equal
  87. They should be allowed to be themselves, were told
  88. Feeling fed up!
  89. Fixed rule deciding priority in a queue?
  90. A topping decoration
  91. Grows about ten different wines
  92. Comes into line for clothes
  93. List familiar to the last worker
  94. Properly managed, as efficient orchestras are!
  95. Part of the meal you leave, we hear
  96. A number holding no end of wood
  97. Title from Latin America
  98. Tessa returned with something useful
  99. Eastern team the French made outcasts
  100. Is perhaps disposed to produce objects of worth

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