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The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 21-January-2020
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 20-January-2020
The Irish News Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-January-2020
  1. Desert dweller with the French kind of farming
  2. A long time after the point of second childhood
  3. Mountain chain at the end of the street is unusual
  4. In this way the cover is substantial
  5. The way one walks to make an entrance, we hear
  6. Steer clear of a vacuum
  7. Petulant enough to change sides
  8. What the wound leaves behind causes endless alarm
  9. Could be cited as an authoritative statement
  10. Luck brings a great deal of money
  11. Rescues about fifty bondmen
  12. Southern region near a Greek state
  13. An extract taken from The Ocean Voyage
  14. Fastener for locks
  15. Often seen in the heavens, but not quite a heavenly body
  16. The pirate has an ill-mannered appearance, we hear
  17. Attack southern state fighting on the same side
  18. Finds ones way to the western extremities
  19. Doesnt continue when the fall has taken place?
  20. The sort of hood for a monk
  21. Get a group of singers, by the sound of it
  22. Magazine containing material likely to cause a report
  23. Most satisfactory surroundings for a wild animal
  24. Cleric taking part in civic arrangements
  25. Cuts what farmers produce
  26. Contemplates the patrons of the liberal arts
  27. Wanted: a title of respect in the legal paper
  28. Officially hes only a beginner
  29. Require a piece of fine edging
  30. Subordinate made to supply an inadequate crew
  31. In imprisonment I escaped the bonds
  32. A number of horses requiring endless mental application
  33. Plausibly deceptive speculation followed by debts
  34. Food and money for the journey required
  35. What friends do is correspond
  36. One among a variety of cattle perceptive to touch
  37. Goddess encountered among the stags
  38. In the tennis game he is like lightning!
  39. Get the wrong message?
  40. Government to make an announcement...
  41. ... its disturbed by eastern position
  42. Venturing to put up an advertisement near the arena
  43. Get mess put right around northern parts of the sphere
  44. Took warlike measures - provided with new members?
  45. Breaking off action, but Sid is returning to battle!
  46. One whos in a sorry state
  47. More confused after the mathematical proof
  48. Chemical coming from a hole in the ground
  49. Dramatises part of the New Testament
  50. Broken prows in pieces - strong spars needed
  51. See you near the end of the lane
  52. Not the first vision attributed to a prophet
  53. Came to rest - thats put beyond doubt
  54. Not the same parent decapitated
  55. Make certain to follow about the end of the year
  56. Father goes to strange seer - an eastern mystic
  57. Tapestry put back in sumptuous arrangement
  58. Go back to give further medical attention
  59. Not the whole remuneration given to the actor?
  60. Somehow estranges those in charge of the drill
  61. Group of experts from Nepal
  62. Where youll find a member of the team or an old lag
  63. She remains in crass ignorance
  64. Give a suitable background to the act
  65. Continually coming back about the electricity
  66. Path to races spoilt - thats a disaster
  67. Give way to sorrow when a headrest is broken
  68. Habitually goes to desirable locations
  69. He is materially interested in what the customer requires
  70. The season, one hears, for culinary plant
  71. The barrel is upturned and this is found in the shell
  72. Playfellow?
  73. Dominating - like a school replete with teachers?
  74. This may hold the wine for a tradesman, we hear
  75. He is involved in a dubious act
  76. There will be a time-lag if this is too slow
  77. Record part of the scale
  78. Part of the score a choir manage to achieve
  79. A curse the witness may be under
  80. Superfluous letter disclosed to the public
  81. Ground with unlimited space all round
  82. Natural tendency to make a great effort
  83. Exactly locates the golfers target with compass directions!
  84. Look over southern vessel
  85. Bringing about a lowering of French classification
  86. Cane out! Id change what goes on in school!
  87. Deadlock produced by a companion out of condition
  88. Bring up right close to a sound receiver
  89. This will provide a light competitive encounter
  90. Painting in brown material is checked
  91. The ego is trodden underfoot, we hear
  92. A key for the army officer
  93. Violent impact producing commercial failure
  94. Patience that gives a certain range of latitude
  95. This clue is appropriate to the subject
  96. They entertain the crowds
  97. Basket to prove an obstacle to progress
  98. Made an effort, but produced an irritating effect
  99. Weapon used in the closest engagements
  100. Loud part of the play - and thats the truth

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