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The Sun Cryptic Crossword Answers - 7-October-2015
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The Sun Cryptic Crossword Answers - 5-October-2015
  1. A garden makeover at Caribbean island
  2. Slight advantage held by landed gentry
  3. Person's in trouble – keep going
  4. Message a mile off
  5. Love object disrupted lido
  6. Half a crown found in Tahiti, a rarity
  7. Go in for record
  8. Time and motive for crime
  9. Changes point from which tide turns
  10. Eye's artery given treatment in the recent past
  11. Studies marsh grasses, we hear
  12. Backing some questionable visa very shifty!
  13. Sounds like the chief US state
  14. Putting a stop to the daily cleaner
  15. Nothing on grape plant is for sheep
  16. Manage to knot rope before tea break
  17. Left in pain by my old pseudoscience
  18. God seen in waterway flowing backwards
  19. Urged popular edict to be changed
  20. Disembarks on headland to get a view of the country
  21. Forecast disastrous operating cost
  22. Sulk about poor poem
  23. Chance to see river mammal in both ends of library
  24. Strainer is sent back to woman
  25. Hopeless putting writer back in it
  26. Some carer unlikely to show again
  27. Figure manure was spread on lake
  28. Secure draw for Irish county
  29. Eastern sailor ran over to tell tales
  30. Sacred Old Testament section is something to believe in
  31. Coal is exploding at informal party
  32. Political party's vegetables
  33. Better loses his head, so he goes for a walk
  34. Penalise play on words – his undoing!
  35. Atoms smashed in defensive ditches
  36. Organised tribunal mostly showing bitterness
  37. Approaches with some within earshot
  38. Large flyers or migratory seal, eg
  39. Hornet circles royal seat
  40. Type of butter that's manoeuvred up Etna
  41. Herb, or, say, an onion, initially
  42. Soft drink holds up high ceiling
  43. Extent of mud in gate, perhaps
  44. Said officer is a bit of a nut
  45. Complaint which is good and mature
  46. Puzzling things in games, surprisingly
  47. Climb aboard, and have good relations
  48. Pitifulness of Dad, shot badly
  49. Bad weather from Sweden, maybe dormant round south
  50. Pan round garment under river
  51. Article cheers Greek character
  52. Little time to get skilled board
  53. Lab lent out for a game
  54. Twisted scar forms a curve
  55. Fear having large number to study
  56. The others endlessly yell about new image
  57. Dance that is upper-class, interpreted for those watching
  58. Swindler hurtles all over the place
  59. Cultivating land up to a time
  60. Said no to umpire being exploited
  61. Stop ball at scene of battle
  62. A shade inexperienced
  63. Pained, dad needs treatment!
  64. Note for singer to hear
  65. Is a coin spinning in this island capital?
  66. Fungal-like internal growth
  67. Tyrant posted at sea
  68. Fed up with card, so destroy the surface
  69. Those neither on one side nor the other crashing Renaults
  70. European fetched epitaph for vain journey
  71. Temperature mistake brings panic
  72. Dad returned and concealed garden pest
  73. Stop right inside for roughage element
  74. Bill's car vandalised in African port
  75. Quarrel, and leave the parade ground
  76. Sticky carpet fastener with last of spray
  77. Otherwise Lee's coming round
  78. Male duck, first of ducks with gardening tool
  79. How many golf pegs on the wagon?
  80. Unacceptable idea one rejected
  81. Following disastrous raid, worker's beaming
  82. Small group starts to travel, roughly into Oregon
  83. A labyrinth to astound
  84. Around swirling fog, there's meal for shark
  85. Searching for copy
  86. One treated badly made a second speech
  87. Mix young fish for Eastern meal
  88. Lisa about to go by boat
  89. Type of surgery, essential on cavity
  90. I see Tim struggling to make a list
  91. Tender bid
  92. Gathers concerning a footnote
  93. Subcontract abroad before spring
  94. Corn sounds like a puzzle, visually
  95. Spice some birthday greeting to a mother in America
  96. Also, star sign in party suggests 'farewell'
  97. Avoid insects in tight sportswear
  98. Skilful type taped mistakenly
  99. Role man adapted for former hospital worker
  100. Obvious type of leather

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