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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 19-October-2020
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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 15-October-2020
  1. A foolish strike arising in plant
  2. A new snag involving black burrowing animal
  3. Amazingly adroit employing university examiner
  4. Apportion a return of tax
  5. At home, everyones against school discipline, to be fair
  6. Barge carrying less weight
  7. Before game, troops leader organised wheels?
  8. Church altar misused by an impostor
  9. Couple of pages penned by marvellous American film director
  10. Court official, that woman, is behind us
  11. Disadvantaged, English journalist in New York
  12. Endless nuisance playing golf
  13. Enormous, person of great importance in charge
  14. Evergreen song about a posh vehicle
  15. False stories in case later circulated
  16. Flying separately, heading for Tinseltown, not in touch with reality?
  17. Gold for one member
  18. Iron clasp
  19. Is this what produces the nations heavyweights? (3,3,2,3,4)
  20. Joint best team
  21. Left wearing a coat in a rocky region of Spain
  22. Own around fifty split down the middle
  23. Rings hotel over my mistake
  24. Spend money freely in spot abroad
  25. Stand when cutting fish
  26. Trained osteopaths losing face immediately
  27. Welsh are agreed, unusually, welcoming English film
  28. What to broadcast about opening of public walkway
  29. A clue Pam misinterpreted? Im to blame!
  30. A little claret here always is heavenly
  31. After removing head, skins fish
  32. Brainy Saudi, he periodically abandoned home city?
  33. Car thats used to cross river
  34. Crazy old Dan set absurd examples of hypocrisy
  35. Daughter with pronounced coarse hair problem
  36. Deliberate where artist will paint you and me
  37. Eccentric dance that follows twist
  38. European bird reared over delta paddled through water
  39. Face towards seaside promenade
  40. Female invested in a pretty good business
  41. Investigates EU nationals reportedly on strike
  42. Its strange seeing United play regularly having secured new ground
  43. King, not entirely well, catching cold outdoors
  44. Large pin discovered by Kelvin blocking drain
  45. Maybe Glaswegian firm is impressed by virtuous individual
  46. Mum runs mobile shop, identifiable initially about county
  47. One shooting leads to several new independent public enquiry recommendations
  48. Pester old actor going around close to Hadley Wood
  49. Politician succeeded keeping away from rumour
  50. Sacked friend outwardly contains anger
  51. Sort of ball for series of games
  52. The auction rigged to dispose of nothing genuine
  53. Type of moustache thats inclined to collect pieces of food?
  54. Ultimately momentous ruling a criminal finds extraordinary
  55. Warehouse in decline
  56. Well-known school upset Democrat
  57. Wet morning Dicky spends outside
  58. ... natter with eminent lunatic provides amusement
  59. Abuse me sternly employing academic term
  60. Bar overturned before charge at the back
  61. Bird is damaged lying on a road
  62. Broke surface on top of tapioca
  63. Dress on street giving flash regularly
  64. Ecstatic feeling from, perhaps, Odyssey
  65. Fight excess swallowing small single
  66. Foreign capital excursion on oil rig, occasionally
  67. Hard old lady with Italian sweetheart
  68. Hires out a buggy getting permit
  69. Idiots accepting leader of Tories qualities
  70. If not overcast, taking top off
  71. In agreement negotiating is done
  72. Inflexible end delivered
  73. Inhibition of one in holiday rave
  74. Journalist is on drink
  75. Outhouses housing right bits
  76. Positions sculptors head cutting into sculptures
  77. Rubbish celebrity practically pocketing shedloads
  78. Sort of immunity is caught, reportedly
  79. Splutter over getting clues
  80. Spot, we hear, to find fish
  81. Stands? Hard in wellies, perhaps!
  82. Strains to produce puzzles
  83. Streak in street with breeze rising
  84. Tweeted about husband becoming excited
  85. Undoing blouse embracing masculine clot
  86. Vague tirade with eminent lunatic ...
  87. Work period cut ones minute hope
  88. Amazement of criminal upset splinter group
  89. Choices underpinning island churchs help for climbers
  90. Closed union may be set up to employ such a model
  91. Communication of formal agreement to get rid of Republican
  92. Corner with talk of flower display
  93. Curry favour, seeing supporter welcome wife
  94. Dismiss a large part of design, or exclude
  95. Do very well in old prison when cut off
  96. Drama at sea with sick old creature
  97. Dross incorporating new vernacular
  98. Egomaniac should be upset and sorry
  99. Fanatics beginning to expect much after the last letter
  100. Flies prophet across South American capital

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