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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 15-February-2019
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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 13-February-2019
  1. A foreign fellow approaching, not the first character to be rude
  2. After study I will get crushed and belittled
  3. Bear trapped in river flood
  4. Beastly home in Dorset town
  5. Bosses releasing man misbehaving
  6. Character of body part
  7. Comprehensive booing hard to absorb
  8. Crazy travels to the west creating shock
  9. Diplomatic move of Parisian -- took steps, getting cut short
  10. Disease making one cause to lean back
  11. Fellow children being looked after -- they show fear
  12. Frank, taking seat, disturbed those awaiting interview?
  13. Hold back soldiers with muscle injury
  14. I would, shortly, being heard and looked at
  15. Keep going as one leaving after everyone else
  16. Knight with lots, not complete idiot
  17. Maiden in state of collapse thinking
  18. Muttered brief report of mothers injury
  19. Not in policy plan
  20. Penny is such a one!
  21. Pity -- he nods off in a trance!
  22. Raid isnt wrong -- time to be seizing property legally
  23. Rendering holy greeting when meeting extreme group?
  24. Seat with front falling off -- could this help fix it?
  25. Smug company male wanting position not contracted
  26. Spy in relationship
  27. Tactical unit, reportedly essential element
  28. Thin goo, no end of it
  29. Unconventional lady rent with passion
  30. Woman who was beautiful, ace, capital!
  31. About a Boy, occasionally read and debated
  32. Anonymous salesmen behaving improperly
  33. Beneath going after small part
  34. Boot that is following fit
  35. Bug with a giant nose twitching
  36. Chance men take to some degree, giving stick
  37. Check choke and accelerator
  38. Designs altered comprising last of designer clothing
  39. Eager to grasp essence of big picture
  40. Flower parts ultimately put in rings
  41. Hits ball and takes serve initially
  42. Innuendo perhaps is never too outrageous
  43. Its surrounded by blood, swelling
  44. Measures ricochets blowing top
  45. Moons rather complicated, not hard for this person
  46. New arrivals giving screams on hospital wing?
  47. New product from pub? Cheers!
  48. Old friend purchases outfit, fashionable at first
  49. Outfit includes new tie
  50. Pose in front of beach and sunbathe
  51. Reportedly, underground workers could be little ones
  52. Rule present covering this compilers back
  53. Safe bet Queens found in Court
  54. Sheep low endlessly around Ireland?
  55. Sweated beginning to take exercise
  56. The mans upset, in trouble revealing bottom
  57. Turned in something educational
  58. Wise man keeps sober. Thats me!
  59. Approved sort of ox put back in old herd every now and then
  60. Arranged credit, mainly for drink
  61. Arrogant Independent politician -- critical but not initially
  62. Attack from journal mostly rejected
  63. Cleaner sort of witchcraft?
  64. Defer and pay out after American flipped
  65. Detective with feeling about pressure for immunity
  66. Drunk -- and a rich web designer
  67. Eventually, crash-test will expose material
  68. Going off after short time horse-riding?
  69. Happy without line, understands devices
  70. It permits a new mood in the group
  71. Lake Ireland viewed from the south?
  72. Liking to protect new decking
  73. One from Los Angeles perhaps seen in type of film genre regularly
  74. Outlaw lost speed -- runs with difficulty
  75. Poor writer on novel losing head
  76. Run through new recipe
  77. Safe haven from love unchanged
  78. Sign on delivery for reference books
  79. States accepted by worn-out horses having these on their backs
  80. Succeeded -- then folded and made severe economies
  81. Survive within elite mostly getting source of credit
  82. Swim in river with fish
  83. Talk daily needing time for resistance
  84. Taste shown by veneer covering article
  85. Textiles requiring efforts to contain a bug
  86. Welcome statute stifling church power
  87. Whine about universal right for groom
  88. Women must have complete authority
  89. A king ranks weapons
  90. Artist lived a lie, in part
  91. Calls Leo Stephen incorrectly
  92. Cat in upset after frequently having kittens
  93. Choose cereal food lacking energy for stirring
  94. Chucking object in argument? On the contrary
  95. Confronting female longing to ditch husband
  96. Daughter shaking trees with small leaves
  97. Drug dealers caught with millions during robberies
  98. Extra jam possibly found in many places
  99. Food moderate conservatives returned
  100. Game bird

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