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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 4-December-2019
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  1. A bit of blue as sunset mist dispersed
  2. Be inclined to follow Tory challenge
  3. Condition to be rejected in kitchen cabinet?
  4. Cousin must ignore American strike
  5. Far from slender odds? Definitely not!
  6. Impressions will include second team rebels
  7. Innocent girl at home needing information before backing European Union
  8. Investigate European vote in county
  9. Left in chamber to produce young whales
  10. Newly developed online meteorological feature
  11. Origin of neuralgia found in moving dry fuel in cold
  12. Picture framed by police if less turned up?
  13. Really upset about travel metaphor, perhaps
  14. Rumour of one willing to purchase shed for stock?
  15. Scamps tease when pinching cake
  16. Sick calf found in bothy maybe suffering from too much drink
  17. Southern firm exploit northern dish
  18. Stomach upset? Dieting is no different
  19. Study source of ceremonies in native American belief
  20. Such reading matter may see stoic scrimp desperately
  21. Survives war, and these must be repaired
  22. Thanks hotel after endless comfort for animal
  23. The majority must accept one gets damp
  24. Trace lost post to find vehicle using tracks
  25. Two regulars covering street level
  26. Write on science and the study of Crime and Punishment
  27. Acknowledge what one could do to hair
  28. Alder -- one exotic shrub
  29. Ambition to swallow stout grew
  30. Block is in place
  31. Borrowers usually pay this attention
  32. Busy during month, e.g. October
  33. Carry out desire for senior member
  34. Change voice briefly in front of the Queen
  35. Charm from a drug smuggler ending in airport
  36. Cooked our moist chicken
  37. Criticism for each returned fish
  38. Doctor is calm about uranium? Pleasing to hear
  39. First and foremost, one student is behind most of school year
  40. Government interference affected investment in Rio
  41. I have to support Aida, say -- tense worker
  42. Improving English and longing to ring one female
  43. Johns energy unrestricted
  44. Make smooth, milky coffee after following note
  45. Marine mammals, perhaps captured -- one hopefully has them on board
  46. Mate finishes this chapter -- hes succeeded
  47. Meandering bus trip gets near city
  48. Mix up clothing, porter possibly going topless
  49. Pants initially large -- one usually selects Y-fronts
  50. Physical training outside university feasible for don
  51. Put information into code in French vault
  52. Royal Engineers with shop to repair
  53. Show welcoming resistance with Boriss last U-turn
  54. Sun to rise on river? Thats normal
  55. Turn over and seize the woman at the same time
  56. Wise man following dads route
  57. A quarrel about right marker
  58. Arrest Greek character during row
  59. Attendance good at start of event
  60. Box blows over
  61. British want to protect the blighter
  62. Coming from the sea, unexpectedly
  63. Countrys desire to have Middle East involved
  64. Duty of Bede, I suspect, in ordinary northern church
  65. Easy to carry -- piano or desk?
  66. Fail to include old Cambridge seat of learning
  67. Fit to bust, tart somehow gets revenge
  68. Fungal growth, slight on endless sheep
  69. Further bit player
  70. Head of family, perhaps, could make protest about curtailed hearing
  71. Hold back substitute
  72. Ladies group -- function we run for a man on his own, perhaps
  73. Man, humorist in play
  74. One taking a lot of interest in ancient city, certain to be impressed
  75. Oscar after Henrys ring
  76. Publisher entertained by very French companies
  77. Spiv with detailed plan, lout recalled
  78. Tense, working to seal one fault
  79. Tree, thinner on top having been pollarded
  80. Used to agree with husband too
  81. Very clean, unlike a leopard?
  82. Vessel more willingly boarded by companion
  83. Watch first batsman? Quite something
  84. Writing about it, girl becomes unpredictable
  85. Yellow River associated with unknown disease
  86. Young woman crossing river shows strain
  87. Character landed in wharf
  88. Childrens author heard song
  89. Each group backs the ultimate character, one showing huge enthusiasm
  90. French art, for example, is subject ultimately for writer
  91. Garments for certain racehorses?
  92. Get rid of drug, creating ticklish situation
  93. Glasses? They can make high-pitched sounds
  94. Having dined in inn, revolutionary gets assaulted
  95. International organisation intricately decorated outside? Madness!
  96. Last bit of this jaunt -- go on spending spree?
  97. Lively trip with side getting sozzled
  98. Love being in dance band
  99. Manufacturing establishment hard to find in Notts town
  100. Meant to be at home, getting looked after

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