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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 6-March-2019
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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 4-March-2019
  1. A short hearing covering American nation
  2. Allowance from crown included in remit
  3. Cake or meal found in 75% of France once
  4. Comprehensive may be costly, needing tons for parking
  5. Convenient being one up for review around harbour
  6. Demanded a second look ultimately with journalist
  7. Divine liquid offered by church singers after promoting one
  8. Edges in wearing shoes, being careless
  9. Empire builders taking some from answer
  10. English low-fat cream
  11. Fool declines credit
  12. Fruit produced from two trees
  13. Grant immunity to former partner, mostly unoccupied
  14. Grass over after graduate mob runs riot
  15. Hover around poor diner being sociable
  16. Maintain power and propriety of manner
  17. Name inscribed in heart -- a bit of a looker
  18. Natural love and caring, oddly
  19. One problem splitting thread is such illumination
  20. Promise to go topless on a horse, and suddenly look cheerful
  21. Provide finance for track around the outskirts of Nimes
  22. Reveals feature of prison holding English
  23. Running through reason for deadlock
  24. Settle comfortably in finest leather
  25. Shifting emphasis to keep time for companions on board
  26. Skill in construction of Madonna carrying child
  27. Theory incorporating different line thats charted to a degree
  28. Ultra-modern sort of green gathering speed
  29. A bribe can corrupt West Indian
  30. Argument and arrest
  31. Broadcast studies for musical instruments?
  32. Contemplate large drink and experience its effect?
  33. Cooking vessel? Yes and no!
  34. Curious in insects and sheep for example
  35. Deposing leader in panic is blunder
  36. Discovered in shocking condition?
  37. Final demand: time short in mutual wrangling
  38. Gas round region
  39. Give to monarch breaking weapon
  40. Goodbye? Aunt in tangle over large arachnid!
  41. Group leaders to end talks after month
  42. Just beat news boss introduced by channel?
  43. Marvel as vehicle reversed in distance
  44. More than usually wide?
  45. New class in school followed rules
  46. One after another?
  47. One feeling for a six-footer?
  48. One to transmit commercial in Brazilian city
  49. Part of staircase in corridor is erected
  50. Peak some climb in severe storm
  51. Redesigned MG is meant to show pulling power
  52. Reviewer of books?
  53. Ridge where one hundred take breather
  54. Sad song in Matrix about Neos heart
  55. Segregate nutty chocolate product
  56. Spanish stew containing last of meat and bone
  57. Try again to meet this persons request!
  58. Understand Shakespearean king and knight
  59. Wind up eating this at Ship and get sloshed
  60. Woman behind the lines?
  61. Almost all of team gathering at lift
  62. At the same time, move up, secured by rope?
  63. Belgian city, for example, in piece of fiction
  64. British band, cross
  65. Childhood home, expensive
  66. Coalmining waste across north, in jargon
  67. Conductor and college fellow talked at length
  68. Female, American, in genuine denial
  69. Gold rush territory, over there, enthralling our country
  70. Justify tirade after conflict
  71. Like apprentices, perhaps, in short item by editor
  72. Live down under
  73. Look closely at test question
  74. Make much ado about nothing concerning faulty crate
  75. Member holding head of orchid with a distinctive smell
  76. Missiles loud deep sound resonated round base
  77. Ornamental loop: special topic
  78. Paintings sent back, along with poems and crosses
  79. Pal entertaining wife with good talk
  80. Rebuke agent over cover for house
  81. Rum inns serve Highland city
  82. Runaway due, about to be returned
  83. Sample includes best timing device
  84. The type of hat that can be eaten!
  85. This Im cooking -- a shank?
  86. Time request to see church working party
  87. Toff seen in Paris today
  88. Tolerate criticism
  89. Took trendy object, as intended
  90. Tricky question from a set prepared on the Queen
  91. Viceroy in charge of small number in Greece
  92. Visibly embarrassed in company revealing set of beliefs
  93. Boy hugging beautiful woman is given name
  94. Boys? Bright types from what we hear
  95. Busy person entertaining a guest, surprisingly gracious act
  96. Camps in trouble with herd, ending with frisky elephants?
  97. Cede, alas, when beaten in mounted attack
  98. Conspicuous people given insults heading off
  99. Fish in lake in the morning to get something caught?
  100. Footballers given special experience, we hear, in towns hidden part?

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