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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-August-2019
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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 20-August-2019
  1. Answer SOS to protect finest building material
  2. Bad military command makes you nervous
  3. Cleaning item badly rusted
  4. Drawing up as telephone rings
  5. Eves initial place of retreat?
  6. Fellow consumer?
  7. Festival holds purpose for Walford resident
  8. Finest in comparative literature
  9. Focal point in long poem with short introduction
  10. Guiding light to join Tories?
  11. He painted birds heading to the south
  12. Hero outlaw guarding cash machine
  13. Invaders in North or South Yemen deposing leader
  14. Layabout was on line after time
  15. Long piano in conservatoire at last
  16. Non-stop news boss communicated
  17. Old Yankee traps park-keeper in hothouse
  18. One first in but rarely last out?
  19. Paignton obliterated, arousing emotion
  20. Personage finally opening show
  21. Relative close to collapse in French city
  22. Rich Irish forged coin
  23. Sane? Completely so!
  24. Sea bass
  25. Seaman loves convoluted excuse
  26. Servant keeps donkey in corridor
  27. Sock design Gayle modified about right
  28. Stick heard to shatter -- brittle at the end
  29. The late shift?
  30. Very old and wise person circling pitch
  31. Where one relaxes over many pints?
  32. Wimbledon winner, English, on roll
  33. A bishop must wear new designer coats
  34. Assume importing gold will be strange
  35. Career of mostly courteous Independent and Conservative ministers at the end
  36. Cheaper time to go on holiday with dog, some say
  37. Church song popular trio played on time
  38. Controversial speech from European male in charge
  39. Developed register of timeless fakes
  40. Eager to promote new joint
  41. Girl from musical pocketing doctors instrument
  42. Gives prominence to characteristics
  43. Im sort of upset about ones instruction for player
  44. Job that is for a delivery worker
  45. Keen on Geordie chant?
  46. Last on, is hoping to contain surprise
  47. Manage stewed prunes for some on the podium
  48. Mournful chap supporting scheme
  49. One word for dragon, in two words!
  50. Poisonous type in house south of London
  51. Pressure on recount for bishop, perhaps
  52. Rash types adviser led off
  53. Ready when cutting into central heating
  54. Refuse to accept its rejected fate
  55. Relax, unusually, in the morning after old test
  56. Reveal a new grammatical term for an object in front of church
  57. Simple canal boat with no end of painting
  58. Slogan adopted by human traffickers?
  59. Stay up with Her Majesty after party for criminal
  60. The French article and the German article?
  61. Upset married model after dance
  62. Want to have one for a defeat
  63. Best French city street
  64. Bosses those who beg to leave quietly
  65. Chewing end of pen? Heather follows book
  66. Conservative by the church in reflecting gods triumph
  67. Famous school put up with daughter
  68. Feels nurse seems to ignore every other character
  69. Fixed dress I had
  70. Get rid of diamonds with one small crack
  71. Grass at home -- good to be stepping on it
  72. Identified boy embracing beautiful girl
  73. Is in for arson, ultimately, here?
  74. Liz almost snorts violently -- through these?
  75. Look who might delight in bloody deeds
  76. Mature writer follows religious instruction
  77. Not all biased
  78. Political agents perhaps mauling inveterate press
  79. Ready before father, and embarrassed
  80. Relations allowance finally cut
  81. Release Romeo by end of day -- entertaining fib!
  82. Rifle lost? Her gun could be in here
  83. Ruler already nasty, to an extent
  84. Scratchier cats strangely adopting ones mannerisms
  85. Second mark gets criticism
  86. Splitting part of tree in garden, initially
  87. Spring up and large dog might do this
  88. Theyre on holiday, I trust -- so drunk
  89. Tiger plays with these motorists
  90. Visit occurring often
  91. Who, in France, caught King with the Queen getting livelier?
  92. Yank sure loves US!
  93. Bag containing small part for dish
  94. Below, pass is shady
  95. Bother about religious instruction? I have a duty to
  96. Bring out one pound back in drive
  97. Broadcast first from Devon, English county
  98. Car halted, unexpectedly, leaving place of worship
  99. Character in play reminded lawyer, foolishly
  100. China importing revolutionary weapon

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