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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 26-May-2020
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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-May-2020
  1. A joke -- monorail?
  2. African shelter on base of plateau
  3. Athenian letter, old and great
  4. Best people in chant making a lot of noise
  5. Conclude ready to cook?
  6. Crown, one stolen by a knave, turned over
  7. Cut off silly person
  8. Everyone attending event after jumping barrier on racecourse
  9. Far from excited about line taken temporarily
  10. Film memory of flamboyant defender
  11. Illegal act on a European peninsula
  12. Lack of concern with route passing through outskirts of Aylesbury
  13. Lifting action, newspaper?
  14. Ones amusing letter
  15. Performances awful its clear
  16. Perturbation with doctrine in time
  17. Player at rest, I gathered
  18. Ready to support street band
  19. Remarkable, refusing to work
  20. Ruby, perhaps unexpectedly, gets on with me
  21. Seasonal visitor, hill-dweller in South Africa
  22. Snack stuffed in ears!
  23. Suddenly dropping from sky?
  24. Surprising result, winning series
  25. Ten hours travelling in one direction
  26. Tidy Christmas tree erected?
  27. Unpleasant behaviour as tennis stars beginning to flip
  28. Where fruit grows, or variety of beet
  29. Where one waits to see North African volcano from below
  30. Wine, some infantas tipple
  31. Absolute rulers angry tirade after Troy gutted
  32. Bully put away after quarrel in B&B
  33. Collection round pub raised for sport
  34. Colourful bloke entertaining lad in apartment
  35. Court giving support to current policemans charge
  36. Display tawdry items also
  37. Easy shot bagging stray animal
  38. Fair play from English, somewhat reduced before close of play
  39. Faux pas made by troublesome children heading off
  40. Go and film defector
  41. Helpful hint involving end of pier ride
  42. Instant credit
  43. Instrument produced by gypsy chap cutting steak
  44. Later on, I worried about members gymnastic apparatus
  45. Leave time to include guys in office
  46. Mean to consume mostly fresh fish
  47. Notice in job centre in Beverley
  48. Old soldiers pointing to sign
  49. One who informs bank worker
  50. Reptile in store -- it desperately gulps oxygen
  51. Sensitive offer
  52. Spell and sign name inside
  53. Tense victory secures double
  54. The man taken in by Conservatives surmise
  55. Two sons leaving corks for hat
  56. Very hot current across river
  57. What were called during explosive competition
  58. Working MO, deeply involved
  59. Blunder, tucking into regional cheese after the Spanish fruity wine?
  60. Bond returns and admits defeat
  61. Character keeps climbing to ferret about
  62. Design of paper or magazine cutting I twice rejected
  63. Devious computing
  64. Fall for something old wives claim, talking butterfly
  65. Fought the French -- dusts settling around
  66. Go off to get married in ceremony
  67. Idiosyncrasy in variety of cakes wins
  68. Italian artists belt -- coil it for sculpting
  69. Make too few runs, maybe creating stress
  70. Marine creature with compact power or elegance
  71. Not admitted into church, as lacking foundation
  72. Number one footballer being transferred?
  73. Part of body being stroked occasionally
  74. Paste menus logo evenly over displays
  75. Possible outcome of reading English with OK tutor
  76. Repair shoes lump underfoot?
  77. Rotten decorator for cakes in general?
  78. Royal crimper, I also cut equally high and low
  79. Solitary type of bank worker on the phone?
  80. Some foods outside
  81. Something for the home thats welcome if retiring
  82. Unveiled, she lent beauty to mythology
  83. What health inspector seeks in hospital, eyeing rubbish
  84. With Frenchman backing US soldier, chorus is electrifying
  85. Won a farm for conversion and boat
  86. Facial expression of Greek character, last character in line-up?
  87. Go through with soldiers sitting on final vehicle
  88. Guidance to find cheap accommodation
  89. Holiday location -- mostly dance island?
  90. Home (No. 6) by river -- theyve been asked along
  91. Language of ranter sermonising
  92. Leader of men is boss in funny business?
  93. Line on map leader ignored travelling from place to place
  94. Maidens out in winds where snow and ice may be evident?
  95. Male animal with leg cut
  96. My covering had to be head cloth
  97. Note ascending space vehicle -- theres a rotating mechanism
  98. Nothing these days arrives on time
  99. Occasional crop said to be unreliable
  100. Old girl, one getting on, missing out

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