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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 24-January-2020
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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-January-2020
  1. Again, go over adults tips on two school subjects
  2. Article about this writer and really criminal act
  3. Award Yankee son accepts
  4. Awkward throw returned by another
  5. Back international language
  6. Bird repeatedly shaking wings in heat, ugly hen
  7. Blunder of six deliveries location reported
  8. Cats playing cards somewhere in New York
  9. Current agreement is unsurpassed
  10. Despair at roles he messed up
  11. Ecstasy developed in happy realisation
  12. Fools set up with trap good for robbing
  13. Hot spice sick one quietly put in soup
  14. Issue detectives accusation
  15. Its unacceptable either way
  16. Know no uprising in African land
  17. Lion feasting after playing with boks
  18. Look to secure universal thin fabric
  19. Notes explosives around exterior of U-boat
  20. Notice for travellers at sea: boardings not starting
  21. Number in St Kitts regularly filling wharf
  22. Performer in part, thespian is terrible
  23. Personality from France, the French revolutionary
  24. Pitched support for monarch on the radio
  25. Pry about argument with lawyers
  26. Send message to part of website
  27. Seriously close to home on island
  28. Value eastern links to the west
  29. Whod act barking? Guard, primarily
  30. Young Jack starts to use vessel on European river
  31. Applaud using force to apprehend adult
  32. Archaic lilac occasionally produces bush
  33. Area like this contains container for plant
  34. Charming activity of bee?
  35. Defiant trade unions bid curtailed undergoing restructure
  36. Described by Mach, a steady velocity
  37. Detectives going back on record is nothing irregular
  38. Dismay of criminals time with Queen and Country
  39. Docile old criminal welcomes end
  40. Family sitting round large oven
  41. Field vehicle finally takes red fuel
  42. Former nosey parker, we hear
  43. Irritable seeing account not closed over debts
  44. Launches advances holding soldiers caught
  45. Lively embraces providing calm
  46. Outfit with flexibility
  47. Overseas France beginning to overthrow government
  48. Perfect area to climb missing old country
  49. Piece by piece going topless
  50. Public official never admits to being promoted
  51. Same turning, indicate left
  52. Say something wrong seeing girl on top
  53. Serious doctor absorbed by wound?
  54. Ships circling large swells
  55. Sober? Stand almost everybody swallowing short!
  56. Spending up front, reportedly, showing generosity?
  57. Start to chinwag and have aimless talk
  58. States concerned with welfare
  59. Sump is to necessitate purchasing engine part
  60. Test gold before transaction
  61. A team supporting measures makes way
  62. African runner with nothing on way, being affluent
  63. Animals mistake eating fibre regularly
  64. Bird -- large one found in typical American pie
  65. Bowled everyone after easy game
  66. Carnivorous animals in Channel Islands -- who will treat them?
  67. Changed doctor and stopped accepting life without protection
  68. Entertainer of television etc taken in by hoax
  69. Go round people to find ornamental work
  70. Helpful types needing Her Majesty in party merchandise
  71. Husband found lacking in his greatest failed schemes
  72. Impoverished country lacking a good part of hospital
  73. Limb concealed by most exotic creatures
  74. Line of children seeing potential danger in water
  75. Moving account of Tuareg love in a whirl
  76. Notice father in study, without expression
  77. Oddly safe in coach without one change
  78. Provisional section of contract in Germany
  79. Queen once forbidden to go naked
  80. Resort seeing case of reasonable progress
  81. Rows of pigs with no head
  82. Ruffle EU -- lots must be upset
  83. Saying from the Bible on making a mistake
  84. Second fiddle? Thats a difficult question
  85. Set that may ring or call in poorly
  86. State real changes coming after last month
  87. The majority of jungle beasts confronting small rabbit-like creature
  88. Time to replace learner in sluggish pack
  89. Toy gun found on top of this
  90. Very keen on some twin towns
  91. Allow writer salary increase right away
  92. Angry medic imbibing alcohol before end of day
  93. Brain food
  94. Chaps mistake to change direction at the end
  95. Check container vessel
  96. Cunning to wear the mans suit
  97. Direct both ways?
  98. Doctor sees wound before daughter is bandaged
  99. Fancy the prom with sea air
  100. Friend supporting Spain set to be gutted, I guess

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