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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 24-December-2021
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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-December-2021
  1. A little optional something in addition
  2. Article of furniture, one found backstage in theatre
  3. Boasted in company
  4. Club perhaps provided source of financial capital
  5. Confess on purpose action proving personally disadvantageous
  6. Country, near ruin at intervals, that's on the rise
  7. Cricket teams in prime fitness at last
  8. Customers of SPAR not fickle
  9. Detected by auditors, hiding-place for money
  10. Detective emerging from helicopter with our suspect
  11. Dish, excessive starter of olives, gentleman served up
  12. Energy needed by snooker player possibly in decline
  13. Exhibition of setter's skills displayed here?
  14. Fifty tucking into hot Christmas food
  15. Graduates seen cavorting outside, all together
  16. Herb swallowed finally with difficulty
  17. High time Rosalind essentially left
  18. Mum loves employing rag mop regularly as cleaner
  19. Not entirely neglect fashion
  20. One granting wishes of a German, say, to go north
  21. Quarrel that's quick blows over
  22. Reportedly Berlin chap's address has identity code that secures locks
  23. Single redundant worker being released
  24. Sound almost excited feeding small, sad-looking tree
  25. Spirit voice
  26. Standard conversation in market with traders
  27. State running Austrian school, having sacked Head
  28. Student requiring support to install shower
  29. Trial engulfs European politician in storm
  30. TV show that gets one into a lather?
  31. Young son scatters rubbish untidily about
  32. Zealot is in fact a criminal
  33. Advance care of yours truly
  34. Almost finish in Sin City
  35. Before end of game, bolt naked
  36. Brutality of pose with prison shot
  37. Degenerate is modest about these days?
  38. Do go on about Queen favourite
  39. Drain's ideally trapping contents
  40. External protection for animals' young?
  41. Fantastic plane, the jumbo!
  42. For section of Church sin doesn't begin
  43. Former partner virtuous accepting huge revelation
  44. Front of Sun with busty model
  45. Gold pieces forming circles
  46. Last coffee before mid-afternoon
  47. Mad about opening of live sensuality show
  48. Obtain rare elements finding anomaly
  49. One rants madly, booming
  50. Pain from ailment could hurt, even initially
  51. Person recounting at the bank?
  52. Pine perhaps missing one award
  53. Posh menu unusually plain
  54. Practically insane sweetheart making pass
  55. Praise a piano break including Liszt's first
  56. Prominent criminal is over trouble
  57. Service all the same with vacuous nag
  58. Start to seriously rubbish American prestige
  59. Take part of a spy, reportedly
  60. Two seafarers producing battle-axe
  61. & 10 Across Festive fare of stewed bean curd, say
  62. A sailor concerned with rejected list of mistakes
  63. Chase cool writer
  64. Concede most of hunger is south of area
  65. Harangue Thai bride, furiously rejecting hotel
  66. Inexperienced volunteers full of energy may find drink
  67. It may be seen in discreet aid for viewers
  68. Note found in Aida's works?
  69. Oddly spied people up for a drink
  70. One may examine vacuous lady visiting Santa in trouble
  71. Order gift containing new one that's always there
  72. Person missing beat seen to be confused
  73. Person who's graduated after short steps?
  74. Plasterer's requirement rejected in Isleworth
  75. Pointed remark on island prison and tower
  76. R could be a womaniser!
  77. River crustacean the French must find dreadful
  78. Root and branch ultimately is harder -- so chopped up
  79. Section of church seeing primate embracing son
  80. See 11 Across
  81. Shout about barren ground giving fruit
  82. Sign of maturity suppressed by most of journalists
  83. Speed of Virgin must be topped
  84. Suitable exercises cut out in old books
  85. Swimmer using shed to hold a party?
  86. The majority of officer classes?
  87. The very best computer, without hesitation, is sent back
  88. Theatrical party in dispute
  89. Turkey for one in unique dish, like Marley perhaps
  90. Urban landscape features line a politician puts up
  91. A Conservative politician supporting company line is hard to reach
  92. Annoyed at dirtier bananas
  93. Army leader from Turin, once, possibly
  94. Barney runs pub in centre
  95. Desperate doctor has to leave hospital with nervous twitch
  96. Finished trapping queen bee
  97. Gang in America can pick up socialist papers secured here?
  98. Graduate caught working for artist
  99. In a hotel, enthralled by scholarly book
  100. Key turned in panic is abandoned

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