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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 21-May-2021
The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 20-May-2021
The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 19-May-2021
  1. Article about author seeking privacy?
  2. Assumed ones invited for speech
  3. Bear became hot and wild
  4. City Road in revised A-Z
  5. College boy offers togetherness
  6. Conflict caused by man mostly seen in jumper going to church
  7. Drive from Winnipeg, go north
  8. Former band, say, bang on
  9. Fortunate having two kinds of spirit left by GP initially
  10. Group of women wearing two costume sizes for pool activity
  11. His gown is ruffled -- rotten exhibitionism!
  12. Ian drunk? Tiddly before you know it!
  13. Idle army deployed in visionary fashion?
  14. Imitate character on the radio?
  15. Instrument that could make mobile ring
  16. Keep what wrestler wants?
  17. Lacking way to get square
  18. Laura, girl cut out for farming
  19. Little group of shops are broken into by villain
  20. Love meeting when ones well
  21. Male hero, no maiden
  22. Old reliable with coastal wartime housing
  23. On the way to getting drunk, leaves stick here
  24. Prepare to cut leave, reluctantly
  25. Reports occasional sightings of third fiend -- gosh!
  26. Son entertained by silly alien pun -- one that sticks out on Earth
  27. Street with field at the end, not common
  28. Things people sing against upper class being overthrown by English
  29. Thoughts formerly admitted by upstanding pious person, politically correct
  30. What youll need if you cry in dispute?
  31. A big beast stars
  32. A learner meeting a couple of graduates somewhere in America
  33. A specialist in education is lying
  34. Agreement to finish early -- something to enjoy
  35. Appropriate having terrible temper to keep quiet
  36. Artist in river gets attire to reduce risk of getting soaked
  37. Bit of rubbish in hut (the tiniest bit)
  38. Clown -- crazy person, a fair attraction?
  39. Cut? Listen to expert in the surgery
  40. Desperate situations increase in Civil Service
  41. Drink litres -- our getting drunk without measure of intelligence?
  42. Extra money collected by painter (estimated)
  43. Faithful old lover has to behave
  44. Firm understood to be sacking leader colluding in crime
  45. Go-between to admire when resolution has been established
  46. Good impersonators mouthed expressions
  47. Happen to regret accompanying space traveller
  48. It sounds like toothy reptile spat?
  49. Leader making a sharp point
  50. My herb in a floral arrangement
  51. Naughty Adams a charmer -- ah, terribly, terribly crazy! (3,2,1,5,4)
  52. New sensation for Europeans
  53. Novel character making one laugh first off -- something fruity by Nordic citizen
  54. Pessimistic sort of believer hiding accomplishment
  55. Pollutes a planet
  56. Retirees finally relaxing, making money no more
  57. Trick performed brings excuse
  58. Unorthodox denomination of revolutionary church in street
  59. Whats good in a crumble? Nonsense!
  60. Window opener in hospital
  61. Asian holiday destination invaded by English
  62. Beginner recognised buzzer on the telephone
  63. Better uniform worn by old fool
  64. Bonkers sign mostly about wine
  65. Bookmakers must have stories about worker
  66. Chicken thats sat on, we hear -- ones come down looking embarrassed
  67. City editor has not moved during Monday
  68. Exaggerated fear with all-nighter ruined
  69. Expression perhaps popular with golfers, initially
  70. Failure may be slander, with daughter in for leader
  71. Idiosyncratic of Luton, say, losing top spot
  72. In biofuel it is this snobby
  73. In case of opposite, women are obliged to pay
  74. Keen writer and French sailor
  75. Man who mapped strange moon crater without working
  76. Metal regularly found in open gorge
  77. New release concerning contentious topic
  78. Odd, but for one dodgy loan
  79. Only trace found by old boy is out of date
  80. Owned up and afforded entry
  81. Person expected to deliver Ashes -- Im out!
  82. Picture designer with a masters degree
  83. Place for a gun mostly in part of Germany
  84. Play in the raw and settle for a change
  85. Rough, say -- disheartened about sailing boat
  86. Seclusion of hard-up criminal
  87. Spread litter produced by one?
  88. Stop working after a row
  89. Bats he let feast -- they normally come out at night
  90. Be up for wickedness
  91. Bent hip, 100 and wrinkled
  92. Checking wood cut by saw
  93. Choke with fourth of cream crackers
  94. City uncovered stone for writer
  95. Disputed church claim about rear of organ diameter
  96. Dressing up military volunteers -- flipping exhausting
  97. EU perhaps repositioned above Britain
  98. Failing to ignore large part of church
  99. Greediest mans silly argument
  100. Grey animal on river? Seal

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