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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 18-October-2019
The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 17-October-2019
The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 16-October-2019
  1. Look!, you and I call, sinking
  2. Approaching sign within hospital?
  3. British character of old sent to India or another country
  4. Drink Aileens regularly taken
  5. Endless lament by newspaper employee, one wanting money
  6. Greek character in separatist organisation
  7. Group of soldiers that may protect judge in fiery situation?
  8. Idiot in religious service losing head
  9. Instrument in my bag
  10. Keep mum at home? Isnt to be kept in
  11. Lady needing end of wall hidden has installed screen, as recommended
  12. Like something pungent? Crooner captures it
  13. Means of communicating protracted greeting
  14. Merry and deranged drunk gets manipulated politically
  15. Not connected, like the one that got away?
  16. Objection to solution to clue? Please say nothing!
  17. Pet that may be on lead in front -- gosh!
  18. Popular nightclubs, potentially dangerous places
  19. Pounds obtained for working found out
  20. Report of joints at back of pub creating rows
  21. Returning in flashy car, I propose unauthorised activity
  22. Rows after areas have dried up due to climate change?
  23. Slide or jump, but not quietly
  24. Someone full of energy needs to eat a bit reportedly
  25. The German turned up to take part and prepare for presentation
  26. Theres rumbling -- fifty will go inside refuge
  27. They may help folk get things off their chest
  28. Wandering round abroad, the Parisian is charming
  29. Amphibian needs oxygen in small amount
  30. Booze in Calabria stinks!
  31. Born in endless poverty
  32. Catch up with female working in temple
  33. Conservatives admitted to corruption of entire clubs? Thats strange
  34. Course includes bread and Irish cheese
  35. Dialect needing good English at all costs?
  36. Employed engineers initially in Bucks?
  37. Fool starts with absolutely stupid statement
  38. Fourth man group hated at first
  39. Grain planted regularly in Argyle
  40. Great moves -- Ards wingers in blinder!
  41. Hero putting bullets into FBI agent?
  42. Home in Northumbrian street?
  43. India governed another Asian republic
  44. Language operates poorly without noun
  45. Mythical craft in a river journey
  46. Northern beer knocked back in style
  47. Principal enemy later destroyed
  48. Rocks broken on way to Mardale possibly
  49. Sal breaks pill to provide condiment
  50. Sheep taking zig-zag course?
  51. Sociable old pirate races around
  52. State secrets?
  53. Stimulant firm with beginnings in Central America
  54. Terrible chaos with elves in narrow escape
  55. Time taken in warm weather to bowl over
  56. Unrestrained tirade involving a politician
  57. Unseen area in which Venetians perhaps sink?
  58. Version in which stream flows northwards
  59. Vessel shooting across the waves?
  60. Witty remark about us having long whiskers
  61. Coppice material seeing boost in Eire regularly
  62. Delighted, seeing European Commission interference
  63. Disallow winning golf shot, getting concession
  64. Establishment figure discovered in the RAF upset about head of government
  65. European setting one boxer in bronze
  66. First-class option
  67. Group offering advice after son shows evidence of healing
  68. Half of them will have trouble getting message
  69. Help for newsreader reporting traffic congestion?
  70. Imaginative log quietly growing
  71. Independent young reporter in state should see development
  72. Joint covering end of ski lift
  73. Last of casualties has bare wound
  74. Law enforcement staff?
  75. Line offered by Boris, panicked about answer?
  76. Note story with universal setting
  77. Old account describing renovation of chair
  78. Plant thats traditionally seen at breakfast?
  79. Popular accountant stifled by banal complex
  80. Prison lift
  81. Repartee may be poor -- at home with a case of gangrene!
  82. Reputation of old party sure to be exposed
  83. Slight injury of a supporter is no different
  84. Soldiers will be this ignorant having lost one source of news
  85. State agents must arrest a married bloke
  86. Summary with bank opening late must be just so
  87. Treat with contempt as showing signs of exhaustion
  88. Where you may find children with no class?
  89. A great number in factory having one on
  90. Broadcast frequency reported highly dangerous bike
  91. Broadcast ruined if I should be correct
  92. Counting without feeling energy: make a call
  93. Crashed pilot absorbing religious teaching in African city
  94. Firm can set out to limit debt
  95. Generally, all at sea
  96. Glue a thin bit of wood
  97. Going topless, hesitate to change
  98. Harry perhaps, giving very warm encouragement
  99. Husband cooked a motels dinner?
  100. Mark permitted to see red

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