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  1. Activist comparatively unprepared touring South Africa
  2. Chess player weary, showing sign of defeat
  3. Doctor asks Fred to bag mess
  4. Drone flying one Republican assumes to be properly organised
  5. Enthralled by canals, a celebrity somewhere in Eastern France
  6. Fabric displayed by wife over Irish tweed regularly
  7. Fanatical bishop at centre of attack
  8. Fears medic will encounter cases of extra drunkenness
  9. Football club magazine
  10. In conversation relaxed aspect of personality is transparent
  11. Leaves behind apparent painful discomforts, we hear
  12. More unfortunate choice of wedding vows?
  13. Peel of lime added to unfinished fruit crush
  14. Place for cowboys that might provide stew?
  15. Plan beginning to disappoint large number
  16. Poor clothing thats selected for climbing
  17. Pressures to drop womens rowing race
  18. Reach conclusion from reading file
  19. Remove sketch after humour shown by husband
  20. Renegade right to support crazed patriot wanting power
  21. Retiring peer left oddly early for comic show
  22. Second asteroids heading direct for planet
  23. Small bank carrying little weight
  24. Sunlit ground across river, not marred by development
  25. Tips for cooking in American resort? Serve up something sweet
  26. Unscrupulous behaviour in music rehearsal?
  27. Vacancy in M & S filled by chap ultimately needing money
  28. Work covered by girl Id backed for management
  29. Bags that could produce sound of instrument
  30. Cover special police unit facing explosive
  31. Doctrine of communist infiltrating company
  32. Exhibitionist regrets work being sent up
  33. Expendable soldiers more curious following chiefs rear
  34. Firm foundation
  35. Fruit from entire can spoilt
  36. Gather leftovers, essentially aiding needy initially
  37. Hammered with harsh temperature
  38. Hash or hemp in another drug
  39. Hat put over hair ones slept on?
  40. Most excellent, males consumed by desire
  41. Most sensible mutters circulating around American
  42. Nice bloater spread for feast
  43. Nose for bad smells so backed up
  44. Novel Kinks song about sex
  45. Olivier possibly getting to learn cue?
  46. One working to perfect bust?
  47. Provide Ecstasy and crack
  48. Remaining uplifting, praise ones Queen
  49. Run with elevated speed getting run over
  50. Second rain overturned sporting events
  51. Sheet shrouding a ship in Channel
  52. Spread gossip framing old lag
  53. Terribly rapid rise leading to ruin
  54. The womans back in fix for bust
  55. Warning around mortgages end on that account
  56. Winning team inside pushing forward
  57. ... immediately after that putting her note up for revision
  58. A good husband and a good person must be shocked
  59. Beamed and considered accepting assistance raised
  60. Best article on unknown stone
  61. Cast may need this, seeing a part rewritten
  62. Check about objective before reserves feud
  63. Congratulate art historian ringing such a connection
  64. Fire engine must need this
  65. Firm supporter beginning to cover new law
  66. Flipping theatre night showing no sign of life!
  67. Graduate teacher with job as support for tester
  68. Hearing test
  69. Innovator of dog jacket
  70. Liberated women on list for coast
  71. Live without 21, comfortably
  72. Resent changes on right being more authoritarian
  73. Restricts new penalties applied to firm
  74. Rock singers first suit
  75. Run out of gear for a short period
  76. Saw differently after nonsense gets laughs
  77. Servant providing legal consideration
  78. She ultimately maintains such vehicles
  79. Signs nothing and workers succeeded ...
  80. Sweat terribly wrapping hospital bandage
  81. Tormented and looking embarrassed by tag
  82. Tramps may find places to live
  83. Trim and dispatch form
  84. Vetoed attempt in favouring study
  85. Wishes to dispose of one house advertised as such
  86. Working and ready for attack
  87. Abstain when whipped? Party gives punishment!
  88. Animal spotted at Crufts?
  89. Better from United in goalless game?
  90. Bring down news boss elevated by media
  91. City scoundrel US lawyer married
  92. Concentrate again: prepare for next shot?
  93. Copyright song entertaining fund-raiser for restaurant
  94. Delicate father to sicken
  95. Doctor meeting a graduate in exciting situation
  96. Get wisdom about current in French river
  97. Good to occupy one privy in packed house
  98. Intimidate to restrict runs and hinder opener
  99. Limit supply of beer in grounds
  100. Old number three fouled

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