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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 9-September-2021
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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 7-September-2021
  1. Nervy', tense inside, sitting on the fence?
  2. Orrible situation returning -- flier gets round it -- that brings relief
  3. Big beasts somehow adapting as necessary originally
  4. Certain plays made morals uncertain
  5. Change regular pattern of succession with any number dropping out
  6. Deal only half done -- is America involved in neglect?
  7. Foreign city seen in October/November
  8. Headless chaps, almost totally sloshed -- a feature of American sport
  9. Home west of California? His home's way south of there!
  10. It enables one to get an angle on the situation
  11. Military post is set up in troubled period
  12. Nail in food
  13. Noble fellow with female relation by river
  14. One's charged for transport
  15. Pearl has shed tears in front of banker
  16. People living nearby their pubs?
  17. Rite man devised in religious tower
  18. Second victory against England finally? The French cheat!
  19. Small container brought up in morning
  20. Smart maiden worked out way to decrease international danger maybe?
  21. Snack -- hopeless ultimately for giving to famous body-builder?
  22. Soldiers with land vehicle -- soldiers to leave, pull back
  23. Sort of Christian jazz fan about to embrace non-Christian festival
  24. Surprises in a street when meeting dogs with no lead
  25. Volunteers, smart, needed for sampling wine?
  26. Water supply needed by land near building -- large increase
  27. Went round rubbish deposited by an old rocker
  28. What could be laciest piece of stretchy material
  29. Baby walker may see trouble with a ramp being moved
  30. Cat may see row about golf
  31. Country gent depressed by love
  32. Drew, being caught by reversal of offside rule
  33. Drinks supplied by ace flying Spitfire
  34. Eggs on reserve in handy container
  35. Entertaining transport supremo?
  36. Footbridge?
  37. Inscrutable European Community should welcome reformed Tories
  38. Internet facility that could produce Chinese anger
  39. Invoice occasionally sent for accommodation
  40. King understood revolutionary crossing line shows respect
  41. Leave nothing outside of stove that could be cooked
  42. Managed with spirit, and didn't have enough!
  43. Minor charges may be admitted in such places
  44. Mum's mum wearing that is ridiculous
  45. Narrow strips of cloth used to cover athletes?
  46. Opening without uniform for flier
  47. Organize people with time for new estate
  48. Pardon clue ending in chaos
  49. Policeman keeping hot butcher's requirement
  50. Regularly pull in cheers for egg production
  51. Religious office putting pressure on port tariff
  52. Service engineers must cover bill for butcher
  53. Space station on time -- that's an illusion
  54. Straining, prepared to cover student allowance
  55. Superiority of former monk's accommodation in French church
  56. Tidy growth in forestry
  57. To mum it's nonsense
  58. Working out final account
  59. Climb a post, enthralling Charlie
  60. Continues holding back group of soldiers
  61. Dark-coloured rook that is swallowing cold grains
  62. Democrat with base and evil scheme
  63. Disobey -- stress gran out
  64. Disorderly drunk sups root beer
  65. Downhearted university teacher conceals especially brief depression
  66. European following new editor's demands
  67. Extra ecstasy after party's creating this?
  68. Fish eater tucked into mirror carp
  69. Fix hem with no top on the sack
  70. Gushing brook almost capsized four friends in the middle
  71. Harry pours me big shot
  72. I travel round northern France topless, showing foolishness
  73. Lines in top-notch article on church association
  74. Mixing treacle with no patience
  75. Mud's picked up on eastern walk
  76. Racket one found in trunk?
  77. Raise the Spanish tax between second and fifth of September
  78. Ready to fly, female cuckoo gleefully did -- one's taken off
  79. Redgrave perhaps initially receives Oscar with sign of hesitation
  80. Release English girl with one leg
  81. Second bath and balder, regularly dropping lots of little hairs
  82. Silly upper-class name? Ernie, perhaps
  83. Simply teach daughter to support golf club cost
  84. Some harass us, pending arrest
  85. Source of power for high-fliers?
  86. Stake boat
  87. Took advantage of American cheese, removing half
  88. Town's restricting minor street traders
  89. They're divine' -- some obsessed dog-lovers reflected
  90. African native bringing foreign money into centre of Chad
  91. Attack is concerning group
  92. Came by doctor and Pope upset with row
  93. Confessed wearing dress to need front scrubbed
  94. Copper and cleric's fight for prime arena location
  95. Crooked, extremely slick partners above suspicion
  96. Doctor Anne cured patient suffering
  97. Feat cutting 101 plants
  98. High Street store contracted Northern Gas
  99. Home designer revamped housing by following pointers
  100. Is plum off? I have rash

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