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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 22-January-2021
The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 21-January-2021
The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 20-January-2021
  1. Apprehension evident in the manner of Royal Marines
  2. At sea, no greater supplier of energy
  3. Barking athlete initially managed to maintain fast time
  4. Bird heading away from chicken
  5. Charlie argued regularly with environmentalists leader, becoming vulgar
  6. Church will support Irishmans spiritualist meeting
  7. Complaint, one of many that gamekeeper has?
  8. Conservative whip and senior journalist disagreed
  9. Dance Pablo does badly
  10. Detectives order foolish individuals around? Thats irregular
  11. Discovered sailors dining areas aboard very large ship
  12. Due victory, its secured by own goal
  13. European in Chad mistreated mammal
  14. Gather Jenny maybe is nursing old lady
  15. Government of revolutionary African country seizing this writer
  16. Inns stolen Ethels case
  17. Long-lasting and extremely lucrative account
  18. Ludicrous rules essentially a huge lab reforms
  19. Port, variety going into barrels at intervals
  20. Quartz extracted from Abujas perfect
  21. Recall inadequate qualification male coach concealed
  22. Refurbished ancestral royal house
  23. Seldom sees artist going towards bank
  24. Settle in spot that lacks special ingredient
  25. Statutory holiday gets cut for teacher
  26. Stop about third from end of Victoria Line
  27. Straighten clothing
  28. Stuff in food, mostly excellent to begin with
  29. Successfully defend finale to ITV show
  30. Tirade by star, one officiating at ceremony
  31. Tolerate design about to receive investment from university
  32. Tree, one that produces small fruits we hear
  33. Cosmopolitan dictates I shop around
  34. ... helps son wearing wellies, perhaps
  35. Abandon one consumed by record hit
  36. Average detective with average case
  37. Budget vote leader ignored
  38. Cave found in verdant region
  39. Check in unrefined earth for pigment
  40. Dispose of ale in time, drunk
  41. Exhibitionist in French street, thus quietly revolting
  42. Forward part of shoe not without padding ...
  43. Good person speaks and falters
  44. History covers start of Moscow retreat
  45. Incendiarism against right saw off nominee initially
  46. Laments English members taking to wit
  47. Miserable individuals beginning to miss cruelty
  48. Most extreme bother on small driving area
  49. Offended being blown by detectives
  50. Oscar event oration, having a bouquet
  51. Overwhelm single sister over engagement
  52. Place for soldiers to go on manoeuvres?
  53. Reproduce flightless bird, extinct?
  54. Salutations concerning glasses around time
  55. Show American Idol cut short
  56. Some lingo adapted for new word
  57. Store fat eating every brand
  58. Strident babbling about European trap
  59. Vender at times used this?
  60. Writer of ones biography in the ascendancy
  61. A Greens bid to change coats
  62. Added a couple of pages and finished
  63. Avoid smooth doctor and speak out, missing start of party game
  64. Betray trust, holding current allowance
  65. Cell walls of course keeping line by university writer
  66. Challenge from group of monks of high standing?
  67. Creature from US city unfortunately docked
  68. Criminals sort of rail about reformed peers
  69. Doctor means I must go before a complaint
  70. Drugs could be a new philosophy of good taste
  71. Free trader even up, perhaps
  72. Generosity shown by the capital of Sweden, reportedly?
  73. Hamlet perhaps right -- terrible loser with no heart
  74. Heads for France to cover area for confidential talk
  75. Hero may see nothing left after one day
  76. Instructive and accomplished performance in charge
  77. Issue label returning with a note
  78. Justify international being taken in by former scheme
  79. Killers hot Italian mother beginning to network
  80. Memento of priest found in church
  81. Most of journey with a learner will be an ordeal
  82. Nice girls that are fetching?
  83. Present tense used in log thats passed down
  84. Questioned about suspicious rebel as seeing such a jacket
  85. Regret being right about European writer
  86. Subject to snap
  87. Suggestion in favour of concession set up on a lake
  88. Transient lodger accommodating fool going west
  89. A page with purpose? Editor agreed
  90. Adolescents irregularly eat greens
  91. Angler might use this line by river
  92. Anxiety as Americans cut hair
  93. Bucket washed out, were told
  94. Burns part of housing estate
  95. Busy people
  96. Carved up coldest bananas leaving nothing
  97. Conservative tier boast
  98. Cross after European squeeze, say
  99. December talk: what we could hang on the tree
  100. Finally fiddle books? Tax collectors see all!

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