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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 14-June-2019
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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 12-June-2019
  1. Bands sound
  2. Bishop more foolhardy and more arrogant
  3. Book with some English explorer
  4. Cables attempt to influence
  5. Due to get nothing before middle of the week
  6. Helpful disposition diverted to dangerous ends
  7. I disapprove of that teacher putting 18 off
  8. I had to be immersed in plant life of place, US location
  9. Jack gets a thumbs-down from us as a writer
  10. Like all the pretty maids, fighting
  11. Like ghost, can act mysteriously, in a desperate hurry?
  12. Mark unknown sort of territory
  13. Military hospital involved in upsetting matter, vehicle accident
  14. Mo awarded the silver medal?
  15. More than one fighter joins to capture island
  16. Old lover not devoid of affection is one to reach out
  17. Poor person acting as king let off
  18. Possible component of meal that doesnt matter
  19. Record number in maths class?
  20. Remote part of Scotland has all dads suffering with thinness
  21. Scottish king finally boarded a French vessel
  22. Sent packing, using the fourth itinerary
  23. Stop to have a break, having crossed river
  24. The first boy maybe to be heard in song
  25. The tale about the hare that lost, say
  26. Undemanding job could be nice, sure!
  27. Where Africans were once trained to fear teenagers
  28. Youre welcome? Never!
  29. Bold self-confidence seen in orchestra section
  30. British arrive at Split
  31. Brown belt
  32. Country songs sent up having limp content
  33. Diligent cadet died after training
  34. Drunken Biondello reveals pedigree
  35. Each to secure three points in addition
  36. European Alps formed eastern pass
  37. Evil urge for a rotter
  38. Fish and fruit only
  39. Having no idea -- not like our solvers!
  40. Horrified scallywag has turned to bottle
  41. Large bird goes after black dog
  42. Loathe having to leave hospital, being worried
  43. Love, delightful, temporarily put aside
  44. Miss done with fashion
  45. Mission appears in article by the French medic
  46. Muddle involving right one in complex romantic situation?
  47. My poor dogs nose!
  48. No substitute for an appetiser
  49. One to be out all night? Most unlikely!
  50. Popular sauce is sent back, being dry
  51. Rascal, reportedly troubled, becomes stuck
  52. Redo it with revision this boss may require?
  53. Relaxing? Its terrifying!
  54. Sale items from two Biblical figures
  55. Seaman to stray with the drink
  56. Slippery character from somewhere else
  57. Star sailor buckled under pressure
  58. Tremendous international winger?
  59. Trunk route located in China or Taiwan
  60. Unbeatable service from an expert
  61. Accepted practice in America, for example, on the rise
  62. Alarmists seeing Germans score in a frenzy
  63. An easy job producing wind
  64. Antacid needed by boxer after talk starts late
  65. Big business keeping ones friends?
  66. Confirmed time and demonstrated, supporting American
  67. Drug taker on target to be a consumer
  68. Health workers discern trust is broken
  69. Key recherché slang for a French delicacy
  70. Knowing of a fight prior to start of election
  71. Libyan ewer designed for beer
  72. Local dignitary of long ago put into service
  73. Maintained a voter originally made a mistake
  74. Mother faces this having dropped one school subject
  75. Noisy disturbance caused by strange cat with no tail
  76. Piece on mainly affluent position of a minister
  77. Play short on front of area
  78. Ring assistant and risk another shot at success
  79. Row as they trained to be fit for voyage
  80. Scrambled egg in real drink
  81. Scruffy new day unit has no answer
  82. Short of work experience
  83. Singer on vacation must carry more than enough music equipment
  84. Subjected to checks and filmed
  85. Tight-fisted dude is full of good intentions
  86. Traffic controllers answer during drinks session
  87. Trend of current ideology
  88. West wing must be heated
  89. & 12 Shock reduction with teams going after diminutive defender
  90. Almost dated graduate?
  91. Cant stand going naked to make a vow
  92. Dangerous and definitely not fair
  93. Determination of agent to reverse dismissal?
  94. Former pupil last to condemn consuming a small port
  95. Furniture for ministers
  96. Hammer Tory regularly supported by lightweight?
  97. Have a drink containing fish for a change
  98. Hit dog biting daughter
  99. Initially see Nick eating a vegetable
  100. Joke quietly before row

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