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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 9-April-2021
The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 8-April-2021
The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword Answers - 7-April-2021
  1. 18 euros
  2. Angry, endless argument causing pain in the heart
  3. Antonys apology?
  4. Awfully crumbly hot flan
  5. Cleaner falling over, oops! -- carrying something from the butchers
  6. Cuddled by Irish Pat, I perked up -- blessed memories!
  7. Defender with axe and boomerang
  8. Denounce coppers inside expert
  9. Described being part of the family
  10. English flower for each one canvassed
  11. Fault-finding ruined the chat before work
  12. Get fitter calves, once exercised
  13. Insect food?
  14. Install Conservative, in moving scene
  15. Jack turned out and fought for a ladys favour
  16. Lot of publicity before unhappy oceanic homecoming
  17. More fancy following golf? Its long and really slow-moving!
  18. Notice in Harlem bar: Goodbye, Prohibition!
  19. One making his voice heard via ballot box -- nothing odd about that
  20. Popular viewpoint for new pupils perhaps
  21. River creature caught twice eating or on its back
  22. Smashes favourite condiment pots, noisily
  23. Spa committee where one might stand before 14?
  24. Spill the beans and stewed kale
  25. Take care of issue featuring sweetheart and model
  26. Westbound motorway cutting killed a deer maybe
  27. What looks infectious, making you attractive?
  28. White on top, looking cool!
  29. A biros possibly used to make line on map
  30. Acoustic effect needed by the choirmaster
  31. Awkward Norse character concealing love
  32. Cry of bird descending from end of branch
  33. Dealing awkwardly with what may be the papers opinion piece
  34. Defeats -- six on the cricket field?
  35. Do better than that? Go away!
  36. Following behind speaker, I love to offer something musical
  37. Impression created by fast runs, nothing extreme
  38. Legal document that can be read two ways
  39. Like a bear going wrong, landing in river
  40. Lover is worn out with minimal energy
  41. Medical treatment that is shocking!
  42. Mediocre and negligent leader getting dumped -- fantastic result
  43. Mission of editor reversing what predecessor left in place?
  44. More than one plant is seen covering hillside?
  45. Note old part of London
  46. Object of phobia?
  47. Participating in that act, I construct plan
  48. Refined style associated with good girl
  49. The inadequate oarsman or shot-putter?
  50. The writer twice revealing an element of culture
  51. Times to strike out, launching enterprise finally
  52. Tricky cut into poor ground thats rocky
  53. Unremarkable system for resting sixth-sevenths of the week?
  54. What could make Carol happy is questionable
  55. Worm, harmless coiling round, getting into knot
  56. ... and approve when posted
  57. A measure of distress is terribly relative
  58. A teams unrelated remarks
  59. Accept a rise and go away
  60. Box car past its best
  61. Crustaceans cook finally found on stream
  62. Dashing family mostly involved in outbreak
  63. Discover area covered by the French navy ...
  64. Europeans ruined Paris and east of Calais
  65. Food found by two men on board round back of larder
  66. Fresh greens with meat pie oddly unavailable in conservation area
  67. Gather English literature must be rejected as barren
  68. Group of trees manage to conceal skinhead?
  69. Heard result of injury, makes tea
  70. I can rave, supporting European traveller
  71. Island group getting central points in arguments
  72. Language of answer found in copy
  73. Panda car wrecked during police officers round
  74. Plenty must support vacant zombie fanatic
  75. Problem of Beethoven perhaps, sacking the first three
  76. Pubs full of unusually clean stickers
  77. Pulls in listeners across north
  78. Reward from bishop -- our treat
  79. Save son caught parking on edge
  80. Set my clues lacking any regular form
  81. So bereft -- a disastrous meal
  82. Son has no trousers
  83. Stretch script with no beginning and finish
  84. Tosses half of butter for main dish
  85. Unable to get enough working at sea in it
  86. Volunteers with only daughter having claws
  87. Where a presenter might have words having reported heavy traffic?
  88. Cricketer does this shot backwards
  89. Delight after Twitters back -- send link
  90. Female and Parisian in utter security
  91. Flower bringing maiden inside wood
  92. Goats dairy product
  93. Hit Charlie on cheek
  94. I predict sons falsified accounts
  95. Keep book under piano
  96. Lads in top form?
  97. Let no student relax
  98. Mark spoils carpet to an extent
  99. Master flying jet
  100. Move around prison

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