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13-May-2019 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Zone 301 Clues & Answers

  1. Sound level for listeners
  2. Unimaginative experts spies upset
  3. Chile pines may cause ape problems
  4. Dormant snake has shelter inside
  5. Reserve loge for chiller?
  6. The old lady and I study horse thats never won
  7. Amusement caused by butcher blowing top
  8. Chuffed? Not true
  9. Purpose of ointment applied to face, primarily
  10. Sell up in game
  11. A model island, in the existing circumstances
  12. Being kind
  13. Relaxed American guy
  14. Memento from tower, small, not genuine, defaced
  15. Attendant conserving energy for job
  16. Operatic song from Callas perhaps musicologist initially overlooked
  17. Joker on coach in convoy
  18. A king is after this rare frisky butterfly
  19. Hotel within reach in poor area
  20. Message American actor Nick left out
  21. Hastily consume swallow feathers
  22. Widespread fire out of control
  23. Head after those who have flogged cheeky young lad
  24. Greek character in local pharmacy
  25. Unusual quote about bullock backfired
  26. Garment seen in Amritsar, India
  27. Gertrude, perhaps, a woman prone to histrionics
  28. Strengthens control needed by armed services
  29. Criminal drooled about a place of great wealth
  30. Doubts, however, beginning in third, harboured by those in boxers corner
  31. Sound book
  32. Tobacco tin not in use
  33. Briefly put an obstacle in the way of alliance
  34. Condiment and perfect herb
  35. Rather cool, apostle with power and influence
  36. Spook just seen in bog
  37. Almost all of Maines capital is imposing
  38. Caught leaving English county for a mountainous region of Italy
  39. Piece that is for a raw recruit
  40. Runner going round courses last turn, one at Aintree perhaps
  41. Before end of decider, draw level
  42. Oscar wearing loose garment in boat
  43. Keen on pet food from a stand?
  44. Arrest some in revolutionary alliance
  45. Not saying much, showing discretion about one vase
  46. Her shops vandalised across Irish county
  47. Yank with fashionable sort of jacket
  48. Highly subtle play on words after penalties
  49. In place of strongholds, indefinitely
  50. Half of sketch revealed framework
  51. Villain beginning to barge barge
  52. Get on well against Antonio at the end? I did
  53. Glasses used to see nice pen, manufactured by unknown
  54. Unsolicited stuff from the old lady, the Italian put on boat
  55. Explicit show
  56. Dance in short jacket