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  1. Largest city in Scotland
  2. In the Old Testament, the second son of Jacob and Leah
  3. West Saxon abbot of Malmesbury (639-709)
  4. Heraldic star with wavy points
  5. The sixth planet from the Sun
  6. Coniferous tree
  7. The hero of stories by G.K. Chesterton
  8. Capital of Bahrain
  9. Son of Leontes in Shakespeares The Winters Tale
  10. Andrew --, American chef and television personality
  11. Psychoactive alkaloid used as an experimental treatment for drug and alcohol addiction
  12. 1973 horror film starring Deborah Walley and Paul Carr
  13. Novel by Edna OBrien, published in 1972
  14. -- Waltz, the signature song of Patti Page
  15. London West End theatre
  16. Ingemar --, Swedish alpine ski racer who won two gold medals at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympic Games
  17. Horace --, character created by the writer and barrister John Mortimer
  18. Ulysses S. --, the 18th President of the United States
  19. Genus of plants and shrubs with clusters of very small, brightly-coloured, four-petal flowers
  20. The muscular third stomach of a ruminant animal
  21. City near the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley, in California
  22. Synthetic fibre characterised by its ability to recover its original form after stretching
  23. Any of a genus of plants of the mallow family often having lobed leaves and solitary bell-shaped flowers
  24. Republic of Ireland county
  25. 1992 film starring Al Pacino and Chris ODonnell
  26. Port on the Atlantic coast of Brazil
  27. -- beat, a syncopated rhythm widely used in rock music
  28. Musical based on the play Green Grow the Lilacs written by Lynn Riggs
  29. George Gershwin song recorded by Ella Fitzgerald
  30. Time fixed for start of a military operation
  31. Community concerned with pursuit of education and scholarship
  32. Surpass in guile or cunning
  33. Chartres is the capital of this French department
  34. Site of nuclear processing plant in West Cumbria
  35. Australasian soldier
  36. Rosalind?¿½s lover in As You Like It
  37. 1933 comedy film starring the Marx Brothers
  38. Province of south-west Ireland
  39. -- Spencer, Princess Dianas stepmother
  40. Of a guardian e.g. appointed for a lawsuit
  41. The -- is Wild, 1957 biographical drama film
  42. Japanese swordsmanship
  43. International RC organisation of priests and lay people
  44. Village in Dorset with a swannery
  45. French Calvinist of 16th or 17th century
  46. Taking industrial action
  47. Combining form indicating medical treatment
  48. Spiced herring fillets
  49. Author of Through the Looking-Glass
  50. Scottish carbonated soft drink
  51. and 9: 1990 film starring Gerard Depardieu
  52. Rebellious state of discontent
  53. -- Stevenson, 1900-1965, US statesman
  54. Pale yellow Swiss cheese with holes in
  55. -- Hemingway, US author
  56. Moth of a family whose hairy caterpillars are known as woolly bears
  57. Isle of Wight resort
  58. Virus named after a river in Democratic Republic of Congo
  59. Finger nearest to ones thumb
  60. Type of sound reproduction equipment
  61. Dull or uninteresting quality of some food
  62. Town in central Australia
  63. Daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra in Greek mythology
  64. Small lively eel, the sand eel
  65. Author of Thomas the Tank Engine books
  66. Predatory or keen-sighted person
  67. Act of being released from an official duty
  68. Obsolete medical word for scabies
  69. Person from Muscat perhaps
  70. -- Fitzgerald, US jazz singer
  71. Mischievous clown hero of a popular German folk tale
  72. In North America a system of charging for hotel room only
  73. Warwickshire county cricket ground
  74. George --, pen name of Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin
  75. Used a salmon-spear
  76. Euphrasy, plant with purple-and-white flowers
  77. Twelfth ecclesiastical month in the Jewish calendar
  78. Deep-fried chicken dish
  79. Spoutless ancient Greek jug
  80. Canal connecting North Sea with Baltic Sea
  81. Sir -- Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, English explorer
  82. Alternative spelling for grassland in South Africa
  83. Opera oratorio in two acts by Stravinsky
  84. Pop group whose hits include Super Trouper
  85. -- Place, centre for Christian retreats etc near Battle in East Sussex
  86. Name of three kings of the Belgians
  87. Marcus Porcius --, opponent of Caesar
  88. Wryneck genus
  89. Hull --, Rugby Union team
  90. Village on shores of Loch Scavaig on Isle of Skye
  91. Fragrant healing ointment
  92. Short cheerful lively Italian song
  93. Cloak with a hood and wide sleeves
  94. Country east of Eden mentioned in Genesis
  95. Queen Victorias first name
  96. Airy spirit in The Tempest
  97. Performance receiving prolonged applause
  98. Ones name in ones own writing
  99. Of an ancient Roman emperor
  100. Monster supposed to inhabit the Himalayas

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