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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 18-October-2019
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 17-October-2019
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 16-October-2019
  1. Firm picked up Bo Dereks score clip
  2. Starts off Tarzan impudently swinging a bone
  3. Does he transform his metal, adding in lead in coalescence?
  4. Placates vegan primates?
  5. Series of notes scribbled over, perhaps
  6. Credit behind second half of incantation for Potter?
  7. Musk from peeled fruits?
  8. Long facial hair needs initial trim
  9. It helps pap progress from still to still
  10. Im in Oregon, travelling, and cry when leaving plane
  11. Vital study to lay tracks around isle
  12. French world cycling champion
  13. Trash kids clobber
  14. Folk singer playing banjo with endless zeal
  15. Time for those sitting to stand?
  16. Final farewell to Space Age
  17. Resourceful Left gaoled by President
  18. Sketch head of Sarah Fox (small-size)
  19. Details of plot politician found in small committee
  20. Party youll see when two Staffies meet nose-to-tail?
  21. Agricultural cattle prods restraining unknown beasts
  22. Mother, Catholic, wasting pound, spilt drink
  23. Junk received bad 1m sail with tops cut off
  24. In shtook, muckiest pups head and hands aloft!
  25. Whats unfortunate answer by American jock in dock?
  26. Horse from south ready for the off on course
  27. Vicious volte-face by ex-PM causes alarm
  28. Fort ready to defend our fliers
  29. Translation of kleine brat?
  30. Northamptons wingers participating in utmost degree in pre-match event
  31. Nastily said with scorn, heading off?
  32. Manages to keep Indias spoils
  33. Vanity of humourless politician
  34. Jug or churn
  35. Tectonic plate jumped suddenly
  36. Hands over in exchange
  37. Superficial, like flashy thing people click on?
  38. Exercise judges and journalists
  39. Signing letter in italics?
  40. Chicken soup in USA ground with mill
  41. Defile that local loo first
  42. Plant that can produce a viable gun oil
  43. Ad on old railway that could help generate turnover
  44. One travelling to distribute pork pies perhaps in France facing resistance
  45. Nebulously move missile
  46. Might comedian be suspended for such dark material?
  47. Lack of flesh? Not so much, when its about former queen
  48. Unrehearsed half of dance performed
  49. Homer specialist translated fine Grecian poem (first half only)
  50. Target base with weapon on old boat
  51. Gleeful Commission not budging
  52. Star part ruined when financier takes control
  53. Customs woman seizing precious metal
  54. Eat starters of salami and sauerkraut, devouring rump in gloom
  55. Searches -- with slow connection they seem to go on so!
  56. Celebrity chef endlessly claiming to be upwardly mobile
  57. Pay out for back rub in place known for champagne and ecstasy
  58. Whale with teeth decapitated Spanish poet
  59. Individual gathering wood for burning
  60. Some unfortunate swimmer
  61. Girl filling crossword diagram was suffering
  62. Single mother becomes learned theologian
  63. Commercial rubbish about one being skilled
  64. See pottery thrown in standardised form
  65. Cant do without Geordie news boss?
  66. Reassembled fleet with haste set out at night
  67. Advice to dilatory chess player?
  68. Party worker, Conservative, dined on river
  69. Accomplished baker transformed British food
  70. On time to assist an erring actor?
  71. Might one standing long enough be given seat?
  72. Instrument locating diamonds in the limestone
  73. Warm spot, hot planet
  74. Hard ground outside with hooves protected?
  75. Smoke to envelop new vampire weapon?
  76. Former pupil learned to destroy utterly
  77. Sharp as old wine syndicates imported
  78. Cast spell on the water separating lovers
  79. Sat drunkenly having entered a wine store? Leave booze alone!
  80. Birds migrating west to find another?
  81. Passage above closed stairs
  82. Admiral Horatio in gale at the Cape?
  83. Overtly trendy Liberal introduced to sport
  84. Old bar -- whisky available here?
  85. Knowledge found in most uncommon jungle
  86. Sound bites crude, prepare chamber for entertainment?
  87. Chaser or otherwise ultimately whipped?
  88. Rabat and Beirut, after negotiations, calmer?
  89. Appellation on wine, similar drinks superior
  90. National broadcast of Iran entertaining American spies originally
  91. A temporary cut in open spaces
  92. Group unable to score?
  93. Leader in orchestra wheels in a small instrument
  94. Fishy first course on the way
  95. Fine yet to be paid
  96. European doctor wished to follow instructions, finally
  97. Utterance from setter perhaps about conclusion of awful writer
  98. Difficult little number, uniform short pink dresses
  99. Sporting moment captured in glossy perhaps?
  100. Cheat reportedly also needing something to do in prison

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