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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 16-October-2020
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 15-October-2020
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 14-October-2020
  1. Anagram in that clue omitting L? True
  2. Bugs enter chest in opposing directions
  3. Capsized glossy boats
  4. Centre in Bordeaux housing big silo to recycle refuse
  5. Cleanser customer emptied in vessel
  6. Covered in wounds, not totally afraid around weapons
  7. Cross men seek to confound cover-ups
  8. Deed reportedly you sign for assessors
  9. Destroy quiet, primarily rural parts
  10. Environmentally bad bar vainly struggling for registration
  11. Exhibit hospital in broadcast item
  12. Im frustrated because dog hides when ready to return
  13. Im getting old, short and fairly regularly ignored -- its not real!
  14. Large beast in grass; be aware, were told
  15. Learner in school is John, perhaps
  16. Marker thats raised Scots kids initially downgraded mark
  17. Money from selling small pies
  18. Moving book recalled Scottish island lake
  19. Naive daughter tucked into spicy dish, not half keen
  20. Occasionally take against guard
  21. One speeding about, vehicle coming north
  22. Sage butter is hideous to sample
  23. Sense leader in country should be demoted
  24. Single people new in hostelry getting drunk with ale
  25. The poorest orders in hierarchy are given here
  26. Undesirable duck sauce
  27. Worry about one on popular junction
  28. Wrinkling and hair falling out
  29. A crippled vessel returned after circumnavigating a country
  30. A little nonsense removing the old deception
  31. Affix scrap
  32. Agree to fix story expressing source of alibi
  33. Chill, mostly icy, around zero
  34. Church expert accepts regularly using note in musical form
  35. Claim donkey continually grazed
  36. Compound of lethal arsenic returned by the writer nevertheless
  37. Computer message repeatedly right about routine more prone to bugs, nothing less
  38. Criminal charge -- appeal regularly dismissed? Go downhill fast
  39. Cycling without restriction rocks?
  40. Deliveries seized by mischievous beggar
  41. Disorderly commune securing current praise
  42. Economic competition in Edwardian times perhaps absorbing one chapter
  43. Elevated Old Masters finally -- including me?
  44. Excavator runs in pursuit of one claim in rocky situation
  45. Fifteen letters will fix hard code
  46. Get rid of souvenir of gambling with the Devil?
  47. Going out of business, only going through my cash
  48. Happen to collar servant producing evidence of injury
  49. High point in a narrow-minded proposition about love
  50. Place for claret, French drink seen around Spain
  51. Sadness is beginning to moderate in time
  52. Story provided by Catholic and Anglican organisation
  53. Student of the suns written about carbon and hydrogen
  54. That man will get tense when cornered by my warrior
  55. This person, crazy to seize power, received information
  56. Velocities in opposite directions in astronomical region
  57. Well-worn stuff given to horse?
  58. What allows boats to advance forward?
  59. Abandoned British quitting obligation to protect memorial
  60. Balanced my items precariously around river canoes prow
  61. Bargain smallish car seen on Route 66?
  62. Bars intrude into ship
  63. Chattering, acquire nose for Gluhwein, infused with regular doses of bubbly
  64. Cleans cuff of special suit when changing hands
  65. Climbing mountain with medicine or without it?
  66. Coffee half-hourly in recent days
  67. Coming out, meet in hospital department
  68. Conceal end of elephant seal
  69. Cooked chateaubriand stuffed with black Cretan nuts exported in emirate
  70. Dean for one enacted this cool measure
  71. Fighting in church after bad name over nothing
  72. Humourless after article linked to utter rat
  73. In France, I rushed out to get stoned
  74. Jack left out from stirring American dance
  75. Law officer tricks board
  76. Maiden puts on best top
  77. Mostly annoy university representative, hard to disapprove
  78. Newspaper leader passes over current events
  79. Obvious regret, dropping resistance to second proposal
  80. Party after revolutionary idiot has change of heart at edge of road
  81. Plant spies to pursue leaders of agitators, communists and anarchists
  82. Product of commercial airline school, less than half taught, was first to reach exit
  83. Singular pet runs both ways, old and disjointed
  84. The setters cake includes top of icing and good filling
  85. Timmy discovered June wont start, not being impressionable
  86. Unfinished business in den, possibly?
  87. Union put up for instance with broadcast strike
  88. Airlines flying over the capital of an island
  89. Asian island is encapsulated by order and loyalty among people
  90. Attacking an opponents character made him no different
  91. Attend religious area with Democrat, get exhausted
  92. Bad thing the head of a certain police department did?
  93. Basic dwelling with one good toilet
  94. Bird about to go north, then north-east
  95. Bishop reportedly also comprehends a number of foreign languages
  96. Clubs said to embrace hard type of music
  97. Cocktail served as cider
  98. Daughter has strange time getting tattoo
  99. Departs from a city somewhere in South Africa
  100. Direct official accompanying the Queen

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