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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 4-December-2019
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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 29-November-2019
  1. & 22 Who will give instructions to pack up
  2. Banker initially given responsibility for extra pay
  3. Bishop threatening to be fresh?
  4. Bush, G. H. W. relative to G. W.?
  5. Champion returned
  6. Company embracing radical set of beliefs
  7. Crackers brought back are amazing
  8. Decimal points being removed from this wont change meaning a lot
  9. Dreadful person running company? Not half
  10. Early American rustic hero keeping masks
  11. Exonerating unruly children of the 1970s
  12. Fast walkers keep in line
  13. First stages where films are shot
  14. He investigated rude message about poet
  15. Help for TV presenters -- radio bods will get confused with it
  16. Increase fortification endlessly anticipating the French
  17. Infiltrator -- one penetrating in French meeting
  18. Lag during match
  19. Mothers brother Bill fails to get Megane finally out of gear
  20. Musical entertainment for millions
  21. Peculiar item adorning leader of religion?
  22. Person to raise spirits playing Amen Corner round clubs
  23. Peter dashes off something on a computer
  24. Possibly greasy food in reserve
  25. Register with embassy getting let back in
  26. Rugby score ruled out? Engage a lawyer
  27. See 20 Across
  28. Top man perhaps for a laugh round North Carolina
  29. Tried assiduously to reserve energy
  30. Weapon seen a lot around Lima
  31. Whats in store, having finally found a boyfriend?
  32. Work performed before makes theatre company scoff
  33. Book a large seat
  34. Brussels ruined typical producers of oil
  35. Colleague developed sea-coast around island
  36. Dieticians: Is All-Bran partly fibre?
  37. Doddery OAP pores over a TV serial
  38. Fighter sick with fever cycling round both sides of river
  39. Fix again concerning a parking place
  40. Flashy singer hugs student
  41. Follow celebrity thats easy to spot at night
  42. Good cricket scores, maybe, provided in fine drawn matches
  43. House study?
  44. Improve the appearance of space quite like a Clanger?
  45. Independent new logo for the White House?
  46. Inundate exchange, taking in million
  47. March in time with soldiers these days
  48. More than one spoke of excellent couple
  49. Novel of hauntings? Not H. G. Wells!
  50. Off-the-cuff comment in sad libel
  51. Paw frantically in heather for type of plover
  52. Plate of beetroot, say, with a crimson tinge
  53. Poacher gutted fish for cats?
  54. Quiet! Papas involved in home-improvement activity. Crazy!
  55. Rectified golf maps means of making route clearer
  56. Reportedly check on sad collapse
  57. Retiring flier must receive a settlement
  58. Run out lines initially of new style corsets
  59. Small vehicle followed by large one, another in-between
  60. Starving, ultimately regret having left thin watery stuff
  61. Two Americans hearing one will leave from the south
  62. Understand paper scrambling to cover hotel death
  63. Warder, one raising game, accepting back pay?
  64. Worried microbiologist, not stoic, possibly in a mess
  65. Just a little fling, disgusted, dishabille guide admitted
  66. Being drunk and disorderly, say, left in charge in here?
  67. Bird taking flight, setter and solver record it
  68. Fat marshals count on author of 8 books?
  69. Fleeing university, heading for great time? That will enthral one in five
  70. Home for Spartacus and most of the people
  71. Idler no longer running course for PCs
  72. Impeccable hotel supported by none of Trumps money
  73. In which cases start to involve detectives?
  74. Introduce Old Vic landlord to European in place of proof
  75. Its #26-1 without sections
  76. Joe and I getting worried ... something following me around tree
  77. Keeping record, heads of Austria and Hungary make good spellers?
  78. Musical, as it happens, has a band of gold
  79. Not yet a couple, love misplaced, getting pulled?
  80. Offer to lag low-down part of machine
  81. Opinion formed by Tony Hall, say, on people working in project
  82. Paradoxically, one caught in the firing line with right to left shot?
  83. Patting babys back, parent may get this close?
  84. Performers source of wealth divides them
  85. Perhaps Helenas contrary object of desire -- or Lysanders?
  86. Pretty little 13-19-year-olds on verge of twenty
  87. Retiring President about to regret poisoning agent
  88. Seductee shot leader of Union in nuts?
  89. Steal look over widening moor
  90. To break lock, resort to this?
  91. Top business chief meets top guy at press, the former turning tail
  92. With Her Majesty intervening, is applauding Boriss retreat
  93. A vote against including Labours first street researcher
  94. Affair is going ahead after one lands in US city
  95. Avoid love
  96. Broadcast media getting behind most of fools tirade
  97. Came in to land leading to tense examination of the shore
  98. Church, unaltered, containing second structure
  99. Desert islands brought in only so much to eat
  100. Destined to inhale oxygen or another element

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