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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 22-August-2019
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 21-August-2019
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 20-August-2019
  1. Go over lake keeping north like some birds
  2. Whip a worker stowing away artist in boat
  3. Form of seat thats pronounced
  4. Transmit here ensuring coverage for pieces
  5. Fix old man up after time in bar
  6. School language finally expected to include Persian?
  7. Crack team in events covering tackle
  8. Posers like purchasing drink from the East
  9. Commonly the man followed his male conceit
  10. One that separates perhaps acquiring new lover
  11. African national sprinted holding baton
  12. Office-holder and smart copper, crooked, pocketing million
  13. Look back and yearn for classic record
  14. Intimation missing first sweetheart for a rub-down
  15. Work up on coach carriage
  16. Gave back record penned by Rush
  17. Turn almost rejected incorporating nude show
  18. Fix start without heartless Beam with Queen
  19. Tone heard rhythmically, usually monotonous primarily
  20. Dexterous after opening of soft drink
  21. Reportedly reached ones limit, getting cross
  22. Crack soldiers providing Keep frosty
  23. Periodically nutmegged, receiving supporters anger
  24. Benefit cut shifting Republican to centre
  25. One could be either for or against
  26. Steep is term to describe ski-trail
  27. Measure of current in storm creates charge
  28. Live current cut power lacking current? Goodness!
  29. Big bird to sway when hiding tail
  30. Silly utterances from one member of family, one meeting relations
  31. Asian article buried under footway
  32. Returning space traveller noticed rubbish?
  33. A set of books astronomer set up in reception area
  34. Peaceful army and a king holding green eastern territory
  35. One giving advice on fitness isnt a pro, learner found out
  36. Mum carries seasoned oil around in glazed earthenware
  37. Foreign city very good, having a certain sort of appeal
  38. Instruction to return a piece of headgear found in party
  39. University must keep silver -- its a sort of duty
  40. Coming together to study feature of Baths architecture?
  41. Terrible liars seen to fail to find personal fulfilment
  42. Bishop associated with miss, the female on record as a disgrace
  43. Something oily imbibed, endlessly upsetting
  44. Believer heading off with stick -- something to provide motivation
  45. Rovers not No.1 -- thats City
  46. Animal left under water
  47. Record is circular -- look for it in there
  48. A couple of characters sticking together
  49. One who goes back on promise to be greener sadly
  50. Music instruction to let Elgar go with a swing
  51. Foreign policeman in vehicle with a large but not good emperor
  52. Lover in shrub denied love initially
  53. Coward shows wound, having confronted a second superior rebel
  54. Tree in City of London hidden in hollow
  55. Cat Gladstone knocked over
  56. Stick of explorer given place in church
  57. Busy hospital in Eton botched attempt
  58. Pack animal in tack before grand departure
  59. Bear left, reaching westerly city borough
  60. Muscle produced when old diet changes
  61. Alliance formed when bar not closed
  62. Long to join circle and express view
  63. Understanding current things differently
  64. Great British king swallowed bitter
  65. Strong man in Lima captivated by womanly signals?
  66. Fourth man went down hard
  67. Singer in market releasing right single
  68. Erica has no longer to conserve energy
  69. Self-inflicted damage to have end
  70. End for development with Horton Heath as alternative
  71. Sailor interrupting assassination at home
  72. Charge having caught river fish
  73. Problem for couple
  74. Boss, old member, glowers among disciples?
  75. Nurse at work with pains located round sick body part
  76. Bark associated with golden retriever?
  77. Macho man unable to open desk
  78. Advance slowly under His roof?
  79. Hunter in exploit over long period
  80. Such a descent involves underworld
  81. Get cross in game
  82. Southern runner, sometimes in form, gets cut
  83. Food item with rocket served first
  84. Shell ready to take over an experimental facility
  85. English indeed catching the French unsighted?
  86. Satanic force to be coming from below
  87. Composers gravity risks no upset
  88. Reveal secret national symbol in conversation
  89. Losing rag in road rage, criminal bearing blades
  90. Homeless dental hygienist working in indecisive manner
  91. Whiff from tense people
  92. Happy scratching place making you relieved
  93. Trapped inside school, a dumpy hairy creature
  94. Fit rival? Not disheartened
  95. Stench from feet, two are scrubbed intermittently
  96. Engineer collecting missing base for carriage
  97. Slang for all to see reflected in a pub sign
  98. Clasp and wheel bearing breaking after almost year
  99. Police officers frequently very forgiving
  100. Bombshells, you are texted, force put aboard ship

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