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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 27-May-2021
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 26-May-2021
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 25-May-2021
  1. Cut flower deprived of root
  2. Routine has to be organised for discipline in the home
  3. Boundary made by iron-clad circle
  4. Protestant version of Bible, one got hold of by converted Roman
  5. One helps others learn and be free
  6. Noble fellow hurt and sombre
  7. Kiplings soldier, say, making a speech?
  8. Yarn about Conservative making comeback brings applause
  9. Gosh -- you can hear that army unit!
  10. Wont you primarily sing this at sea?
  11. Enjoyed something of historic interest -- small building for Caesar originally
  12. Ultimately reject bad work
  13. Drama about charge included in bill presented by any big firm?
  14. Son imprisoned in city saying sorry -- how to end confinement?
  15. Case about to be dismissed in fulfilment of solemn promise
  16. Results in onset of sweat possibly?
  17. Bird bites when upset -- not good
  18. Physical problem? Somehow get calmer with yoga
  19. Nothing right about politicians blast
  20. Naughty girl once got to tour the French educational establishment
  21. Its frightening crossing lake -- cover needed
  22. Wrap up piece of plumbing emerging from bathroom?
  23. Food that a racehorse needs
  24. Victim outside a church inclined to be moralistic
  25. Endless crush preceding time signal
  26. The females modelling initially for statue
  27. Heartless benefactors opportunity
  28. Those who will succeed needing husband and father perhaps to embrace high praise
  29. Fragments of pitcher finally found in outhouses
  30. Set out to carry freight -- delicacy from France
  31. Failure surprisingly exposing requirements of angler
  32. Rough speed on a road
  33. Do better than street kid, losing right man in order
  34. Rare quality defining peer
  35. Dilemmas resulting from robberies, say with son in for millions
  36. One down in feeble defensive construction
  37. Content at last, turned round and did some fishing
  38. Meaning one in Paris could be bother
  39. Born yesterday -- this person in main part of church
  40. Laying out previous conclusion about source of pandemic
  41. A note thats added on the end of late recess
  42. Hercules failed, missing first one avoiding others
  43. Head of house seen as impartial and safe, somehow
  44. Stop those ultimately involved in legal action
  45. Films about European geese
  46. Second design of replica vent for breathing
  47. Drugs needed for teeth
  48. Respectful of lease always being accepted
  49. Dish from poor area mostly in part of Iberia (not north)
  50. Popular present, for example, thats heavy!
  51. Crew leaving show, inevitably
  52. Measure on the inside of wing arch
  53. Bowlers losing power? Theyve done something wrong!
  54. Make last call on way public
  55. Answer coming after Laurels reported lines
  56. Its turned up in nasty cheap copy
  57. Upset ram running amok against the current
  58. Fancy single person who might be enchanting?
  59. Strive to be like one friend possessing charisma
  60. Drop in portentous energy in contest
  61. Skill workers put into fitting set of rooms
  62. Country type removing hearts from game birds
  63. Relieved concerning student freed from anxiety
  64. Conjecture about tense invitees
  65. Payload initially carried by mythical ship
  66. Characters in winter value break in activity
  67. Old lady with it, starting to enjoy rock
  68. Becoming aware of silly regionalism, medical officer quits
  69. Lorry circling cold northern area
  70. Metal instrument harmonised
  71. A lake in European country or one far away
  72. Infatuated about current girl
  73. Grill composer missing the last prompt
  74. Turned over well-protected weapons
  75. Fair and generous to celebrate sheltering harbour
  76. Strands of stories involving Republican Spain
  77. Cry from main cavalcade essentially surrounding queen
  78. Rent hill, we hear
  79. Counsels not primarily bad fault
  80. Poke about round ultimately fab machine
  81. Command of doctrine I organised
  82. One retiring clergyman in outhouse shook convulsively
  83. Blunder removing restraint, finally, from rogue
  84. Moves slowly during unfinished game
  85. Allowed rising adversity to crush liberal journalist
  86. Is and isnt improper to accept no refusal
  87. Make heavy demands on independent transport
  88. Included one conclusion within another
  89. Well, now!
  90. Dramatist succeeded: your compilers in business!
  91. Turned up churchyard feature belonging to Du Mauriers home
  92. Commotion with gull circling field next to river
  93. The Sun, say, apparently unable to move fathers home?
  94. Can you tell me "- roughly speaking "- USAs most northerly state capital?
  95. Short vacation? Essentially, Jamies occupying flats near river
  96. Actor Paul (unlike actor Gary!) a reformed character
  97. Art and rhythmic music by Nimrod man on a loop
  98. See 26 Across
  99. & 3 Down Dunce in art class presenting Chest of Future Bride?!
  100. Paper cross worn by one closing coffee morning

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