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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 7-August-2020
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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 5-August-2020
  1. Article found in half of gooey piece of cake
  2. Delicate new diamonds -- in round hollow case
  3. Entry slips spoiled as per lifelong non-union member
  4. Express firm seeking excitement
  5. Festival finishing, just like that
  6. Forbidden fruit pips oddly put in water
  7. Grit breaking up Spitfire flap
  8. In which players may be highly strung?
  9. Indeed, even saving energy gains nothing
  10. Information uncovered by The Listener?
  11. Monk, for instance, to enliven bishop, say
  12. Mormon treats Lady Gaga with first-rate bible
  13. Old king not wanting answer
  14. Part of the ocean seen from piece of ground around a sunken basin
  15. Quibble regularly, stopping to seize rule by violence?
  16. Quiet Jack left banged-up by judge briefly having priority
  17. Random act cost his supply
  18. Religious follower mostly backing despot
  19. Search force missing danger
  20. Secondly, stipple with pencil and draw
  21. Shows conjecture on a divided Newcastle?
  22. Some choirboys look this way
  23. Spot nerve cut by inferior alloy
  24. Stitch trapping male diver
  25. Strange stuff, business -- 24s stern, getting one demoted
  26. Valley formed in beginnings of recent ice age
  27. Weak and mischievous after whiskey
  28. What a coincidence Pluto could be described thus
  29. A glow emitting a little energy will become pale
  30. Arcade games first I start to admire, chasing record
  31. Awkward situation less enthusiastic politicians recalled
  32. Beat floor-covering, removing last ridge
  33. Bridge crossing current in country
  34. Clear soup in summer month -- thats about right
  35. Closely follow fielders with side bagging runs
  36. Confusion about river creature dwelling by water
  37. Creep in front line
  38. Crowd heading off in a hurry
  39. Flying back, taking in Lima and Quito finally
  40. I oppose resolution of stagnation
  41. Little outlaws put on rug upside-down
  42. Made amends, bringing in witness, confused and perplexed
  43. Note is stuck up in restaurant passage
  44. One should improve spying and agree to participate when probed by spies
  45. Police document crash we brought about in forthright style
  46. Posed problem with a fruit
  47. Run and hide
  48. Soldiers start to tremble in deluge? Definitely
  49. Start to lose initial shade
  50. Sword cut absorbed by scoundrel? Try again
  51. Tough equipment letting in water after tops removed
  52. Working in resin, living alone
  53. Writer, having problem, securing way out with little resistance
  54. Young fellow in stage work, not old character
  55. Thank Heaven! (clutches cross)
  56. After setback, Ill bandage left eye up
  57. After time, one fitting out ship set off
  58. Break is critical on northward journey
  59. Bring two sides together? To do so will result in happiness for Micawber
  60. Broadcast: Beer is mans best friend
  61. Cars purpose -- at root to do with self, in the first place
  62. Do Burberrys over?
  63. Does mate with one resist?
  64. Draws must follow panels arrangement for how they can be settled
  65. Empty container inside another
  66. Fellow thats used by smugglers?
  67. Free on bail -- it means celebratory drink
  68. Get on a bit, doddery
  69. Group of youngsters pester antisocial character
  70. Identify mistake in dosage
  71. It takes skill to go after king and steal ornament
  72. Light structure precariously balanced on middle of decoration
  73. Like cake thats plain, perhaps, or spotted
  74. Party winning masses over has source of power
  75. Put in prison hulk for training
  76. Red Europeans top supporter
  77. Royal familys survival after removal of head of government by Scotsman
  78. Slash is central to this band thats current (kind of)
  79. Sound of charger perhaps seizing victory after I launch attack
  80. Troubled teen -- minors in the soup
  81. Type of oven thatll take large pastry dish
  82. Underground worker runs after dog
  83. You can watch this part of blood test
  84. You say you are certain inside, his rates are extortionate?
  85. 1,000 in currency is 500 in sterling
  86. Airline breaches order by American president
  87. Artist conceding to pinching good joint of meat
  88. Biblical patriarchs two separate accounts
  89. Bob moving around, say, beginning to distract golfer
  90. Cheat caught by Interpol finally, is he wrongly being imprisoned?
  91. Copper, perhaps recently married, retired
  92. Drug found on Welsh criminal before, in another location
  93. Evangelist is dull coming to the point
  94. Fool pursues looker, hot washer-upper?
  95. Fruit thats old and turning bad
  96. Happen to see game
  97. Increase in applause quietly dissipating
  98. Male wearing waistcoat makes cocktail
  99. More rounded university students originally enjoyed visiting France
  100. Most important position of power within company?

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