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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 14-June-2019
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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 12-June-2019
  1. Boris perhaps oddly dour with number in government
  2. Paint short girl, embracing The Scream?
  3. Appreciate men stopping vulgar opera
  4. Mainly give adverse publicity angle in kind
  5. A dandy too
  6. India cutting travel film?
  7. Without question, marquess changed into rubber
  8. Good man about which to laugh?
  9. Thriller with intro and finale swapped in a twist of sorts?
  10. Female sightseer removing braces systematically
  11. The best possible year on record after exchange
  12. Ever so slow to begin letter
  13. Some waste eaten by dog -- numskull -- rolling over
  14. Disable starter in ice-cream van when changing cover
  15. Reprimand frontiersman for stripping
  16. Briefly boast about whale
  17. Piece of advice is clear -- well-bred horse told to go inside
  18. Attic needs clearing out after student leaves
  19. Old county book on jackets
  20. Almost aim too high -- one beset by a lot possibly panics
  21. Is after single old coin in unusual means test
  22. Woman has article translated from English to French in a Channel Island?
  23. Harangue current clientele outside
  24. Wife and partner, one turning to hold hands in kind of romance?
  25. Finally, for the record, present returned in amazement
  26. Theyre right between north and east or south and west
  27. Extra legs good for stuffing duck
  28. Take aim to bag bird
  29. Endlessly sharpen broken tool
  30. Savvy geek with deal blown unexpectedly
  31. China second with extremely illegal bribe
  32. Plane once flew briefly around Canada
  33. Agreed to accommodate grand movement of the masses
  34. Rather daring in the way of osso buco?
  35. Positive sales talk is what identifies good auditors
  36. One captures most of kingdom in fairytale situation
  37. Way to get money but not wife? Its sneaky
  38. Whats used to verify threat to King going over border
  39. Funny thing about time with mum being ace
  40. Traveller, not completely drunk, swallowing first drop of gin, the nasty creature
  41. Dry river passing through current place (middle of factory yard)
  42. Suggestion about international group making connection
  43. Criticism showing reduction in scale
  44. Second figure of speech framing hard stanza
  45. College that is blocking alternative source of lectures
  46. Rotten bounder back chasing power
  47. Article falls from part of flight producing commotion
  48. Restriction limiting head of Governments time in power
  49. Pulse racing about choir, nothing less, offering gloomy tones
  50. Over-excited, fail to hold gaze, missing initial connection
  51. Writer I found in confines of cell attached to main prison
  52. High-fliers position? Familys taken aback about that
  53. Trial? Theres some magistrates there
  54. What describes the Northern English around outskirts of York?
  55. Father retreating amidst a lot of political upheaval in holiday venue
  56. Think highly of that female character ones encountered in chapter
  57. Cut up about newsman interrupting praise for training
  58. Study about financial district: clearly lacking guts and proper behaviour
  59. Commit money received, subsequently reducing gamble
  60. Science films covering year probing hydrogen and sulphur
  61. Avoid garbage collector
  62. Revolutionary times after importation of British weapon
  63. Disguise for jailbreaker in famous tale from Hollywood strip
  64. Fellow goes round motorway in what might be battered Fiat
  65. Who Wooster might have addressed bald one casually
  66. Consider extremely elegant hairstyle
  67. They fix pitch to get bats out with a spinner
  68. Cohort fighting on horseback around Spain
  69. Suffer because of dog
  70. Bird of prey alights around part of Scotland
  71. Simple conundrum for Sherlock?
  72. Actress called Greta amazing as chic lead in Camille
  73. Organised special op controlled by bishop
  74. One has no intention of buying computer system with large storage facility
  75. Im Carton in disguise as Darnay perhaps
  76. Dog not second class but its well below par
  77. Good university disco includes One Direction
  78. Writer believed to have written all the works of Shakespeare
  79. Disappear with Romeo in Japan?
  80. What can make meats tender is attached to this
  81. Composer protege of Gabriel Garcia Marquez?
  82. Teachers perhaps to express contempt for one working
  83. Cheats involved cruel boss in scams
  84. Student found with ecstasy after arrest gets stir
  85. Argue about your old mayor?
  86. Peace gesture that will come to a sticky end
  87. A German newspaper retracted spontaneous comment
  88. One reluctant to mate perhaps has the makings of a parent
  89. One getting rid of vermin has way of working with consumer
  90. Hair raising devices for sailors
  91. Put on, then ushered off
  92. Flip over to dry fish
  93. Ordinal rewritten with tenet
  94. Everton players initially entering in kit say, blue
  95. One translated secret code for free
  96. Down-and-out finds something to eat in drinking establishment
  97. One in seven ignores a mean rule
  98. Certain demarcation
  99. Old picture, very defining work
  100. Bird a bit on edge

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