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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 9-April-2021
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 8-April-2021
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 7-April-2021
  1. & 17 Down Physical devices -- two things Ive been stuck into of late!
  2. & 22 Down Choose the hippy type of action?
  3. & 25 Down That shows cheek, lip and neck from dendrite to axon!
  4. & 4 Down Rearrange minor downs, say -- getting across answer, very briefly?
  5. Not guilty? Hammered chaps imbibed an excess!
  6. As surfaces of labware may be with brine?
  7. Athletic is taken over on Jan 1?
  8. Dorset resorts -- fine breaks we look to after winter
  9. Drink first in opera-house, ahead of very famous ballet
  10. E3 ... here artist croaked, and here crock lies
  11. Failure to screen Zulu and The Queen, making a difference to summer
  12. Fair game in more senses than one, relatively speaking?
  13. Im after an involvement with altar
  14. Is someone lookin for him in the auditorium?
  15. Just like Humpty Dumpty to clear everything away from wall?
  16. Lord about to operate locomotives, scoring the same two points out of six
  17. Managed to contain party element
  18. Mark from the newsroom stores beds up for purchase
  19. Moneys split up on The Chase
  20. One shilling, then twenty times more animals
  21. Overthrow personal challenge thats put forward
  22. See 1 Down
  23. See 14 Down
  24. See 8 Down
  25. See 9 Down
  26. Several compilers rolling over from Australia?
  27. So hand catches head and misses Oscar?
  28. The collective IQs not high, for starters
  29. The cut does individually supply a fair return?
  30. When this goes wild Granny Smith makes Mr S jumpy!
  31. 7 get established
  32. Argue about receiving advance payment as collateral
  33. Change answer drained teachers put before class
  34. Characteristic praise follows statues full unveiling
  35. Cheap fare starts to get rail users back on the line
  36. Clear ones throat but not expect to speak
  37. Constant change affecting most fads and tastes
  38. Criminal act destroying spa in part of Barnet
  39. Dead bodies initially stashed in luggage under coach
  40. Display part of book connected with soldier
  41. Father trapped after losing head is feeling anxious
  42. He holds the line, angling for a job
  43. Lock service thats replayed after call
  44. Mature policy takes precedence over those that came earlier
  45. Miserable time to spend week in Bury
  46. Mock student with no qualification? Quite the opposite!
  47. Noun encapsulated by rage possibly?
  48. One could raise a stink about charging post office rent
  49. Person going on the radio for prize
  50. Place to host final of competition?
  51. Put off man avoiding cleansing product
  52. Reporters sanctioned within scope of hearing
  53. Revolutionary new pesticide really is beginning to wipe this creepy-crawly out
  54. Second husbands deserted three times
  55. Short quote included in factual account
  56. Shortened train addressed complaint of guards
  57. Singer, speaker and social media influencer?
  58. Smart set will know these guys?
  59. Some metallic sounds when reflected vary in frequency
  60. Teachers conjecture obtaining accomplished name for university
  61. What helps maintain circulation in a naked man?
  62. When one stops being bearer of misinformation
  63. Trajan, Glyndebourne somewhat discordant
  64. 9 possibly led before own goal
  65. American dad left former partner Amy finally in fit of infuriation
  66. Annual yen for audio novel?
  67. Busy hospital with heads of Intensive Care covering up shock therapy
  68. Connected with Lawrence after endless brandy
  69. Contemplative individual sacrificing some time for one seeking compromise
  70. Curse mazy dribbles in commentary
  71. Dress carried back home, eventually
  72. Embedded deeply advanced starch
  73. Etcher regularly cut brilliant Ancient Greek heroine
  74. Follow the introduction of Ottoman governor
  75. Harbour property unlit
  76. Impounded returning English vicar got the shakes
  77. Inter -- again! -- beginning to roast East Lancs side
  78. Item worn by Madonna in French Canadian region?
  79. Knight, having entered, toppled over as he did when knighted
  80. Leaders sacked in bent city body
  81. Look, Derek! A pavilion!
  82. New mission to support military commander in victory
  83. Opening profit on NYSE?
  84. Please stop Pelham obstructing rule of law
  85. Portico, very hot, fringing Europes foremost golf club
  86. Reed, not broken, oddly trimmed
  87. Sounds like Connerys lost the place for his Embassy!
  88. South American banker thats unpopular in the High Street?
  89. Spent too much with extra flat outside northmost bit of Islington
  90. Stats about fine retired plane
  91. Swinger (promiscuous person) cuddling large female
  92. Unwound broadcast after change of axis
  93. Warning when throwing Spooners fatty, slimy stuff?
  94. Where to spot a milestone, incidentally
  95. Again order extremely reliable cutting guide
  96. Ancient implement one thrown on fire by husband
  97. Art master possibly finding useful item in the Remove?
  98. Bet pay comes with shade of debt?
  99. Brainless creature needs a second English degree
  100. British warplane not shelling Polish partner?

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