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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 1-September-2021
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 27-August-2021
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 26-August-2021
  1. Notice opening, head off certain risk
  2. Brood housed in Hackney estate
  3. Makes effort to uproot large plant receiving variable shade at first
  4. In favour of student picketing centre of Exeter for fuel
  5. Trade union rough involves mine in depravity
  6. Head of company with talent to charge a great deal
  7. String production?
  8. Finished removing new creature
  9. Revive Roman who shattered neck
  10. Fantastic business with limitless barrel
  11. Quiet lieutenant accepts first-class braid
  12. Dealing with a burden
  13. Paper's central section with scope for cliche
  14. Poet Ovid is tense, no sex for him
  15. Chief edited film with reduced information
  16. Owned headnote, literally
  17. Cake ingredient is hard to display
  18. Musical story of Nelson perhaps beginning to go around men
  19. 19, adult according to true broadcast
  20. Lack maturity, following drink
  21. Healthiest outings end in sweat
  22. Talk fish up in miscellany
  23. Frost's on radio, as he does with TV
  24. Start to get riled near deprived area
  25. Father and sister cooked cakes
  26. Rat, perhaps involved with riot?
  27. Deposit owing to auditor
  28. Plain to see when caught out in secret
  29. Quick, help with address?
  30. Core fabric is deep
  31. Ox-eye, perhaps following cow
  32. Calm monkey eating vegetables
  33. Line from radio programme on which luvvies should appear?
  34. Inscribed with Irish words, touch the old stone
  35. Train maker of shoes in different sizes
  36. Cotton on tick
  37. See 8 Down
  38. Add pounds in wage increase overseen by a polymath
  39. Attachment for Sam, say, that's vital for Twist -- and Pip, evidently?
  40. See 4 Down
  41. & 9 Across Centre of mass that's important to see
  42. See 23 Down
  43. & 22 Down For reading at the breakfast table, will this prove incisive, dear?
  44. See 10 Across
  45. & 16 Down See 21/See 26?
  46. RCS visited by the Head of the 13?
  47. & 11 Across Game for kids? Poor organiser's nursing injured groin (4-1-4,1,5)
  48. Old element's edge broke
  49. Is this a little linear? Curvilinear
  50. Couples in scar unit call for bruise application
  51. Take kiss from top primate
  52. Back on books, first to last, new and old
  53. See 6 Down
  54. A stroke of literary genius the author promptly included in book
  55. Arm raised, make out lump
  56. See 26 Across
  57. & 24 Down Argentine defence -- unique pictures?
  58. See 2 Down
  59. & 21 Across Rating in engine room marrying Commander Brown and Nurse Brown?
  60. Reminder for November to turn up moonshine
  61. & 14 Down Rock hit -- pals in it pass out
  62. Pah! Pap! Then, after experiencing 5, ___!
  63. Fantastic servant's quarters opened by 1?
  64. We're told, ring for cosmetic treatment
  65. Drink upset and spilled occasionally
  66. Traditional number of vegetables nearly always consumed by the French
  67. Copied design of underwear chafing after two seconds
  68. Sportsperson riding eleven terrifying tackles
  69. Article in silence split by good shooter
  70. Receptacle unopened miscreant vandalised
  71. A VIP organised cat shelter ...
  72. Prey led astray bears feed on often
  73. ... old cat dies after shuffling out of place
  74. Judge cut rose, then fell
  75. Group supplying pronouns (northerner's first)
  76. Food wagon overlooking near side of road
  77. Welcome cold shower
  78. Fancy orthopaedic back cushions
  79. Vocal criticism, for instance, over holding one dance
  80. Desire to prune mature plant
  81. Supervisory staff lofty around group's leader
  82. Belief Area 51's infiltrated
  83. Soldier from capital turned on mean country, changing sides
  84. Alleviating hurt via tea and pill
  85. Rank squat's no hotel
  86. 50-year-old record that is sealing mother with her ruin?
  87. Parts of limbs left in dens
  88. Hearing a strain for ear
  89. Function under spirit's strong effect
  90. Wicked discount for dons
  91. Check canopy
  92. SA location -- can we opt out?
  93. Slice of delicacy nicked for one habitually scoffing
  94. Advanced and hybrid unlike this clue
  95. Maybe get refurbed unit for storage space
  96. Keep an eye on porter gathering fish but wasting hour
  97. Increasing tips from crossword's relaxed editor on series of clues?
  98. Flipping excellent family group of sharks?
  99. Engagement rings worn as present
  100. Wisdom runs through banking

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