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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 26-May-2020
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 22-May-2020
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 21-May-2020
  1. All hands to mow crop
  2. Business given publicity in Herts town
  3. Clash rocked this African fortress
  4. Cooler to decorate with taste
  5. Couturier has a mother for a model
  6. Dependable and firm, moment one departs
  7. German count with King George entertained by topless servant
  8. Governess Grey having lost heart matures
  9. Impressive church car halted in crash
  10. Indonesian having problem managed after a time
  11. Investor for show one might be recording
  12. Involve English with Latin translated
  13. Italian agreement reversed, by the French, in Ireland?
  14. Jamaican sectarian overthrows an emperor
  15. Like some sugar-free drink in boozer?
  16. Lively music in island cricket club I love
  17. Mineral from old Roman watering-hole
  18. Old order in Dutch royal house
  19. Republican doctors denied initial source of stories
  20. Second thoughts about Tory party and dole
  21. Student at university in bloom
  22. Survive lord who ran to seize power
  23. Suspend setter perhaps guilty in manner
  24. The old man? Strict, bit of a nag
  25. Thought to have a first political adviser
  26. Thus drinking in break on island republic
  27. Traveller taking responsibility for vanished bird
  28. Trouble with one of the taps?
  29. What held up Greek fleet en route to Troy?
  30. What thespian finds tough to memorise brings bad luck
  31. & 23 Across England captain quits after poor scores summarised by this statistic?
  32. At different volumes, two tunes go by the book
  33. Bishop close to accepting crown off Chancellor, European
  34. Come together, ready to cook?
  35. Days, weeks, months passing by
  36. Extremists will desert EU, old chap
  37. Failure to decide about new uniform again did puzzle Head
  38. Fundamental for business keeping watch chains
  39. House number kept under wraps by owner
  40. How Helmholtz liked being brought chemists notes and other such principles!
  41. In which Merlins mostly enveloped by a little smoke in turn?
  42. London station lifts back out of action!
  43. Lose waves fixing a new gel for Hooray Henry?
  44. Objects of Greek lasses fancy when dining on Neapolitan chicken?
  45. Obstructing mum and dad with child?
  46. Part of address thats ignored? Half of it
  47. Promise jointly kept by law and order?
  48. See 10 Across
  49. Stress to newspaper staff its me handling scoops
  50. The setters two older relatives climbing mountain
  51. To let Blair loose without constraints, they must accept it
  52. Town on Thames newly laid out in east? South!
  53. Two 23s Brocks found here?
  54. Unbearded ducks shot in low season marinaded
  55. What priest might deliver en route back from Las Palmas?
  56. Whats learner doing now? Language
  57. Wicket! That is Broad, superlatively!
  58. You shouldnt have high-fliers broadcast Islamic divorces
  59. Ally intercepting American war weapon
  60. American Democrat sensitive being trapped in zip
  61. Coppers method rejected imprisoning delinquent finally as formality
  62. Currents rising with ships stuck in silt
  63. Earliest proper toilet English rebuffed
  64. Grand antique could be precious
  65. Infuse where moonshines produced, nearly
  66. Its worth obtaining work thats routine
  67. Julius perhaps, emperor recalled covered with honour
  68. Lying down having lost right organ
  69. Maybe Chantilly Lace discovered in appeal
  70. Mysterious about the eyes, artists admitted
  71. Nice ladies cross over sweetheart in trouble
  72. Ones cornered by large cat, needing rope
  73. Passage from composer after Tziganes opening
  74. Present topping without cherry in centre
  75. Protocol later allows outside security
  76. Ran following close to bride?
  77. Reversed decline taking over American support
  78. Smitten, certain hosts caught during a lapse
  79. Some hoover, all sweaty, in dungarees
  80. Stone cut with diamonds is uneven
  81. Takes pleasure from shows lacking adult content
  82. Tart giving saucier twitch, occasionally
  83. Under pressure, reportedly played for occasion
  84. Understood origin includes excavated Neanderthals
  85. United tie incorporating upcoming game
  86. Woods almost owns tee showing strengths
  87. Doctor in academic role wanting one connected with Labour promoted
  88. Nothing exists encapsulates the core of this mindset primarily
  89. Backing up data is main source of income after lines cut
  90. British bear with Resistance money man
  91. Convoluted exit raised by leader of Ukip in high places
  92. Copyist, having removed margins, limits data form
  93. Current queen is not commonly brief
  94. Denied relief in the pursuit of profits
  95. Depressed broadcasters wretched and precipitate descent
  96. European Right working to curb unreasonable desire
  97. Examination always covers subject associated with specific country
  98. Feminine commercials causing rages
  99. Foreign capital swelling Conservative vote in dramatic finish
  100. Former college student dons understood in various languages

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