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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 15-February-2019
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 14-February-2019
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 13-February-2019
  1. Drunk Peruvian artist dismissed from lesson?
  2. Single in resort city of Italy
  3. Clubs always protected by plastic film
  4. Potentially it is made real
  5. Antibody extremely likely to do bad
  6. Oddly smug, for a senior cop
  7. A giant in any way
  8. Look to secure large coat
  9. National emblems put on ice
  10. I simply have to have it
  11. Guarded, but without being locked up?
  12. Free spirits?
  13. To illustrate, soak wader
  14. Extensive alarm about old butter
  15. Spare plastic potty
  16. Courts express thanks on retirement
  17. See extremely short admirer
  18. Awful couple hiding son in poor condition
  19. Pen -- also 51 pens
  20. Ancient Greek enemy can, manoeuvring around area
  21. Magnificent would-be nurses we accepted?
  22. New pilot captures good sailor
  23. Irritation over Italian sauce
  24. Hoard ones caps
  25. Glue pictures into frames
  26. Way to cut open type of carpet
  27. Far end of Alsace Lorraine rebuilt some time ago
  28. To break concrete, picks up drill
  29. Bloomers mount up endlessly under leaders of laundering investigation
  30. Closing bars cancelled tentatively -- Lord Lieutenants gone, though
  31. See 1 Across
  32. A damsel in shambles? Might he help?
  33. Refuse to go underground here?
  34. & 15 Down Leave in instant? Thats doubtful, if hes around!
  35. Paint handle in teal (just alternate sections)
  36. Lays over on outskirts of Dundee, with son
  37. What couple might be doing after 13 15s intervention -- directly heading for treasured ring!
  38. Its a shade dear in France with trains getting revolutionary
  39. Universitys top art dept poorly decorated
  40. How they used to deliver snare drums -- unload ship, then dismantle
  41. This crusty creature lives next to old school
  42. Elderly monarch thats maybe slack, reportedly?
  43. Stay in Bow?
  44. Devil in the style of leaping creature
  45. See 13 Across
  46. Backing Cables department?
  47. Boorish learner twisted bridle around
  48. See 1 Across
  49. , 30 & 10 LOL! Its self-evident to all manoeuvring for a romantic proposal from 21ac 29! (4,2,2,4,4,2,4)
  50. Present carers inexperienced
  51. Odds -- or the positions of 11 among soldiers?
  52. Youngster showing leg?
  53. Keen songstress from the east
  54. Very beautiful and posh young lady I can set out to embrace
  55. Hurry inside clinic to find Arab
  56. Turning lefts wrong: one landed on the centre of Oz!
  57. Giant poinsettia unfortunately lacking elements of poise
  58. The setters in the midst of bigoted witch hunt -- idiot!
  59. Drink left by casualty in a state?
  60. Source of a three-minute warning?
  61. River and lake subside
  62. Person briefly in the office gets man captivated
  63. National guards would be organised by Louis and me?
  64. Unstable type, artist taking drug, one with nothing, is given therapy inside
  65. Joke act, duet being funny, given marks
  66. This writer making comeback -- this writers getting award
  67. Hope maybe to acquire expensive stuff, making uncertain movement?
  68. Swear as member drowning in beer
  69. Dog beginning to munch a foreign dish
  70. Someone in field having party -- theres slight resentment about that
  71. Cornered in a seaside borough, soldiers needing to escape
  72. See 7 Down
  73. & 23 Across Hatred and rage Left conjured up for monarch
  74. Scavengers beginning to make off with waste material
  75. Remove certain content from paper containing bad English
  76. Northern city characters turning up to eat a northern fish
  77. What could get one avoiding a subject ultimately?
  78. Mark made by caveman, made but half obliterated
  79. Trifle recipe for getting lad fed?
  80. In speech nails a few words
  81. Teacher shortly gathering chaps not initially held in music class
  82. Good weapon -- it has a metallic lustre
  83. Sponsor wanting party on the up, what youd expect in civilised chap
  84. Darling daughter, serious but heartless
  85. Skill rendering sort of musical passage
  86. A record is kept by French author who may explore a particular line
  87. Second drink? It may make you see spots
  88. Wrong about cap on American energy
  89. In bags a compact
  90. We paddle in this wild ocean
  91. Forgiving touch over one hospital dept?
  92. Sincere Director-General avoiding Plod
  93. Fine European member on social worker
  94. Rum snaps hid a crack in cake
  95. Dont change this! Cowboy hat son disposed of
  96. Prudent to have liquidity in encouraging economic situation
  97. Cracking upside with doorman -- this shows how its done
  98. Plastic in globes base
  99. Power behind serve
  100. Cancelled test, for example, with a holler

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