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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 22-January-2021
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 21-January-2021
The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 20-January-2021
  1. & 18 Note: How did I do on the spelling test, Miss?
  2. & 20 Down Wounded hero to whom Eros appears mysteriously?
  3. Rating scales are infamously low on reliability, heads read
  4. A copper putting cuffs on for a little insight
  5. A top play regularly staged to inspire single S American city
  6. Anger follows fuel being short -- here?
  7. As good as new in the morning?
  8. Beasts recorded in dwindling numbers
  9. Carriage and attendants reading from the same sheet?
  10. Circuit of duty in Navy uniform
  11. Cliché, irony, etc, the basis for the Budget address?
  12. For cruciverbalist women, when life begins?
  13. Fruit harvests constant, this chap making cheese
  14. Im not sure I see through plump theatregoers attire
  15. MPs given big job in secluded house
  16. Only 5% from a pint? Old penny flung in disgust
  17. Opens up cans to make merry!
  18. Packs together to fix a bone
  19. Pucks happy we agree (3,2,3,3,2,2)
  20. Reason exec at first appears lost at meeting? Gout
  21. Royal poise and majesty feature together in upbringing
  22. See 15 Across
  23. See 4 Down
  24. Serving girls lost one off her trolley
  25. Sort of idiom, initially not a word
  26. Sort of meal for slicing
  27. What a shame ones attending boring day of Latin and English
  28. Where flight delay may agitate passengers, new plane route urged
  29. Birds in boaters?
  30. Bone of contention among alumni? Im staying out of it!
  31. Chase puss into the empty dock
  32. Close friend of Edward, say, enthralled by voice
  33. Component of not-so-ordinary reversible bed
  34. Doctor, doctor -- Id come!
  35. Drastic cut by base
  36. During troublesome teens, Miss Malone reportedly obtains calmatives
  37. Hardy sergeants weight
  38. Inactive husband with terrible flus next to window
  39. Inclination to stop working in conveyance
  40. Maybe three adjacent diamonds rank above hearts in Jacks judgement?
  41. Might cast members be childhood chums?
  42. Miss Fitzgerald, we hear, is going to the Big Apple, appearing in variety
  43. One decides to unite with bill embracing resistance
  44. Passage of time following Ms Lupinos retirement
  45. Receiving no satisfaction from a French program, took it gently
  46. Six-footers remarkable stamina -- theres only one answer to that!
  47. Steal the show in hill climb on the Tour?
  48. Stem or stalk pruned
  49. Tending to quaver below sheep track, perhaps, when climbing
  50. Those oysters go off, they say
  51. Top game from Verdi, a Bolognese by extraction
  52. Winger from Oxford United scores early on -- Rochdale successful finally
  53. A doctor on revolutionary course about certain glands
  54. Cake with lemon is somehow nothing to be missed
  55. Class being terminated early after month, making one browned off
  56. Classics teacher maybe has to turn around one idiot coming in bottom of the class?
  57. Confess, having received unfriendly rebuke
  58. Conscious of emotion when maiden has departed
  59. Daughter is left to play about
  60. Fantasy of fear doubled at the end
  61. Fashionable society? Spooners cut connection
  62. Fellow losing head interrupting players before start of Ashes game
  63. Former lady in Parliament? Bright star, but no leader
  64. Fortification brought to light by archaeologist?
  65. French department stores customer?
  66. Group in fiery furnace, say, featuring in article about religious lessons
  67. Hang about after accident -- not good sort of road
  68. Intertwine branches of fruit tree across short line
  69. Like our boss, wanting slave ultimately for excessive exploitation
  70. Male meeting female -- it comes after party, bringing distress
  71. New manual on etiquette originally provided for former students
  72. Provision for boater after journey home?
  73. Rash guy from Austin maybe heading off with the old woman
  74. Salt I love to put on fruit
  75. See deer dance by river
  76. Spirited lasses left out of religious retreats
  77. Surprising additional charge for coat?
  78. Travels made by band beginning to end
  79. Various teashops around university? They offer something stronger than tea
  80. Villainy of Russian seen all over the place
  81. Accept as true current bookkeeping entry
  82. Attack Times Educational Supplement?
  83. Bob wrongly directed to turn off motorway
  84. Casual visit around centre of Liverpool
  85. Chapter on poet I had heard to be discerning
  86. Cost to support club is steep
  87. Formal letter penned by GP, perhaps close to family
  88. Gutless Italian flees power, replaced by a female offering wealth
  89. Ministry convinced originally to abandon recycling, not popular somehow
  90. Mum, enthusiastic about religion
  91. One time alarm goes off and its unimportant!
  92. Piece of sculpture, as on show in grounds
  93. Poker hand has scope to produce serious drama
  94. Remarkable design always is enthralling
  95. Revel in paper omitting article by unknown
  96. Revolutionary piece, oddly ignored during subsequent musical performance
  97. Ruin party held in college garden, turning up discontented
  98. Small step that blocks launching parliamentary bills introduction
  99. Snooker player might do this and avoid row, reportedly
  100. Soldiers getting rebuked for bloomer

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