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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 6-March-2019
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The Telegraph Toughie Crossword Answers - 1-March-2019
  1. Early Pope regularly heard by favourite
  2. Sort out Shakespearean character in hollow
  3. Dope brought up evidence regarding family sources
  4. Sack is carried by daughter and another young girl
  5. Composer caught after punch-up in Italy
  6. Recalled time mostly squandered? Just a bit
  7. Be above complete fabrication
  8. Passivity in time stifling rise in sexual activity
  9. Murphy gathering one source of liquid -- or another?
  10. Gloomy poet, say, enthralled by fifth-rate celebrities?
  11. Worth setting puzzles produced under assumed name
  12. Found out about judge? Inconceivable
  13. Treatment for bats without vision, though not initially about to use eyes?
  14. Express criminal charge with documentation
  15. Stumped, perhaps, following minimal level in discharge
  16. Drink supplied after performer arrives
  17. Show host responsible for music at start and finish?
  18. Dine extravagantly, going to hot food counter in Scottish city
  19. Recent issue may present an appreciation of such songs
  20. Chorister swallowing first bit of milk shake
  21. Recalled enthusiasm about orbiter, following a rage for not getting involved
  22. Baffle Queen, participating in duty for Olympic event?
  23. Newly visible item? Thats standard with planet (Suns beginning to disappear)
  24. Long expression of surprise about source of legendary old science
  25. Fruit: a thing you have to try, returning to chase after it
  26. Vessels in unending search for harbour obstruction?
  27. Form of transport some way down the list of options?
  28. Swan to have more value than rotten tree
  29. A number of drinks, roughly
  30. Place for dental work where Americans get gas
  31. Lump coming up on skin, primarily
  32. Goddess has first two vowels in order
  33. Having bagged a century, batting cleric is out
  34. Dry area, land initially savage
  35. Totally white tree
  36. Cut cloth, one level raised
  37. Story thats a laugh, written up
  38. Challenging body
  39. Seaport passed over from the south, partially visible
  40. Baseball team not entirely beaten, in effect
  41. Roughly Tuesday around noon -- not fixed
  42. Army touring India gets lift
  43. Poirot ultimately after material, something to go on?
  44. A new trailer on an important route?
  45. Out, removed in a tight spell of bowling
  46. Going to pot, green tea for hormonal problem?
  47. I run ad thats contrived, a stinker?
  48. Game over in love, heart not in it
  49. Dandy ribbon tied by ear?
  50. Structure made of timber, large amount
  51. Check firm
  52. Something positive about religious teaching in Genesis
  53. Catcher dropping back, its said to aid concentration
  54. Running feature?
  55. As it happens, shocking potentially?
  56. Red soft pants, underwear in bedroom cabinet
  57. Friend about to follow one whos easily manipulated
  58. Trick and get new fitting
  59. Drinks in filthy place with dreadful urinals outside
  60. Stooping wife facing OTT malevolent spells?
  61. Daisy steers very well, avoiding poles
  62. Partly mark out round pods
  63. Charles knocked around base labourer a long time ago
  64. Noble archbishop gutted in high-level cover-up?
  65. Butt boxer, say, thats close
  66. Liquidised half of joint with sweet coating
  67. After golf, wet snap may be so hard to define
  68. Left in a butt, almost getting free
  69. Killer from ancient city hiding in endless wasteland
  70. Hearty entertainment as Senate is organised outside hotel
  71. Flag from whiskey, getting behind
  72. Tormenting, as crossword compilers are supposed to
  73. Die without ones true love
  74. Payments from advice in dispatches
  75. Cheerful jumbo heading off south of river
  76. Old family doctor heading for Ipswich
  77. Calming down clumsy Russian cutting whats on plate?
  78. Make attractive as wear and tear do?
  79. Boy on back by you
  80. Lift English tax, in part to be returned
  81. A flexible-sounding plant?
  82. Lawless controller of estate, say?
  83. Id agree no woman should be opposed
  84. Tidy batting line-up
  85. I find a partner to embrace sex and reproduce
  86. Sweet tin disappointingly empty
  87. Gold coating covers table
  88. Singer -- perhaps 16 -- to make the top?
  89. Farage stripped off underwear at the first hint
  90. Return at eleven in carriage
  91. ASAP he admitted smuggling: what an idiot!
  92. Propose suppressing noise when taken up residence
  93. After forty winks, start to exercise the back of the neck
  94. Populars annual inspection I accommodated in the last month
  95. Meat for sale, no end of mutton
  96. When PM starts to make changes to Bill
  97. In Sahara, steak is getting cooked without any fat (2,4,2,1,4)
  98. Tie, top hat de rigueur here once a year
  99. Unsightly lump fish brought up, line cut
  100. I must slip out of bespoke tailored garment

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